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LUXALON GRID CEILING SYSTEMSStylish and contemporary, LUXALON Grid Ceilings create an open, light andspacious appearance. Five differentmodels are available in a range ofmodular cell sizes and colours forexciting design options.By creating a visual screen, the gridsmade of aluminium or zinc/aluminiumcoated steel assist in controlling theproportions and scale of an interiorarea without placing restrictions on theactual height and space. Aestheticsand function are brought together ina versatile combination that allowsconsiderable design freedom.APPLICATIONSFunctional ceilings – service integrationFeature ceilingsVisual modular overhead screenAcoustics can be controlled by addingabsorbent materials to the rear of theMagnagrid ceiling or within the void spaceInteriorNew developments or existing buildingsMATERIALAluminiumZinc/Aluminium Coated SteelCOLOURS & FINISHESA range of standard and customisedcolours and finishes are available: powdercoat, anodised and those using theHD COLOR-COTE Coating Process.DESIGN FLEXIBILITYLUXALON Grid Ceilings offer a versatilerange of modular cell sizes that can beconfigured into a variety of patterns in manypre-finished or painted colours, and can becustomised to fully integrate with the interiorof building architecture.PRODUCT RANGEMODULAR SIZES 1200ADVANTAGESVersatile cell framing systems provide a range ofmodular cell sizes.Integration of services: lighting, air conditioning,sprinklers, smoke detectors and other servicescan be easily integrated into and aboveLUXALON Grid Ceiling Systems, with thepossibility of concealing services from view.Accessibility: grid panels can be easily mountedand demounted, allowing full access to aboveceiling services.ENVIRONMENTAL BENEFITSAcoustic control (Magnagrid only): by addingabsorbent materials to the rear of theLUXALON Magnagrid Ceiling or within the voidspace, acoustics can be controlled.Smoke ventilation: open cell ceilings allowsmoke to pass into the ceiling void, therebyBaffle-Grid100 centres125 centres150 centres200 centres250 centres300 10001200x1200improving visibility and increasing the amount oftime available to evacuate the building. This isparticularly beneficial for new shopping centredevelopments and other public buildings.Aluminium is recyclable and made up of 50% to90% recycled content.DURABILITYLUXALON Grid Ceilings are made frompre-coated aluminium and zinc/aluminium coatedsteel panels using the HD COLOR-COTE CoatingProcess, and powder-coat or anodised extrudedaluminium profiles, which ensure a long life span,requiring minimal maintenance.QUALITYHunter Douglas Limited is a quality endorsedcompany, certified as complying with therequirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001.2000.

DESCRIPTION & DIMENSIONSMAGNAGRIDLUXALON Magnagrid is a highly versatile open cell ceiling system comprising a series of ‘U’ shapedinterlocking aluminium blades, which are assembled to provide a wide range of modular cell sizes ina variety of interior colours and finishes using the HD COLOR-COTE Coating Process.Panel 600x600mmMAGNAGRID BEAM TYPEDESCRIPTIONSTANDARD LENGTHSOR PANELS (mm)Hanger Runner1800Cross Runner600 or 1200Panel Assembly*600 x 600* Factory made specials available up to 1200 x 1200mm.Note: panels are supplied assembled. Blades can besupplied unassembled to specific order.Cross Runner 600mmCross Runner 1200mmMAGNAGRIDCELL MODULE(mm)VIEWINGCUT-OUTANGLE% OPENAREAAPPROX.SYSTEMSWEIGHT kg/m250x5045 675.5075x7532 773.5086x8627 803.20100x10019 832.80120x12018 852.40150x15016 881.80200x20012 911.50SplicerHanger Wire & ClipRod HangerBracketHanger Runner 1800mm40mmWire Hanger ClipSplicerm9mStandard BladeViewing AngleMAGNAGRID PANELS IN A TEE GRIDLUXALON Magnagrid Panels can be manufactured in various sizes andconfigurations to fit many Standard Tee Grid Suspension Systems.PERIMETER DETAILSNo GapWall AngleGapFloatingHanger RunnerGapFloatingPerimeter TrimA selection of edge details are available to suit individual design requirements where theceiling meets walls, columns, bulkheads and other ceiling finishes.Note: also available – rectangular cell shapes incombinations of the cell sizes.

BEAM-GRIDLUXALON Beam-Grid delivers the clean lookof structural beams with unrestricted accessto lighting, ventilation systems and sprinklers.The main and cross beams as well as perimetertrims that make up the system are available inaluminium and zinc/aluminium coated steel in avariety of interior colours and finishes using theHD COLOR-COTE Coating Process.BEAM-GRID & PERIMETER DETAILSViewing AngleModuleInfill 'C' Trim Site NotchPerimeter 'C' TrimPerimeter 'C' TrimTypical JointPerimeter 'C' TrimsSuspension Rod & ClipSuspension BracketNote: LUXALON Beam-Grid, Louvre-Grid andMajor-Grid Ceilings are customised products andrequire full design information prior to quotation.DESCRIPTION & DIMENSIONSBEAM-GRIDCELL MODULE(mm)VIEWINGCUT-OUTANGLE% OPEN AREAAPPROX.SYSTEMSWEIGHT kg/m2600x6004.0 902.40900x9003.0 931.601000x10002.5 940.801200x12002.0 950.20Main BeamCL40PerimeterCross BeamleduMoMain Beam Splicer60CLStandard Cross BeamIsometric View - Typical SystemLOUVRE-GRIDTo satisfy particular design concepts, theLUXALON Louvre-Grid Ceiling System providesa range of modular cell sizes and patterns usingslim-line aluminium main and cross beams in avariety of interior colours and finishes using theHD COLOR-COTE Coating Process.LOUVRE-GRID & PERIMETERDETAILSViewingAngleModuleSuspension BracketLOUVRE-GRID BEAMTYPE DESCRIPTIONSuspension RodØ6 X 1200 Lg. T.O.EInfill TrimmerSTANDARD LENGTHSOR MODULES (mm)*Main Runner2400 or 3600Cross Runner300, 450, 600, 900, 1000, 1200* Custom sizes are available upon requestPerimeterChannelLOUVRE-GRIDCELL MODULE(mm)VIEWINGCUT-OUTANGLE% OPEN AREAAPPROX.SYSTEMSWEIGHT kg/m2300x30020 84.012.00450x45013 89.07.50600x60010 92.06.00900x9006 97.02.301000x10005 97.52.101200x12004 98.01.80100SplicerMain BeamCross Beam25

BAFFLE-GRIDLUXALON Baffle-Grid Ceiling System providesan effective one-directional visual screen in arange of modular sizes and patterns to suit avariety of design concepts. Made up of slimline extruded aluminium beams and sections,the system comes in a variety of powder-coatand anodised colours and finishes.BAFFLE-GRID & PERIMETERDETAILSViewingAngleDESCRIPTION & DIMENSIONSModule100Suspension Rod 1200 Lg T.O.E M6x50Typically @ Maximum 1800mm Ctrs.100x25 Main BeamM6 Hex NutM6x16 Hset Screw25Support RailSupport Rail SplicerBAFFLE-GRIDMODULEWIDTH (mm)VIEWINGCUT-OUTANGLE% OPEN AREAAPPROX.SYSTEMSWEIGHT kg/m2100 centres53 7511.00125 centres45 809.00150 centres39 847.50200 centres30 886.00M3 Steel Pop Rivets (By Installer)250 centres24 905.00Main Beam (Max. Length 6500mm)300 centres20 924.50Main Beam SplicerCLBaffleGridCts.Main Beam End CapWhere RequiredCLMAJOR-GRIDLUXALON Major-Grid is a highly versatile open cell ceiling system that ismade up of slim-line zinc/aluminium coated steel main and cross beams,available in a variety of interior colours and finishes using the HD COLOR-COTE Coating Process.MAJOR-GRID BEAMTYPE DESCRIPTIONSTANDARD LENGTHSOR PANELS (mm)*Main Beams2400, 3000, 3600Cross Beams300, 450, 600, 900, 1000, 1200* Custom sizes are available upon requestMAJOR-GRID & PERIMETER DETAILS200ViewingAngleModuleInfill 'C' Trim Site NotchCut To Insert AroundSuspension50Perimeter 'C' TrimsSite Cut To SuitSuspension RodAt Typically 1200mmCtrs Or As RequiredPerimeter 'C' TrimTypical JointSuspension BracketCross Beam BracketMain BeamCross BeamStraight SplicerSuspension Point At Every SplicerConnection. Alternatively UseAdjustable Bracket At Max. 200mmFrom Joint.MAJOR-GRIDMODULEWIDTH (mm)VIEWINGCUT-OUTANGLE% OPEN AREAAPPROX.SYSTEMSWEIGHT kg/m2300x30039 8315.00450x45026 8810.00600x60020 928.00900x90013 945.001000x100012 954.501200x120010 964.00

INSTALLATIONLUXALON Grid Ceiling Systems;Magnagrid, Beam-Grid, Louvre-Grid,Baffle-Grid, Major-Grid, provide the userwith options of varying modular cell andwidth sizes in various configurations andcolours to suit any interior space.MAGNAGRIDSelecting Suspension Configurations:Layout 1 Hanger runners should be set-outat 600mm centres when using cellsizes:50 x 50mm75 x 75mmAnd all other cell sizes where thetotal weight of the ceiling, anyaccessories and/or services (eg.overlays, integrated lights) exceed3kg/m2, and/or where frequentaccess to the ceiling void is required.Layout 2 Hanger runners may be set out at1200mm centres when using cellsizes:86 x 86mm100 x 100mm120 x 120mm150 x 150mm200 x 200mmThis must be used where thetotal weight of the ceiling andaccessories is less than 3kg/m2.Calculating Quantities of Components:when calculating quantities, ensure sufficientquantity of components for cutting and wastage.Edge Details: various treatments can beused at the perimeter of the LUXALON Magnagrid Ceiling System depending uponthe installation requirement. Cover anglesand trims should be colour matched to theceiling and ordered as accessories with theceiling components.Floating perimeter trim will requiremechanical fixing to the ceiling, to preventaccidental dislodgement. For a good visualappearance, a minimum ‘float’ distance of25mm is recommended.Installing and Removing the Panels:LUXALON Magnagrid Panels are designedto ‘lay-in’ the suspension grid, supported bya tab on the end of each ‘blade.’ Best visualresults are obtained if panels are all orientedin the same direction, relating to the A & Bblades of the panels.Site Cutting Panels: singular blades ofpanel or suspension grid may be cut usinggood quality metal snips. Alternatively,whole panels are easily shaped on a smallhigh speed ‘band saw’ using a fine-toothedblade. The finish on the material should beprotected during all cutting operations.Special Size Panels: can be made to limitwastage and be cost effective in somecases. This is dependent upon the projectrequirements that are to be discussed withour Commercial Consultants. By utilisingsome of the cut panel blades, they canbe re-made to make other panels andreassembled on site.Integrating Lighting and Services:Light fixture plates / purpose made adaptorplates to provide services integration i.eadapting downlights and other small fittingsINSTALLING AND REMOVING THE MAGNAGRID PANELSBBBBare available.Acoustic Blankets and Overlays: acousticblankets and pads with black facing shouldbe installed so that joins are hidden behindthe blades of panels or suspension grid.Adequate clearance around lights must bemade in blankets and overlays to preventthe risk of overheating or fire.Note: for the installation of all otherLUXALON Grid Ceiling Systems, pleaserefer to our Commercial Consultants andTechnical Team as the requirements areproject specific.MAGNAGRID SUSPENSION LAYOUT600mmm00m18Cross RunnerHanger RunnerCross Runner1200mm1600mCross RunnerLayout 2Hanger RunnerACCCABBlades A & B600 x 600 PanelCCCut Blades CMAGNAGRID PERIMETER DETAILS25mm GapFloatingHanger RunnerLIGHT FIXTURE DETAIL25mm GapFloatingPerimeter Trim(Standard Detail)41x10x2400mmCross RunnerHanger RunnerSPECIAL SIZE MAGNAGRID PANELSAWall Angle41x20x3000mm(Can Be Curved)Cross Runnermm600mCAmm800BANo GapLayout 1Hanger RunnerLight Fixture Plate, Installer ToRemove Blades

LUXALON GRID CEILING SYSTEMSMAGNAGRIDBEAM-GRID, LOUVRE-GRID, BAFFLE-GRID, MAJOR-GRIDLAYOUTSACCESSORIESGrid modules and layouts can be designed to suit individual requirements.Infill plates can be manufactured with apertures to receive lighting, airconditioning grills, sprinklers and smoke detectors. Many LUXALON Ceilings can also be integrated within the Grids.SHORT FORM SPECIFICATIONLUXALON MAGNAGRIDx 40mm high, colour according to the HunterDouglas Commercial Interior Colour Chart.aluminium extrusion, 25mm wide x 100mm deep, inselected powder-coat / anodised finish, colour .m2 LUXALON Aluminium Magnagrid OpenCell Ceiling System, supplied by Hunter DouglasCommercial, consisting of 0.5mm thick aluminiumpre-coated die formed interlocking blades, with across-sectional size of 9mm wide x 40mm deep andassembled into panels with a modular size of 600 x600mm and a square cell of 50mm / 75mm / 86mm /100mm / 120mm / 150mm / 200mm, colour according to the Hunter Douglas Commercial InteriorColour Chart.The system uses a hook and slot method ofattachment. Main beams shall be supported at1200mm centres by means of hanger brackets and5mm diameter hanger rods. Modular sizes of 600mm /900mm / 1000mm / 1200mm to be achieved by usinga combination of cross channels. Additional hangers tobe used around points where accessories are loadedonto the ceiling system. Perimeter trim as required.The system consists of beam sections in one directionat 100mm / 125mm / 150mm / 200mm / 250mm /300mm centres supported by a Z-section primary gridat 1800mm centres with hanger brackets and 5mmdiameter threaded rods at 1200mm centres. Additionalhangers to be used around points where accessoriesare loaded onto the ceiling system. End caps to beprovided / not to be provided.Supply and install according to the fixing instructionsof Hunter Douglas Commercial, a division of HunterDouglas Limited.Supply and install according to the fixing instructionsof Hunter Douglas Commercial, a division of HunterDouglas Limited.LUXALON LOUVRE-GRIDLUXALON MAJOR-GRID .m2 LUXALON Aluminium Louvre-Grid CeilingSystem, supplied by Hunter Douglas Commercial,consisting of main beams and cross beams madeof 0.6mm thick aluminium, 25mm wide x 100mmdeep, colour according to the Hunter DouglasCommercial Interior Colour Chart. .m2 LUXALON Zinc/Aluminium Coated SteelMajor-Grid Ceiling System, supplied by Hunter DouglasCommercial, consisting of main beams and crossbeams made of 0.6mm thick zinc/aluminium coatedsteel, 50mm wide x 200mm deep, colour according to the Hunter Douglas Commercial InteriorColour Chart.Suspension shall consist of 1800mm long MainRunners at 600mm / 1200mm centres linked by600mm / 1200mm long Cross Runner at600mm centres.For T-Grid Suspension System – suspension shall bea proprietary roll-formed or extruded T-Grid Systemwith a face dimension of 25mm and installed to themanufacturer’s recommendations to provide a modulargrid of 600 x 600mm.Perimeter shall be finished with a wall angle orperimeter trim as required.Option: Acoustic pads mm thick, density kg/m3, black one side, laid on top of the panelsbetween the panel carriers.Supply and install according to the fixing instructionsof Hunter Douglas Commercial, a division of HunterDouglas Limited.LUXALON BEAM-GRID .m2 LUXALON Aluminium / Zinc/AluminiumCoated Steel Beam-Grid Ceiling System, supplied byHunter Douglas Commercial, consisting of main beamsand cross beams made of 0.6mm thick aluminium /0.6mm thick zinc/aluminium coated steel, 60mm wideThe system uses cross beam brackets for attachment.Main beams shall be supported at 1200mm centres bymeans of hanger brackets and 5mm diameter hangerrods. Modular sizes of 300mm / 450mm / 600mm /900mm / 1000mm / 1200mm to be achieved by usinga combination of cross channels. Additional hangers tobe used around points where accessories are loadedonto the ceiling system. Perimeter trim as required.Supply and install according to the fixing instructionsof Hunter Douglas Commercial, a division of HunterDouglas Limited.LUXALON BAFFLE-GRIDMain beams shall be supported at 1200mm centres bymeans of hanger brackets and 5mm diameter hangerrods. Modular sizes of 300mm / 450mm / 600mm /900mm / 1000mm / 1200mm to be achieved by usinga combination of cross beams, which are mechanicallyfixed to brackets on the main beams. Additionalhangers to be used around points where accessoriesare loaded onto the ceiling system. Perimeter trimas required.Supply and install according to the fixing instructionsof Hunter Douglas Commercial, a division of HunterDouglas Limited. .m2 LUXALON Aluminium Baffle-Grid CeilingSystem, supplied by Hunter Douglas Commercial,consisting of beams and sections made of 1.6mm thickTechnical data is subject to change without notice. Refer to our Technical and Customer Support Team for further assistance.Hunter Douglas CommercialDivision of Hunter Douglas Limited Copyright 2009. Registered Trade Marks of Hunter Douglas Limited ABN 98 009 675 709. C7970/02.09338 Victoria Road, Rydalmere, NSW 2116Phone: 1300 651 968Email:

Versatile cell framing systems provide a range of modular cell sizes. Integration of services: lighting, air conditioning, sprinklers, smoke detectors and other services can be easily integrated into and above LUXALON Grid Ceiling Systems, with the possibility of concealing services fr

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