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mar73044 ch09 10 indd 76, TABLE 9 1 Types of Mature Connective Tissues and Representative Locations. Loose Connective Dense Connective Cartilage Bone Liquid Connective. Areolar Connective Dense Regular Connective Hyaline Cartilage Compact Bone Blood. Locations around body organs Locations tendons ligaments Locations nasal septum larynx Locations bone shafts beneath Locations lumens of blood. binds skin to deeper organs costal cartilage ends of long periosteum vessels heart chambers. bones fetal skeleton, Adipose Dense Irregular Connective Fibrocartilage Spongy Cancellous Bones Lymph. Locations subcutaneous layer Locations dermis heart valves Locations between vertebrae Locations ends of long bones Locations lumens of lymphatic. around kidneys and heart yellow periosteum on bone between pubic bones pads inside flat and irregular bones vessels. bone marrow breasts meniscus in knee, Reticular Connective Elastic Connective Elastic Cartilage. Locations spleen thymus lymph Locations larger artery walls Locations outer ear epiglottis. nodes red bone marrow vocal cords ligaments between. This table represents a scheme to organize connective tissue relationships Spongy bone and lymph tissues are not examined microscopically in this laboratory exercise. 1 13 09 5 05 39 PM,FIGURE 9 1 Micrographs of connective tissues. Fibroblast,fiber Fat storage area,Ground substance.
Elastic fiber,a Areolar connective from fascia between muscles. Plasma membrane,b Adipose from subcutaneous layer,White blood. cell Collagen fibers,fibers Fibroblasts,Fibroblast. c Reticular connective from spleen d Dense regular connective from tendon. Fibroblasts Fibroblast,Elastic fibers,Collagen fibers. e Dense irregular connective from dermis f Elastic connective from artery wall. Chandrocyte in lacuna,Chondrocyte Chondrocyte,Extracellular matrix.
Extracellular matrix,g Hyaline cartilage from trachea. h Fibrocartilage from pubic symphysis,mar73044 ch09 10 indd 77 1 13 09 5 05 39 PM. FIGURE 9 1 Continued,Chondrocyte,Central canal,Elastic fibers. Extracellular matrix,location of osteocyte,i Elastic cartilage from ear j Compact bone. Red blood cells,White blood,cells Location of extracellular.
matrix plasma,mar73044 ch09 10 indd 78 1 13 09 5 06 01 PM. Laboratory Report Date, The corresponds to the Learning Outcome s listed at the beginning of the. laboratory exercise,Connective Tissues,Part A Assessments. Match the tissues in column A with the characteristics in column B Place the letter of your choice in the space provided 1 3. Column A Column B,a Adipose g,1 Forms framework of outer ear. b Areolar connective a,2 Functions as heat insulator beneath skin.
3 Contains large amounts of fluid and lacks fibers. d Bone compact,e Dense irregular connective d,4 Cells arranged around central canal. f Dense regular connective b,5 Binds skin to underlying organs. g Elastic cartilage,6 Main tissue of tendons and ligaments. h Elastic connective,i Fibrocartilage j,7 Forms the flexible part of the nasal septum. j Hyaline cartilage i,8 Pads between vertebrae that are shock absorbers.
k Reticular connective e,9 Main tissue of dermis, 10 Occurs in ligament attachments between vertebrae and artery. 11 Forms supporting tissue in walls of thymus and spleen. mar73044 ch09 10 indd 79 1 13 09 5 06 11 PM,Part B Assessments. In the space that follows sketch a small section of each of the types of connective tissues you observed For each sketch label the. major characteristics indicate the magnification used write an example of a location in the body and provide a function 1 2 3. Areolar connective Adipose,Location Location,Function Function. Reticular connective Dense regular connective,Location Location. Function Function,Dense irregular connective Elastic connective.
Location Location,Function Function,mar73044 ch09 10 indd 80 1 13 09 5 06 15 PM. Hyaline cartilage Fibrocartilage,Location Location. Function Function,Elastic cartilage Compact bone,Location Location. Function Function,Critical Thinking Activity,C Learning Extension Activity. Abdominal impact injuries often involve the spleen Use colored pencils to differentiate various cellular. h structural tissue characteristics that make structures in Part B Select a different color for the cells. the spleen so vulnerable to serious injury fibers and ground substance whenever visible. The spleen is composed of reticular connective,tissue This type of tissue contains only short.
thin collaginous fibers reticular fibers that are,widely scattered The result is a delicate. distribution of fibers among cells and a fluid,ground substance. mar73044 ch09 10 indd 81 1 13 09 5 06 15 PM,mar73044 ch09 10 indd 82 1 13 09 5 06 17 PM.

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