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The Gospel of NICODEMUS the dis to appear before your tribunal and. ciple concer ning the Suf ferings and Re hear him yourself. sur r ection of our Master and Saviour 8 T hen Pilate called a messeng er. JESUS CHRIST and said to him By what means will,Christ be brought hither. CHAPTER I 9 T hen went the messeng er forth, 1 Christ accused to Pilate by the Jews of and knowing Christ worshipped. healing on the Sabbath 9 Summoned be him and having spread the cloak. for e Pilate by a messenger who does him which he had in his hand upon the. honour 20 Worshipped by the standards g round he said Lord walk upon. bowing down to him this and g o in for the g overnor. ANNAS and Caiphas and Summas calls thee, and Datam Gamaliel Judas Levi 10 When the Jews perceived what. Nepthalim Alexander Cyr us and the messeng er had done they ex. other Jews went to Pilate about Je claimed ag ainst him to Pilate and. sus accusing him with many bad said Why did you not give him his. crimes summons by a beadle and not by a, 2 And said We are assured that Je messeng er For the messeng er. sus is the son of Joseph the car when he saw him worshipped him. penter and bor n of Mar y and that and spread the cloak which he had in. he declares himself the Son of God his hand upon the g round before. and a king and not only so but at him and said to him Lord the g ov. tempts the dissolution of the Sab ernor calls thee. bath and the laws of our fathers 11 T hen Pilate called the messeng er. 3 Pilate replied What is it which he and said Why hast thou done thus. declares and what is it which he at 12 T he messeng er replied When. tempts dissolving thou sentest me from Jer usalem to. 4 T he Jews told him We have a law Alexander I saw Jesus sitting in a. which forbids doing cures on the mean figure upon a she ass and the. Sabbath day but he cures both the children of the Hebrews cried out. lame and the deaf those aff licted Hosannah holding boughs of trees. with the palsy the blind the lepers in their hands. and demoniacs on that day by 13 Others spread their gar ments in. wicked methods the way and said Save us thou who, 5 Pilate replied How can he do this art in heaven blessed is he who.
by wicked methods They answered cometh in the name of the Lord. He is a conjurer and casts out devils 14 T hen the Jews cried out ag ainst. by the prince of the devils and so the messeng er and said T he chil. all things become subject to him dren of the Hebrews made their ac. 6 T hen said Pilate Casting out dev clamations in the Hebrew languag e. ils seems not to be the work of an and how couldst thou who art a. unclean spirit but to proceed from Greek understand the Hebrew. the power of God 15 T he messeng er answered them, 7 T he Jews replied to Pilate We en and said I asked one of the Jews. treat your highness to summon him and said What is this which the chil. GOSPEL OF NICODEMUS, dren do cr y out in the Hebrew lan them hold the standards and we. guag e shall see whether they will then bend,16 And he explained it to me say of themselves. ing they cr y out Hosannah which 27 So the elders of the Jews sought. being interpreted is O Lord save out twelve of the most strong and. me or O Lord save able old men and made them hold, 17 Pilate then said to them Why do the standards and they stood in the. you yourselves testify to the words presence of the g overnor. spoken by the children namely by 28 T hen Pilate said to the messen. your silence In what has the mes g er Take Jesus out and by some. seng er done amiss And they were means bring him in ag ain And Jesus. silent and the messeng er went out of the,18 T hen the g overnor said unto the hall.
messeng er Go forth and endeavour 29 And Pilate called the ensigns. by any means to bring him in who before had borne the standards. 19 But the messeng er went forth and swore to them that if they had. and did as before and said Lord not borne the standards in that man. come in for the g overnor calleth ner when Jesus before entered in he. thee would cut off their heads, 20 And as Jesus was g oing in by the 30 T hen the g over nor commanded. ensigns who car ried the standards Jesus to come in again. the tops of them bowed down and 31 And the messeng er did as he had. worshipped Jesus done before and ver y much en, 21 Whereupon the Jews exclaimed treated Jesus that he would g o upon. more vehemently ag ainst the ensigns his cloak and walk on it and he did. 22 But Pilate said to the Jews I walk upon it and went in. know it is not pleasing to you that 32 And when Jesus went in the. the tops of the standards did of standards bowed themselves as be. themselves bow and worship Jesus fore and worshipped him. but why do ye exclaim ag ainst the,ensigns as if they had bowed and CHAPTER II. worshipped 2 Is comppassionated by Pilate s wife 7. 23 T hey replied to Pilate We saw char ged with being bor n in for nication 1 2. the ensigns themselves bowing and Testimony to the betr othing of his par. worshipping Jesus ents 1 5 Hatr ed of the Jews to him. 24 T hen the g over nor called the en NOW when Pilate saw this he was. signs and said unto them Why did afraid and was about to rise from. you do thus his seat, 25 T he ensigns said to Pilate We 2 But while he thought to rise his. are all Pag ans and worship the g ods own wife who stood at a distance. in temples and how should we think sent to him saying Have thou noth. anything about worshipping him We ing to do with that just man for I. only held the standards in our hands have suffered much concer ning him. and they bowed themselves and wor in a vision this night. shipped him 3 When the Jews heard this they, 26 T hen said Pilate to the r ulers of said to Pilate Did we not say unto.
the synag ogue Do ye yourselves thee He is a conjuror Behold he. choose some strong men and let hath caused thy wife to dream. GOSPEL OF NICODEMUS, 4 Pilate then calling Jesus said and Samuel Isaac and Phinees Cris. thou hast heard what they testify pus and Ag rippa Annas and Judas. ag ainst thee and makest no answer We are not proselytes but children. 5 Jesus replied If they had not a of Jews and speak the tr uth and. power of speaking they could not were present when Mar y was be. have spoke but because ever y one trothed, has the command of his own tongue 13 T hen Pilate addressing himself. to speak both g ood and bad let him to the twelve men who spake this. look to it said to them I conjure you by the, 6 But the elders of the Jews life of Caesar that ye faithfully de. answered and said to Jesus What clare whether he was born through. shall we look to fornication and those things be tr ue. 7 In the first place we know this which ye have related. concerning thee that thou wast bor n 14 T hey answered Pilate We have a. through fornication secondly that law whereby we are forbid to swear. upon the account of thy birth the in it being a sin Let them swear by the. fants were slain in Bethlehem life of Caesar that it is not as we. thirdly that thy father and mother have said and we will be contented. Mar y f led into Eg ypt because they to be put to death. could not tr ust their own people 15 T hen said Annas and Caiphas to. 8 Some of the Jews who stood by Pilate T hose twelve men will not be. spake more favourably We cannot lieve that we know him to be basely. say that he was born through fornic born and to be a conjurer although. ation but we know that his mother he pretends that he is the Son of. Mar y was betrothed to Joseph and God and a king which we are so far. so he was not bor n through for nica from believing that we tremble to. 9 T hen said Pilate to the Jews who 16 T hen Pilate commanded ever y. affir med him to be born through one to g o out except the twelve men. fornication T his your account is not who said he was not bor n through. tr ue seeing there was a betrothment fornication and Jesus to withdraw to. as they testify who are of your own a distance and said to them Why. nation have the Jews a mind to kill Jesus, 10 Annas and Caiphas spake to Pil 17 T hey answered him T hey are. ate All this multitude of people is ang r y because he wrought cures on. to be reg arded who cr y out that he the sabbath day Pilate said Will they. was born through fornication and is kill him for a g ood work They say. a conjurer but they who deny him to unto him Yes Sir. be bor n through for nication are his,proselytes and disciples CHAPTER III.
11 Pilate answered Annas and 1 Is exonerated by Pilate 1 1 Disputes. Caiphas Who are the proselytes with Pilate concer ning truth. T hey answered They are those who THEN Pilate filled with ang er. are the children of Pag ans and are went out of the hall and said to the. not become Jews but followers of Jews I call the whole world to wit. him ness that I find no fault in that man,12 T hen replied Eleazer and Asteri. us and Antonius and James Caras,GOSPEL OF NICODEMUS. 2 T he Jews replied to Pilate If he 1 Pilate finds no fault in Jesus 16 The. had not been a wicked person we Jews demand his crucifixion. had not brought him before thee THEN Pilate left Jesus in the hall. 3 Pilate said to them Do ye take and went out to the Jews and said I. him and tr y him by your law find not any one fault in Jesus. 4 T hen the Jews said It is not law 2 T he Jews say unto him But he. ful for us to put any one to death said I can destroy the temple of. 5 Pilate said to the Jews T he com God and in three days build it up. mand therefore thou shalt not kill ag ain, belongs to you but not to me 3 Pilate saith to them What sort of. 6 And he went again into the hall temple is that of which he speaketh. and called Jesus by himself and said 4 T he Jews say unto him T hat. to him Art thou the king of the which Solomon was forty six years in. Jews building he said he would destroy, 7 And Jesus answering said to Pil and in three days build up. ate Dost thou speak this of thyself 5 Pilate said to them ag ain I am in. or did the Jews tell it thee concern nocent from the blood of that man. ing me do ye look to it, 8 Pilate answering said to Jesus 6 T he Jews say to him His blood be.
Am I a Jew T he whole nation and upon us and our children T hen Pil. r ulers of the Jews have delivered ate calling tog ether the elders and. thee up to me What hast thou done scribes priests and Levites saith to. 9 Jesus answering said My kingdom them privately Do not act thus I. is not of this world if my kingdom have found nothing in your charg e. were of this world then would my ag ainst him concerning his curing. ser vants fight and I should not have sick persons and breaking the sab. been delivered to the Jews but now bath worthy of death. my kingdom is not from hence 7 T he priests and Levites replied to. 10 Pilate said Art thou a king then Pilate By the life of Caesar if any. Jesus answered T hou sayest that I one be a blasphemer he is worthy of. am a king to this end was I born death but this man hath blasphemed. and for this end came I into the ag ainst the Lord. world and for this purpose I came 8 T hen the g over nor ag ain com. that I should bear witness to the manded the Jews to depart out of. tr uth and ever y one who is of the the hall and calling Jesus said to. tr uth heareth my voice him What shall I do with thee. 11 Pilate saith to him What is 9 Jesus answered him Do according. tr uth as it is written, 12 Jesus said Tr uth is from heaven 10 Pilate said to him How is it writ. 13 Pilate said T herefore tr uth is not ten,on earth 11 Jesus saith to him Moses and the. 14 Jesus saith to Pilate Believe that prophets have prophesied concern. tr uth is on earth among those who ing my suffering and resur rection. when they have the power of judg 12 T he Jews hearing this were pro. ment are g over ned by tr uth and voked and said to Pilate Why wilt. for m right judgment thou any long er hear the blasphemy. of that man,CHAPTER IV,GOSPEL OF NICODEMUS, 13 Pilate saith to them If these 3 Nicodemus said I spake to the. words seem to you blasphemy do ye elders of the Jews and the scribes. take him bring him to your court and priests and Levites and all the. and tr y him according to your law multitude of the Jews in their as. 14 T he Jews reply to Pilate Our law sembly What is it ye would do with. saith he shall be oblig ed to receive this man, nine and thirty stripes but if after 4 He is a man who hath wrought. this manner he shall blaspheme many useful and glorious miracles. ag ainst the Lord he shall be stoned such as no man on earth ever. 15 Pilate saith unto them If that wrought before nor will ever work. speech of his was blasphemy do ye Let him g o and do him no har m if. tr y him according to your law he cometh from God his miracles. 16 T he Jews say to Pilate Our law his miraculous cures will continue. command us not to put any one to but if from men they will come to. death We desire that he may be cr u nought, cified because he deser ves the death 5 T hus Moses when he was sent by.
of the cross God into Eg ypt wrought the mir, 17 Pilate saith to them It is not fit acles which God commanded him. he should be cr ucified let him be before Pharaoh king of Eg ypt and. only whipped and sent away though the magicians of that coun. 18 But when the g overnor looked tr y Jannes and Jambres wrought by. upon the people that were present their magic the same miracles which. and the Jews he saw many of the Moses did yet they could not work. Jews in tears and said to the chief all which he did. priests of the Jews All the people 6 And the miracles which the magi. do not desire his death cians wrought were not of God as. 19 T he elders of the Jews answered ye know O Scribes and Pharisees. to Pilate We and all the people came but they who wrought them per. hither for this ver y purpose that he ished and all who believed them. should die 7 And now let this man g o because, 20 Pilate saith to them Why should the ver y miracles for which ye accuse. he die him are from God and he is not, 21 T hey said to him Because he de worthy of death. clares himself to be the Son of God 8 T he Jews then said to Nicodemus. and a King Art thou become his disciple and,making speeches in his favour. CHAPTER V 9 Nicodemus said to them Is the, 1 Nicodemus speaks in defence of Christ g overnor become his disciple also.
and r elates his miracles 1 2 Another Jew and does he make speeches for him. 26 with Ver onica 34 Centurio and oth Did not Caesar place him in that. ers testify of other miracles high post, BUT Nicodemus a certain Jew 10 When the Jews heard this they. stood before the g over nor and said trembled and gnashed their teeth at. I entreat thee O righteous judg e Nicodemus and said to him Mayest. that thou wouldst favour me with the thou receive his doctrine for tr uth. liberty of speaking a few words and have thy lot with Christ. 2 Pilate said to him Speak on,GOSPEL OF NICODEMUS, 11 Nicodemus replied Amen I will manded that I should be brought to. receive his doctrine and my lot with him and said to me What wilt thou. him as ye have said 22 I said Lord that I may receive. 12 T hen another certain Jew rose my sight, up and desired leave of the g ov 23 He said to me Receive thy sight. ernor to hear him a few words and presently I saw and followed. 13 And the g over nor said Speak him rejoicing and giving thanks. what thou hast a mind 24 Another Jew also came forth and. 14 And he said I lay for thirty said I was a leper and he cured me. eight years by the sheep pool at Jer by his word only saying I will be. usalem labouring under a g reat in thou clean and presently I was. fir mity and waiting for a cure which cleansed from my leprosy. should be wrought by the coming of 25 And another Jew came forth and. an ang el who at a certain time said I was crooked and he made me. troubled the water and whosoever straight by his word. first after the troubling of the water 26 And a certain woman named. stepped in was made whole of what Veronica said I was aff licted with. soever disease he had an issue of blood twelve years and I. 15 And when Jesus saw me languish touched the hem of his g ar ment and. ing there he said to me Wilt thou presently the issue of blood stopped. be made whole And I answered Sir 27 T he Jews then said We have a. I have no man when the water is law that a woman shall not be al. troubled to put me into the pool lowed as an evidence. 16 And he said unto me Rise take 28 And after other things another. up thy bed and walk And I was im Jew said I saw Jesus invited to a. mediately made whole and took up wedding with his disciples and there. my bed and walked was a want of wine in Cana of Ga. 17 T he Jews then said to Pilate Our lilee, Lord Gover nor pray ask him what 29 And when the wine was all. day it was on which he was cured of drank he commanded the ser vants. his infir mity that they should fill six pots which. 18 T he infir m person replied It was were there with water and they filled. on the sabbath them up to the brim and he blessed, 19 T he Jews said to Pilate Did we them and turned the water into wine.
not say that he wrought his cures on and all the people drank being sur. the sabbath and cast out devils by prised at this miracle. the prince of devils 30 And another Jew stood forth. 20 T hen another certain Jew came and said I saw Jesus teaching in the. forth and said I was blind could synag ogue at Caper naum and there. hear sounds but could not see any was in the synag ogue a certain man. one and as Jesus was g oing along I who had a devil and he cried out. heard the multitude passing by and I saying let me alone what have we to. asked what was there do with thee Jesus of Nazareth Art. 21 T hey told me that Jesus was thou come to destroy us I know. passing by then I cried out saying that thou art the Holy One of God. Jesus Son of David have mercy on 31 And Jesus rebuked him saying. me And he stood still and com Hold thy peace unclean spirit and. come out of the man and presently,GOSPEL OF NICODEMUS. he came out of him and did not at 42 Some of them farther said T his. all hurt him power can proceed from none but,32 T he following things were also God. said by a Pharisee I saw that a g reat 43 Pilate said to the Jews Why are. company came to Jesus from Galilee not the devils subject to your doc. and Judea and the sea cost and tors, many countries about Jordan and 44 Some of them said T he power. many infir m persons came to him of subjecting devils cannot proceed. and he healed them all but from God, 33 And I heard the unclean spirits 45 But others said to Pilate T hat he. cr ying out and saying T hou art the had raised Lazar us from the dead. Son of God And Jesus strictly after he had been four days in his. charg ed them that they should not g rave, make him known 46 T he g over nor hearing this trem.
34 After this another person whose bling said to the multitude of the. name was Centurio said I saw Jesus Jews What will it profit you to shed. in Capernaum and I entreated him innocent blood,saying Lord my ser vant lieth at. home sick of the palsy CHAPTER VI, 35 And Jesus said to me I will come 1 Pilate dismayed by the turbulence of the. and cure him Jews 5 who demand Barabbas to be r e, 36 But I said Lord I am not worthy leased and Christ to be crucified 9 Pil. that thou shouldst come under my ate war mly expostulates with them 20. roof but only speak the word and washes his hands of Christ s blood 23. my ser vant shall be healed and sentences him to be whipped and cru. 37 And Jesus said unto me Go thy cified, way and as thou hast believed so be THEN Pilate having called tog ether. it done unto thee And my ser vant Nicodemus and the fifteen men who. was healed from that same hour said that Jesus was not born through. 38 T hen a certain nobleman said I fornication said to them What shall. had a son in Capernaum who lay at I do seeing there is like to be a tu. the point of death and when I heard mult among the people. that Jesus was come into Galilee I 2 T hey say unto him We know not. went and besought him that he let them look to it who raise the tu. would come down to my house and mult, heal my son for he was at the point 3 Pilate then called the multitude.
of death ag ain and said to them Ye know, 39 He said to me Go thy way thy that ye have a custom that I should. son liveth release to you one prisoner at the, 40 And my son was cured from that feast of the passover. hour 4 I have a noted prisoner a murder, 41 Besides these also many others er who is called Barabbas and Jesus. of the Jews both men and Women who is called Christ in whom I find. cried out and said He is tr uly the nothing that deser ves death which. Son of God who cures all diseases of them therefore have you a mind. only by his word and to whom the that I should release to you. devils are altog ether subject 5 T hey all cr y out and say Release. to us Barabbas,GOSPEL OF NICODEMUS, 6 Pilate saith to them What then ledg e Caesar to be king and not Je. shall I do with Jesus who is called sus,Christ 16 Whereas this person as soon as.
7 T hey all answer Let him be cr uci he was born the wise men came and. fied offered gifts unto him which when, 8 Ag ain they cr y out and say to Pil Herod heard he was exceedingly. ate You are not the friend of troubled and would have killed him. Caesar if you release this man for 17 When his father knew this he. he hath declared that he is the Son f led with him and his mother Mar y. of God and a king But are you in into Eg ypt Herod when he heard he. clined that he should be king and was born would have slain him and. not Caesar accordingly sent and slew all the, 9 T hen Pilate filled with ang er said children which were in Bethlehem. to them Your nation hath always and in all the coasts thereof from. been seditious and you are always two years old and under. ag ainst those who have been ser vice 18 When Pilate heard this account. able to you he was afraid and commanding si, 10 T he Jews replied Who are those lence among the people who made a. who have been ser viceable to us noise he said to Jesus Art thou. 11 Pilate answered them Your God therefore a king, who delivered you from the hard 19 All the Jews replied to Pilate he. bondag e of the Eg yptians and is the ver y person whom Herod. brought you over the Red Sea as sought to have slain. though it had been dr y land and fed 20 T hen Pilate taking water washed. you in the wilderness with manna his hands before the people and said. and the f lesh of quails and brought I am innocent of the blood of this. water out of the rock and g ave you just person look ye to it. a law from heaven 21 T he Jews answered and said His. 12 Ye provoked him all ways and blood be upon us and our children. desired for yourselves a molten calf 22 T hen Pilate commanded Jesus to. and worshipped it and sacrificed to be brought before him and spake to. it and said T hese are thy Gods O him in the following words. Israel which brought thee out of the 23 Thy own nation hath charg ed. land of Eg ypt thee as making thyself a king where. 13 On account of which your God fore I Pilate sentence thee to be. was inclined to destroy you but whipped according to the laws of. Moses interceded for you and your for mer g overnors and that thou be. God heard him and forg ave your first bound then hang ed upon a. iniquity cross in that place where thou art, 14 Afterwards ye were enrag ed now a prisoner and also two crimin.
ag ainst and would have killed your als with thee whose names are Di. prophets Moses and Aaron when mas and Gestas,they f led to the taber nacle and ye. were always mur muring ag ainst God CHAPTER VII, and his prophets 1 Manner of Christ s crucifixion with the. 15 And arising from his judgment tw o thieves, seat he would have g one out but THEN Jesus went out of the hall. the Jews all cried out We acknow and the two thieves with him. GOSPEL OF NICODEMUS, 2 And when they came to the place 12 After this g roaning he said to. which is called Golg otha they stript Jesus Lord remember me when thou. him of his raiment and girt him comest into thy kingdom. about with a linen cloth and put a 13 Jesus answering said to him. crown of thor ns upon his head and Verily I say unto thee that this day. put a reed in his hand thou shalt be with me in Paradise. 3 And in like manner did they to the,two thieves who were cr ucified with CHAPTER VIII.
him Dimas on his right hand and 1 Miraculous appearance at his death 10. Gestas on his left The Jews say the eclipse was natural 12. 4 But Jesus said My Father forgive Joseph of Arimathcea embalms Christ s. them For they know not what they body and buries it. do AND it was about the sixth hour, 5 And they divided his g ar ments and darkness was upon the face of. and upon his vesture they cast lots the whole earth until the ninth hour. 6 T he people in the mean time 2 And while the sun was eclipsed. stood by and the chief priests and behold the veil of the temple was. elders of the Jews mocked him say rent from the top to the bottom. ing He saved others let him now and the rocks also were rent and the. save himself if he can if he be the g raves opened and many bodies of. son of God let him now come down saints which slept arose. from the cross 3 And about the ninth hour Jesus, 7 T he soldiers also mocked him and cried out with a loud voice Eli Eli. taking vineg ar and g all offered it to lama sabacthani which being inter. him to drink and said to him If preted is My God My God why. thou art king of the Jews deliver hast thou forsaken me. thyself 4 And after these things Jesus said, 8 T hen Longinus a certain soldier Father into thy hands I commend. taking a spear pierced his side and my spirit and having said this he. presently there came forth blood and g ave up the ghost. water 5 But when the centurion saw that, 9 And Pilate wrote the title upon Jesus thus cr ying out g ave up the. the cross in Hebrew Latin and ghost he glorified God and said Of. Greek letters viz THIS IS THE a tr uth this was a just man. KING OF THE JEWS 6 And all the people who stood by. 10 But one of the two thieves who were exceedingly troubled at the. were cr ucified with Jesus whose sight and ref lecting upon what had. name was Gestas said to Jesus If passed smote upon their breasts. thou art the Christ deliver thyself and then returned to the city of Jer. and us usalem, 11 But the thief who was cr ucified 7 T he centurion went to the g ov.
on his right hand whose name was ernor and related to him all that had. Dimas answering rebuked him and passed, said Dost not thou fear God who 8 And when he had heard all these. art condemned to this punishment things he was exceedingly sor rowful. We indeed receive rightly and justly 9 And calling the Jews tog ether said. the demerit of our actions but this to them Have ye seen the miracle of. Jesus what evil hath he done the sun s eclipse and the other. GOSPEL OF NICODEMUS, things which came to pass while Je 2 But when they all concealed them. sus was dying selves through fear of the Jews, 10 Which when the Jews heard they Nicodemus alone showed himself to. answered to the g over nor The ec them and said How can such per. lipse of the sun happened according sons as these enter into the syn. to its usual custom ag ogue, 11 But all those who were the ac 3 T he Jews answered him But how. quaintance of Christ stood at a dis durst thou enter into the synag ogue. tance as did the women who had who wast a confederate with Christ. followed Jesus from Galilee ob Let thy lot be along with him in the. ser ving all these things other world, 12 And behold a certain man of Ar 4 Nicodemus answered Amen so.
imathaea named Joseph who was may it be that I may have my lot. also a disciple of Jesus but not with him in his kingdom. openly so for fear of the Jews came 5 In like manner Joseph when he. to the g overnor and entreated the came to the Jews said to them Why. g overnor that he would give him are ye ang r y with me for desiring the. leave to take away the body of Jesus body of Jesus of Pilate Behold I. from the cross have put him in my tomb and, 13 And the g over nor g ave him leave wrapped him up in clean linen and. 14 And Nicodemus came bringing put a stone at the door of the sep. with him a mixture of myr rh and ulchre, aloes about a hundred pounds 6 I have acted rightly towards him. weight and they took down Jesus but ye have acted unjustly ag ainst. from the cross with tears and bound that just person in cr ucifying him. him in linen cloths with spices ac giving him vineg ar to drink crown. cording to the custom of bur ying ing him with thorns tearing his body. among the Jews with whips and praying down the, 15 And placed him in a new tomb guilt of his blood upon you. which Joseph had built and caused 7 T he Jews at the hearing of this. to be cut out of a rock in which were disquieted and troubled and. never any man had been put and they seized Joseph and commanded. they rolled a g reat stone to the door him to be put in custody before the. of the sepulchre Sabbath and kept there till the Sab. bath was over,CHAPTER IX 8 And they said to him Make con. 1 The Jews angr y with Nicodemus 5 and fession for at this time it is not law. with Joseph of Arimathaea 7 whom they ful to do thee any har m till the first. imprison day of the week come But we know, WHEN the unjust Jews heard that that thou wilt not be thought worthy.
Joseph had beg g ed and buried the of a burial but we will give thy f lesh. body of Jesus they sought after to the birds of the air and the. Nicodemus and those fifteen men beasts of the earth. who had testified before the g ov 9 Joseph answered That speech is. ernor that Jesus was not bor n like the speech of proud Goliath. through fornication and other g ood who reproached the living God in. persons who had shown any g ood ac speaking against David But ye. tions towards him scribes and doctors know that God. GOSPEL OF NICODEMUS, saith by the prophet Veng eance is mired and were astonished because. mine and I will repay to you evil they found the same seal upon the. equal to that which ye have lock of the chamber and could not. threatened to me find Joseph, 10 T he God whom you have hang ed 2 T hen Annas and Caiaphas went. upon the cross is able to deliver me forth and while they were all admir. out of your hands All your wicked ing at Joseph s being g one behold. ness will return upon you one of the soldiers who kept the. 11 For the g overnor when he sepulchre of Jesus spake in the as. washed his hands said I am clear sembly, from the blood of this just person 3 T hat while they were guarding the. But ye answered and cried out His sepulchre of Jesus there was an. blood be upon us and our children earthquake and we saw an ang el of. According as ye have said may ye God roll away the stone of the sep. perish for ever ulchre and sit upon it, 12 T he elders of the Jews hearing 4 And his countenance was like. these words were exceedingly en lightning and his g ar ment like snow. rag ed and seizing Joseph they put and we became through fear like per. him into a chamber where there was sons dead, no window they fastened the door 5 And we heard an ang el saying to.
and put a seal upon the lock the women at the sepulchre of Jesus. 13 And Annas and Caiaphas placed a Do not fear I know that you seek Je. guard upon it and took counsel with sus who was cr ucified he is risen as. the priests and Levites that they he foretold, should all meet after the Sabbath 6 Come and see the place where he. and they contrived to what death was laid and g o presently and tell. they should put Joseph his disciples that he is risen from the. 14 When they had done this the dead and he will g o before you into. r ulers Annas and Caiaphas ordered Galilee there ye shall see him as he. Joseph to be brought forth In this told you, place there is a portion of the Gos 7 T hen the Jews called tog ether all. pel lost or omitted which cannot be the soldiers who kept the sepulchre. supplied It may nevertheless be of Jesus and said to them Who are. sur mised from the occur rence re those women to whom the ang el. lated in the next chapter that the or spoke Why did ye not seize them. der of Annas and Caiaphas were 8 T he soldiers answered and said. rendered unnecessar y by Joseph s We know not who the women were. miraculous escape and which was besides we became as dead persons. announced to an assembly of through fear and how could we seize. people those women,9 T he Jews said to them As the. CHAPTER X Lord liveth we do not believe you, 1 Joseph s escape 2 The soldiers r elate 10 T he soldiers answering said to. Christ s r esur r ection 18 Christ is seen the Jews when ye saw and heard Je. pr eaching in Galilee 21 The Jews r epent sus working so many miracles and. of their cruelty to him did not believe him how should ye. WHEN all the assembly heard this believe us Ye well said As the Lord. about Joseph s escape they ad liveth for the Lord tr uly does live. GOSPEL OF NICODEMUS, 11 We have heard that ye shut up Father and the Son and the Holy.
Joseph who buried the body of Je Ghost and whosoever shall believe. sus in a chamber under a lock and be baptized shall be saved. which was sealed and when ye 21 And when he had said these. opened it found him not there things to his disciples we saw him. 12 Do ye then produce Joseph ascending up to heaven. whom ye put under guard in the 22 When the chief priests and eld. chamber and we will produce Jesus ers and Levites heard these things. whom we guarded in the sepulchre they said to these three men Give. 13 T he Jews answered and said We glor y to the God of Israel and make. will produce Joseph do ye produce confession to him whether those. Jesus But Joseph is in his own city things are tr ue which ye say ye have. of Arimathaea seen and heard, 14 T he soldiers replied If Joseph 23 T hey answering said As the Lord. be in Arimathaea and Jesus in Ga of our fathers liveth the God of. lilee we heard the ang el infor m the Abraham and the God of Isaac and. women the God of Jacob according as we, 15 T he Jews hearing this were heard Jesus talking with his disciples. afraid and said among themselves and according as we saw him ascend. If by any means these things should ing up to heaven so we have related. become public then ever ybody will the tr uth to you. believe in Jesus 24 And the three men farther, 16 T hen they g athered a larg e sum answered and said adding these. of money and g ave it to the soldiers words If we should not own the. saying Do ye tell the people that the words which we heard Jesus speak. disciples of Jesus came in the night and that we saw him ascending into. when ye were asleep and stole away heaven we should be guilty of sin. the body of Jesus and if Pilate the 25 T hen the chief priests immedi. g overnor should hear of this we will ately rose up and holding the book. satisfy him and secure you of the law in their hands conjured. 17 T he soldiers accordingly took the these men saying Ye shall no more. money and said as they were instr uc hereafter declare those things which. ted by the Jews and their report was ye have spoken concer ning Jesus. spread abroad among all the people 26 And they g ave them a larg e sum. 18 But a certain priest Phinees Ada of money and sent other persons. a schoolmaster and a Levite named along with them who should con. Ag eus they three came from Galilee duct them to their own countr y that. to Jer usalem and told the chief they might not by any means make. priests and all who were in the syn any stay at Jer usalem. ag ogues saying 27 T hen the Jews did assemble all. 19 We have seen Jesus whom ye tog ether and having expressed the. cr ucified talking with his eleven dis most lamentable concern said What. ciples and sitting in the midst of is this extraordinar y thing which is. them in Mount Olivet and saying to come to pass in Jer usalem. them 28 But Annas and Caiaphas comfor, 20 Go forth into the whole world ted them saying Why should we be. preach the Gospel to all nations lieve the soldiers who guarded the. baptizing them in the name of the sepulchre of Jesus in telling us that. GOSPEL OF NICODEMUS, an ang el rolled away the stone from 5 And the counsel of Nicodemus.
the door of the sepulchre pleased all the people and they sent. 29 Perhaps his own disciples told forth men who sought for Jesus but. them this and g ave them money that could not find him and they return. they should say so and they them ing said We went all about but. selves took away the body of Jesus could not find Jesus but we have. 30 Besides consider this that there found Joseph in his city of Arimath. is no credit to be given to foreigners aea, because they also took a larg e sum 6 T he r ulers hearing this and all the. of us and they have declared to us people were glad and praised the. according to the instr uctions which God of Israel because Joseph was. we g ave them They must either be found whom they had shut up in a. faithful to us or to the disciples of chamber and could not find. Jesus 7 And when they had for med a larg e,assembly the chief priests said By. CHAPTER XI what means shall we bring Joseph to, 1 Nicodemus counsels the Jews 6 Joseph us to speak with him. found 11 Invited by the Jews to r etur n 19 8 And taking a piece of paper they. Relates the manner of his miraculous es wrote to him and said Peace be. cape with thee and all thy family We, THEN Nicodemus arose and said know that we have offended against. Ye say right O sons of Israel ye God and thee Be pleased to give a. have heard what those three men visit to us your fathers for we were. have sworn by the Law of God who perfectly surprised at your escape. said We have seen Jesus speaking from prison, with his disciples upon mount Oliv 9 We know that it was malicious.
et and we saw him ascending up to counsel which we took ag ainst thee. heaven and that the Lord took care of thee, 2 And the scripture teacheth us that and the Lord himself delivered thee. the blessed prophet Elijah was taken from our designs Peace be unto. up to heaven and Elisha being asked thee Joseph who art honourable. by the sons of the prophets Where among all the people. is our father Elijah He said to them 10 And they chose seven of Joseph s. that he is taken up to heaven friends and said to them When ye. 3 And the sons of the prophets said come to Joseph salute him in peace. to him Perhaps the spirit hath car and give him this letter. ried him into one of the mountains 11 Accordingly when the men came. of Israel there perhaps we shall find to Joseph they did salute him in. him And they besought Elisha and peace and g ave him the letter. he walked about with them three 12 And when Joseph had read it he. days and they could not find him said Blessed be the Lord God who. 4 And now hear me O sons of Is didst deliver me from the Israelites. rael and let us send men into the that they could not shed my blood. mountains of Israel lest perhaps the Blessed be God who hast protected. spirit hath car ried away Jesus and me under thy wings. there perhaps we shall find him and 13 And Joseph kissed them and. be satisfied took them into his house And on,the mor row Joseph mounted his ass. GOSPEL OF NICODEMUS, and went along with them to Jer us Nazareth whose body thou didst. alem bur y, 14 And when all the Jews heard 23 I said to him show me the tomb. these things they went out to meet in which I laid thee. him and cried out saying Peace at 24 T hen Jesus taking me by the. tend thy coming hither father hand led me unto the place where I. Joseph laid him and showed me the linen, 15 To which he answered Prosperity clothes and napkin which I put.
from the Lord attend all the people round his head T hen I knew that it. 13 And they all kissed him and was Jesus and worshipped him and. Nicodemus took him to his house said Blessed be he who cometh in. having prepared a larg e entertain the name of the Lord. ment 25 Jesus ag ain taking me by the, 17 But on the mor row being a pre hand led me to Arimathaea to my. paration day Annas and Caiaphas own house and said to me Peace be. and Nicodemus said to Joseph to thee but g o not out of thy house. Make confession to the God of Is till the fortieth day but I must g o to. rael and answer to us all those ques my disciples,tions which we shall ask thee. 18 For we have been ver y much CHAPTER XII, troubled that thou didst bur y the 1 The Jews astonished and confounded 16. body of Jesus and that when we had Simeon s two sons Charinus and Lenthi. locked thee in a chamber we could us rise fr om the dead at Christ s cruci. not find thee and we have been fixion 19 Joseph pr oposes to get them to. afraid ever since till this time of thy r elate the mysteries of their r esur r ection. appearing among us Tell us there 21 They ar e sought and found 22 br ought. fore before God all that came to to the synagogue 23 privately swor n to. pass secr ec y 25 and undertake to write what,19 T hen Joseph answering said Ye they had seen. did indeed put me under confine WHEN the chief priests and Levites. ment on the day of preparation till heard all these things they were as. the morning tonished and fell down with their, 20 But while I was standing at pray faces on the g round as dead men.
er in the middle of the night the and cr ying out to one another said. house was sur rounded with four an What is this extraordinar y sign which. g els and I saw Jesus as the bright is come to pass in Jer usalem We. ness of the sun and fell down upon know the father and mother of Jesus. the earth for fear 2 And a certain Levite said I know. 21 But Jesus laying hold on my many of his relations religions per. hand lifted me from the g round and sons who are wont to offer sacri. the dew was then sprinkled upon me fices and burnt offerings to the God. but he wiping my face kissed me of Israel in the temple with prayers. and said unto me Fear not Joseph 3 And when the high priest Simeon. look upon me for it is I took him up in his ar ms he said to. 22 T hen I looked upon him and him Lord now lettest thou thy ser. said Rabboni Elias He answered vant depart in peace according to. me I am not Elias but Jesus of thy word for mine eyes have seen.

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