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1 = 3 2 = 6 3 = 5 4 = 4 UNIT 2 2.1 1A 1 b a, 2 a b, 3 b a, 4 b a, 5 b a, especially on public transport 6 b a 2 1 ’ve/have been travelling 2 ’ve/have visited 3 ’ve/have often wanted 4 ’ve/have never known 5 ’ve/have been exploring 6 didn’t think it was funny’ve/have found 7 ’s/has been presenting 8 have told 9 has been


READING COMPREHENSION PRACTICE EXAM. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: You will have 90 minutes for this test. Work rapidly but carefully. Do no spend too much time on any one question. If you have time after you have finished the test, go back to the questions you have left unanswered. The three parts of this test are English Usage, Sentence Correction, and Reading Comprehension. When you have finished ...

Drum Corps and Marching Band Formationas and Geometry

For me, marching band and drum corps are some of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. They have helped me form bonds that have helped me become who I am, as well as help develop the skills I have today. I have now been a member of a marching band for 9 years (between high school and college), and have been in a drum corps for a season.

Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences

Impact on services People with 4+ ACES compared with those with no ACES Health care:-• 2.1 x more likely to have visited their GP in the last 12 months1 • 2.2 x more likely to have visited A&E in the last 12 months1 • 2.3 x more likely to have more than ten teeth removed1 • 2.5 x more likely to have stayed a night in hospital1 • 6.6 x more likely to have been diagnosed with an STD1


Self. Your self is just as grand as my self, and you are dead certain to find your self, when once you set about it. The reason you have not already found it is that you have put in most of your time in watching the self of other people. You have been impolite to your Self. You have consulted every Tom, Dick and Harry before your Self.

MI Fact Sheet 3-7-12

2 The Impact of Heart Attacks Every 34 seconds, an American will have a heart attack and about 15% of people who experience a heart attack will die of it.4 Approximately 7,900,000 Americans have had a heart attack or 3.1% to 4% of the U.S. adult population.4 It is estimated that every year 610,000 Americans with have a new heart attack and 325,000 Americans will have a recurrent heart attack.4 ...

Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time October 22, 2017

November- Month of All Souls A novena of Masses will be offered for your loved ones. Those who have envelopes should have a Holy Souls envelope. We have extra envelopes in the back of the church, for those who wish to have loved ones remembered. All names will be listed in the Book of the Dead which will be on display throughout the month. \


Once pupils have finished, go over the answers (making sure all the pupils have found all the words), answering any vocabulary questions they may have. With weaker groups, you can get pupils to translate them into their mother tongue to make sure they understand what they mean. 3. Go round helping pupils with vocabulary questions they may have. 4.

Traditional medicinal plants of Nigeria: an overview

Medicinal plants constitute an effective source of both traditional and modern medicine. These plants have been shown to have genuine utility and about 80% of the rural population depends on them as primary health care (Akinyemi, 2000). Plants have been used as sources of remedies for the treatment of many diseases since ancient times and people of all continents especially Africa have this ...

Academic Writing Tips with Useful Phrases

Academic writing introductions tips with useful phrases Start the introduction by answering the question which you have been set or you have set yourself (“I believe that the government’s policy on…” etc). Start the introduction by setting out the background to the question that you have been set or have set yourself (“In our globalised society,…”, “Over the last few years ...

Listen Up! Using Audio Books for English Teaching

Have students listen to a piece of the story 2-3 times. Put students in pairs or groups and have students create a scenario to finish the story Have students perform act 2 of the story or have students write part 2 of the story Other Activities: Chain story Writing a prequel Predicting Activity 5 +

Modern English Poets - The Eye

the poets of doubt in these latter days have gleaned what beauty may be found in that wan country, and while poets of art have sought escape from the lassitude of ideas, poets of faith have sung to us the triumph of the soul. Great powers have guided the movement of modern song; science, democracy, and the power of the historic past.

Insect Life Cycle - Springfield Public Schools

Insect Life Cycle • Level L 5 6 These animals have a different kind of life cycle. A life cycle is the series of changes an animal goes through during its life. Insects have fascinating life cycles. Some insects have a four-stage life cycle. The insect lives as an egg, larva (LAR-vuh), pupa (PYOO-puh), and an adult. Others have a three-stage life

Nursing Theories and Practice

the work of nursing theorists and nurses who use these theories in their day-to-day practice. Our foremost nursing theorists have written for this book, or their theories have been de-scribed by nurses who have comprehensive knowledge of the theorists’ ideas and who have a deep respect for the theorists as people, nurses, and scholars.

Designing and Constructing an Animatronic Head Capable of .

The head must have the shape of a human’s head The robot must have a human voice While the head will not have full functionality of a human head and face for simplicity, the features selected to be included must have the full range of an average human All movements must be recorded using face tracking software, where feasible

Pharmacokinetics - Dr. Christopher Hobbs

Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics of Herbal Active Constituents 1. First, the active constituents need to be identified, characerized 2. First, the active constituents have to be absorbed 3. Second, the ingredients in supplements or herbs need to have active constituents 4. The product has to have enough of the ingredients that have

Moral Theories

Virtue Ethics Moral Philosophy – 8 • What if the gods have no reason for their commands? The commands are arbitrary and we have no reason to follow them. • What if the gods have some good reason for their commands? Then we have admitted there is a standard of righteousness independent of their commands.


consultants have used in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union since 1992. I have kept the format of the past manuals and referred to them for guidance in putting this manual together. I have expanded the areas that I thought needed more explanation and have added a number of worksheets to aid in the planning process.

2010 Sample T est - WordPress

ECPE 2010 Sample Test ... • The examiner will have already provided you a writing answer document on which to write your essay. Make sure you have filled in your name, your signature, your birthdate, and your registration number. • Do NOT write your essay in this test booklet. Write your essay on the answer document you have been provided. • Use a #2 (soft) pencil only. • You will have ...

from 2021 ABRSM Grades 1–8

In this December 2020 Edition • We have added more songs from recently-released shows and rediscovered favourites to Grades 1–5. No songs have been removed. • We have added complete exam requirements and repertoire for Grades 6–8. • Newly added songs are marked with in the syllabus and can be performed in exams from 1 January 2021. • We have made some updates to clarify exam ...