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Jewelry Safety (in Production Areas)Prevent InjuriesRemove Your JewelryPolicy & Work Rules

Jewelry Safety (in Production Areas)INTRODUCTION & IMPORTANCEJewelry includes watches, wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces, bodypiercings and facial jewelry.Jewelry at work is a major safety hazard and can cause serious injuries.Jewelry can get caught in power tools or stuck against objects,conveyors, and moving parts of machinery.NOTECaught jewelrycan drag you intomachinery. You couldlose your fingers, hands,arms or even your lifeif your jewelry getscaught.CONSEQUENCESWearing jewelry at work could result in: torn earlobes injured fingers, hands, wrists, neck amputated fingers or limbs electric shock lost-time from work the need for medical carePROCEDURE/ PRACTICERemove all jewelry and store it or do not bring it to work.APPLICATION OR FOLLOW-UPContinue training with other Policy & Work Rules posters.SUMMARYDo not wear jewelry when you work with power tools and machinery.Accidents and injuries are harmful and could be life threatening to youand your co-workers.Policy & Work RulesASKDo you knowanyone who hasbeen injured atwork from wearingjewelry?

Workplace No Jewellery Program:1 - LeClaspJEWELLERYPHASEPHASE1 - LeClaspWorkerWorkerJEWELLERYHolder:Holder:This Little Piggy.Handles the essentials of thesafety initiative --- equippingemployees with a jewelleryholding device where theycan attach rings, earrings,bracelets, necklaces,watches, body piercings,etc. BEFORE walkingin the place of work.Item # 1250 LeClasp WorkerJEWELLERY HolderPHASEPHASE2 - LeClasp2 - LeClaspMedicalMedicalAlertAlertId KEYId HolderKEY HolderKEY HolderEquips workers wearing MedicalAlert Identification jewellery(bracelets, necklaces) with a“non-dangling” substitute(backup, alternative) productthat can SAFELY be carried &KEPT ON THEIR PERSON at alltimes when working in the vicinity Item # 1350/52/54 of heavy machinery, kitchens,LeClasp Medical Alertconveyers, tools, vehicles, etc.STUDENT PATIENTJewellery Holder Jewellery HolderCallCallThinkThinkBeforeBeforeYou Drink.You Drink.TAXI CO-OPTAXI CO-OP(514) 725-9885(514) 725-9885RECRUITJewellery Holder- Corporate Account Manager - Ph. 888-679-4048 - robertoq@quagtum.comWorkplace Jewellery Holders come decorated on theFRONT side with the choice of six Safety First messages.QUAGtum Inc. - Roberto QuagliottoVIRTUALPROPOSAL:Workplace No Jewellery ProgramQUICKIEHandles the essentials of the safety initiative --- equipping employees with ajewellery holding device where they can attach rings, bracelets, necklaces,earrings, watches and piercings BEFORE walking in the place of work.1eRECRUITJewellery HolderDisponibleen FrançaisDisponibleRecommendedone (1) per worker1faItem # 1250 - LeClasp Workplace JEWELLERY Holder comes identified on theFRONT side with YOUR choice of Safety First message (1A -1f-D)1d1wASSOCIATEJewellery HolderSOLDIERJewellery Holder1tPATIENTJewellery Holder1c1b1sNURSEJewellery HolderSTUDENTJewellery Holder1a1rPHYSICIANJewellery her, we willmake the differenceNow NowAvailableAvailableFor ForSportsSportsTeams,Teams,TeamsTeamsand Golfand GolfTournamentsTournamentstoo! too!LeClasp No Jewellery Program (Phase 1 and 2)MSG#11qDOCTORJewellery HolderYOURLOGOHERE!Item # 1252 - Extra Organization Logo and Safety Slogan on the BACK Side3603 6 0 YOURLOGOHERE!52D53D54C55A55CItem # 1350 - LeClasp KEY Holder comes identified on the front and backsides with worker emergency Medical Alert ID Information (50A - 50D)51APage 459A55DEquips workers who wear Medic Alert Identification (ID) jewellery with a “non-dangling”SUBSTITUTE that can be worn safely and kept on their person at all times in the workplace.OF OSFA FSEATFYE T YSYMBOL#Back Side InformationItem #1352 - For more than two (2) conditions, allergies and prescribed meds,we recommend the LeClasp KEY Holder identified with a Generic “See WalletCard" Symbol (59A) on the front side and, comes with a Free Emergency Contactand Medical Information Wallet Card that workers fill in themselvesFront Side InformationUGRADIU

CDEFGLeClasp Safety Products and Solutions:BMedical ConditionsAllergiesPrescribed MedicationsImplants - Donors - OthersMedical Alert - Special NeedsGRAVESDISEASE- Corporate Account Manager - Ph. 888-679-4048 - robertoq@quagtum.comIf your medical alert identification symbols are notfound above, simply supply us the details and we'llcustom imprint it.PARKINSON’SDISEASE1352 - LeClasp Key Holder with choice of PERSONALIZED Medical Alert IDSymbols. Choice 36 conditions, allergies, meds, etc.)AItem #1350 - LeClasp Medical Alert ID Key Holder (Personalized)MSG#51525354555657CUSTOMCUSTOMID! ID!QUAGtum Inc. - Roberto QuagliottoLeClasp Safety Products and Solutions:ABCDEFActual Size 2.125” X 3.375”Item #1352/54 - LeClasp Medical Alert Id Key Holder 2 - LeClasp Key Holder with choice of GENERIC MedicalAlert Id Symbol and comes with one (1) wallet card59 Back Side Information1354 - Emergency Contact and Medical Information Wallet CardFront Side Information1360 - NEW Larger-Sized Medical Alert ID Cardcom for Employee Badges60Actual Size - 2.5” X 4.25”Page 6 Designed to be CLIPPED ON with1) Employee Photo ID/ Access/Security swipe badges, or 2)when applicable, near equipmentwhere employee works. (Alsocompliant with Membership/School/Child ID/Trade Show/Event/etc. passes & cards.) Worker confidentially fills inpersonal Contact and MedicalInformation Recommended for workers withthree (3) or more issues Seven lines for worker to fill inmedical info including conditions,allergies, prescribed meds, etc. Comes with bull dog hole,compliant to ALL badge holders,incl. popular retractable clipholders, polypropylene neckwallets, vinyl badge holders, necksecure and breakaway lanyards. Larger size card makes emergencyinfo easily visible (accessible)beneath badges, cards and passesby medics\doctors\nurses.For detail information, visit our website\WorkplaceSafety

SFC DAVID ALAN MELANCON3rd Brigade, 1st Cavalry DivisionFort Hood, TXthe tissue on my ring finger wascompletely gone, and the bonefrom the first joint just above myfingernail was missing. I calledout to the other guys and said,among other choice words,“Hey, get a medic, get the aidbag—I’ve lost my finger!”Needless to say, I was in a lot ofpain. Another Soldier got a combatlifesaver bag and pulled out apressure bandage, which I wrappedaround what was left of my finger.The commanding officer dialed 911and had a pickup truck brought offthe roadway so I could sit down andtake off my helmet, weapon, andvest. We were only about 4 minutesfrom main post, so the ambulancearrived fairly quickly and took meto the emergency room at DarnellArmy Community Hospital.The doctors there told methe damage to my finger was soextensive they didn’t know if anyattempted repair would work. Thetissue, nerves, and vessels weretorn horizontally, and reattachingmy finger would require 8 to 10This Little Piggy.Htraining was over, wearing my ringwas no big deal. I say this is notablebecause I always wear my ringaround my dog tags when I’m onduty, especially in the motor pool orin the field. I’d spent a year in Iraqduring Operation Iraqi FreedomII, and the only times I put on myring were when I left for R & R leaveand when my unit redeployedhome. That system worked well,and thankfully I came home notonly alive but with all 10 fingers!I needed to get my wet-weathergear, which was in a shelter on theback of an LMTV trailer. I climbedon the trailer, got my things, andgrabbed the right side rail forbalance as I prepared to climbback down. Unfortunately, myfoot slipped as I stepped on thelower bumper, and I began tofall. My hand slid down the rail asI moved toward the ground, andmy ring caught in one of the Ushaped grooves used for securingcanvas covers on the trailer.I was horrified as I looked atmy finger. The skin and most of- Corporate Account Manager - Ph. 888-679-4048 - robertoq@quagtum.comave you ever noticedmost accidents happenwhen you least expectthem? Well, there Iwas, just coming in from a fieldtraining exercise (FTX) and aboutto perform a simple task whenan accident happened to me. Icertainly wasn’t expecting to windup in the hospital that January day.I’m a Bradley systems maintainerand maintenance platoon sergeantfor a forward-support company.We’d just completed the FTX inpreparation for a deployment to theJoint Readiness Training Center and,after that, possibly Iraq. We weretired after spending 3 weeks in thefield, but it was almost over—allwe had left to do was clean ourvehicles. At about 1700, the lastof the vehicles were staged at thewash rack, so we went to work.Everything about this day wasrelatively normal, with one notableexception: that morning, I’d takenmy wedding ring off my dog tagsand slipped it back on my left-handring finger. I figured since ourQUAGtum Inc. - Roberto QuagliottoCOUNTERMEASURE 04/06 A Finger or a Ring?The choice is Yours.Use YourJewelleryHolder!Page 8

INTRODUCTION & IMPORTANCE Jewelry includes watches, wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces, body piercings and facial jewelry. Jewelry at work

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Nonetheless, the jewelry retailing landscape in America suggests the nation now has less need for specialist jewelry stores. More retail establishments are selling jewelry but the number of specialist jewelry stores has gone in the opposite direction. In summary: at least 30 percent of all jewelry sales by value are linked to marriage

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