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GOLD'S GYM CASE STUDYINTRODUCTION:About Gold's Gym:Gold's Gym International: Gold's Gym started in Venice California in 1965, and soon became the hotbed for thedevelopment of training techniques, equipment and nutritional concepts that formed the foundation for the modern fitnessrevolution. In 1977, Gold's Gym received international attention when it was featured in the major motion picture, 'PumpingIron'. It was thus effectively established as the 'Mecca of Bodybuilding'. Today, Gold's Gym has over 700 facilities. It is thelargest international gym chain in the world recognized for its passion, unique heritage, and experience as the final authorityin fitness and lifestyle.Gold's Gym India started its operations in 2002, when the first Gold's Gym India branch was set up in Mumbai. In the nextfew years this number grew, and today Gold's Gym has cut out for itself 84 gyms in India with another 15 underconstruction and ready to start in this year.Gold's Gym in India operates through F2 Fun & Fitness (India) Pvt. Ltd. [A Valecha-Advani Group Company] having a MasterFranchisee for India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal, Malaysia, Bangkok and Singapore.Promoted by partners Jagdish K. Valecha, Rajesh Advani, G. Ramachandran, Karan Valecha and Ashwin Ramesh andmanaged by Chief Operating Officer, Istayak Ansari, Gold's Gym India has slowly and steadily carved its name in the Indianmarket and built a reputation to reckon with.Brand Value:Gold's Gym India is acknowledged for its unrivalled success in providing the finest equipment and fitness knowledgeavailable to help its members achieve their individual potential. It follows a globally proven fitness training module withstate-of-the-art infrastructure and delivery methodology and continuous up gradation through training programs. Withcertified trainers and nutritional counseling, Gold's Gym provides a comprehensive approach to the health and well being ofits member. Whether your goal is to burn fat, tone or add muscle, build strength, increase flexibility or improve yourcardiovascular health, only Gold's Gym has the atmosphere and experience you need.Achievements:With multiple awards for excellence under its belt including 2 awards from the Lions Club for the 'Best Fitness Chain', anaward from 'Images Beauty & Wellness' for 'The most admired fitness chain of the year', an award from Franchise India, 8awards from Gold's Gym International for 'Best Interiors', 'Best Advertising', 'Best Marketing' 2 awards, The 'President'sAward 2012' & The 'Best Master Franchise' 3 awards making it a very eventful 10 years in the growth of the business.Gold's Gym India has bagged the most prestigious ET award 2013 for Excellence in Marketing. The Economic TimesAwards for Corporate Excellence are the awards conferred by The Economic Times in the field of business, corporate andgovernment policies in India. An ET award is the ultimate celebration of excellence in the retail sector, a benchmark for thehighest standards of performance in this field.The Differentiater:Gold's Gym India has created its own properties with an aim to create some excitement in the gym, add a zest to theworkouts and increase visibility and create brand visibility as these events are held on a very high scale, has celebrities asjudges and guests of honour and garners huge mileage in the media. These are Ms Fit & Fab (personality cum fitnesschallenge), The Superspin (Spinning challenge), Body Transformation (Weight Loss program), The Gold's Gym Calendarand Model Hunt (the annual desk calendar).All our campaigns have a CSR angle attached. It is our Corporate Social responsibility to give back to the society by gettingpeople fit to ensure that our members are working out in a healthy way with a healthy diet.Our motto is to educate people on the importance of fitness, by awareness and such programs.We position our brand by educating our clients on the right aspects of Fitness.

GOLD'S GYM CASE STUDYMARKET AND INDUSTRY:The Fitness Market: Estimated Indian Health, Wellness & Fitness Industry Size 2500-3000 crores Industry - Highly fragmented and unorganized Competition - Talwalkar's GymIn India, the market for health and wellness has been growing. Today's busy lifestyle hardly leaves consumers with time toexercise or follow a fitness regime. Driven by guilt, they are doing everything possible to lead a 'healthy life' and the food theyconsume tops the list. Probiotic, sugar-free, low-cholesterol, baked not fried are some of the tag-lines we see in productpackaging these days.The fitness industry has come a long way from the days of the local akhadas to providing international services. The Gymand Fitness Industry in India is evolving and growing at 25% and India is indeed a growth story in the making. Earlier it waspredominantly dominated by the male population. Today we see 45 % of the members being female. Education and accessto the internet has changed the views of women to take up gymming. New equipment are introduced that are safe to use anddo not injure the person.2013-INDUSTRY STATISTICS:RegionTotal Industry revenue (USD)Europe 32,02,28,18,91346,3964,19,47,250United States 21,82,80,00,00030,5005,02,49,000 2,56,80,00,0006,24256,54,000 13,60,12,50,00021,6581,70,33,697 5,52,73,33,52046,1301,43,07,240 19,97,18,8312,23425,49,933 75,74,71,21,2641,53,16013,17,41,120 51,00,00,0001,2004,19,220CanadaAsia-PacificLatin AmericaAfrica & Middle EastTotalIndia (84 gyms currently)Total No. of ClubsTotal No. of MembersSource: The IHRSA Global Report 2013What We Offer:The wellness industry has expanded tremendously in the last 5-6 years. There has been an increase in the awareness of theimportance of maintaining one's health. It has been reinforced by doctors, nutritionists & other reputed wellness gurus time& again.At Gold's Gym we have initiated medical accessed packages addressing the people with common ailments like diabetes,thyroid, cholesterol and obesity. There is an influx of international fitness trends, new exercise specifics & more careeroptions.It goes beyond general cardio vascular machines and weights. A member gets to experience a variety to his programthrough various group activities like spinning and a variety of aerobic classes Gold's Gym has world class facilities with international state-of-the-art equipment for Cardio Vascular Conditioning,Strength Training and a Separate Free Weights Area. Weight loss programs with qualified nutritionists, Relaxation Massages, Steam Rooms, Locker Rooms, Café and JuiceBar. Fitness Assessment with personalized schedules. Spinning Studio International Travel Card & Transfer facility.

GOLD'S GYM CASE STUDY Personal Trainers have been trained by international trainers and are constantly upgraded on the latest in the industry. The biggest plus point being the access to Gold's Gym worldwide with a travel card giving you access to 14 days percentre. That's a huge 1000 free workout days across the globe. The membership is transferable to another person or Gold's Gym in IndiaWith a young team heading every department, care is taken to ensure great brand visibility and credibility in the market toensure the customer gets what he wants and keeps him coming back for more.Fitness Plans: Gym Package includes use of Cardiovascular and strength training section, steam. Special packages for students, housewives and seniors too. Discounted rates if you wish to workout between 10 to 5 pm in the 'Silver hours'. Weight Loss / Weight gain programs depending on individual requirements.People with medical problems are given special attention. We have an in-house physiotherapist who gives advice to peoplewith problems and guides them on their program.We have visiting medical doctors who advise members with medical problems like diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension.They are then guided on a medical course of action. Special training programs are designed for them by the trainers whohave been given special training to handle these cases.They are monitored and supervised to see results.Research:Internationally, studies have shown that people come to the gym for the following reasons.To get in shape/stay in shape/stay healthy58.00%For overall health/well-being51.10%Convenient location45.50%Variety of equipment, strength and cardiovascular equipment38.00%To make progress with my personal goals36.60%To get my workout in, rather than to socialize35.50%To have fun32.70%My friends and family work out at the health club22.90%Access to group exercise classes21.40%Access to fitness professionals18.00%Feel obligated to go because he paid17.20%The social aspects of the health club11.60%The LIME Challenge: The Brand Gold's Gym is growing; the people are becoming more conscious, we keep introducing more programs andequipment but the awareness is growing at a very small pace. Only 2 percent of the population actually goes to a health clubor a gym.- Being an American brand, how should we adapt to create a positive brand-image in the minds of the consumers inIndia and differentiate from the clutter of other Indian fitness brands?- What should be the marketing plan to make gymming an integral part of daily lives in India? In this age of internet technology and with an increasingly sophisticated and time-hungry Indian public expectinginformation on the best priced and most offers from their fitness centre, how can we use social media to keep and attract

GOLD'S GYM CASE STUDYnew customers keeping in mind the brand positioning and design process that can give Gold's Gym on advantage in theIndian markets. Gold's Gyms have identified areas of weight loss and gain programs and health issues as the new areas of growth: whatare the other areas of growth that can increase the penetration of health & fitness for Gold's Gyms in India?Methodology: Conduct market surveys Visit people in the community, do a one on one interview with a small size of people to understand their needs. Conduct group meetings Speak to some people that go to gyms and some that don't.Analysis:What is it that is required to be done based on the likes, beliefs and preferences of the Indian people? What are they lookingfor in a gym? How do we cater to their needs and how do we get them to the gym?Keep in mind, we do not want to know what our competitors are doing. It has to be purely on individual feedback.Strategy:Analysis to be studied and strategies to be planned accordingly.Sample Size:100 per city (At least 4 cities, 2 metros, 2 tier II cities)Gold's Gym is present in 39 cities (cities can be selected based on convenience)Mentors:Ms. Rhea Figueiiredo, Executive - Marketing rhea@goldsgymindia.comMs. Althea Shah, V.P. Marketing althea@goldsgymindia.com

in fitness and lifestyle. Gold's Gym India started its operations in 2002, when the first Gold's Gym India branch was set up in Mumbai. In the next few years this number grew, and today Gold's Gym has cut out for itself 84 gyms in India with anoth

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