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LucastaPARABLES AND POEMSBYARTHUR EDWARD WAITE"Isee the better things of thelife tocomeAA'ezvbefore mine eyes."Light of Alcliymy.LondonJAMES ELLIOTT &Te.mi'LKCO.Chambers, Falcon Court, Fleet Street, E.C.1894

TO MY WIFE.(- r\r Vi(Df\

CONTENTS.PAGEWithIIakp andCrown.Prologue913PARABLES:—The First Parable. — The Generation of Luca.staThe Interlude. — In ExileThe Second Parable.— A Golden Key lo a MysticPalace.The Interlude. — The MessageThe Third Parable. — The Manifestation ofLucastaThe InterludeThe Fourth Parable. —The Mystic Marriage ofLucasta.The Interlude. — A Rover's HyninThe Fifth Parable. — The Regeneration of LucastaThe Interlude. — The Benediction of LucastaThe .Sixth Parable. — The Divine Mission ofLucasta.The Interlude. — A VisionThe Seventh Parable. — sfiguration of.7176MISCELLAlvEOUS POEMS :—Azalea85In Akidi'jy91A Sea Prophecy93Stella95

With Harp and Crown.ONS of the* - Morning andEternity,Children of Benediction and of Light,Daughters of angels'kisses,Ihave wroughtA little book of melody and love —A book against the Resurrection Day,Song-mystic of humanity divine,Achieved in one regenerated )-outh.Our1bright, siderealswear,myLead onHeIsrafel.prophecies inscribedsouls, that starry hosts.and galaxies of gods.Spirit, and his reign is nigh.kings,thatstands erectamongfrankincense clouds,Apillar ofIsa cloud of harpstringsAnd—brethren, by the Orphic faith.And by the faithfulDeep in discerningEmpyreanbeaconmelody.ministers, theHis saffron hair;as hemovesground beneathin grace,his feetQuivers in music like a sounding-boardThe parted air about him slowly streams;

lOWzi/iHarp and Crown,In God'sInto faint flute-notes.Holy Place—GodHas eyes, and sees celestial hierarchies,And companies of martyrs and of saints,Hewears himself the aspect of a:Who from the four-square basis of theNow visible and militant on earth.Slopeoff,Church,ascending to the apex pointWhence undimensionalDeity looksdownO'er the vast triangle of intelligence,—Upreaching towards beatitude and lightHas lips which shape man's language to divine:By inspiration of divinity,And voice it past the common rangeTo traverse God's infinity as prayerHas ears wherein celestial melodiesof sound.:—Find passage to the galleries of soul.Wherein they circulate and amplify,As in white sea-shells tinged with coral pinkAll ocean's vastness hollowly resoundsHas handsAmongto sanctifybyservice meet,the vessels and the mysteries::——ascending to the Throne of GodAnd, with a clamorous music in his throat,Utters the watchwords of Eternity.Hasfeet:—Sons of the Voice and Peers of Everlasting,Monarchs of organ-melodies, against

With Harp andThe meetingCroivn.1of the Bridegroom and the Bride,bring you once again a httle bookOf transformation on the psychic planeI—Most magical, miraculous, emprize,Which by imagination's power intent,Was truthfully accomplished and endures.Lucasta's litanies and chants,mayThis praise of love,this praise of maidenThese visionary parables and songs,light,This hidden meaning, this arcane romance.Be counted as the prophecy and pledgeOf more resplendent exploits still to comeThe transmutations of your Orphic art—!look to see most mighty things of God,Accomplish'd in the land of living men1!The unpreparedbut pure hypostasisDeveloped and elaborated here,one fair-shining maid's simplicityWasSheinher outward, manifestedRemains beside meA; a gracious sign,sacramental type of hidden truth,Reality,and beauty, which transcendExpression.WeAs Moses' was,are born with faces veil'dto hide theGodwithin—Lucasta's mystic veil with Horeb's lightIsnowtransfigured, Earthand Heaven areIn an alchemic marriage, which transmutesjoin'd1

12JVzt/iHarp and Crown.The world to gold. Discriminate betweenThe letter and the spirit that informs—Be, then, lucidityandlustre yours.Peace, inspiration, pure imagining,Unspotted spirit in a frame unsoil'd,A royal robe, a grand and dreadful doom,A mission, a re\ealment, a wide sea.Anopen sea, a boat to sail thereon.and sacred palm, and Crown of LifeLaurel,!

Prologue.I.MAGI NAT ON,IIMyWithministerThyclothing mortal formattributes of Deity, be thouImmortal Will, proclaimmoreMagician of the mind,Istrength once!Directing both, divine, eternal soulOf inspiration and of poesy,ThyThyhigh, creative faculties assume,concentrated energies collect.For holy task!Onthee the mantlefalls.—wraps thee round in vivifying foldsThough o'er thee broods an unresponsive sky,And round thee spreads a disillusion'd world.ItMind canA life isillumine both, begin thy spells.put into thy priestly handsTo beautify, develop, and informTo lead by evolution of the mind.From realm to realm of ideality.—

14Prologue.Creative frenzy searchesThe panoramaallmysoul;of the outward world,Before mine eyes transfigured in a breath,Is supernaturally glorified.The inspiration lights up earth and sky,And some far-gleaming pageantry, some flashOf crumbling crests proclaim the open sea,Mine adoration and my heritage.Oone thing moreto beautifyand bless—One human soul to deify — one maidTo drape with immortality — one deep,Illuminating, infiniteHighartand dutydream of lovecall, for!whatsoe'eritslofty spells,Imagination, byConfers on beautiful and human things,May well, projected by a conscious mind,Become the chosen object's attributes.However much it be invisible;MayAeven byeffort ofplastic, passive,determinedwill,nature permeate,Until imagined beauty, glory, grace,Shine realised and visible thereinWith eminent perfection. Be itBe this imagination's holy endthus—!For no transmutatory enterpriseTranscends love's grand, illimitable range.

15Prologue.Who,after every possible emprize,Retains profound, potential energiesFor new achievements on the golden linesOf thatineffable, surpassing artAnd splendidWhich in thepath of ideality,order of the intellectLifts glorifiedhumanitytoGod.II.Thesupplicated power of poesy,Imagination's high, creative aidHave beautified thine incarnation fair,Of modest, maidenlike humanity.The strength implored m turn from Heaven and'Earth,Sky's brightness of deep azure swooning offTo softest lilac on the misty verge;TheThesea's invigoi'ating influence.airy ecstasy ofopen downs,Wind-swept, and flooded by a midnight moon,The concentrated faculty of will.And inspirations, caught at intervals,From infinite, imperial realms of thought,Have each and all in many a mystic moodTheir solemn part of ministry perform'dBut all dependence on the outward world;This summer spectacle of—mead and wood,

16Proloo;iie.i 'Of early moon which buoysIn ether's shining depthsThy rosebudashellphantom— seems needless now.grace, before the magic glanceOf sympathetic contemplation, bursts.With sudden plenitude of loveliness.Into a perfect flower, whose affluent bloomAttracts the venerating sense of art;Whose fragrance trances thought attractionTo passion, passing as an incense up,And leaving crystal gold of perfect love;Uponthe holy altar of the heartFire-triedAndturnsandshining.Veil on veil removes,then the wonder of a lambent starAbove the gracious presence of thy brow,Doth in a solemn and a metric tranceOf silence meet and worshipful beginTo manifest a majestyAnd gentle radiation.of lightFive at lengththen I seeComplete the lucent chapletThy nature'sThe circularRevealsits;heights withdrawn and cryptic depthsprogression of thy soulphases,all itslatent strength,Its unelicited abilitiesFor dread achievement. Thou art infiniteThe unform'd vastness of thy beauty, strength.And thine unlimited capacities;Forlife,love, truth,have takenpartialshape;

17Prologue.And faint expression in thy mortal form,Where maiden elegance and charm of mienHint dimly the Invisible within.IwillThynot say that thineisvaster strength,morespiritual beauty's vistasProlong'd, thine altitude unsearchableBeyondAndallheight, depthmore profoundly sunk,striking roots of being in thedarkAbyss of God, more infinitely lowThan other souls. There are unfathom'd depths,Untravell'd spaces, undetermined heightsIn every heart. There is no human soulWhose possibilities can be limitedWhose utmost point of progress can be mark'cl;On anychart;but most are veil'd to me.Thine opens slowly, as the ether baresItsshining distance through the parted clouds.After a storm, at evening.Iam boundBy that divine revealment evermoreThy being to develop and expand.III.Invoked with passion of a purposefix'd.That potent Monad which in life o'erbroodsThe psychal man, directing searching light.Has rectified and clarified and cleansed

18Prologue.The chemical florescence of the soul,And gross purgations of man's coarserpart.trustfully resign thy gentle self,AndIwillOf noblebear thee hence to holyintellectualityhills!From all things common, limited, and low.To all things lofty, limitless, and rare.To naked peaks above the line of snow,The mountains of the mind, the breathless,Capacious world of visionary thoughtBeyond ambition of the boldest lark,Beyond theeagle's flightunexplored, intelligible realm,Invested with the majesty of dream.isfree,— a realm unknown —AnThere—no peace, no beauty—in the glareAbout these low, relaxing meadow-lands.1blessTheefor the bracing mountain-airWhich freshens allThou mighty GodMythe summits of the Soul,IIyearn—Iyearn—to Theeheart ascends in aspiration pui eTo meet Thymajesty andAnother beinginmyarmstrancjuil lightIbear—Baptise her beauty in benignant beams,Invest her with the liberty completeOf Thineilluminated and electI;!


21TheFirst ParableThe Generation of Lucasta.'T HEgenerations of immortal soul,Highsoul in delicateOf marvellousmortalityand dainty form.!.ThereAfloatspungent perfume, changing every stepAnd sweet in each mutation. Does it comeFrom orchards nigh me, from the garden close,'Tis the evening breathOr clover meadows ?Of nature lapsing towards her night's repose.In bridal splendour of the latest springRight royally invested. How my lifeExpands within it, and is bathed thereinDeep, deepitdrinksWhatcryptic springs of melody unsealfloat serenely up life's lucent streamInto the further past.—golden gates unbarWhatI!!Isee thy soul!!

22TJlc First Parable.——Serenely dwelling in its fontal homeIn spiritual mansion bright and blestThine ante-natal state a virgin clime,—Apurple plain of unalloy'd delights,Twelvecubits sphered above the loftiesthills,The phoenix-home of immortality,And morning joy. The golden rule of life,From star to star its undisputed swayImmutably extending, has evolvedP'rom out the simple, pure, subjectiveBy anAinterior,state.harmonious law,portion of thy nature into form.The inner essence takes an outward shapeOf melody made visible, conform'dTo that divine and individual thoughtEternal cause had consciously express'dTo bring thee into being.Is it well.TocallThyAItheefair, to.say thy mienvesture argent, and thylilyisstar-eclipsing wreath of lovelinesssee thy perfect,high,crown?superhuman form,Like poetry in happy music clothed.But thine unsearchable, unbounded soulHas human shapeIIalone tohumanthought.sense thy presence in the sphere of mind,know not what thou art I call on thee,And;thou respondestin the brightestshape

The First Parable.Supreme imaginationOn,23basedsee thy haunting eyes,ILike evening's grey from Heaven's eternalView'd in a holy trance. I pass thereinhills—Through fragrant spaces, poised on eager wingsOf upward aspiration pass in dream—I;see thy timeless origin express'd—In spiritual symbols a pure sparkOr point of life intense, profoundly plungedIn the electric ocean of God's bright,Essential intellectualitySupport the dreamer now, ye mighty downs.Thouscarlet sunset,indrapedformless cloud,Pinewoods, and wilderness, and windy peaks,And shadow-haunted prospects far prolong'd.Andclosing nightIt lifts itself;And downIt.!That point of light;An inner impulse promptsabove the burning sea.a radiant globeitgrows,creation's stream of formingglimmerslifeslowly into consciousness.The consciouslifeconsumes the shining formItturns one thought intentItfeedsuponitself,;and, sinkingfar,own unsearchable profundities,And unimaginable, endless heights.ItsItdimly measures,Thetillthe vast beyond,contact form'd with;through ages longGodat either end,

The First Parable.24Pulse and vibrate thereinTurns outward thenDesire and will unite;the tide of thoughtsense-music charms;;iton,the magic change,Encompass'd enigmatically, givesThe outward shape. Thou takest angel form.And in the sexless, simple world of soul —The purple plain of unalloy'd delights—Diaphanously draped, with wide, white wings,Onetorch-like star,from pale andloftybrow— and auburn hair unboundIn rainbow ripples — thuspicture thee.Diffusintro lisrhtoIworks the outward evolution's law.towards the circle of material thingsStillAndItdraws thy natureAout.vortex takesThe circle ever towards its central depths,And downward sailing with the might)' tide,on eternal things,Eyesfixed for everThouenterest the generating worldA—narrow passage with a door of nightAt either end, a golden hope beyond.Cross, combat, victory, and crown betwixt.Thegenerations of immortal soul.High soul in dehcate and dainty formOf marvellous mortality!

25TheInterlude.In Exile.'T HE townTheIsrecedes, the turbid streamiscross'd;heart that throbs beneath the weight of worldsborne with no more stress of steaming steedsthis child-heart beside me.Than.Queen.of Stars,White-breasted Virgin, tender, trusting,Translucent Lily, pour thy dainty lighttrue,—Whitelight,bright fragrance, beautifying earth.melt in parabolic mornOf maiden mildness and enravishment,Whose shadowsWhile every desert place thyIntelligibleWithlilybeing's pure,harmonies investblossomsAll lustre, softnessin thy likeness!.Nowmade.the leaning elmsLine country lanes, which take through gentle scenesMay-scentedNowAndstill,their dilatoryway;burning sunshine floods transforming skies.winds are winsome as the voice of Christ —

The26Interlude.In childhood wafted over Syrian fieldsNow;pleasant pools, with basking swans beside,In dim recesses spread their brown expanse,And something ever cf exalting light,Which thine eyes lend to all on earth andHas visibly transfigured and enrich'dThose golden slopes of uplandsfarsea,away.Thy consecrated, delicate, gentle lips,The homes of spiritual melody.On thy true poet's still in trance are press'dThy warm arms clasp him, thine eyes shineAnd when the amplitude of all the world,With woodland wastes andAnd an;on himmiles of dreaming;fell,intolerable, seraphic sky,With sudden rushingof awaken'd windFrom buoyant seas, invigorates once moreThe sacrificing priest of Nature's shrine And breaks up every fountain of the soulInto floods of adoration then I knowYon naked heath, with heaven drawn out beyond,——Athreshold of theinfinite,assuresThat one black pine upon theAnd;dizzyhill.orchard-closes' plenteous prophecies,This sacred and illuminating truthDovisiblyand sensiblyinfuse—That thou, sweet maid, though meek in all thy ways,And not more firmly poised on breathless heights

TheOf unattainableAndInterlude.27virginity,dread Uranian loveliness, than lowImmersedinglad humility of thought,And parted farFrom thy purefrom vanity asIpeace aud haunting sanctity,Art truly Queen of Stars, Christ-lightedOf soul-effulgence, shedding mysticAndmoonrays,sprinkling melody of countless larksEntrancedinmorningether.DoIerr?Let cold imaginations bound to senseMisread thy beauty's parable profound.Noless thatCosmosof incarnate soul—Before the quicken'd faculties of mind —Shall in the incandescent light of loveBurn gorgeous, golden.WhetherPure love thatOr byitsclarifiesspiritualand purgeslove reveals——sightchemistryTransmutes, transfigures, still the change is true.Thine outward beauty is a hand which points,Which leads by lily-lined, azalean pathsTo the seraphic and ineffable shrineOf thy soft, shining, thine unsullied soul.The outward charm that binds a thousandIs but theTheshadow of thyfirst faintInhaled fromheartsloveliness,fragrance of the full-blown rosefar, a promise of the deep

The28Inicriuac.Intoxication of ecstatic sense,Whenvenerating hands shall partOf jealousleaves,Press lips againstitsscreenand bent, adoring faceitspetals.

29The Second Parable.A Golden KeyCRYSTALAto a Mystic Palace.palace, builtby mortal hands,Uplifts the splendours ofAbove theitstetrad form.on the heighta world of dreams,level pastures,Acrystal cresset toItstands transfigured.As!the sinking suncommonplace and humble thingsWith poetry and glory, this light pile.InvestsallBy mortalsbuilt, by mighty genii plann'd.draped for ever with a rainbow sheen.And from diaphanous and hyaline.IsThrough opalAndtransits, to refulgent turns.and coruscates, and shinesWith countless vivid and prismatic hues.While every Gilead breeze that breathes aroundscintillates—Is raisedby passage of angelic wings,For there Lucasta dwelt. Her steps thereinAwoke adoringechoes.There her voicestir inthe enravish'd airDid, thrush-like,

TJie30Second Parable.Vibrations subtly circulating still,And stirring timelong in the hearer'smindTheIn secret nooks,pulse of purest thought.In sacred chambers utterly apart,By fountain sides, by many a spellbound lake.By solemn statues, still her voice is stored.In tiny ripples of ecstaticShe haunts themAs thosesongtimes to earsIs audible atstillelect.—the palace and the park —pale spiritual clouds of goldAre by the vanish'd sunbeams hauntedThoucrystal cresset to a world of dreams,Ienter thee, thy haunted halls exploreIknowthee well,But darkness1still.I!dwelt myself in thee,reign'd,and spurr'd by powers without,scaled thine endless flights of hollow stairsTo ghostly turrets with a soul adreadAnd nameless doom above. Now light hasAnd from thy windows on the age to come.dawn'd,By prophesy and parable and dreamMade evident, by all our hopes ensured.The mystic thinker looks. Creative thoughtHas limn'd its landscapes, it is nigh this day.ItpassesOsolemnWithallour schemes—itcomes,Niglit, involving earthinspirationmyitcomesand sea!receptive soul!

The Second Parable.31By all its channels of perception fillThy May-time fragrance, like a wine, exalts.Thy cool wind wraps imagination round,And lifts it into prophecy. Thy dews!Refresh, thy dai'kness haunts, thy stars untoldO Night, the joyful wonder of thy starsImy spirit in adoring lo\-eAh, mystic, tender, mild, maternal Night,With silent tides of shadow lap me roundProstrate——IAh, haunting lavender of fusing sky!!—Ah, fading saffron, atmospheric greyEternal speech,Clear as Lucasta's eyes!the tops of tall and tremblingProlong your parables and mysteriesAmongtrees.!magic space of sleep and dream and love.Beneath thy sleepless trees, thy broodmg sky,1utterly adore theeBy1Onmighty spectacles ofthese sea—In stormy moods of majesty in allThy moods and phases, wheresoe'er thou artme thy scaldthy holy handsIpraise thee, minister toIplaceHaunt,myspirit inthrillme,fill—!—me, thy desire and loveMake agony of illimitable void.Which frenzied inspiration pouringforthAlone can soothe, which thou alone canstUntil the rosy morning ofmysoul,fill,

The Second Payable.32Lucasta, come, with light of liquid eyesAndstream of aureate tresses— honey-lipp'd,Dew-fed, sea-scented, and sjringa-crown'd.Fall dimly, then, serene and holy Night,Andletthe tender marvel of her eyesThy dusk and mournful spaces glorifyFall softly, then, most cool, enchanted Night,!AndletWithOthe pulses of Lucasta's heartwords enrich thy mysteryand star-crown'd head,thy winds, and lull thy latest bird,secretbend thy!beautifulHush allAnd let the melody of Lucasta'sUpon the tideless surface of thyvoiceUnfathomable ocean wake somelightAndfrom whose tender gleamthe crescent of a new-born moonsilver ripples,Shall riseTosoul'sbeautify thy being!

33TheInterlude.The Message.YStar has sh

Lucasta PARABLESANDPOEMS BY ARTHUREDWARDWAITE Iseethebetterthingsofthelifetocomebeforemineeyes." AA'ezvLightofAlcliymy. London JAMESELLIOTT&CO. Te.mi'LKChambers .

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