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College-BoardACCUPLACERACCUPLACER Computerized Placement Tests

ACCUPLACER Q&A SECTIONS Section 1: Sec One(1 to 10)Details:Mathematics Practice QuestionsSection 2: Sec Two (11 to 20)Details:Basic Operations Practice QuestionsSection 3: Sec Three (21 to 29)Details:Averages and Rounding Practice QuestionsSection 4: Sec Four (30 to 49)Details:Algebra Practice Test 1Section 5: Sec Five (50 to 85)Details:Basic Mathematics Practice Test QuestionSection 6: Sec six (86 to 95)Details:Estimation Sequence Practice Test 1Section 7: Sec Seven (96 to 105)Details:Fractions and Square Root Practice QuestionsSection 8: Sec Eight (106 to 108)Details:Geometry Practice TestSection 9: Sec Nine (109 to 144)Details:Intermediate Mathematics Practice Test QuestionSection 10: Sec Ten (145 to 160)Details:Graph Practice QuestionsSection 11: Sec Eleven (161 to 175)Details:Measurement Practice ProblemsSection 12: Sec Twelve (176 to 185 )Details:Percent and Ratio Practice QuestionsSection 13: Sec Thirteen (186 to 205)Details:English Grammar Practice QuestionsSection 14: Sec Fourteen (206 to 210)Details:Advanced Reading Practice 1Section 15: Sec Fifteen (211 to 214)Details:Advanced Reading Practice 2Section 16: Sec Sixteen (215 to 224)Details:Advanced Reading Practice 3

Section 17: Sec Seventeen (225 to 229)Details:Advanced Reading Practice 4Section 18: Sec Eighteen (230 to 233)Details:Advanced Reading Practice 5Section 19: Sec Nineteen (234 to 238)Details:Advanced Reading Practice 6Section 20: Sec Twenty (239 to 242)Details:Advanced Reading Practice 7Section 21: Sec Twenty Qne (243 to 249)Details:Advanced Reading Practice 8Section 22: Sec Twenty Two (250 to 256)Details:Author's Purpose Practice 1Section 23: Sec Twenty Three (257 to 258)Details:Author's Purpose Practice 2Section 24: Sec Twenty Four (259 to 279)Details:Grammar Practice Online QuestionsSection 25: Sec Twenty Five (280 to 286)Details:Reading Comprehension Practice Test1Section 26: Sec Twenty Six (287 to 293)Details:Reading Comprehension Practice Test2Section 27: Sec Twenty Seven (294 to 298)Details:Reading Comprehension Practice Test3Section 28: Sec Twenty Eight (299 to 303)Details:Reading Comprehension Practice Test4Section 29: Sec Twenty Nine (304 to 308)Details:Reading Comprehension Practice Test5Section 30: Sec Thirty (309 to 311)Details:Reading Comprehension Practice Test6Section 31: Sec Thirty One (312 to 316)Details:Reading Comprehension Practice Test7Section 32: Sec Thirty Two (317 to 318)Details:Reading Comprehension Practice Test 8Section 33: Sec Thirty Three (319 to 324)Details:Reading Comprehension Practice Test 9Section 34: Sec Thirty Four (325 to 334)Details:Comma Practice Test Questions

Section 35: Sec Thirty Five (335 to 355)Details:Grammar Practice QuestionsSection 36: Sec Thirty Six (356 to 365)Details:Noun Practice QuizSection 37: Sec Thirty Seven (366 to 375)Details:Reading Main Idea Practice QuestionsSection 38: Sec Thirty Eight (376-387)Details:Reading Vocabulary Practice QuestionsSection 39: Sec Thirty Nine (388-407)Details:Sentence Correction Practice QuestionsSection 40: Sec Forty (408-413)Details:Sentence Flow Practice QuestionsSection 41: Sec Forty One (414 to 437)Details:Word Usage Practice Test QuestionsSection 42: Sec Forty Two (438-461)Details:Usage Practice 2Section 43: Sec Forty Three (462-485)Details:Word Usage Practice Test3Section 44: Sec Forty Four (486-495)Details:Verb Practice TestSection 45: Sec Forty Five (496-519)Details:Writing Practice Test 1Section 46: Sec Forty Six (520-540)Details:Writing Practice Test 2

QUESTION: 525The book lay open at page 77.A. lay openB. laid openC. lied openD. lain openE. was laid openAnswer: AQUESTION: 526By this time next year, Johanna will begin classes at the University of Colorado.A. will begin classesB. will have begun classesC. has began classesD. should begin classesE. should have begun classesAnswer: BQUESTION: 527After comparing my air conditioner with the one on sale, I decided that mine was the mostefficient.A. was the most efficient.B. should be the most efficient.C. was the more efficient.D. was by far the most efficient.E. should be considered the most efficient.Answer: CQUESTION: 528193

I would have liked to have gone swimming yesterday.A. to have gone swimmingB. to go swimmingC. to had gone swimmingD. to go to swimE. to of gone swimmingAnswer: AQUESTION: 529I wish I read the chapter before I tried to answer the questions.A. read the chapterB. would read the chapterC. should of read the chapterD. could have read the chapterE. had read the chapterAnswer: EQUESTION: 530Nathanael West said that he'd never have written his satirical novel if he had not visitedHollywood.A. have written hisB. would have written hisC. could of written hisD. could have written hisE. should of written hisAnswer: AQUESTION: 531The smell from the paper mill laid over the town like a blanket.194

A. laidB. has lainC. will lieD. layE. has laidAnswer: DQUESTION: 532When I was halfway down the stairs, I suddenly knew what I had wanted to have said.A. to have saidB. too sayC. to have been saidD. to had sayE. to sayAnswer: EQUESTION: 533I would be more careful if I had been you.A. had beenB. would have beenC. wasD. wereE. could have beenAnswer: DQUESTION: 534They read where the governor has appointed a special committee to improve the school calendar.A. whereB. howC. wereD. of where195

E. wearAnswer: BQUESTION: 535In study hall I sit besides Paul Smith, who is captain of the swim team and one of the bestswimmers in the state.A. sit besidesB. sat besideC. have set besideD. sit besideE. have sit besideAnswer: DQUESTION: 536Anna Karenina has been read with enjoyment for over 100 years.A. has been readB. will have been readC. shall have been readD. is being readE. was readAnswer: AQUESTION: 537Many 19th-century biographers rely on their imaginations, not on real facts.A. rely on their imaginations,B. relied on their imaginations,C. have relied on their imaginationsD. could have relied on their imaginations,E. could rely on their imaginations:196

Answer: BQUESTION: 538The private lives of politicians, generals, and other notables fascinates the reading public.A. fascinates the readingB. have fascinated the readingC. will fascinate the readingD. fascinate the readingE. has fascinate the readingAnswer: DQUESTION: 539The small man chose a seat near the door and carefully sat down.A. satB. will sitC. could of satD. have sit downE. set downAnswer: AQUESTION: 540Last summer I worked in the chemical laboratory at the Brass Company; most of the work cameinto the lab for testing marked with the words top priority.A. words top priority.B. words-top priority.C. words: Top priority.D. words, "Top Priority."E. words "top priority."Answer: D197

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Details:Reading Comprehension Practice Test 8 . Section 33: Sec Thirty Three (319 to 324) Details:Reading Comprehension Practice Test 9 . Section 34: Sec Thirty Four (325 to 334) Details:Comma Practice Test Questions . Section 35: Sec Thirty Five (335 to 355) Details:Grammar Practice Questions . Section 36: Sec Thirty Six (356 to 365) Details:Noun Practice Quiz . Section 37: Sec Thirty Seven .

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