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Any subject or interest can be used to, develop a Special Interest Badge. There are five Special Interest Badge areas, Skills This can be any new personal skill e g technical mechanical music drama . arts crafts, Adventure This should be an adventure journey that includes something completely new Physical. i e a new location new method of travel etc, Physical This can include any physical pursuit activity or sport. Community Being involved in your community This could be a service type project and you . should create a plan that outlines what you will do and who will benefit . Environment This can be any project that improves the environment in any way . Special Interest Badges Bar , Whatever subject or interest you pick must be linked to one of the.
Special Interest Badge areas , A Scout may achieve recognition for the same Special Interest. Badge Area up to three times in any one Section You are awarded Skills. the badge the first time you do a Special Interest Badge and a bar . for each of the others in this Special Interest Badge area . You have to chance to do 15 badges in each Section. The Scout keeps a badge until it is replaced by an equivalent in the. next Section , Special Interest badges have different colour combinations for each. Section Environment, Choosing a subject or interest. Below are some suggested subjects that have been aligned with the Special Interest Badge areas There are. many more ideas that can be included No matter what subject or interest you choose if will fall into one of. the areas sometimes it will fall into two or even three areas . Community Involvement Personal Skill Physical Recreation Adventure Journey Environment. Good Turn Service Photography Archery Cycling Expedition Ethical living. World Cultures Ways of Living Entertaining Orienteering Wilderness Experience Eco energy. World Scouting Film video production Athletics Horseback Expedition Organic Gardening. Guide Interpreter Home repairs Ball Games Sailing Adventure Weather Watch. Heritage Information technology Climbing Wall Canoe Adventure Animal welfare. Health Awareness Music Dance Gymnastics Bivvy Adventure Conservation. Representation Painting Art Water Safety Camp Leadership Nature Study. Tidy Towns Crafts Sculptor Personal Fitness Back Packing Carbon footprint. Disability Awareness Cooking Swimming Journey in a Strange Land Environmental Audit. Active Citizenship Motors Martial Arts Mountain Journey Recycling. Faith Beliefs Navigator Triathlon Extended Hiking Expedition Food Production. Community Radio Observer Tracker Caving Exploring Naturalist. Current Affairs Leadership Mentoring Snorkeling SCUBA Camping Sustainable Building . Campaigning Public Speaking Mountain Biking Nature Study Expedition River Care. Languages Archeology Body Surfing Photography Safari Local Beautification. Surveys Creative Writing Canoeing Treasure Quest Tidy Towns. Interculturalism Farming Rock Climbing Overseas Project Nature Reserve. Creating your Special Interest Badge, Step 1 Pick your subject or interest. Step 2 Decide what Special Interest Area your subject or . interest falls into , Step 3 Design your challenge in consultation with your .
Scouter or Mentor, Step 4 Complete the challenge in agreed time. Step 5 Wear the badge with pride, The Challenge, When designing your badge it should . Challenge you to learn new skills or develop existing ones. Help to increase your knowledge of the particular area. Contain a practical element which will benefit others . A template is provided to allow the you to set out. your plan which Personal Challenges you can, undertake during the Special Interest Badge and to. help you look back at what you have achieved Check out how some Scouts have. designed their Special Interest Badge, Link to Template Beaver Scouts. Cub Scouts, You can use another method to document your Scouts.
Special Interest Badge e g poster diary email , Venture Scouts. social networking website etc , Rover Scouts, Sample Projects Sample Projects . Active citizenship Archery, is concerned Niamh is a 16 year old Ventur. a 16 ye ar ol d Venture Scout She e Scout Her father is in the. Alice is lane to her, t th e to wn s lit te r particularly on the local archery club and she. has gone with him a number,abou e river An of times and has learnt how.
dump illegally in th to shoot an arrow After, house where people m in g local elections seeing the Olympic Games. t ca nd id at e for the upco she wants to try entering a. inde pe nd en is considering competition to show how goo. om isi ng to ta ck le these issues Alice d she is . is pr paign , the candidate s cam,getting involved in. The project that Niamh has agr, has agreed is , The project that Alice Talk to the local Archery Club. about competitions you can, l dumping and join and ask for advice as to wh. t more about the illega at you should do , Alice will find ou elled to dump in the.
river Alice will, why people feel comp s so she will be Get some expert training for you. environmental issue r technique so that it will, explore the general aig n enhance your shooting . gh to join the camp, knowledgeable enou, body language Enter an Irish Amateur Archer. out canvassing skills y Association IAAA , Alice will learn ab etc competition and do your best . centre map reading, vote tallying in count, aign to highlight.
ll joi n the local candidate s camp, Al ice wi me an active. issues and thus beco, local environmental, Sample Projects Sample Projects . Information Conservation, Technology, Emily is a newly elected national Venture Scout James is a 16 year old Venture Scout in a Sea Scout. Representative She is thinking of new ways to let Venture Group He has been on a number of overnight sailing trips. Scouts around the country know about what is happening where water had to be rationed and the crew had to be. She would like to produce a web based magazine conscious of things they used and to conserve He wants. to know if his Team can run a simulated activity like this on. The project that Emily has agreed is land , Conduct a needs assessment survey of the Venture Scouts The project agreed by James s Team is . Emily represents to ascertain if there is demand of a web . based magazine Go on a camp to see how much things are taken for grant . ed and do a survey of how much of each thing they use . Undertake computer training on designing software and. uploading to the internet Run a second camp where they put what they find into. action and ration out the things they took for granted like. Collect articles photographs and author items on subjects of water etc . interest to Venture Scouts , Go to the Cub Scout meeting to tell them about what they.
Finish and upload the magazine taking feedback on how to learnt and what it was like and how similar it could be to. improve for the next issue living in a developing country . Sample Projects , Sample Projects Good Turn Service. Faith Beliefs, Alan is a 15 year old Ve, nture Scout He attends. sporting events and wo many, is fascinated uld like to get even clo. d Venture Scout He action He is thinking of ser to the. Niall is a 15 year ol tems He wants joining the first aid tea. ns and the use of to these events He think ms at, with Native America spirits in Native s it will also be good ex. t the importance of for him as he would lik perience. to learn more abou e to study medicine aft, er school .
American culture , The project that Alan ha, Team is s agreed is . s agreed with his, Th e project that Niall ha Attend a first aid course. ems and their run by Order of Malta St , about the different tot Ambulance Red Cross Johns. Do a web search totem , y each person d aha etc , meaning Find out wh. Share the knowledge wit, fs of the Native h the other Venture Scou.
different spiritual belie ts in a, Find out about the portance of nature to. them 2 hour introduction to firs, Americans and the im. Attend a number of sport, d run a camp on a ing events as a first aide. Sh ar e yo ur fin din gs with your Team an keep a log of the experie r and. nce , Native American the, Sample Projects Sample Projects . Nature Study Orienteering, en hi kin g fo r ye ars as a Scout He.
Peter has be or Peter is, ss sk ills an d is a good navigat. Ruth is a 15 year old Venture Scout She recently saw a map and co m pa ber of sports in. tit ive an d takes part in a num, television programme highlighting endangered animals also very co m pe in helping out. Re ce nt ly he has been involved, in Ireland She is concerned that we will lose so many his spare tim e to one of the. ty or ien te er in g ev ent and after talking, beautiful creatures Ruth would like to raise awareness at a coun w sport . ering is to be his ne, about endangered animals in Ireland and contribute to organisers oriente.
preventing their extinction , has agreed is , The project that Peter. Ruth will pick 2 animals the red squirrel and the compete in an. ter is to joi n a loc al orienteering club and, corncrake and explore the reasons why these animals are Pe. endangered in Ireland orienteering competi, ne fitness plan. vis e an d se t up an exercise routi, Ruth will learn basic tracking skills to try to view these Peter is to de ral fitness levels . im pr ov e his co mp etitive edge and gene, animals in the wild to.
ent types of, rt in a number of differ, Ruth wants to write letters to national newspapers and she Peter is to take pa ring night. Mountain bike orientee, wants to get a slot on local radio s student hour to highlight orienteering events tria ls ev ents etc and fully. tee rin g ev en t ma rker and time, the issue orien. orienteering , discovery the sport of, e Team in course. t the County Programm, Peter is to assis, ienteering event .
setting at a County or, Sample Projects Sample Projects . Photography Navigator, phy He recently, is in te re st ed in wildlife photogra. Ke vin ople with an Jacob is a Venture Scout in a Sea Scout Group He is well. pr og ramme for young pe, ca m e ac ro ss a eds to build up his used to sailing but has never plotted a course at sea He. re st in wi ld lif e ph otography Kevin ne, in te ogramme really needs to know how to use a marine compass and. pe rie nc e be fo re he applies to the pr navigational charts . has agreed is , The project that Kevin The project that Jacob has agreed is .
att en de d be gin ne r and intermediate ph, Kevin ha s enhance his. s He wi ll att en d an advanced course to Talk to your Scouter or an agreed mentor about going on a. course e navigational course , ed for the programm. skills to the level need, local area and Go out on the water with an experienced sailor to see how. otos of wildlife in his, Kevin will take ph hy in an exhibition in the local. library he plots a course and is able to follow it . present his ph oto gr ap, otography in the With the help of your Scouter or agreed mentor plot out a.
ab ou t the methods of wildlife ph, Fin d ou t d by working in course in restricted water and follow the course . the challenges pose, field and coping with, developing countries . graphs to be included, Ke vin wi ll tak e a wide variety of photo d then apply for. for the programme an, in his portfolio to apply er aspects of. is successful in the oth, the programme If he ve ry go od chance.
Badge he will have a, this Special Interest, of getting on the prog. Sample Projects Sample Projects , Wilderness Experien World Cultures Way. e His walking, lwalking for some tim, Sean has been into hil untain areas and Matt has just joined Ve. nture Scouts He recen, ge ne ral ly been in low lying mo tly spent his. adventu res ha ve woods and survival holidays with his family. to ex plo re further afield Back h in Kenya He spent so. he no w wa nts g After discussion wit on wildlife safari that he. things about Scoutin never really got to expe, are his next favourite to be in rea l wil de rne ss culture of the many trib rience the.
cided that he needs es in Kenya He would, his Scouter he has de ha s be en in safe locations with. for this now like to make up, ex pe rie nc e to da te. are as His, near at hand , The project that Mark ha. s agreed is , The pro ject that Sean has agree Pick 3 of the tribal cultures. ture Challenge MPC present in Kenya Masai , rt in a Mountain Adven and Luo are three of the Kikuyu.
Sean is to take pa range away fro his loc, m al area learn about the unique as. biggest and most well k, Sionnach in a mountain pects of their culture . s that will be of real, an is to ma ke a sur vival kit containing item Try living like the Ma. sai for a weekend camp, himself in difficulty build huts from cattle du You will have to. value to him if he finds ng or mud and straw dri, d learn how to deal wit.
h milk you can try putting nk only hot, personal first aid kit an cow s blood in it if you like. Sean is to make a only lamb or beef The ca, mpfire must include Masa. and eat, first aid situations which Matt can teach the i dancing . overnight with another, bivvy sheet and camp, Sean is to make a clo se to a stream and for. est The remote tribes of, wilderness area Kenya are among the po.
Venture Scout s in a the world This is despite orest people in. rness experiences Kenya being relatively pro, a ph oto album of his wilde and possessing conside sperous. Se an is to cre ate ud formations wild rable economic potentia. matic sunsets and clo out why these tribes rem l Matt will find. showing wild places dra ain poor and if he can do. food fauna and wildlif, e about it anything, Which Special Interest Area are you going to work on . Special Interest Badge, Design template, What is your project Describe what you want to do and the steps to get there. What do you hope to achieve doing this badge How will you know you are finished . Planned Start Date , Planned Finish Date , Which Personal Challenges will this help you with . Signed youth member , Signed Mentor , At the end How did your plan go What did you learn from it .

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