Inlet Guide 2 Roll Kit See Page 50 Drive Rolls 22/32/52 .

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DRIVE ROLLSBase selection of drive rolls upon the following recommended usages:1. V-Grooved rolls for hard wire.2. U-Grooved rolls for soft and soft shelled cored wires.3. U-Cogged rolls for extremely soft shelled wires.4. V-Knurled rolls for hard shelled cored wires.5. Drive roll types may be mixed to suit particular requirement(example: V-Knurled roll in combination with U-Grooved).Inlet GuideDrive Rollssee page 50For a listing of special optional drive rolls:2 Roll KitMillermatic 200/210/212/250/251/252/DVI s /Pulser/Vintage (2 Drive Roll)22/32/52 Series, SuitCase 8/12RC & 8/12VS, Reach Feeders (2 Drive Roll) Wire DiameterDrive RollsFractionDecimalMetricTypeKit #Individual Drive Roll Part #Inlet Wire Guide #.023 – .025 in.023 – .025 in0.6 mmV-Grooved087131087130056192.030 in.030 in0.8 mmV-Grooved079594053695056192.030 and .035 in.030 and .035 in0.8 and 0.9 mmV-Grooved20457912035261056192.035 and .045 in.035 and .045 in0.9 and 1.22 mmV-Grooved19030011892851056193.035 in.035 in0.9 mmV-Grooved079595053700056192.045 in.045 in1.2 mmV-Grooved079596053697056193.052 in.052 in1.3 mmV-Grooved0795970536980561931/16 in.062 in1.6 mmV-Grooved079598053699056195.035 in.035 in0.9 mmU-Grooved0447490720002219123/64 in.047 in1.2 mmU-Grooved079599053701221912.052 in.052 in1.3 mmU-Grooved—0537022219121/16 in.062 in1.6 mmU-Grooved0796010537060561955/64 in.079 in2.0 mmU-Grooved—0537040561953/32 in.094 in2.4 mmU-Grooved—0537030561967/64 in.110 in2.8 mmU-Grooved—0537050561961/8 in.126 in3.2 mmU-Grooved—053707056197.035 in.035 in0.9 mmV-Knurled079606132958056192.045 in.045 in1.2 mmV-Knurled079607132957056193.045 and 1/16 in.045 and 1/16 in1.22 and 1.6 mmVK-Grooved23868712386881221030.052 in.052 in1.3 mmV-Knurled0796081329560561931/16 in.062 in1.6 mmV-Knurled079609132955056195.068 – .072 in.068 – .072 in1.8 mmV-Knurled0899841329590561955/64 in.079 in2.0 mmV-Knurled0796101329600561953/32 in.094 in2.4 mmV-Knurled0796111329610561967/64 in.110 in2.8 mmV-Knurled—1329620561961/8 in.126 in3.2 mmV-Knurled—132963056197.045 in.045 in1.2 mmU-Cogged083318083489056193.052 in.052 in1.3 mmU-Cogged—0834900561931/16 in.062 in1.6 mmU-Cogged0796140537080561955/64 in.079 in2.0 mmU-Cogged—0537100561953/32 in.094 in2.4 mmU-Cogged—0537090561967/64 in.110 in2.8 mmU-Cogged—0537110561961/8 in.126 in3.2 mmU-Cogged—053712056197Dual-size reversible drive roll122/24 Series & SuitCase Feeders Nylon Wire Guides (For Feeding Aluminum Wire)Note: Each drive roll kit contains 2 Drive Rolls and an Inlet Guide.Wire DiameterInlet Guide #.047 in (1.2 mm)1512031/16 in (1.6 mm)1512053/32 in (2.4 mm)19426446fax orders 1-800-637-2315Note: U-Groove drive rolls are recommended when feeding aluminum wire.TABLE OF CONTENTS

DRIVE ROLLS4 Roll KitIntermediate GuideInlet GuideDrive RollsMillermatic 300/350/350P with Meters (4 Drive Roll)54 Series, 24A & R-115 Feeders (4 Drive Roll) Wire DiameterFractionDecimalDrive RollsMetricTypeKit #Wire GuideIndividual Drive Roll Part #Inlet #Intermediate #.023 – .025 in.023 – .025 in0.6 mmV-Grooved087132087130056192056206.030 in.030 in0.8 mmV-Grooved046780053695056192056206056206.035 in.035 in0.9 mmV-Grooved046781053700056192.035 and 3/64 in.035/.045 in0.9/1.2 mmV-Grooved227061118928510561930562073/64 in.045 in1.2 mmV-Grooved046782053697056193056207.052 in.052 in1.3 mmV-Grooved0467830536980561930562071/16 in.062 in1.6 mmV-Grooved046784053699056195056209.035 in.035 in0.9 mmU-Grooved0447500720002219120588533/64 in.047 in1.2 mmU-Grooved046785053701221912058853.035 and 3/64 in.035 and .045 in1.9 and 1.2 mmU-Grooved—232826221912233843.052 in.052 in1.3 mmU-Grooved—0537022219120588371/16 in.062 in1.6 mmU-Grooved0467870537060588360588375/64 in.079 in2.0 mmU-Grooved—0537040561950562093/32 in.094 in2.4 mmU-Grooved—0537030561960562107/64 in.110 in2.8 mmU-Grooved—0537050561960562101/8 in.126 in3.2 mmU-Grooved—053707056197056211.035 in.035 in0.9 mmV-Knurled0467921329580561920562063/64 in.045 in1.2 mmV-Knurled046793132957056193056207.052 in.052 in1.3 mmV-Knurled0467941329560561930562071/16 in.062 in1.6 mmV-Knurled0467951329550561950562095/64 in.079 in2.0 mmV-Knurled0467961329600561950562093/32 in.094 in2.4 mmV-Knurled0467971329610561960562107/64 in.110 in2.8 mmV-Knurled—1329620561960562101/8 in.126 in3.2 mmV-Knurled—1329630561970562113/64 in.045 in1.2 mmU-Cogged—083489056193056207.052 in.052 in1.3 mmU-Cogged—0834900561930562071/16 in.062 in1.6 mmU-Cogged—0537080561950562095/64 in.079 in2.0 mmU-Cogged—0537100561950562093/32 in.094 in2.4 mmU-Cogged—0537090561960562107/64 in.110 in2.8 mmU-Cogged—0537110561960562101/8 in.126 in3.2 mmU-Cogged—053712056197056211Dual-size reversible V-groove drive roll (one .035 and one .045 in groove)1Wire DiameterInlet Guide #Intermediate Guide #.035 – .047 in (0.9–1.2 mm)0588540588531/16 in (1.6 mm)058836058837.023 – .052 in (0.6–1.3 mm)221912233843TABLE OF CONTENTSNote: Each drive roll kit contains 4 Drive Rolls, an Inlet Guide,and an Intermediate Guide.Note: U-Groove drive rolls are recommended when feedingaluminum wire.orders 1-866-931-973047

DRIVE ROLLSAntiwear GuideAntiwear GuideInlet Guide2 Roll KitInlet Guide4 Roll KitIntermediate GuideDrive RollsBase selection of drive rolls upon the following recommended usages:1. V-Grooved rolls for hard wire.2. U-Grooved rolls for soft and soft shelled cored wires.3. U-Cogged rolls for extremely soft shelled wires.4. V-Knurled rolls for hard shelled cored wires.5. Drive roll types may be mixed to suit particular requirement(example: V-Knurled roll in combination with U-Grooved).For a listing of special optional drive rolls:see page 50Intermediate Guide62 series feeders, Pipe Pro 12 RC (2 roll kits), 64, 74 series feeder, Pipe Pro Single, Pipe ProSingle DX, Pipe Pro Dual DX, Pipe Worx 400 and all Axcess Feeders (4 roll kit)Wire DiameterDrive RollsWire GuideFractionDecimalMetricType2 Roll Kit #4 Roll Kit #Individual Part #Inlet #Intermediate #Antiwear #.023 – .025 in.023 – .025 in0.6 0 in.030 in0.8 mmV-Grooved—151025053695150993149518045233.035 in.035 in0.9 5 and 3/64 in.035/.045 in0.9/1.2 .040 in.040 in1.0 3/64 in.045 in1.2 mmV-Grooved151033151027053697150994149519.052 in.052 in1.3 6 in.062 in1.6 mmV-Grooved—151029053699150995149520045233.035 in.035 in0.9 mmU-Grooved151044151036072000150993045233.035 and 3/64 in.035/.045 in1.9/1.2 mmU-Grooved—2442932328262219123/64 in.045 in1.2 mmU-Grooved151045151037053701150994149518242417 (.035)205936 (3/64)149519.047 in.047 in1.2 mmU-Grooved—243234053701221912205936045233.052 in.052 in1.3 mmU-Grooved——0537021509941495190452331/16 in.062 in1.6 4 in.079 in2.0 mmU-Grooved——0537041509951495200452333/32 in.094 in2.4 7/64 in.110 in2.8 mmU-Grooved——0537051509961495211/8 in.126 in3.2 mmU-Grooved——053707150997149522045233.035 in.035 in0.9 4 in.045 in1.2 2 in.052 in1.3 1/16 in.062 in1.6 mmV-Knurled151064151055132955150995149520.068 – .072 in.068 – .072 in1.8 4 in.079 in2.0 2 in.094 in2.4 4 in.110 in2.8 1/8 in.126 in3.2 mmV-Knurled—1510601329631509971495223/64 in.045 in1.2 mmU-Cogged—151070083489150994149519045233.052 in.052 in1.3 mmU-Cogged——0834901509941495190452331/16 in.062 in1.6 mmU-Cogged—1510720537081509951495200452335/64 in.079 in2.0 mmU-Cogged——0537101509951495200452333/32 in.094 in2.4 mmU-Cogged——0537091509961495210452337/64 in.110 in2.8 mmU-Cogged——0537111509961495210452331/8 in.126 in3.2 mmU-Cogged——053712150997149522045233Dual-size reversible V-Groove drive roll (one .035 and one .045 in groove)160 & 70 Series Nylon Wire Guides (For Feeding Aluminum Wire)Wire DiameterInlet Guide #Intermediate Guide #.047 in (1.2 mm)1512031512041/16 in (1.6 mm)15120515120648fax orders 1-800-637-2315TABLE OF CONTENTSNote: Each drive roll kit contains 2 or 4 Drive Rolls, an InletGuide, an Intermediate Guide, and 045233 Antiwear Guidewith 604612 Setscrew 8-32 x .125.Note: U-Groove drive rolls are recommended when feedingaluminum wire.

DRIVE ROLLSMiller Drive RollsV-Groove.023/.024(0.6 mm)V-Groove.030(0.8 mm)V-Groove.035(0.9 mm)V-Groove.045(1.2 mm)V-Knurl.030(0.8 mm)V-Knurl.035(0.9 mm)V-Knurl.045(1.2 mm)GuideSideKick /SideKick cket /Cricket matic 35—057590 (2)057590 (2)——058549Millermatic lermatic 130 58549Millermatic Challenger rmatic Passport / Passport 202926202926058549Millermatic 200/210/212/250/250x/2511087131 (kit)079594 (kit)079595 (kit)079596 (kit)—079606079607Page 43Millermatic 252/ 300 without meters087131 (kit)079594 (kit)079595 (kit)079596 (kit)—079606079607Page 43Millermatic DVI /Pulser/Vintage/Reach1087131 (kit)079594 (kit)079595 (kit)079596 (kit)—079606079607Page 43Millermatic 300 with meters/350P087132 (kit)046780 (kit)046781(kit)046782 (kit)—046792 (kit)046793 (kit)Page 44Millermatic 125 Hobby/141/190/211standard drive2261157261157261157—261157261157Mulitmatic 200 standard drive rolls2261157261157261157261157261157Machine 1 ————261157Inlet Wire058549261151261151Optional Drive Rolls V-Groove .030(0.8mm) and .035(0.9mm) 204579Optional Drive Rolls V-Groove .023/.024(0.6mm), .030(0.8mm) and .035(0.9mm) 220179; V-Knurl .030(0.8mm), .035(0.9mm) and .045(1.2mm) 202926; Inlet Wire 26115112XR Controls Drive veXR/XR-S/XR-D.030 in. (.76 mm).035 in. (.89 mm).040 in. (1.02 mm).47 in. (1.19 mm).062 in. (1.58 mm)194118194118268848268849195591Sub Arc Drive RollsMachineRAD-400, RAD-400T, RAD-780Part #DescriptionWire sizes132955V-K Groove Drive Roll1/16 in. (.062 in.-1.6 mm)132960V-K Groove Drive Roll5/64 in. (0.79 in.-2.0 mm)132961V-K Groove Drive Roll3/32 in. (.094 in .-2.4 mm)132962V-K Groove Drive Roll7/64 in. (.110 in.-2.8 mm)132963V-K Groove Drive Roll1/8 in. (.125 in.-3.2 mm)193700V-K Groove Drive Roll5/32 in. (.156 in.-4.0 mm)193701V-K Groove Drive Roll3/16 in. (.188 in.-4.8 mm)TABLE OF CONTENTSorders 1-866-931-973049

DRIVE ROLLSMiller Spoolgun Drive RollsV-KnurlV-KnurlV-KnurlU-KnurlSpoolguns.030 in. (0.8 mm).035 in. (0.9 mm).045 in. (1.2 mm).062 in. (1.6 mm)GuideSpoolmate 100/185/3035186414186414——186410Spoolmate 100/185/3035183413183413——186410Spoolmate 200/3545186414186414199397—186410Spoolmate 200/3545183413183413199396—186410Spoolmate 15A/30A136135136135136135136135132521Spoolmate 15A/30A183357183357183358183358132521Spoolmate 1, 2, 3053131053131053131053131058549XR -15/XR -30053131053131053131053131on conduitXR -A /XR -W Pistol136135136135136135136135on conduitXR -A /XR -W Pistol183357183357183358183358on conduitXR -Edge194114194115194116194117on conduitXR Aluma-Pro 227434227434227434227434227408XR Aluma-Pro Lite227434227434227434227434227408XR Aluma-Pro Plus227434227434227434227434227408 Inlet WireHobart Drive RollsHard Wire (Steel)Soft Wire (Aluminum)HT Wire (Hard Tubular)V-Groove.024(0.6 mm)V-Groove.030 – .035(0.8 – 0.9 mm)Urethane.035(0.9 mm)V-Knurl.030 – .035 & .045(0.8 – 0.9 & 1.2 mm)Rev. Knurl.030 & .035(0.8 & 0.9 mm)Rev. Knurl.039 – .045(0.8 – 1.2mm)Inlet Wire GuideHandler 5 ronMan 210/250—202925—202926193330193331—IronMan 275IronMan 230Standard drive roll is part number 235286 v-grooved wire size is .030 - .035 other sizes available on page 46 under 52 series feeders.Handler 125/125EZ/130212379 — 2-sided combination roll (.024 V-groove) (.030/.035 VK-groove)MachineNote: For all Beta-MIG drive rolls, contact Miller Service Parts9Available for Handler 120 and IronMan 210*Part number available on ALL Handler models with serial number MDXXXXXX and afterSpecial Optional Drive RollsFor 22/32/52/54/60/70 Series FeedersPart #Description203526Dual V-Groove (one .030 and one .035 in groove)189285Dual V-Groove (one .035 and one .045 in groove)190300209533Dual V-Groove (2 drive rolls each with one .035 and one .045 in grooveplus inlet guide)Dual V-Groove 4 Roll Kit (4 drive rolls each withone .035 and one .045 in groove plus guides and setscrew)198078No-Groove, Universal Quick-Change (Steel)088402No-Groove, Non-Quick-Change (Hard Urethane — Green)0537160010890No-Groove (Soft Urethane — Blue)50fax orders 1-800-637-2315TABLE OF CONTENTS212368242524 (wire size .023-.045)

DRIVE ROLLSConversion KitsPart #DescriptionPart #Description1554542 Roll Conversion Kit1554554 Roll Conversion KitQuick-Change Drive Roll Carrier Kits Save Time Save Money!Changing drive rolls on the older series Miller wire feeders is a snap with the quick-change driveroll carrier kits listed below. Once converted, the old routine of removing the drive rolls screw-byscrew (3-per drive roll) is history! Now, all that’s required to change a drive roll is a turn of thewrist and off comes the old drive roll and on with the new! Customers will save time, money andfrustration. Also, installations with both the old series feeders and our 60 and 70 Series feederswill appreciate being able to update their older equipment and standardize procedures. Kits areavailable for feeders manufactured prior to serial number KF876252 outlined below.For 2 Drive Roll Feedersn S-22A, S-22P8, S-22P12n S-32S, S-32SLn S-32P8, S-32P12n S-32SC8, S-32SC12n S-52A, S-52D, S-52E, S-52Mn D-52A, D-52D, D-52M(Two kits required on these models)n 50 Series style Swingarc n Porta-MIGn Millermatic 200n Millermatic 250 and 250MP(Prior to serial number KF785867)2 Roll Conversion Kit155454For 4 Drive Roll Feedersn S-54A, S-54D, S-54E, S-54Mn D-54A, D-54D, D-54M(Two kits required for Dual Feeders)For Automatic Wire Drive Assembliesn A1-2, A1D-2n A2-2L, A2-2Hn A1-4, A1D-4n A2-4L, A2-4HTABLE OF CONTENTS4 Roll Conversion Kit155455orders 1-866-931-973051

Millermatic ® 300/350/350P with Meters (4 Drive Roll) Drive Rolls 54 Series, 24A & R-115 Feeders (4 Drive Roll) Note: Each drive roll kit contains 4 Drive Rolls, an Inlet Guide, and an Intermediate Guide. Note: U-Groove drive rolls are r