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API 6A Valves

BFE AvAilABlE CAtAloguEsForged valvesCast steel valvesForged Pressure seal valvesAPi 6A valvesForged Floating Ball valvestrunnion Mounted Ball valvesvDouble Block & Bleed valves

Global quality. Total reliability. Two recurrent claims in present-day corporatestrategies. But the transition from wordsto actions demands tangible measures.Specialization and organization underliewhat amounts to a “quality culture” atBFE, not in the abstract but as a set ofspecific rules governing every stage ofproduction. An operating model that isgood to have in a partner who bears theresponsability of supplying valves that areessential to plant safety and regulation.

DEsigN, CoNstRuCtioN, MARKiNg FoR APi 6A vAlvEsBFE manufactures a complete line of quality API 6A valves, and can provide the exactvalves and actuators to meet the most demanding application requirements.Our API 6A valves are available in an extensiverange of designs, materials, sizes and pressureclasses and are in full conformance with APIand NACE specifications.All API 6A valves are designed in accordancewith API 6A and where applicable with ASMEVIII Div.1 and Div.The BFE family of API 6A valves provides positive shut-off of fluids and gases under extremeservice conditions.BFE uses only high-quality materials inspected &tested to International Standards and utilizes advanced manufacturing technology with specialemphasis on safety, quality, and long service lifeof our products, to ensure that our clients receivethe "best in class" products available from us ata competitive price and delivered on time.The forging material can ensure the best rigidity and strength under maximum rated operation pressure without inherent flaw of cast.Other properties found in forging includegreater impact resistance, resistance to fatiguecracking, particularly when cycling at eitherhigh or cryogenic temperature. Overdesignedwall thickness and adaptation of high strengthtie bolts are convenient for valve maintenanceand sufficient to bear the stress of pipe.The internal parts of valve are carefullydesigned and selected to ensure reliabilityunder all kinds of work conditions.Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a veryimportant step of the development stageand ensures the best possible performancerequirements. Valves operational problems,pressure/temperature related deformationsand flow-related forces within a valve can beevaluated.BFE S.r.l. uses the FEA for predicting failuredue to unknown stresses by showing problemareas in a material and allowing designers tosee all of the theoretical stresses within. Thismethod of product design and testing is farsuperior to the manufacturing costs whichwould accrue if each sample was actually builtand tested.During any analysis project, it is the responsibility of the BFE analyst to verify that analysisresults conform to the physics of the problemunder study. Understanding the response ofa structure or manufactured product allowseffective design decisions to be made in developing structures and products that are functional, meet all engineering requirements, andcan be manufactured and assembled.Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is usedto simulate operating flow conditions.Evaluation of Valve CV coefficient and convective heat transfer coefficient takes place at thedesign stage.von Mises (N/mmˆ2(MPa))- 414.0- 383.7- 353.3- 323.0- 292.7- 262.3- 232.0Since a variety of materials are available, BFEvalves can be used with various fluids and gases including petroleum based oils and extremesour gas service.- 201.7- 171.3- 141.0- 110.7FiRE-sAFE tEst APPRovEDBFE API 6A valves are designedin accrdance with API 607 & API SPEC 6FAwhere applicable.Full BoREThe full round bore design allows the fluidto flow through the valve smoothly withoutcausing turbulence and minimize pressuredrop. The absence of surface cavity eliminates the accumulation of foreign matterand allows passage of tools through thevalves.QuAlitY lEvElsQuality levels from PSL1 to PSL4 available.WiDE RANgE oF tRiM oPtioNsValve trims for any service, including H2S,CO2, high - low temperature and extremelycorrosive environments.iNsPECtioN AND tEstiNgEvery valve is subjected on a routine basisto different non-destructive testing, like dyepenetrant test on butt weld ends and on allhard faced and cladding areas.Non-destructive tests are also carried out onthe critical areas as defined by ASME B16.34.Optional examinations like:RadiographicMagnetic particiclesUltrasonicHelium leak testPersonnel performing NDT are trained andqualified to EN 473/ ASNT-SNT-TC-1A.Every valve is subject to a pressure test inaccordance with the standard API 6A.The rated pressure for the applicable pressure class is in accordance with API 6A.- 80.3- 50.0BFE API 6A Valve design is developed using thelatest software based analysis tools.At the design stage, all projects are analysedusing 3D solid modeling tools.Benefits include reduction of development timeand costs, improved product quality, and abilityto solve field problems for customers.Product flexibility and accuracy is assured.gENERAl MAiN FEAtuREsWiDE RANgESize and pressure ranges that meet or exceedthe requirements of API 6A, latest edition. Special range available on customer request andhigh temperature design acc.to API 6A Annex"G" available.MARKiNg AND iDENtiFiCAtioNEach valve is identified on proper name plateand on valve body as required by API 6A,MSS-SP 25, ASME B16.34 Name plate carries all information on rating, size, valvebody and trim material, customer tags.Body marking includes material designations(per ASTM) and heat code and of course thetrade mark.

API 6A VALVE TYPES AND KEY FEATURESSLABGATE VALVE1. BFE slab-style gate is a simple one-piece & solid gate design, featuring metal to-metalseal between gate and seats, so as to apply to the most severe and demanding servicecondition, including corrosive and abrasive fluid environments.2. Non-rising stem design to permit smart valve installation.3. Full open through conduit construction to eliminate turbulence and pressure drop.4. Upper grease injection fitting to reduce the abrasion between gate and seats.5. Back seat with conical seal surface against stem allows stem seal replacement underpressure.6. Expanding gate design available on request.MUD SERVICEGATE VALVE1. Special Design made for high-pressure modern drilling mud systems.2. In the case of dynamic pressure lifetime of the trim designed according to the most severefrequency & amplitude conditions at 7500psi series with modern triplex mud pumps.3. Soft Seat maximal rating up to 7500psi. For API 10000 and above the applicable designis the slab type.4. Typical internal fluid types are mud, cement, fracturing and water service.5. High structural strength: All valves have the pressure retaining parts (Body and Bonnet)only in FORGED STEEL.6. Self energized packing. The Packing doesn’t require initial compression or periodicaladjustments.7. Quality level according to API 6A - PSL 1, 2 or 3.TRUNNIONBALL VALVE1. In the trunnion mounted design configuration, the ball is supported by bearing, held inposition by the valve closures. This configuration allows to discharge any side loads on thevalve body, enabling a smoother operation of the ball, minimizing the operating torque andreducing seat seal wear.2. Anti-Blow Out stem design.3. Standard seat design is single piston effect. Double piston effect sealing barrier availableon request.4. Antistatic device.5. Modular double block and bleed valves (two ball and a needle system) according to API 6Aare available on request.SWINGCHECK VALVE1. The closure element is a pivoted flapper which is swung open by flow and which sits againsta mating flat surface in the valve body, under no-flow conditions.2. Full bore and piggable design.3. Metal to metal and bubble tight sealing.4. Disc-Hinge center of mass designed as standard to allow horizontal or vertical installation.5. Best CV values produces the lowest pressure drop.6. Long service life.7. Special seal surfaces design for gas service (PSL 3G & 4).8. On Request external counterweights mounted on the hinge pin to increase or decrease thereaction time and speed of the disc returning to the closed position.

API 6A SLAB GATE VALVEWorkingPressure 906005005005255506307001000901101402104208302APITC 0082APITC 0092APITC 00112APITC 00122APITC 00132APITC 005006005005255506308501050951201552304708703APITC 0083APITC 0093APITC 00113APITC 00123APITC 00133APITC 005006005005255506308501050951201602505009505APITC 0085APITC 0095APITC 00115APITC 00125APITC 00135APITC 50120130175230440800130010APITC 00710APITC 00810APITC 00910APITC 001010APITC 001210APITC 001310APITC 6005505605807009401050140150260430750140015APITC 00715APITC 00815APITC 00915APITC 001015APITC 001215APITC 0013HANDWHEEL OPERATED VALVEGEAR OPERATED VALVEØCØCØBØBHHAA

API 6A MUD SERVICE GATE VALVEWorkingPressure 90600500500525550630700100080901201803507002MD 0082MD 0092MD 00112MD 00122MD 00132MD 005006005005255506308501050801001301904007303MD 0083MD 0093MD 00113MD 00123MD 00133MD 005006005005255506308501050801001352104208005MD 0085MD 0095MD 00115MD 00125MD 00135MD 0100110150200380680110575MD 00775MD 00875MD 00975MD 001075MD 001275MD 001375MD 0015(SEE NOTE AM1)NOTE AM1: Face-to-Face, valve bore & flange dimensions according to API 10000.HANDWHEEL OPERATED VALVEGEAR OPERATED VALVEØCØBØBHHØCAA

API 6A TRUNNION MOUNTED BALL VALVEWorkingPressure 6006006080100210360480A2 808A2 809A2 811A2 812A2 813A2 0080080105130250430600A3 808A3 809A3 811A3 812A3 813A3 00800120160220350570800A5 808A5 809A5 811A5 812A5 813A5 00A10 807A10 808A10 809A10 810A10 812A10 813A10 815GEAR OPERATED VALVEØBHØCA

API 6A SWING CHECK VALVEWorkingPressure TC 6082APITC 6092APITC 6112APITC 6122APITC 2254003APITC 0083APITC 0093APITC 00113APITC 00123APITC 303005605APITC 0085APITC 0095APITC 00115APITC 00125APITC 4010APITC 00710APITC 00810APITC 00910APITC 001010APITC 001210APITC 001310APITC 0015SWING CHECK VALVEØBHA

gENERAl sAlE CoNDitioNsQuotAtioN vAliDitYUnless otherwise agreed, quotations are valid for fourweeks from date of issue.The delivery terms are always “ex-works” unless otherwisestated.Prices and sale conditions can be changed without anyprevious notice.oRDERs ACCEPtANCEOrders are considered accepted at our general saleconditions clearly mentioned on order acknowledgment.gooDs DElivERYThe Company does not accept any responsability for delaysis delivery which are always intended as indicative and notbinding. Transport risks are at receiver’s charge also in caseof CIF delivery.guARANtEEThe Company warrantees all its products, from materialand/or manufacturing defects, to be used as recommendedby standards, and in accordance with approved pipingpractice and technique, for a period of one year fromshipping date, unless otherwise agreed.The Company liability covers eventual “free of charge”replacements for defective parts or products, providingit has not failed in the observance of above mentionedconditions and in use in compliance with standards, and,anyway, after return of defective goods. Any other liability,neither objective nor subjective will be accepted.ClAiMs AND oRDER CANCEllAtioNsClaims will be considered only if made within 10 days fromgoods receipt.Partial or complete cancellations of order can be acceptedonly upon previous agreement or by written consent and,however, not later than 15 days from order date.Any controversy will be handled by the Court of Milan.

Printed in Italy 2013w 2nd editionDimensions on the catalogue are indicative.B.F.E. S.r.l. reserves the right to make all necessary changes without notice.

B.F.E. S.r.l. - Via Tonale, 70/A - 24061 Albano S.Alessandro (BG) Italy - Phone: 035.584111 - Fax: 035.583022 - Mail: sales@bfe.itwww.bfe.it 001.814.542.2545www.bonneyforge.com 001.713.695.3633 - 001.713.695.3528 fwww.wfi-intl.comwww.rpc-valve.com

Quality level according to API 6A - PSL 1, 2 or 3. 1. In the trunnion mounted design configuration, the ball is supported by bearing, held in position by the valve closures. This configuration allows to discharge any side loads on the valve body, enabling a smoother operation of the ball, minimizing the operating torque and reducing seat seal wear. 2. Anti-Blow Out stem design. 3. Standard .

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