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Rapaport Special Report Moral Clarity and the Diamond Industry Page 2 Table of Contents Moral Clarity Report Pages 3 – 17 ... services to the international diamond trade. All Rapaport Group activities reflect our organization’s mission and values ‐ the development and ...

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34 Rapaport April 2016 OP-ED S ... While traditional diamond dealers and jewelers are still unsure whether or not to sell synthetics, some forward-thinking firms believe that ... socially responsible diamond sources.The ethical basis of the natural diamond business is on the table — front and center.

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9ct gold jewellery #chain sold separately + = total diamond weight. 7 For someone special. $499 diamond ring set $7.20 weekly* MP0009 YG / MP0812 WG $1,699 1ct+ diamond ring $24.51 weekly* MP1920 $399 diamond ring MP2298 $1,499 0.75ct+ cognac diamond ring $21.62 weekly* MP1226 $1,199 0.50ct+ diamond bridal set $17.29 weekly*

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This document is invalid unless all items listed in the Table of Contents are present. ... Rapaport, Martin - Rapaport Diamond Report, New York, NY ... Binocular microscope Leveridge gauge Electronic scale (metric and carat) Thermal conductivity diamond tester Touchstone and acids Fiber optic light Electronic metals tester Spectroscope


DIAMOND ANATOMY ! • Table - This is the large, flat top facet of a diamond. • Girdle - The narrow rim of a diamond that separates the crown from the pavilion. It is the largest diameter to any part of the stone. • Crown - The upper portion of a cut gemstone, above the girdle. • Diameter - The width of the diamond as measured through ...

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nonlinear optical properties of diamond have not to date been comprehensively reviewed. The aim of this chapter is to do this, with emphasis placed on the intrin-sic properties of single - crystal diamond (i.e., pure Type IIa diamond 1) ). The chapter 1 Optical Engineering of Diamond, First Edition. Edited by Richard P. Mildren and James R. Rabeau.

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be done when parameters of a new diamond are entered. To change a cut type, click «Shape and cut» box with a mouse. A list of possible values appears. Clicking on a cut type in this list will select this cut. A diamond image in the left half of Diamond Calculator window will change, displaying a diamond of a newly selected cut. 2. Vary cut ...

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3.1.1. Diamond A diamond (5.24) is a mineral (5.55) which has been formed completely by nature without human interference during its formation. A diamond may subsequently be modified by normal lapidary practices. 3.1.2. Treated diamond Diamonds which have been treated to change their colour and clarity. See clause 4.2.2. 3.2.


The Element Six CVD Diamond Handbook 3 INTRODUCING DIAMOND Diamond is characterised by its exceptional hardness, robustness and its optical and thermal properties; pre-eminent as a gemstone and an industrial tool. Natural diamond has an inherent variability and scarcity that limits its use in engineering applications. Developments

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Table of Contents Letter of Transmittal Table of Contents Purpose Intended Use Methods of Replacement Approach to Value Market Limiting Conditions ... Rapaport, Martin - Rapaport Diamond Report, New York, NY Metal Market 11/4/2010 Gold $1,347.80 Silver $24.86 ...

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Total Depth (mm) is the depth of the diamond measured from the table facet to the culet facet and listed to the nearest hundredth of a millimeter (0.01 mm). Total Depth Percent is the total depth. Rapaport Diamond Report August 5, ...

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Diamond Manufacturers Association, De Beers, the Foundation for Environmental Sustainability and Security, Global Witness, Partnership Africa Canada, the Rapaport Group of Companies. Report Edited on behalf of the DDI by Partnership Africa Canada, 323 Chapel St., Ottawa ON, K1N 7Z2, ... Table of Cont ents Part One: An Overview of the Artisanal ...


SERIES 200 AND 205 DIAMOND CUT ROUTERS AND BALL ROUTERS 8 PART # DESCRIPTION 205-4223621 3/8” x 1” x 3” Four Flute Diamond Coated Ball Router 205-4233621 3/8” x 1” x 3” Six Flute Diamond Coated Ball Router 205-6223621 1/2” x 1” x 3” Four Flute Diamond Coated Ball Router


Diamond Coring Drill Bit Gauges 13 IMPREGNATED DIAMOND BITS 14 Impregnated Bit Features 15 ... titanium-coated diamond technology launched 2007: Stage™ waterway design is launched 2010: UMX™ ... 02 Series 06 ABR, 06, 06COM 07ABR, 07, 07COM SSUMX 07UMX 09 UMX Blue Green Hero 3 Hero 7 3AC 7AC TSD PCD

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RAPAPoRT DiAMonD ConFeRenCe 4 neW BoARD APPoinTMenTS 4 neW RJC STAFF MeMBeR 4 ... • Dorothée Gizenga, Executive Director, Diamond Development Initiative International • Felix Hruschka, Standards Co-ordinator, Alliance ... attending the Round Table “The Evolution of Our Industry” and addressing at The


DIAMOND DISTRICT MONTHLY 580 5th Avenue, Suite 323 New York, NY 10036 Michael Grumet, Publisher [email protected] O.O. Barrett, Editor Natalia Cheviakova, Administrative Director [email protected] Bernard Rapaport, Advertising Sales [email protected] P: 212-302-5690 F:212-302-7835 Michael Mitchell, Art Director

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Table of Contents Acknowledgements 3 Executive Summary & Recommendations 4 Introduction 8 I. Economic Impact of New York City’s Diamond and Jewelry Industries 11 Economic Impact 11 New York State Export 11 New York City’s National Presence 12 State Performance 13 ... Martin Rapaport . 4 Executive Summary


Diamond Industry Report 2011 | Bain & Company, Inc. Page 1 Note to readers Diamonds are one of the world’s major resources—and historically one of the least understood. For many years observers and even many participants have considered the diamond industry to be complex and difficult to comprehend, even impenetrable.


a table from the Rapaport Diamond Report. We have indicated in blue and green the range of diamonds that are generally considered investment quality. Those indicated in green are the diamonds we recommend as they are most in demand for engagement purposes and therefore the most highly liquid.

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Stealth Series Purpose ToolsGraphite Machining The sharpest cutting edge available in a diamond coated tool. The performance of real diamond, along with the edge sharpness of a thin coating, gives unheard of performance in the finishing of graphite. It is also the perfect tool for rib machining on graphite electrodes. Cutting Diameter Flute Length