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About KazancompressormashKazancompressormash (Kazan CompressorBuilding Plant, Russia) is a leading Russianmanufacturer of compressor equipment andprovider of integrated compressor-basedsolutions for various industries.Key Facts and Figures More than 60 years of successful work in thecompressor equipment market A wide range of sophisticated compressorThe priority of Kazancompressormash is productionof reliable and sophisticated compressorequipment by high-quality standards.The company employs more than 1,900 highskilled specialists.The manufacturing facilities are well equippedfor production of up-to-date compressor systems: Total manufacturing area: 420,000 m2 Manufacturing equipment includes machinetools and CNC machining centers fromGermany, Great Britain, Italy and Canadasystems for practically any gases includingtoxic, corrosive, and explosive ones Foundry and welding shops equipped with Integrated solutions: gas compression systemsinduction furnaces with production capacityof 3,000 tons per yearand compressor stations Considerable experience in supply of equipment for various industries: oil & gas, energy,mining, metallurgy and others Engineering and manufacturing integrationwith the leading R&D center NIIturbokompressor Equipment packaging, supply of the mainprocess and auxiliary equipment E urope’s largest testing facility with 35stands able to test the compressors systemsfully assembled that provide 100% controlof characteristics during the test and theirsubsequent confirmation on-siteThe centrifugal compressors comply withstandard API 617 8 th Edition.

Centrifugal Compressor SystemsThe centrifugal compressor systems byKazancompressormach are distinguished by theirhigh reliability and performance due to contemporary design and up-to-date manufacturingtechnologies.Application Oil refining and petroleum chemistry: catalyst crackers vacuum gasoil units hydrocracking units hydrotreaters delayed coking unitsThe compressor systems meet the requirementsof the standard API 617 8 th Edition and alsoavailable in highly-customized versions fullycompliant with specific customer requirementsand on-site operation conditions. Gas gathering & transportation Gas processing: crude gas units, gas recoveryCompressor System Typessystems Compressors with horizontally split casing Offshore production platforms Compressors with vertically split casing General industry applicationsCentrifugal compressorswith vertically split casingP, barCentrifugal compressorswith horizontally split casing6004502001006040201086421468 1020406010020040060012002000 V, m3/min

Design Features & AdvantagesDry gas dynamicynaynna ic sealssealsall ccoontrnttrt olol syss temsy1. Oiled slide bearings with self-positioning padsare resistible to high dynamic and static loadThe magnetic bearings for increased compressorreliability are available upon request2. High-efficient flow path ensures requiredcharacteristics in a wide range of operationalparameters. Application of the unified pressurestages significantly reduces the lead time forcompressor design and manufacturing3. The rotor is dynamically balanced duringand after assembling. The final balancing isperformed at operational rotation speed of thecompressor system4. The cast nozzles are welded to the forgedcylinder casing.A casing version without nozzles is availablefor high-pressure compressors5. The shaft end seals prevent leaks of theworking gas. The available seals range includesdry mechanical seals, dry groove seals, and oilseals1234

Dry gas dynaynamicmic seseal5The centrifugal compressors by Kazancompressormash apply the advanced technicalsolutions such as dry gas dynamic seals,redundant automation and control systems,vibration control and diagnostics systems andmany other features to realize the followingadvantages: High reliability Long nonstop runs between overhauls Low cost of installation H igh-efficient automation and control systemfor operational safety including unmannedoperation mode E nergy-efficient flow pathwith high performance Stable operation within a wide rangeof variable parameters and compositionof the gas being compressed B etter serviceability due to contemporarycompressor design with easy access tocomponents for fast and simple maintenance Optimal price/quality ratio Short manufacturing and delivery lead time

Centrifugal Compressors with Horizontally Split CasingTechnical DataInstallation Capacity: up to 1,400 m3/min (up to 120,000 Nm3/h) Discharge pressure: up to 45 bar (45.8 kgf/cm )2 Drive power: up to 6,300 kW Efficiency: up to 85%Version— for indoor installation inside ofa building (enclosure) of a compressor station— Hangarversion (prefabricated building)including all engineering systems— Versionfor outdoor installation in open airareasCompressible GasesNitrogen, Oxygen, Chlorine, Air, AssociatedPetroleum Gas, Fuel Gas, Hydrocarbon ProcessGas, Flare Gas, Hydrogen-Bearing Gas, CokeOven GasConstruction Materials D uctile cast iron Carbon steel Stainless steelDesign Features & Advantages TitaniumHorizontally— split casing in a combinationwith embedded parts in the flow path allowfabrication of the complex machines forcompression of inflammable gases (oxygen)and gases tending to form various sedimentsalong the flow pathMaintenance— of bearings and seals withoutdisassembling of the casingLow cost of routine maintenance due to access— to the rotor and embedded parts throughthe upper casing halfSpecial— design and materials requirementsfor compression of inflammable gasesMany— years of operation in real conditionhave proven high reliability and efficiencyof the construction componentsAvailable in customized versions in accordance— with customer requirementsDrive Types E lectric motor Gas turbine Steam turbineScope of Supply C ompressor system (compressor, multiplier,base frame, couplings, piping) Electric motor (gas turbine drive, gas pistondrive, steam turbine) Lubrication systems and seals Anti-surge protection system Automatic control system

Centrifugal Compressors with Vertically Split CasingTechnical DataInstallation Capacity: up to 900 m3/min (up to 220,000 Nm3/h) Discharge pressure: up to 450 bar (458.8 kgf/cm )2 Drive power: up to 32,000 kW Efficiency: up to 85%Version for compressor stations (placement— inside the permanent building)Hangar version with all engineering systems— (easily construction buildings)Block-container version with all engineering— systemsCompressible GasesNitrogen, Chlorine, Air, Natural Gas, AssociatedPetroleum Gas, Fuel Gas, Hydrocarbon ProcessGas, Flare Gas, Hydrogen-Bearing Gas, CokeOven Gas, Other GasesDesign Features & AdvantagesA vertically split casing allows fabrication of— high-pressure compressors for explosive gasesFlow path with high-performance compression— stages — Special locks securing solid forged caps thatcover the ends of the steel cylinder, providequick and easy maintenance and repair ofthe compressorDry gas seals to provide complete purity of— compressed gas and prevent its leakage intocompressor roomActive magnetic bearings for the rotor— suspensionIntercooling of compressed gas between— sections in the two-stage casings A— utomation system based on microprocessorcontrollerMany years of operation in real conditions— have proven high reliability and efficiencyof the construction componentsMarine version including offshore platforms— Version for outdoor installation in open air— areasConstruction Materials D uctile cast iron Carbon steel Stainless steel TitaniumDrive Types E lectric motor Gas turbine Steam turbineScope of Supply C ompression system (compressor, multiplier,base frame, couplings, piping) E lectric motor (gas turbine drive, gas pistondrive, steam turbine) L ubricating oil systems and seals A nti-surge protection system A utomatic control system

HMS Group MoscowInternational Sales DepartmentPhone: 7 (495) 730 6601 (ext. 2112)Fаx: 7 (495) 730 6602E-mail: export@hms.ruwww.grouphms.com www.hms.bizKazancompressormash (НМS Group)The manufacturer of centrifugal compressor systems is Kazancompressormash (Kazan, Russia).All information in this brochure is for reference only and to select products developed and manufactured by Kazancompressormash.Please refer to relevant manuals for detailed technical information on all products. Kazancompressormash reserves the right to alter their products without prior notice andis not responsible for possible errors in catalogs, brochures and other printed materials.03112016Phone: 7 (843) 291-79-09 (ext. 1857)Fax: 7 (843) 291-79-67E-mail: info@hms-kkm.ruwww.compressormash.ru/en

API 617, 8TH EDITION. About Kazancompressormash Kazancompressormash (Kazan Compressor- Building Plant, Russia) is a leading Russian manufacturer of compressor equipment and provider of integrated compressor-based solutions for various industries. Key Facts and Figures More than 60 years of successful work in the compressor equipment market A wide range of sophisticated compressor systems for .

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Paper 1. Assessment of the 3D Flow in a Centrifugal compressor using Steady-State and Unsteady Flow Solvers 91 Paper 2. Generation Mechanisms of Rotating Stall and Surge in Centrifugal Compressors 117 Paper 3. Centrifugal Compressor: The Sound of Surge 137 Paper 4. Acoustic signature of flow instabilities in radial compressors 163 Paper 5.

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