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Software development teams have long been able to take advantage of unit. integration and functional testing as an integral part of a robust test and behavior. driven development environment Infrastructure as Code IaC provides new. capabilities for DevOps teams to utilize new frameworks to build ephemeral. environments with integrated compliance testing before during and after deployment. Problem Statement,I need to ensure compliance in,my cloud environments. Actively Monitoring Environments, Provider Solutions Provider Solutions External Monitoring. AWS Config Azure Advisor CloudCheckr,Prisma Cloud, Cost structure near real Cost security and DivvyCloud. time 100 customizable configuration Qualys,optimization Rapid7. AWS Inspector,AWS Trusted,Access to EC2 instances Advisor.
software vulnerabilities,Problem solved ish,Tools are validating the configuration. Monitoring of active environments,Vulnerabilities are found. Tickets for the backlog,Environments,Prioritized based on risk. More often than not left,exposed for a period of time. Refined Problem,I need to ensure compliance in,my cloud environments before.
they are created,Add a test,Run test to see the test fail. Test Driven Write code to satisfy the,conditions of the test. Development TDD Run test to see the test pass,Repeat as necessary. If your infrastructure is in code why,Test Driven is development of your IaC. environments any different than the,Infrastructure process developers use to write.
applications,Infrastructure as Code Toolbox,Kitchen LocalStack Clever Thinking. https kitchen ci https localstack cloud Start with the. mentality tests are, Kitchen provides a test LocalStack provides a test required. harness to execute framework on your local Utilize orchestration. infrastructure code on one machine providing the like Jenkins or. or more platforms in same functionality and CircleCI to build. isolation APIs as the real AWS private ephemeral,cloud environment environments to test. and validate changes,Let s walk through an example. Amazon Machine AMI Build Process,ChefSpec Unit Tests.
Image Example Kitchen for Integration and,Functional Testing. Jenkins Pipeline,Components of the Example,Chef Cookbook cis mitigation. ChefSpec Unit Testing,Amazon Machine,Kitchen Configuration. Packer Machine Definition,Image Example,Chef Cookbook ami builder. ChefSpec Unit Testing,Kitchen Configuration,WAIT We don t use Chef we use.
insert name of tool,ChefSpec Example Chef Cookbook cis mitigation. ChefSpec Tests,Kitchen Example Chef Cookbook cis mitigation. kitchen yml platforms,name ubuntu 18 04,driver username ubuntu. name ec2 image search, aws ssh key id chef test kitchen 20191020 owner id 099720109477. security group ids sg asdf1234 name ubuntu bionic 18 04 amd64 server. region us west 2 block device mappings,subnet id subnet 1234asdf device name dev sda1.
associate public ip false ebs,interface private volume type gp2. tags volume size 20, Name test kitchen cis mitigation delete on termination true. Owner DevOps Group suites,provisioner name default. name chef zero provisioner,transport policyfile policyfiles kitchen rb. ssh key ssh chef test kitchen 20191020 verifier,connection timeout 10 name inspec.
connection retries 5,Kitchen Example Chef Cookbook cis mitigation. Kitchen Commands,kitchen list,Lists all of the test suites. available for each platform,kitchen create,Create the test instance.

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