PicoScope 5000 Series (A API) Programmer's Guide

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PicoScope 5000 Series (A API)PC OscilloscopesProgrammer's Guideps5000apg.en r2Copyright 2013-2015 Pico Technology Limited. All rights reserved.

PicoScope 5000 Series (A API) Programmer's GuideIContents1 Introduction.11 Overview.1.22 Minimum PC requirements3 License agreement .32 Programming.4the 5000 Series oscilloscopes3 The ps5000a.5driver4 System requirements.65 Voltage ranges.76 Triggering .87 Sampling modes.91 Block mode.10.111 Using block mode2 Asynchronous.11calls in block mode2 Rapid block mode .12.121 Using rapid blockmode.142 Rapid block modeexample 1: no aggregation.163 Rapid block mode example 2: using aggregation.173 ETS (Equivalent TimeSampling).181 Using ETS mode4 Streaming mode .19.191 Using streamingmode.205 Retrieving stored data8 Timebases.219 Power options.2210 Combining.23several oscilloscopes11 API functions.241 ps5000aBlockReady.26(callback).272 ps5000aChangePowerSource3 ps5000aCloseUnit .28.294 ps5000aCurrentPowerSource5 ps5000aDataReady .30(callback).316 ps5000aEnumerateUnits7 ps5000aFlashLed .32.338 ps5000aGetAnalogueOffset.349 ps5000aGetChannelInformation.3510 ps5000aGetDeviceResolutionCopyright 2013-2015 Pico Technology Limited. All rights reserved.ps5000apg.en r2

IIContents.3611 ps5000aGetMaxDownSampleRatio.3712 ps5000aGetMaxSegments.3813 ps5000aGetNoOfCaptures.3914 ps5000aGetNoOfProcessedCaptures.4015 ps5000aGetStreamingLatestValues.4116 ps5000aGetTimebase.4217 ps5000aGetTimebase2.4318 ps5000aGetTriggerTimeOffset.4419 ps5000aGetTriggerTimeOffset64.4520 ps5000aGetUnitInfo21 ps5000aGetValues.47.481 Downsamplingmodes.4922 ps5000aGetValuesAsync.5023 ps5000aGetValuesBulk.5124 ps5000aGetValuesOverlapped.5225 ps5000aGetValuesOverlappedBulk.5326 ps5000aGetValuesTriggerTimeOffsetBulk.5527 ps5000aGetValuesTriggerTimeOffsetBulk6428 ps5000aIsReady .56.5729 ps5000aIsTriggerOrPulseWidthQualifierEnabled.5830 ps5000aMaximumValue.5931 ps5000aMemorySegments.6032 ps5000aMinimumValue.6133 ps5000aNoOfStreamingValues34 ps5000aOpenUnit.62.6335 ps5000aOpenUnitAsync.6436 ps5000aOpenUnitProgress37 ps5000aPingUnit .6538 ps5000aRunBlock .66.6839 ps5000aRunStreaming.7040 ps5000aSetBandwidthFilter.7141 ps5000aSetChannel.7342 ps5000aSetDataBuffer.7443 ps5000aSetDataBuffers.7544 ps5000aSetDeviceResolution45 ps5000aSetEts.76.7746 ps5000aSetEtsTimeBuffer.7847 ps5000aSetEtsTimeBuffers.7948 ps5000aSetNoOfCaptures.8049 ps5000aSetPulseWidthQualifier.821 ps5000a PWQ CONDITIONSstructure.8350 ps5000aSetSigGenArbitrary.851 AWG index modes.8751 ps5000aSetSigGenBuiltIn.9052 ps5000aSetSigGenPropertiesArbitraryps5000apg.en r2Copyright 2013-2015 Pico Technology Limited. All rights reserved.

PicoScope 5000 Series (A API) Programmer's GuideIII.9153 ps5000aSetSigGenPropertiesBuiltIn.9254 ps5000aSetSimpleTrigger.9355 ps5000aSetTriggerChannelConditions.941 PS5000A TRIGGER CONDITIONSstructure.9556 ps5000aSetTriggerChannelDirections.9657 ps5000aSetTriggerChannelProperties.971 PS5000A TRIGGER CHANNEL PROPERTIESstructure.9858 ps5000aSetTriggerDelay.9959 ps5000aSigGenArbitraryMinMaxValues.10060 ps5000aSigGenFrequencyToPhase.10161 ps5000aSigGenSoftwareControl62 ps5000aStop.102.10363 ps5000aStreamingReady(callback)12 Programming.104examples13 Driver status.105codes14 Enumerated.110types and constants15 Numeric.111data types16 Glossary.112Index.115Copyright 2013-2015 Pico Technology Limited. All rights reserved.ps5000apg.en r2

PicoScope 5000 Series (A API) Programmer's Guide1Introduction1.1OverviewThe PicoScope 5000 A and B Series PCOscilloscopes from Pico Technology are a rangeof high-specification, real-time measuringinstruments that connect to the USB port ofyour computer. The series covers variousoptions of portability, deep memory, fastsampling rates and high bandwidth, making ita highly versatile range that suits a wide rangeof applications. The oscilloscopes are all hispeed USB 2.0 devices, also compatible withUSB 1.1 and USB 3.0.1ww w.picotech.comPicoScope 5000 SeriesABecopoSPicExtG5Vww w.picotech.comPicoScope 5000 SeriesABCDecopoSPicExtG5VThis manual explains how to use the API (application programming interface)functions, so that you can develop your own programs to collect and analyze data fromthe oscilloscope.The information in this manual applies to the following oscilloscopes:PicoScope 5242APicoScope 5243APicoScope 5244APicoScope 5442APicoScope 5443APicoScope 5444AThe A models are high speed portableoscilloscopes, with a function ScopePicoScopeThe B models are as the A models, butfeature an arbitrary waveform generatorand deeper memory.5242B5243B5244B5442B5443B5444BFor information on any PicoScope 5000 Series oscilloscope, refer to the documentationon our website.Copyright 2013-2015 Pico Technology Limited. All rights reserved.ps5000apg.en r2

21.2IntroductionMinimum PC requirementsTo ensure that your PicoScope 5000 Series Oscilloscope operates correctly, you musthave a computer with at least the minimum system requirements as shown in thefollowing table. The performance of the oscilloscope will be better with a morepowerful PC, and will benefit from a multi-core processor. Please note the PicoScopesoftware is not installed as part of the SDK.ItemAbsoluteminimumOperating systemRecommendedminimumRecommendedfull specificationWindows XP SP3Windows VistaWindows 7Windows 8*32 bit and 64** bit versions supportedProcessorMemoryFree disk space***Ports******ps5000apg.en r2As requiredby WindowsUSB 1.1 compliant port1 GHz1 GHz512 MB512 MB32-bit: 600 MB64-bit: 1.5 GB32-bit: 850 MB64-bit: 2 GBUSB 2.0 or 3.0 compliant portNot Windows RT.While the driver will run on a 64 bit operating system, the driver itself is 32 bit,and therefore will run as a 32 bit.The PicoScope software does not use all the disk space specified in the table.The free space is required to make Windows run efficiently.Copyright 2013-2015 Pico Technology Limited. All rights reserved.

PicoScope 5000 Series (A API) Programmer's Guide1.33License agreementGrant of license. The material contained in this release is licensed, not sold. PicoTechnology Limited ('Pico') grants a license to the person who installs this software,subject to the conditions listed below.Access

This manual explains how to use the API (application programming interface) functions, so that you can develop your own programs to collect and analyze data from the oscilloscope. The information in this manual applies to the following oscilloscopes: PicoScope 5242A PicoScope 5243A PicoScope 5244A PicoScope 5442A PicoScope 5443A PicoScope 5444A The A models are high speed portable .

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1.5 Installing your oscilloscope 1. Go to www.picotech.com, click Downloads, select your PicoScope's series and model from the lists, then select the latest PicoScope software. Download and run the installer. 2. In the PicoScope installer, select the language you wish to use. 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the PicoScope software.

Oct 28, 2008 · For safety and maintenance information see the safety warning . 1.7 CE notice The PicoScope 4000 Series Automotive Oscilloscopes meet the intent of the EMC directive 89/336/EEC and are designed to the EN61326-1 (1997) Class A Emissions and Immunity standard. PicoScope 4000 Series Automotive

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Oct 06, 2012 · the ps2000a API described in this manual, as well as the original ps2000 API for older oscilloscopes in the PicoScope 2000 Series. Example code is available from repositories under th

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