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HONORS PROGRAM NEWS, Honors Diploma recipients Briana Parker above and Marlee Webb below. graduated in December 2018,HONORS PROGRAM NEWS,HNRS 308 Hogwarts Higher Education. Students from Dr Whitsett s Hogwarts and Higher Education class at a showing of Fantastic Beasts. The Crimes of Grindelwald,Below are photos of the class planting mandrakes. Photo credit Dr Cathlena Martin above Dr Glee Whitsett below. HONORS PROGRAM NEWS,Gold Side Honors Students, Congratulations to the following Honors students who helped lead. Gold Side to victory in the annual College Night competition. Composer Costumes Cast,and Orchestra,Jonah Carden Peri McCoy.
Savannah Willard cast,Production Book,Artistic Technical Staff Jonah Carden cast. Zelma Cable,Ashton Irvin Collin Stephens cast,Stage Manager Lily Dickinson. Public Relations orchestra,Hannah Bell,Tessa Burns Jessie Evans. Golden Nuggets Maria Pearce,Isaac Devine orchestra. Maggie Jo Benson,Kimberly Peterson,Athletics Jill Sharpe orchestra.
Jenna Baldwin Collin Stephens,Pit Chorus orchestra. Jay Houser,Anna Blanchard Ariel,Colton Vaughn Hall Riley Hickman. Elaina McBride Emily,Mitchell Sydney St,Clair Katie Warren. HONORS PROGRAM NEWS,Purple Side Honors Students, The Honors Program was well represented on the Purple Side during. College Night activities,Stage Manager Cast and Pit Chorus Running Crew.
Katy Barnes and,Katy Barnes cast Katy Barnes,Cassandra Whitt. Olivia LeComte Cassandra Whitt,Raina Verser,Daniel Moore cast. Choreography Sam Orcutt,Mars Peterson cast,Madison Johnson. Andie Lamberth pit Production Book,Bria Owens,Orchestra Raeanna Pipes pit. Meredith Avera,Abbie Self pit chorus,Eddie Anthony.
Odi Ozuligbo pit,Annika Bastian chorus,Caitlin Blackburn. HONORS PROGRAM NEWS,Conflict Managment Workshop, Golson Seminar students participated in a conflict management workshop with. Emili Alexander the Assistant Director of the Falcon Success Center This workshop was. designed to explore conflict resolution styles and which may be most beneficial for each. individual student in resolving conflict,Photo credit Dr Cathlena Martin. HONORS PROGRAM NEWS,HNRS 308 Montevallo Traditions. The Honors 308 Montevallo Traditions,class explored College Night history with.
several guest speakers The mother daughter,team of Barbara Sloan and Elin Glenn spoke. to the class about the Purple side and various,College Night revues throughout the years. Dr Jeff Walker discussed Gold side history,and introduced the new book College Night. A Centennial Celebration,Photo credit Carey Heatherly. HONORS PROGRAM NEWS,Peer Mentor Applications,Become an Honors Peer Mentor this Fall.
Applications are due Wednesday April 3 2019, A Peer Mentor must be available to move in from 8am 12pm on Thursday August 22 2019 and be willing. to dedicate the rest of that day as an orientation leader for the incoming Honors freshman. A Peer Mentor should be available every Monday from 3 30pm 4 20pm to work with incoming Honors. freshman during the HNRS 100 class the Honors Introductory Experience If you really want to be a mentor. and you are not available during this time please note that on the application with a rationale as to why you. are not available We will probably need at least one peer mentor to work with students not enrolled in HNRS. A Peer Mentor must be willing to meet with their incoming Honors freshman at least once per month for. the Fall semester outside of the HNRS 100 class This can be individually or as a group. A Peer Mentor needs to be available as a contact and go to for around 5 10 incoming Honors freshman as. the need arises within reason The pay for Peer Mentors is minimum wage. Any active Honors student may apply The application can be found at. https dynamicforms ngwebsolutions com Submit Form Start 3c27f664 5228 4852 9981 09cae2535193. HONORS PROGRAM NEWS,Honors Program Student Named Ms Montevallo. Congratulations to Savannah Willard,Savannah was chosen as 2019. Ms Montevallo during the recent College,Night Centennial festivities. Photo credit The Alabamian,Honors Program Students Travel to Carnegie Hall.
Honors Program students who are members of the University of. Montevallo Concert Choir traveled to New York in February where. they had their debut at Carnegie Hall, Congratulations to Lauren Brown Jonah Carden Daniel Moore. Odi Ozuligbo and Abbie Self,Photo credit Facebook,HONORS PROGRAM NEWS. HONORS PROGRAM NEWS,HONORS PROGRAM NEWS,HONORS PROGRAM NEWS. Fall 2019 Honors Courses,General Education Honors Courses. COMS 102 Honors Foundations of Oral Communication Dr Wang. COMS 102 001 MWF 10 00 10 50 AM in Strong 113 CRN 80751. ENG 103 Honors Composition I Dr Mwenja, ENG 103 001 MWF 1 00 1 50 PM in Hill House Classroom CRN 80651.
PHIL 111 Honors Introduction to Philosophy Dr Patton. PHIL 111 001 MWF 9 00 9 50 AM in Comer 308 CRN 80682. ENG 233 Honors Global Literature Survey Dr Atwood, ENG 233 001 TR 9 30 10 45 AM in Hill House Classroom CRN 80610. HIST 103 Honors History of World Civilization I Dr Hultquist. HIST 103 001 TR 11 00 12 15 PM in UMOM 101 CRN 80241. MATH 155 Honors Nature of Mathematics Dr Varagona, MATH 155 001 TR 12 30 1 45 PM in Harman 225 CRN 82794. Fall Honors Courses 1 Credit Hour, HNRS 100 001 Honors Introductory Experience Dr Martin. M 3 30 PM 4 20 PM in Morgan 203 CRN 81830, The course is designed to provide a learning community and common experience for incoming. Honors students It will help students integrate into the Honors community be informed of relevant on. campus research and service opportunities plan for their futures with a degree plan and resume building. objectives and begin an Honors portfolio, HNRS 308 002 The Art and Science of Fermentation Dr Bawden.
M 12 00 12 50 PM in UMOM 103 CRN 82873, Beer wine sauerkraut salami vinegar and yogurt all have one thing in common fermentation This. multidisciplinary course examines fermentation as a feature of human civilization It is taught by many UM. professors who present different perspectives on fermented foods and beverages as they relate to the natural. and social sciences business and the humanities,HONORS PROGRAM NEWS. Fall 2019 Honors Courses, HNRS 308 003 Freedom of Expression and Its Limits Dr C Ford. M 9 00 9 50 AM in Hill House CRN 82874, In this course we will examine the philosophical foundations of freedom of expression in the United. States We will consider and debate current controversies and cases that test the limits of that freedom such. as hate speech on Facebook trolling on Twitter censorship on Netflix lawsuits against libraries for providing. offensive material in databases and provocative speakers being banned from college campuses The goal is to. develop our own informed positions on freedom of expression in the modern world. Fall Honors 300 Courses 3 Credit Hours,HNRS 309 001 Model United Nations Dr Turner.
POS 350 TR 2 00 PM 3 15 PM in UMOM 325 CRN 82846, Students learn about the United Nations structure and process and major issues of global concern. They prepare to represent a designated country by learning about that country s positions and concerns in the. United Nations They write resolutions and practice parliamentary procedure debating and voting in a sim. ulation of the UN process The course culminates with students participating in the Southern Regional Model. United Nations,HNRS 309 002 Racism in America Dr A Samuels. TR 3 30 4 45 PM in Wills 215 CRN 82536, This course surveys the construction of race and examines historical and modern implications of rac. ism and xenophobia in the United States Students will apply Critical Race Theory as a theoretical framework. to explore race as a social construct and how it serves to privilege oppress and dis empower Practical appli. cation of allyship and anti racism will be examined All majors and concentrations are welcome and will find. this course useful to gain a foundational understanding of race racism and anti racism. HNRS 309 004 Language Thought and Culture Dr McDonald. TR 11 00 12 15 PM in Ramsay 106 CRN 82875, The course is a broad overview of the structure and use of language employing an interdisciplinary per. spective We will consider in detail issues including verbal vs non verbal communication language and gen. der language and ethnic identity language and social class language in institutional settings such as schools. and language of advertising and mass media, HNRS 309 052 Science Fiction and Politics Dr Turner.
POS 309 W 6 00 8 30 PM in UMOM 201 CRN 82840, Political themes will be explored through science fiction literature and film Students are expected to. complete a substantial reading list demonstrate effective writing skills through several book reviews and culti. vate critical thinking skills through analysis and discussion of the assigned readings and films. HONORS PROGRAM NEWS,Fall 2019 Honors Courses, HNRS 309 053 Water and Art Blue Planet Water Survival and. ART 327 ES 310 Artistic Expression Drs Caplow Gra eo. M 5 00 7 30 PM in Bloch 1 CRN 82878, This course will examine the role of water in human history culture and biology explore water. sustainability challenges and give students opportunities to use artistic expression to advocate for a healthier. relationship between humans and the water they depend on for life. Fall Honors 400 Courses 3 Credit Hours, HNRS 409 001 Literature from the Margins Caribbean Literature. ENG 472 from Post Colonialism to Transnationalism Dr Rickel. TR 12 30 1 45 PM in Comer 306 CRN 82344, This course will examine how the selected texts deal with the paradox of.
challenging imperialism while using the language and literary forms that have been integral to its. construction It will pay particular attention to depictions of the Middle Passage slavery colonial education. anti colonial nationalism migration and tourism In doing so the course will analyze how colonialism. inequitable postcolonial development and contemporary economic and cultural imperialism produce. transnational subjects in and beyond the Caribbean. Summer 2019 Honors Courses,HNRS 309 102 Global Theatre Ms Gill. THEA 450 MTWRF 10 00 AM 12 30 PM in Hill House CRN 50060. This course through readings and discussion of global theories and interdisciplinary topics affecting. the development of those global theories aims to provide students with a foundation for forming their. own Design as Performance piece In addition to an intensive boot camp introducing students to non. American non Western and alternative theories of performance development this course will lead students. through the development and realization of their own collaborative performance art piece. HNRS 309 251 Family Communication Dr Wang, COMS 365 MTWRF 10 20 12 20 PM in Strong 113 CRN 50116. Prerequisite COMS 101 COMS 102, This course helps students gain an understanding of how communication functions to develop. maintain enrich or limit family relationships and develop an understanding of functional families across a. wide range of structures and cultural backgrounds,.

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