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BOOKS IN “ANKARA INFORMATION RESOURCE CENTER”About Turkey: geography, economy, politics, religion and culture /by Rashid Ergener. - Boulder, CO : Pilgrims' Process Inc., 2002.116 p.ID number: 00020948 Type: N ANKTR 956 ERG ISBN/ISSN: 0971060967Subject1. TURKEY--GEOGRAPHYIncludes index.Academies for anatolia: A study of the Rationale, program and impactof educational instutions sponsored by the board in Turkey,1830-1980 / by Frank Andrews Stone. - Lanham, MD; UniversityPress ofAmerica, 1984.363 p.ID number: 00020212 Type: N ANKTR 370.956 STO ISBN/ISSN: 0819140643Subject1. SCHOOLS, AMERICAN--TURKEY--HISTORYActual Situation and prospects of Turkey's bilateral relations withIsrael : potential and opportunities / by Ali Ihsan Bagis, Mod. Ankara ; Turkiye Esnaf-Sanatkar ve Kucuk Sanayi ArastirmaEnstitusu, 1992.157 p.(TES-AR Yayinlari No:4)ID number: 00020398 Type: N ANKTR 327.956 BAGSubject1. TURKEY--FOREIGN RELATIONS--ISRAELThe advanced internet searcher's handbook / by Phil Bradley. London ; Facet Publishing, 2004.xii, 257 p.ID number: 00021117 ANK025.04 BRA ISBN/ISSN: 1856045234Subject1. INTERNET SEARCH ENGINESIncludes index.1

Aegean Turkey: An archaelogical guide / by GEORGE E. BEAN. - London; Ernest Benn, 1966.288 p.ID number: 00020258 Type: N ANKTR 913.923 BEASubject1. TURKEYAfghanistan: An American perspective / by Julian W. Witherell. Washington, D.C., ; Library of Congress, 1986.158 p.ID number: 00020380 Type: N ANKTR 958.1 WIT ISBN/ISSN: 01963562Subject1. AFGHANISTAN--BIBLIOGRAPHYThe African American encylopedia / by Kent R. Ramussen, ed. - 2nded. - New York, NY ; Marshall Cavendish, 2001.ID number: 00020832 Type: NR 973.049 AFR ISBN/ISSN: 0761472088Subject1. AFRO-AMERICANS--ENCYCLOPEDIASIncludes bibliographical references and index.The age of Sulan Suleyman the Magnificent / by Esin Atil. - NewYork, NY ; Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1987.356 p.ID number: 00020218 Type: N ANKTR 709.56 ATI ISBN/ISSN: 0894680986Subject1. ART, OTTOMAN--EXHIBITIONSThe Almanac of American politics, 2008 / by Michael Barone, ed.,Richard E. Cohen, ed. - Washington, D.C. : New York : SunriseBooks, National Journal Inc., 2007.1864 p.ID number: 00018998 Type: N ANKR 328.73 ALM ISBN/ISSN: 9780892341177Subject1. UNITED STATES. CONGRESS--BIOGRAPHYIncludes index.2

The AMA handbook of business letters / by Jeffrey L. Seglin. - 2nded. - New York, NY ; American Management Association (AMA), 1996.xv, 410 p.ID number: 00020793 Type: N ANKR 651.75 SEG ISBN/ISSN: 081440331XSubject1. LETTER-WRITING--HANDBOOKS, MANUALS, ETCIncludes a diskette (3 1/2).America: A Rediscovery / by Lance MorrowNew York: Henry Holt and Company, 1987.238 p.ID number: 00016997 Type: N ANKR 917.3 MOR ISBN/ISSN: 0805005846Subject1. UNITED STATES--DESCRIPTION AND TRAVELAmerica and Europe: The Mediterranean perspective / by Committee onInternational Realtions. - Washington, D.C. ; GPO, 1978.87 p.ID number: 00020245 Type: N ANKTR 327.73 AMESubject1. TURKEY--POLITICAL RELATIONS--UNITED STATESReport on the Thirteenth Meeting of Members of Congress and of theEuropean Parliament, March 29-30, 1978.Taormina: 1978American ambassador : Joseph C. Grew and the development of theUnited States diplomatic tradition / by Waldo H. Heinrichs. Boston ; Little, Brown and Company, 1966.460 p.ID number: 00020187 Type: N ANKTR 327.73 HEISubject1. GREW, JOSEPH CLARK, 1880-1965Includes bibliographical refernces.American art : painting, sculpture, architecture, decorative arts,photography / by Milton Wolf Brown 1911-, Theresa C. Brakeley,ed. - New York : Abrams, 1979.616 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.ID number: 00017878 Type: N ANKR 709.73 AME ISBN/ISSN: 0810906589Subject1. ART, AMERICAN3

Ank has 1 copy in circ. Bibliography: p. 590-603.Includes index.American art directory, 2005-2006 / by National Register Publishing.- 60th ed. - New Providence, NJ : Marquis Who's Who, LCC, 2004.x, 1004 p.ID number: 00016650 Type: N ANKR 705 AME ISBN/ISSN: 0872178463Subject1. ART--UNITED STATES--DIRECTORIESIncludes index.American art in the 20th Century : Painting and Sculpture 1913-1993/ by Chrisros M. Joachimides, ed., Norman Rosenthal, ed. - NewYork : Prestel, 1993.490 p.ID number: 00016563 Type: N ANKR 759.13 AME ISBN/ISSN: 3791312618Subject1. ART, AMERICAN--20TH CENTURYAmerican Constitutional Law / by Ralph A. Rossum, Alan Tarr. - 7thed. - Belmont, CA ; Thomson, 2007.2 vols.ID number: 00021076 Type: N ANKR 342.73 AME ISBN/ISSN: 0495007528Subject1. UNITED STATES--CONSTITUTIONVolume I: The structure of governmentVolume II: The bill of rights and subsequent amendmentsAmerican constitutional law / by Otis H. Stephens, Jr., John M.Scheb, II. - 4th ed. - Belmont, CA ; Thomson, 2008.2 VolsID number: 00021158 Type: N ANKR 342.73 AME ISBN/ISSN: 9780495097044Subject1. UNITED STATES--CONSTITUTIONVolume I: Sources of Power and RestraintVolume II: Civil Rights and Liberties4

American decorative arts : 360 years of creative design / by RobertCharles Bishop, Patricia Coblentz, joint author. - New York :Abrams, 1982.405 p.ID number: 00017973 Type: N ANKR 745 BIS ISBN/ISSN: 0810906929Subject1. DECORATION AND ORNAMENT--UNITED STATES--HISTORYBibliography: p. 382-386.Includes index.American diplomacy in Turkey: Memoirs of an Ambassador Extraordinaryand Plenipotentiary, James W. Spain / by James W. Spain. - NewYork, N.Y. ; Praeger, 1984.252 p.ID number: 00020138 ANKTR 327.2 SPA ISBN/ISSN: 0001968Subject1. AMBASSADORS--TURKEY--BIOGRAPHYAmerican folklore : an encyclopedia / by Jan Harold Brunvand, ed. New York, NY ; Garland Publishing, Inc., 1996.xviii, 794 p.(Garland reference library of the humanities ; vol.1551)ID number: 00020077 Type: N ANKR 398.2 AME ISBN/ISSN: 0815307519Subject1. FOLKLORE--NORTH AMERICAN--ENCYCLOPEDIASIncludes bibliographical references and index.American foodways : what, when, why, and how we eat in America / byCharles Camp. - 1st ed. - Little Rock : August House, 1989.127, [1] p. : ill. ; 27 cm.(The American folklore series)ID number: 00017395 Type: N ANKR 394.12 CAM ISBN/ISSN: 0874830966Subject1. FOOD HABITS--UNITED STATESBibliography: p. 125-[128]5

An American history / by Rebecca Brooks Gruver. - 4th ed. - New York: Knopf, 1985.933 p.ID number: 00018795 Type: N ANKR 973 GRU ISBN/ISSN: 0394350413Subject1. UNITED STATES--HISTORYAlso published in 1 v.Includes bibliographies and indexes.American image : photographing one hundred fifty years in the lifeof a nation / by Martin W. Sandler. - Chicago, Ill. :Contemporary Books, 1989.266 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 31ID number: 00018057 Type: N ANKR 770.973 SAN ISBN/ISSN: 0809243814Subject1. PHOTOGRAPHY--UNITED STATES--HISTORYIll. on lining papers.Includes bibliographical references (p. 261-263).American Jewish desk reference : the ultimate one-volume referenceto the Jewish experience in America / by The American JewishHistorical Society. - New York, NY ; Random House, Inc., 1999.xi, 642 p.ID number: 00020609 Type: N ANKR 973.049 AME ISBN/ISSN: 0375402438Subject1. JEWS--UNITED STATES--ENCYCLOPEDIASIncludes bibliographical references and index.American justice / by Joseph M. Bessette, ed., Salem Press. Pasadena, Calif. : Salem Press, 1996.3 v. (xxi, 932 p.) : ill., map(Ready reference)ID number: 00019931 Type: N ANKR 349.73 AME ISBN/ISSN: 0893567612Subject1. LAW--UNITED STATES--ENCYCLOPEDIAS'A Magill book from the editors of Salem Press.'Includes bibliographical references (p. [928]-932) and indexes.6

The American reader : words that moved a nation / by Diane Ravitch,ed. - 1st ed. - New York, N.Y. : HarperCollins, 1990.xv, 383 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.ID number: 00016059 Type: N ANKR 081 AME ISBN/ISSN: 0060164808Subject1. UNITED STATES--HISTORY--SOURCESIncludes bibliographical references (p. 375-377) and index.American-Turkish private international law: Parker School of Foreignand Comparative Law, Bilateral Studies / by Tugrul Ansay, NinaMoore. ed Galston. - New York, N.Y.; Oceana Publications, 1966.105 p.ID number: 00020209 Type: N ANKTR 349.56 ANSSubject1. INTERNATIONAL LAWThe Amnesty International handbook / by Marie Staunton, ed., SallyFenn, ed., Amnesty International USA. - US ed., 1st ed. Claremont, CA : Hunter House, 1991.xi, 145 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.ID number: 00016280 Type: N ANKR 323 AMN ISBN/ISSN: 0897930819Subject1. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL'Published on Amnesty's 30th anniversary'--Cover.Includes index.Anatolian carpets and weavers / by Abdulkadir Ersoy. - Ankara ; BestKolleksiyon Hali Kilim Publication, 1988.80 p.ID number: 00020402 Type: N ANKTR 746.7 ERSSubject1. CARPETS--TURKEYAncient civilizations and ruins on Turkey, from prehistoric timesuntil the end of the Roman empire / by Ekrem Akurgal, JOHN. transWHYBROW, Mollie Emre, trans. - 4th ed. - Istanbul ; HasetKitabevi, 1978.112 p.ID number: 00020256 Type: N ANKTR 913.56 AKUSubject1. CIVILIZATION--TURKEY7

Anglo-Turkish relations in the interwar era / by Stephen JosephStillwell. - Lewinston, NY ; The Edwin Mellen Press, 2003.xvii, 326 p.(Studies in British History; v 73)ID number: 00020955 Type: N ANKTR 327.410 STI ISBN/ISSN: 0773467769Subject1. GREAT BRITAIN--FOREIGN RELATIONS--TURKEY--1910-1960Annual register of grant support 2006: a directory of fundingsources. - 39th ed. - Medford, NJ; Information today, Inc., 2005.xxix, 1438 p.ID number: 00021054 ANKR 658.10 ANN ISBN/ISSN: 1573872172Subject1. GRANTSIncludes Index.Annual review of information science and technology, 2007 / byBlaise Cronin, ed. - Vol. 41. - Medford, New Jersey : InformationToday, Inc, 2007.674 p.ID number: 00018911 Type: N ANKR 029.78 ANN ISBN/ISSN: 1573872768Subject1. INFORMATION SCIENCEIRC Ankara has Annual review of information science and technology,2005 (Vol 39 -(ID#00019339) ), 2006 (Vol 40 (ID#00019361)) on theshelf.The Arab world, Turkey, and the Balkans (1878-1914): a handbook ofhistorical statistics / by Justin McCarthy. - Boston, MA ; G.K.Hall, 1982.309 p.ID number: 00020139 Type: N ANKTR 315.6 MCC ISBN/ISSN: 0816181640Subject1. NEAR EAST--STATISTICS8

Archive documents about the atrocities and genocide inflicted uponTurks by Armenians / by Ismet Binark. - 2nd ed. - Ankara, Turkey;Publishing House of the Grand national Assembly of Turkey, 2007.LXV, 173 p.(Board of Culture, Arts and Publications, Grand National Assemblyof Turkey - Publication No: 125)ID number: 00021127 Type: N ANKTR 956.1 BIN ISBN/ISSN: 9789756226339Subject1. ARMENIANS IN TURKEY--HISTORY--SOURCESArea development for national growth: The Turkish precedent / byMalcolm D. Rivkin. - New York, N.Y., ; Praeger, 1965.228 p.ID number: 00020200 Type: N ANKTR 338.956 RIVSubject1. TURKEY--ECONOMIC POLICYPrager special studies in international economic and development.Armenian allegations: Myth and reality. A handbook of facts anddocuments / by The Assembly of Turkish American Associations. Washington, D.C. ; The Assembly of Turkish American Associations,1987.174 p.ID number: 00020253 Type: N ANKTR 909 ARMSubject1. ARMENIANS--TURKEYArmenian atrocities and terrorism: testimonies of witnesses / by TheAssembly of Turkish American Associations. - Washington, D.C. ;Assembly of Turkish American Associations, 1997.101 p.ID number: 00021100 ANKTR 956.1 ARM ISBN/ISSN: 0966115708Subject1. ARMENIANS IN TURKEY--HISTORYArmenian claims and historical facts / by Turkey Ministry of ForeignAffairs. - Ankara ; Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Center forStrategic Research, 1998.70 p.ID number: 00020392 Type: N ANKTR 956.1 ARMSubject9

1. TURKEY--ETHNIC RELATIONSThe Armenian file: the myth of innocence exposed / by Kamuran Gurun.- London ; Weidenfeld and Nicolson Ltd., 1985.323 p.ID number: 00020345 Type: N ANKTR 956.1 GUR ISBN/ISSN: 0312049404Subject1. ARMENIAN QUESTIONThe Armenian Question, 1914-1923 / by Mim Kemal Oke. - K, Rustem &Brother, 1988.295 p.ID number: 00020550 Type: N ANKTR 956.1 OKE ISBN/ISSN: 9963565166Subject1. ARMENIAN QUESTIONIncludes bibliographical references and index.The Armenians in the late Ottoman period / by Turkkaya Ataov, ed.,Ilber Ortayli, ed., Stanford Jay Shaw, ed. - Ankara, Turkey; TheCouncil of Culture, Arts and Publications of Grand NationalAssembly of Turkey, 2001.373 p.(The Council of Culture, Arts and Publications, No: 90)ID number: 00021101 ANKTR 956.1 ARM ISBN/ISSN: 9757479810Subject1. ARMENIANS IN TURKEY--HISTORYIncludes index and bibliographical references.Armenians in the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey, 1912-1926. Bogazici University Publications, 1984.104 p.(Bogazici University, Institute for Ataturk's Principles and theHistory of Turkish Renovation)ID number: 00020556 Type: N ANKTR 956.1 ARMSubject1. ARMENIANS IN TURKEY--HISTORYThe art and architecture of Turkey / by Ekrem Akurgal, ed. - NewYork : Rizzoli, 1980.268 p.ID number: 00018012 Type: N ANKTR 720.956 AKU ISBN/ISSN: 084780273610

Subject1. ARCHITECTURE--TURKEYAdded entry(s):1. Hilber, Leo, photographs by.The art of the Hittites / by Ekrem Akurgal. - New York, NY ; HarryN. Abrams, Inc., 1962.315 p.ID number: 00020216 Type: N ANKTR 709.3 AKUSubject1. ART, HITTITESPhotographs by Max Hirmer.ASIS&T thesaurus of information science, technology , andlibrarianship / by Alice Redmond-Neal, ed., Marjorie M.K. Hlava,ed. - Medford, NJ; Information today, Inc., 2005.xiii, 255 p.(American Society for Information science and Technology)ID number: 00021087 Type: N ANKR 025.49 THE ISBN/ISSN: 1573872431Subject1. INFORMATION SCIENCEAtaturk / by Jorge Blanco Villalta. - Ankara : Turk Tarih KurumuBasimevi, 1979.480 p.ID number: 00002983 ANKTR 921 VILSubject1. ATATURK, MUSTAFA KEMAL, 1881-1938Translated from Spanish by William Campbell.Ataturk : the biography of the founder of modern Turkey / by AndrewMango 1926-. - New York, NY ; The Overlook Press, 1999.xxi, 666 p.ID number: 00020559 Type: N ANKTR 956.1024 MAN ISBN/ISSN: 1585670011Subject1. ATATURK, MUSTAFA KEMAL, 1881-1938Includes bibliographical references and index.11

Ataturk : the rebirth of a nation / by Lord Kinross. - Nicosia,Northern Cyprus ; K. Rustem & Brother, 1964.542 p.ID number: 00020421 Type: N ANKTR 921 ATASubject1. ATATURK, MUSTAFA KEMAL, 1881-1938Ataturk and his Turkey / by Directorate General of Press andInformation. - Ankara ; Er Offset, 1981.96 p.ID number: 00020280 Type: N ANKTR 921 ATASubject1. ATATURK, MUSTAFA KEMAL, 1881-1938Ataturk and the military: Views and implementations / by Suat Ilhan.- Ankara ; Ataturk Research Center, 1992.133 p.ID number: 00020327 Type: N ANKTR 956.1 ILH ISBN/ISSN: 9751605105Subject1. ATATURK, MUSTAFA KEMAL, 1881-1938Ataturk and the modernization of Turkey / by Jacob M. Landau, ed. Boulder, CO. ; Westview Press, 1984.268 p.ID number: 00020350 Type: N ANKTR 956.1 ATA ISBN/ISSN: 0865319863Subject1. TURKEY--POLITICS AND GOVERNMENTAtaturk and the Turkish republic: bibliography of books publishedabroad. - Ankara ; Ataturk Arastirma Merkezi, 2000.xxxiii, 885 p.ID number: 00020732 Type: N ANKTR 956 ATA ISBN/ISSN: 9751612888Subject1. ATATURK, MUSTAFA KEMAL, 1881-1938--BIBLIOGRAPHYAtaturk and Turkey of Republican era / by Osman Okyar, ed., AYDIN.YALCIN. - Ankara ; Union of Chamber of Commerce, Ongun KardeslerMatbaacilik, 1981.301 p.ID number: 00020307 Type: N ANKTR 956 ATA12

1. TURKEY--HISTORY, 1918-1960Ataturk and Turkey: a bibliography, 1919-1938 / by Abraham Bodurgil,comp. - Wash., DC : Library of Congress, 1974.74 p.ID number: 00020319 Type: N ANKTR 956 BOD ISBN/ISSN: 0844401129Subject1. TURKEY--HISTORY, 1919-1938--BIBLIOGRAPHYAtaturk centennial celebrations in the United States, 1980-81. Ankara ; U.S. International Communication Agency, 1981.1 v.ID number: 00020288 Type: N ANKTR 921 ATAAtaturk, 1881-1938. - n.p., 1981.32 p.ID number: 00020277 Type: N ANKTR 921 ATASubject1. ATATURK, MUSTAFA KEMAL, 1881-1938Ataturk / by UNESCO. - Turkish National Commission For Unesco, 1963.232 p.ID number: 00019052 ANKTR 921 ATASubject1. ATATURK, MUSTAFA KEMAL, 1881-1938Ataturk / by UNESCO. - Turkish National Commission For Unesco, 1963.232 p.ID number: 00020278 Type: N ANKTR 921 ATASubject1. ATATURK, MUSTAFA KEMAL, 1881-19382nd copy published in 1981.Ataturk / by Necip Torumtay. - Ankara ; Genel Kurmay BaskanligiBasimevi, 1981.25 p.ID number: 00020279 Type: N ANKTR 921 ATASubject1. ATATURK, MUSTAFA KEMAL, 1881-193813

Ataturk / by Jorge Blanco Villalta. - Ankara ; Turk Tarih KurumuBasimevi, 1991.480 p.ID number: 00020287 Type: N ANKTR 921 VILSubject1. ATATURK, MUSTAFA KEMAL, 1881-1938Translated from Spanish by William Campbell.Turk Tarih Kurumu Yayinlari XVI. Dizi-Sa.39 and 39(2)Firs copy published in 1979 and second copy published in 1981.Ataturk: A biography of Mustafa Kemal. Father of a modern Turkey /by Lord Kinross. - New York, N.Y. ; William Morrow, 1965.615 p.ID number: 00020283 Type: N ANKTR 921 ATASubject1. ATATURK, MUSTAFA KEMAL, 1881-1938Atlas of the classical world / by A.A.M. Van Der Heyden, ed., H.H.Scullard, ed. - New York : Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1959,1960.221 p.ID number: 00018946 Type: N ANKR 913 ATLSubject1. CIVILIZATION, GREEK--PICTORAL WORKSThe balance of tomorrow: power and foreign policy in the UnitedStates / by Robert Strausz-Hupe 1903-. - New York, NY ; G.P.Putnam's Sons.ID number: 00012161 ANK327.73 STRSubject1. UNITED STATES--FOREIGN RELATIONSThe Balkans / by Charles Jelavich, Barbara Jelavich. - EnglewoodCliffs, N.J. ; Prentice-Hall, 1965.148 p.ID number: 00020302 Type: N ANKTR 949.6 JELSubject1. BALKAN PENINSULA--HISTORY14

Between Islam and the state: the politics of engagement / byBerna Turam. - Stanford, CA; Stanford University Press xi,.xi, 223 p.ID number: 00021142 Type: N ANKTR 322.109 TUR ISBN/ISSN: 9780804755009Subject1. TURKEY--POLITICS AND GOVERNMENTIncludes bibliographical references and index.A bibliography on the foreign relations of the Republic of Turkey,1919-1967, and brief biographies of Turkish statesmen / by MetinTamkoc. - Ankara ; Idari Ilimler Fakultesi, 1968.248 p.ID number: 00020242 Type: N ANKTR 327.956 TAMSubject1. TURKEY--FOREIGN RELATIONS--BIBLIOGRAPHYBiotechnology guide USA / by Mark D. Dibner, ed. - 5th ed. Research Triangle Park, NC ; Institute for BiotechnologyInformation, LCC, 1999.xi, 710 p.ID number: 00020590 Type: N ANKR 338.766 BIO ISBN/ISSN: 1561592552Subject1. BIOTECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIES--UNITED STATESIncludes index and bibliographical refrences.The birth of civilization in the Near East / by Henri Frankfort. New York, N.Y. ; Doubleday, 1956.142 p.ID number: 00020251 Type: N ANKTR 901 FRASubject1. CIVILIZATIONBlack's law dictionary / by Bryan A. Garner, ed. - 7th ed. - St.Paul, Minn; West Group, 1999.xxiii, 1721 p.ID number: 00020592 Type: N ANKR 340.03 BLA ISBN/ISSN: 0314228640Subject1. LAW--DICTIONARIES15

Blood shed in Anatolia : from terror to savagery / ed. by EastResearch Center. - Istanbul ; Belge Publishing, 1992.161 p.ID number: 00020397 Type: N ANKTR 956.1 BLO ISBN/ISSN: 9757555290Subject1. KURDS--TURKEYEnglish, French, DeutchBridge across the Bosphorus; the foreign policy of Turkey / byFerenc A. (Ferenc Albert) Vali 1905-. - Baltimore, Johns HopkinsPress, 1971.xiv, 410 p. map (on lining papID number: 00002053 ANKTR 327.56 VAL ISBN/ISSN: 0801811821Subject1. TURKEY--FOREIGN RELATIONSBibliography: p. 387-399.Bridge or barrier? Turkey and the west after the cold war / by IanO. Lesser 1957-. [et al.]. - Santa Monica, CA, RAND corp.,1992.47 p.ID number: 00007097 ANKTR 327.56 LES ISBN/ISSN: 0833012568Subject1. TURKEY--FOREIGN RELATIONS--EUROPEThe British Blue books: vehicles of war propaganda, 1914-1918 / byTurkkaya Ataov. - New York, NY; Okey Enterprices, Inc., 2006.50 p.ID number: 00021083 ANK940.3 ATA ISBN/ISSN: 1424310032Subject1. WORLD WAR, 1914-1918British documents on Ottoman Armenians / by Bilal N. Simsir. Ankara ; Turkish Historical Society Press, 1982.2 v.ID number: 00020347 Type: N ANKTR 956.1 BRISubject1. TURKEY--HISTORYContents: vol. 1: 1856-1880. vol. 2: 1880-1890.16

British documents on the Lausanne Conference, 1922-1923. IngilizBelgelerinde Lozan Baris Konferansi / by Mim Kemal Oke, ed. Istanbul ; Bogazici Universitesi, Ataturk Ilkeleri ve InkilapTarihi Enstitusu, 1983.1 v.ID number: 00020295 Type: N

ed. - New York, NY ; Marshall Cavendish, 2001. ID number: 00020832 Type: N R 973.049 AFR ISBN/ISSN: 0761472088 Subject 1. AFRO-AMERICANS--ENCYCLOPEDIAS Includes bibliographical references and index. The age of Sulan Suleyman the Magnificent / by Esin Atil. - New York, NY ; Harry N. A