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Answer key1 Write compound nouns4 Complete the sentences1 horse powerA cutaway; jet fighter2 rotary engineB orthographic projection; two-engine3 operating conditionsC rough sketches; detailed4 air brakeD exploded; components5 tensile strengthE perspective; four-engine6 surface area5 Write questions7 power plant8 imperial units1 does9 thermal conductivity2 is an3 does this/the10 blind rivets4 is stronger2 Complete the table5 passengers canadjectivenoun6 many times/often didExamplemetallicmetal7 much did it/the conductivity7elasticelasticity1 True8suitablesuitability2 False9toughtoughness10strongstrength8 was this/the9 break10 Will6 True or false3 False4 True5 True3 Complete the table6 Falsenumberunitpassengers14–7 Truemaximum speed150kph8 Truelength60mceiling6,000m2 x kmcruise speed120kph1,500kgpayload weightTake-off Tests Answer key9 False10 True1

Answer key1 Fill in the gaps4 Make full questions1 open6 switch1 What’s this tool used for?2 turn7 clean2 How is this sword made?3 pull8 remove3 Is it flexible?4 start9 rotate4 Can we change the speed while the lathe isoperating?5 press10 hold2 Complete the sentences1 must5 Why do you have to work on alclad sheetso carefully?5 Write a suitable verb2 must not3 must4 cannot/must5 must not6 must not7 must not8 can9 must1 press (pound)2 select3 fold4 polish5 mark out6 hold7 sharpen8 score3 Make full sentences1 Electric tools are heavier than air tools.2 Air tools are easier to handle than electrictools.3 Air tools are cheaper than electric tools.4 Electric tools are more expensive than airtools.9 grip10 cut6 Match the numbers to the diagramsPictures from left to right: 4, 3, 5, 1, 27 True or false1 False5 Air tools are less expensive than electrictools.2 True6 Air tools are quicker than electric tools.3 False7 Air tools last longer than electric tools.4 False8 Air tools are more efficient than electrictools.5 True9 Many people say air tools are better thanelectric tools.10 Air tools deliver a higher rpm than electrictools.Take-off Tests Answer key2

Answer key1 Make two-word or three-word nouns1 plant4 Reorder the words2 surfaces1 The three main assemblies are splicedtogether.3 construction2 Has the cockpit been fitted yet?4 horizontal3 The electrical systems can be tested now.5 tests4 People will be replaced by robots.6 main5 The aircraft was painted blue and white/white and blue.7 production8 system9 semi10 crane2 Complete the table1 installation2 assembly3 modification4 navigation/navigator5 procedure6 maintenance7 production8 descent9 compression/compressor10 automation3 Complete the definitions1 torsion2 fuselage3 propellers4 tension5 skin6 shear7 bending5 Complete the text1 is located2 are delivered3 put together4 work5 be replaced6 takes place7 are spliced8 are attached9 test10 are fitted6 True or false1 False2 True3 False4 True5 False6 False7 False8 True9 False10 True8 frames9 power plant10 compressionTake-off Tests Answer key3

Answer key1 Fill in the gaps1 raised2 side3 decrease4 up and down5 backwards6 forwards7 lower8 back9 to the right10 to the left2 Complete the sentences1 flows2 actuates3 pumped4 absorb5 indicate6 energised7 raise4 Match the sentence halves1 If a window in the plane is broken, thecabin pressure drops.2 You can get a private pilot’s license whenyou are seventeen years old.3 If one pilot is unable to fly, the team fliesan eight-plane formation.4 When you press this pedal, the ruddermoves.5 There is more danger of groundlooping ifyou fly a taildragger.5 Make sentences1 If/when water hits the/this valve, it closes.2 If the landing gear is small, the planeflies/can fly faster.3 If/when the/this light comes on, the airbrake is extended.4 If/when you push or pull the joystick, theelevators move.5 If/when a pilot is tired, he will/can makemistakes.8 retracts9 manoeuvred10 climb6 True or false1 False2 True3 Complete the sentences3 True1 accurately4 False2 stiff; excessive5 True3 mechanical; primary6 True4 rolling; longitudinal7 False5 hydraulically8 True6 partially9 False7 inoperativeTake-off Tests Answer key10 False4

Answer key1 Match the words4 Complete the sentences1 h6 h1 in-line; similar2 i7 j2 perpendicular; airframe3 d8 a3 smoothed; flywheel4 g9 c4 radial; circular5 b10 e5 bolted; rotated2 Write the complete spelling1 reattach2 dismantle3 replace4 remove5 refit6 strip down7 inspect8 lubricate9 reassemble10 rebuild3 Complete the table5 Make sentences1 Air traffic has increased dramatically since1980.2 Commercial airliners have used kerosenefor the past 50 years.3 On-board radar systems have made flyingmuch safer.4 Both Boeing and Airbus have introducednew aircraft in the last two years.5 Since the 1990s, budget airlines haveoperated in Europe.6 True or false1 False1 rpm2 True2 psi3 False3 kg4 False4 m5 True5 litres per minute6 False6 litres7 False7 hp8 True8 stroke9 True9 degrees10 True10 voltsTake-off Tests Answer key5

Answer key1 Fill in the gaps4 Complete the sentences1 fail1 exploded; relative2 subjected2 multiple; simultaneously3 riveted3 withstand; stress4 stretched4 hydraulic; surfaces5 stored5 fuel; maintain6 fitted7 forced5 Choose the correct preposition8 connected1 to9 sealed2 through10 blocked3 from4 from2 Complete the table5 out of1 measurement6 with2 connection7 in3 lubricate8 down4 development9 into5 fitting10 between6 assemble7 inspect6 True or false8 alignment1 False9 maintenance2 True10 install3 True4 False3 Fill in the gaps5 True1 kph6 True2 per cc7 True3 cm8 True4 bhp9 True5 cubic metres10 False6 square kilometres7 degrees8 feet9 rpm10 mphTake-off Tests Answer key6

Answer key1 Fill in the gaps4 Fill in the gaps1 fire1 oil2 oxygen2 put on; switch on3 life3 mix4 safety4 grip/keep5 fuel5 touch6 ground6 check7 landing7 wash8 liquid8 fasten9 breathing10 seat2 Match the adjectives to their definitions1 f2 h3 e4 c5 d6 i7 j5 Make sentences1 The aircraft was inspected and the crewfound several problems.2 The crew reported the problem and thetyre was replaced.3 They consulted the manual before theequipment was tested.4 The valve was blocked so the technicianscleaned it.5 The aircraft was refueled before it tookoff.8 b9 a10 g6 Match the paragraphs to the section1 c2 f3 Complete the sentences3 d1 i4 b2 d5 a3 f4 b5 g6 c7 a8 j9 e10 hTake-off Tests Answer key7

Answer key1 Complete the instructions4 Fill in the gaps1 close1 moisture2 check2 heat3 correct3 proportional4 return4 humidity5 look for5 condensation6 deflate6 circulation7 fill7 cooling8 replace8 regulator9 turn9 distribution10 measure10 pressurised2 Complete the table5 Make ress3 Complete the sentences1 Where does the pressurised air come from?2 Isn’t the pressurised air very hot?3 What happens to the pressurised air next?4 What do the filters do?5 How is the air circulated round the cabin?6 True or false1 over 90%1 False2 two to three minutes2 True3 50%; other half3 Trueth4 184 True5 three times5 True6 10 degrees; 9.4 gm6 False7 more than 707 True8 40 to plus 1008 False9 True10 FalseTake-off Tests Answer key8

Answer key1 Make two-word nouns4 Complete the statements1 e1 troubleshoot; circuit2 g2 core; insulated3 j3 formula; relationship4 h4 transforms; voltage5 a5 storage; reactions6 c7 i5 Match the questions to the answers8 b1 d9 d2 c10 f3 a4 e2 Complete the table5 b1 absorber2 conductor3 generator4 holder5 breaker6 Complete the textelectrical (13); connected (9); fuselage (4);protect (12); static (10); resistance (3);removed (5); corrode (6); copper (2);connection (11); avoided (8)6 resistor7 inverter8 regulator9 starter10 tester3 Complete the sentences1 mm22 volts3 hertz4 ohms5 per month6 watts7 amp per hours8 amp9 milliseconds10 degreesTake-off Tests Answer key9

Answer key1 Fill in the gaps3 Complete the sentences1 safety1 is transmitted6 do not have2 operational2 is written7 to be affected3 interference3 selects8 moves4 electrical4 calculating9 are becoming5 maintenance5 to keep10 to repair6 performance7 avoidance4 Fill in the gaps8 navigation1 with6 by9 recorder2 about7 in3 on8 of4 for9 by10 failure2 Write in the correct order1 To prevent overheating, you need to knowwhat the temperature is.5 between5 Complete the questions2 By checking the altimeter, the pilot can seewhat the height of the plane is.1 flight; instruments3 The crew didn’t know where the fault was.3 electricity; meter4 The weather report informs the pilot ifthere is bad weather.4 circuit; diagram5 Pilots need to know how weatherconditions can affect the safety of theflight.6 The fuel gauge tells the pilot how muchfuel there is in the tanks.2 digital; analogue5 components; board6 Add the missing words1 electronics2 troubleshoot7 Radar enables the pilot to check how nearother aircraft are.3 maintenance8 Air traffic control asked the pilot what hisposition was.5 interpret9 The pilot needs to know what the exactposition of his aircraft is.7 replace10 The maintenance crew found where theproblem was.10 between4 technicians6 install8 radio9 components10 fabricateTake-off Tests Answer key10

Answer key1 Choose the correct form4 Complete the sentences1 to see1 pass through this hole2 to clean2 instead of deflating3 forming3 because of bad weather4 to force4 the wrong way up5 to keep5 damage to the wall6 repairing6 take out these plugs/take these plugs out7 touching7 take off the cover/take the cover off8 stripping8 switch to the ‘run’ position9 to check9 circuit in the selector10 to use10 fill in the maintenance form/fill themaintenance form in2 Put a tick (4) or a cross (7)1 42 43 74 45 76 77 48 79 710 45 Complete the sentences1 should2 must3 must not4 should not5 can3 Complete the table6 may1 mm7 should2 2208 might3 lbs9 must4 010 must5 amp6 25–426 True or false7 metres1 True6 True8 16,0002 True7 True9 seconds3 False8 False4 True9 True5 False10 True10 0.015Take-off Tests Answer key11

Answer key1 Complete the sentences4 Complete the sentences1 to; of1 supplies; compass2 with2 inverter; pole3 on3 electronic; flight4 to; of4 static; distance5 of5 measures; flows6 from7 across8 on5 Complete the table1 cut2 broke2 Complete the table3 found1 extend4 put2 fitting5 taken3 expand6 fly4 replacement7 blew5 adjustment8 caught6 location9 kept7 attachment10 became8 indicate9 fastener10 inspect3 Complete the sentences6 Add the missing wordsflow chart (4); steps (7); path (10); follow (5);results (9); perform (3); following (1);system (8); remove (6); necessary (2)1 both2 each other3 other4 both5 other6 each other7 another8 each other9 both10 anotherTake-off Tests Answer key12

Take-off Tests Answer key 2 Answer key 1 Fill in the gaps 1 open 6 switch 2 turn 7 clean 3 pull 8 remove 4 start 9 rotate 5 press 10 hold 2 Complete the sentences 1 must 2 must not 3 must 4 cannot/must 5 must not 6 must not 7 must not 8 can 9 must 3 Make full sentences 1 Electric tools are heavier than air tools. 2 Air tools are easier to handle than electric tools. 3 Air tools are cheaper .

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