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7planerssurface planers, thicknessing planers, combined surfacing-thicknessing planers.

scmplanersThe widest range of planers available on the market.L’invincibilethe exclusive choice for your success.surface planerf7thicknessing planerss7s5combined surfacing-thicknessing planerfs 7classthe best solutionfor every application.surface planersf 52Of 41Othicknessing planerss 63Os 52Onovaguaranteed qualityat your fingertips.surface planersf 52Of 41Othicknessing planerss 63Os 52Ocombined surfacing-thicknessing planersfs 52Ofs 41OF 7 L’INVINCIBILEpage 05F 52O CLASSpage 05F 41O CLASSpage 05F 52O NOVApage 05F 41O NOVApage 05S 7 L’INVINCIBILEpage 10

O3S 5 L’INVINCIBILEpage 10S 63O CLASSpage 10S 52O CLASSpage 10S 63O NOVApage 10S 52O NOVApage 10FS 7 L’INVINCIBILEpage 16FS 52O NOVApage 16FS 41O NOVApage 16

O5SURFACE PLANERSL’INVINCIBILE CLASSNOVAF7F 52OF 41OF 52OF 41OWorking widthmm520520410520410Total worktable lengthmm3.0082.7502.6102.7502.610Infeed worktable lengthmm1.7751.5501.4501.5501.450Cutterblock diameter (no. of knives) mm120 (4)120 (4)120 (4)120 (4)120 (4)Cutterblock speedrpm5.0005.0005.0005.0005.000Surface fence dimensionsmm1.500 x 1751.200 x 1901.200 x 1901.200 x 1901.200 x 190Surface fence tiltingfrom 90 to -45 from 90 to -45 from 90 to -45 from 90 to -45 from 90 to -45 Main motor powerkW75555Exhaust outlet diametermm120120120120120Extraction flow rate to 20 m/secm³/h814814814814814Basic machine weightkg855752665720560

surface planersDevices and options.toptechFEEDING ON CONNECTING RODS:CONSTANT PRECISION OVER TIME.All machining with maximum safety withthe movement of the infeed table by meansof a parallelogram kinetic mechanism whichalways gives the same distance betweenthe cutterblock and the table. The systemoperating directly on the connecting rodsavoids any exertion to the table assuringconstant planarity over time.ABINTEGRATED GUARD:ERGONOMIC AND SAFE.The cutterblock guard with integrated supportin the machine base (SCM patented solution)represents the constant commitment toproviding the woodworker with the very bestand safest working conditions.ClassCONCAVE / CONVEX FUNCTION:PERFECT JOINTS EVERY TIME.The available settings allow perfect bondingof the components giving excellent couplingand eliminating any joint line.The device on the L’invincibile planer allowsthe setting of previous positions by the useof mechanical stops.L’invincibile

O7CAST IRON WORK TABLES:HIGH QUALITY FINISH.Vibration free movement due to thelarge worktables made from ribbedcast-iron with feeding on connectingrods ensuring perfect surfaces.The exhaust hood on the cutterblockallows improved efficiency and provideshigh quality machining.toptech“SMART LIFTER” INTEGRATED PROTECTION:ERGONOMICS AND SAFETY.The SCM patented protection system is perfectly integrated into themachine base for maximum protection while excluding any hindranceor obstruction in the work. The protection with automatic vertical,horizontal and tilted movements provides complete coverage of thetool before, during and after machining.

surface planersDevices and options.MORTISER: SOLUTIONS DESIGNED FORTHE “PROFESSIONAL WOODWORKER”.The large dimensioned cast-iron work table(530x330mm) guarantees the very best supportof the work piece during machining and it canbe easily handled in all movements with widestrokes (120mm longitudinal, 200mm cross,165mm vertical).ADDITIONAL OVERTURNING FENCE:USER-FRIENDLY AND SAFE.The additional overturning fence, integratedin the surface fence, ensures perfectoperator safety when machining smalldimensioned workpieces.SCM MONOBLOCK CUTTERBLOCK:EASY AND RAPID IN USE.Ease of use and rapid changeover of thethrowaway knives due to the automatic locking/unlocking system and with self-adjustment. Thecutter block is made from a single block of steelensuring complete stability even under heavydynamic loads.

O9SURFACE PLANERSL’INVINCIBILE CLASSNOVAF7F 52OF 41OF 52OF 41OMobile control panelSSS--Electrical movement of infeed tableSS---Manual movement of infeed table--SSSElectronic digital readout of thicknessing cutting depthSS---Analogic readout of cutting depth--SSSConcave/convex functionSS---Planer protection integrated in the machine baseSSS--“Smart Lifter” for planer protection integrated in the machine baseOOO--Additional overturning fenceOOOOOMortiserOOOOO“Tersa” cutterblock with throwaway knivesOOOOOS standard O option - not available

thicknessing planersEasy to use and precise, stylish with practical design,a wider range of applications.THICKNESSING PLANERSL’INVINCIBILECLASSNOVAS7S5S 63OS 52OS 63OS 52OWorking widthmm630520630520630520Work table dimensionsmm640 x 1.000530 x 900640 x 1.000530 x 900640 x 1.000530 x 900Maximum working heightmm300300300300300300Minimum working heightmm3,53,53,53,53,53,5Minimum working lengthMaximum stock removalin a single passageFeeding rollers Cutterblock diameter (no. of knives)mm120 (4)120 (4)120 (4)120 (4)120 (4)120 (4)Spindle speedrpm4.5004.5004.5004.5004.5004.500Feed speedm/min4 204 204 204 205-8-12-185-8-12-18Main motor powerkW977777Feed motor powerkW1,31,31,31,3--Exhaust outlet diametermm150150150150150150Extraction flow rate to 20 m/secm³/h1.2721.2721.2721.2721.2721.272Basic machine weightkg965745925680785680


thicknessing planersDevices and options.toptechFEEDING ROLLERS ON CONNECTING ROADS:PERFECT FINISH.The stopping of the work piece and the presence of notcheson its surface are eliminated due to the movement systemon all three rollers that allows their vertical displacement byrotation and the best linear feeding.RUBBER ROLLERS: MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY AVAILABLEAS STANDARD.Perfect surfaces and high feeding performance with thestandard rubber rollers.toptechINTERCHANGEABLE ROLLERS:ONE MACHINE FOR EVERYREQUIREMENT.Perfect finish obtained by quick and easychangeover of the rollers that allows theoperator to configure the machine drivefunction in case of special requirementssuch as a minimum removal of finewood and/or batches where multiplepieces of different thicknesses areprocessed. The operator does this bysimply replacing the first toothed steelroller with a rubber roller.Basic configuration with grooved infeed roller in steelThe grooved roller in steel is removed and has been substitutedby the second outfeed rubber roller

13scontorno controllo crom.WORK TABLE MOVEMENT:STURDY STRUCTURE WITH PRECISION.The 4 screws with a large diameter combinedwith the 2 side linear guides ensure worktablestability eliminating the necessity of locking inposition.The integrated protections guarantee highprecision and reliability over time.scontorno controllo crom.ELECTRONIC ADJUSTMENT OF THE FEED SPEED:BEST FINISH AT MAXIMUM SPEED.The optimum feed speed is automatically adjusted by theSCM specific management system, which controls thepower consumption of the main motor (planer group),ensuring the best possible finishing quality and avoiding theoverloading of the motor.L’invincibileFEED SPEED BY MEANS OF AN INVERTERHIGHER PRODUCTIVITY.Control of the variable feed speed by means of a userfriendly adjusting device on the front control panel thatguarantees the best quality finish. Dedicated warning lightto indicate too higher speed.classtoptechDUAL DENSITY ROLLER: THE OPTIMALFEED ON WORK PIECES WITH DIFFERENTTHICKNESSES.The fluid feeding also provides the best quality inthe simultaneous processing of multiple boardswith different thicknesses. The edges are notdamaged even when the work pieces are notperfectly aligned giving great results even withminimum removal. Suitable also for upgradedwoods and/or thin thicknesses.

thicknessing planersDevices and options.toptechPNEUMATIC ADJUSTMENT:THE PERFECT FEED IN ANY WORKINGCONDITION.The pressure exerted on the work piece can bechanged at any time by adjusting the pneumaticload on the rollers for the best finish andeffectiveness of the feeding of any material and inany working condition.The unique ability to differentially set the pressureon the infeed and outfeed rollers allows theoperator to combine maximum efficiency of thefeed with the need for limited material removal.L’invincibileTHICKNESSING TABLE WITH IDLE ROLLERS:IDEAL FOR HEAVY DUTY WOODWORKINGOPERATIONS.Particularly suitable for heavy duty woodworkingoperations and with rough work pieces. It enablesthe feeding of moist and/or resinous wood.SCM MONOBLOCK CUTTERBLOCK:EASY AND RAPID IN USE.Ease of use and rapid changeover of the throwawayknives due to the automatic locking/unlockingsystem and with self-adjustment. The cutter blockis made from a single block of steel ensuringcomplete stability even under heavy dynamic loads.

15WORKTABLE EXTENSION:DOUBLE PRODUCTIVITY.A single operator can easily move very long panelsor introduce a second one without going to theoutside to stop the first one.THICKNESSING PLANERSL’INVINCIBILECLASSS7S5S 630S 520S 630S 520No. 2 speeds powered work table movementSSSSSSNo. 2 axes “Ready” electronic controlSS----Electronic digital readout for working height--SS--Analogic readout of stock removal heightFeed speed with electronic adjustment by means of inverterfrom 4 to 20 m/minNo.4 feed speeds: 5-8-12-18 m/min----SSSSSS------SSFirst front roller in helicoidal grooved steelSSSSSSFirst front roller with rubber coatingOOOO--First front roller with two different types of rubberO-O---First sectional feed roller in steelOOOOOONo. 2 outfeed rollersSSSSOOOutfeed rubber-coated roller/sPneumatic pressure with independent adjusting on thefront/outfeed rollersAdjustable pneumatic pressure on the feed rollersSSSSSSSS------OO--Work table with no. 2 idle rollersOOOOOO“Tersa” monoblock cutterblock with throwaways knivesOOOOOOWorktable extensionOOOO--S standard O option - not availableNOVA

combined surfacing-thicknessing planersEasy and rapid to use with great performance in a limited space.COMBINED SURFACING-THICKNESSING PLANERSL’INVINCIBILENOVAFS 7FS 52OFS 41OCutterblock diameter (no. of knives)mm120 (4)120 (4)95 (4)Spindle speedrpm5.0005.0005.000Main motor powerkW975Working widthmm520520410Exhaust outlet diametermm120120120Exhaust air consumption to 20 m/secm3/h914914914Basic machine weightkg1.050700550Work tables total lengthmm2.3002.2502.200Infeed work table lengthmm1.1801.1001.080Surface fence dimensionsmm1.200 x 1901.200 x 1901.200 x 190from 90 to -45 from 90 to -45 from 90 to -45 Surface PlanerSurface fence tiltingThicknessing PlanerWork table dimensionsmm520 x 900520 x 850410 x 775Maximum working heightmm250240240Minimum working heightmm333,5Maximum removal in a single passagemm855Feed speedm/min5-8-12-185-8-12-186-12


combined surfacing-thicknessing planersDevices and options.toptechSERVO SYSTEMFOR THE OPENING OF THE TABLES:SPEED, ERGONOMICS AND SAFETY.Changing the process from surfacing tothicknessing is now easy, safe and effortless dueto the two buttons on the front of the machinethat, as well as automatically raising the worktables, position the related extraction hood andthe safety system.standard feature on fs 7 L’invincibileFS 520 NOVASIMULTANEOUS RAISING OF THE WORK TABLES:A GUARANTEE OF PERFECT PLANARITY.The system allows the changeover from planerto thicknesser with a single movement ensuringworking rapidity and precision.FS 7

19COMBINED SURFACING-THICKNESSING PLANERSL’INVINCIBILENOVAFS 7FS 52OFS 41OServo-assisted system for working change (CE machine)S--Powered movement of work table, 2 speedsSOOElectronic positioning for work tableS--Eelctronic digital readout for working height-OOAnalogic readout of cutting depth for surface planerSSSNo. 4 feed speed: 5-8-12-18 m/min with manual selectionSS-No. 2 feed speed: 6-12 m/min with manual selection--SFirst front roller in helicoidal grooved steelSSSFirst front sectioned roller in steelO--Outfeed rubber-coated rollersSSSWork table with no. 2 idle rollersO--“Tersa” monoblock cutterblock with throwaways knivesOO-MortiserOOOAdditional overturning fence for processing of thin workpiecesOOOS standard O option - not available


21COMBINED SURFACING-THICKNESSING PLANERSdimensionsDB CACOMBINED SURFACING-THICKNESSING PLANERSEL’INVINCIBILENOVAFS 7FS 52OFS 0Dmm1.5101.5101.200Emm2.3002.3002.200The technical data can vary according to the requested machine composition.In this catalogue, machines are shown with options. The company reserves the right to modify technical specifications without priornotice; the modifications do not influence the safety foreseen by the CE Norms.

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O5 SURFACE PLANERS L’INVINCIBILE CLASS NOVA F 7 F 52O F 41O F 52O F 41O Working width mm 520 520 410 520 41