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Lent beginsMarch 6LENT 2019 CATALOGwww.ForwardMovement.org

About Forward MovementInspiring disciples and empowering evangelists around the globeevery day, Forward Movement has been producing excellent, innovativeresources to encourage spiritual growth in individuals and congregationsfor more than eighty years.Best known for Forward Day by Day, a daily devotional providingmeditations on scripture readings, we continue to build on our historyof encouraging discipleship and evangelism. Today we offer books andeBooks for small groups, individual study, and prayer; Christian formationcourses; leadership events; Spanish and bilingual resources; pamphlets;downloadable resources; a daily podcast; apps for smartphones or tablets;and online engagement opportunities.Forward Movement donates more than 100,000 resources for Bible study,daily reflection, and spiritual nourishment each year to prisoners, hospitalpatients, and nursing home residents in fifty countries around the globe.Our ministry is made possible through generous donations, grants, andproduct sales.Contact Us or OrderOnline: www.forwardmovement.orgEmail: orders@forwardmovement.orgPhone: 800.543.1813 (Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. ET)Mail: 412 Sycamore Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-4110, USAAll prices are in USD. Shipping is not included in pricing. Discounts areoffered to eligible bookstores and churches; please call for details.TIP: Products in this catalog feature icons denotingwhen the book is available as an eBooksuitable for group study/curriculum 2 or is

The Good Book ClubJoin Episcopalians around the world on a great journey.Read Paul’s Letter to the Romans during Epiphany.Episcopalians around the world will readSaint Paul’s Letter to the Romans each daythroughout the season of Epiphany 2019. Joinwith tens of thousands of Episcopalians tolearn about life in the early church and centralprinciples of our Christian faith. The GoodBook Club offers an opportunity to dive deeplyinto scripture and create a daily practice ofengagement with God’s Word.It’s easy to join the Good Book Club: Just open your Bible and start! Tosupport you in your journey, we have a variety of resources for individuals,small groups, and congregations.DAILY READINGSBEGIN JANUARY 7Join us any time!Learn more and find resources atwww.goodbookclub.orgJoin the journey with a weekly online Bible Study from ChurchNext!Introducing Romans: Live Online Bible StudyAn online weekly Bible study, Wednesday evenings this EpiphanyThe Book of Romans is as complex as it is inspiring, rewarding those who study it withblessed insight into how we are to live into the path of Jesus. In this eight-week livecourse, the Rev. Jay Sidebotham will lead discussions about the author, origin, setting,and message of Romans. Classes meet live on Wednesday nights, starting January 9, viathe online meeting program Zoom. They’ll last an hour. The classes will be recorded andavailable to registered students, so you don’t have to be present at every class.This is a great way to explore Paul’s letter to the Romans, for both individuals and groups!ChurchNext subscription required: 9/month**Subscribers have access to over 350 other ChurchNext courses. Cancel anytime, with no penalty.Learn more and register at www.ChurchNext.tv 3

Lent 2019choose lentChoose JesusInspired by the Way of Love, Forward Movement invites youto explore and respond to how Jesus is tugging at your heart.How is God calling you to enter the holy season of Lent? What path will you walk duringthese forty days? While the season of Lent calls us all into a particular period of reflection,we choose different journeys. Depending upon where we are in our own seasons of lifeand faith, we may be called into a time of deep introspection, contemplation, and prayer.Perhaps God is calling us to an outward focus on works of mercy. Or maybe we need atime of formation, to connect our hearts and minds as we walk in love.We offer three broad paths built around the Way of Love, the Presiding Bishop’s call forpractices that support a Jesus-centered life. Each path suggests a primary resource as wellas numerous others that expand on the central theme. We offer these as guideposts, astrail markers, knowing and hoping that you will choose your own path during this Lent,and in doing so, make a choice to choose Jesus.Learn more at www.ForwardMovement.org/chooselentGO: Works of MercyWhere do you meet Jesus? The beginning of our AshWednesday liturgy explains that part of observinga holy Lent is to remember Jesus’ gospel of “pardonand absolution.” Yet Lent is not about confession andrepentance as punishment but as a profound, grace-filledunburdening so that we might encounter the living Christin all. When we go out, when we choose a commitment to sacred works of mercy, we setaside our notions of “otherness” and choose Christ, meeting him right where he tells us hewill be—in the hungry and thirsty, the stranger and the naked, the sick and the prisoner.Meeting Jesus on the MarginsMeditations on Matthew 25In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus urges us to feed the hungry, clothe thenaked, welcome the stranger, and visit the prisoners. These reflections,by well-known faith leaders, provide boots-on-the-ground stories ofserving and being served by “the least of these.” These daily meditationsexplore our own hunger, vulnerabilities, and the times we are imprisoned, either selfimposed or by circumstance. 5 4 each for 10 #2381 Order at www.ForwardMovement.org 4

PRAY: Pilgrimage & PraiseSince the day we left Eden, the people of God havebeen trying to make our way back to the placewe most deeply belong—to the literal dust of ourmaking and the unfathomably deep heart of God.The travels and travails we witness throughoutthe Bible and see most clearly in the life of Jesusbring to mind a quote from spiritual activist and writer Ram Dass: “We’re all just walkingeach other home.” Pilgrimages—and pilgrims—come in all shapes and sizes: Whetherwe embark on arduous journeys on desert paths or mountaintops or through the difficultterrains of the soul, we come to realize that the journey is the heart of the endeavor. ThisLent, choose to walk with Jesus on a path of prayer, pilgrimage, and praise.Are We There Yet?Pilgrimage in the Season of LentFellow pilgrims share their stories: about following yellow arrowsalong the Camino and white blazes through the Appalachian Trail tobearing witness to the pain of historic lynching sites in the AmericanSouth. Contributors recount their search for healing and wholenessat Marian shrines, in a reunion with birth parents, and around aprayer circle in a mental hospital. 7 5 each for 5 #2450 Order at www.ForwardMovement.orgWORSHIP: Walk in LoveSunday after Sunday, in Episcopal churches acrossthe world, people gather to worship together. As partof the Holy Eucharist, one of the verses that we oftenhear week after week is, “Walk in love, as Christ lovedus and gave himself for us, an offering and sacrificeto God.” This verse is used in the offertory sentence, which comes just as the people’sofferings are collected, and is a way of pointing people toward the sacrament of HolyEucharist that we are about to receive. We are encouraged to make connections betweenour Sunday prayers and our daily lives. One way to strengthen these connections is tochoose to learn more about our tradition as Episcopalians and particularly how The Bookof Common Prayer reflects our beliefs and shapes our lives.Walk in LoveA new online course from ChurchNextJoin ChurchNext for a series of five online classes on the Christian life and basic beliefs ofour faith, based on the popular book Walk in Love: Episcopal Beliefs & Practices (availablefor purchase at www.ForwardMovement.org). Guided by authors and Episcopal priestsScott Gunn and Melody Wilson Shobe, we invite you to walk through the liturgicalyear, the sacraments of the church, habits of daily prayer, and the teachings of AnglicanChristianity. See how our prayer shapes our belief and our lives and how our beliefs leadus into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. 10 individual course FREE for ChurchNext monthly subscribers ( 9/month)Subscribe at www.ChurchNext.tv 5

Lent Madness, inspired by college basketball tournaments, pits 32 saints againsteach other in a bracket, as each saint seeks to win the coveted Golden Halo.Throughout Lent, fans vote for their favorite saints at www.LentMadness.org.Follow Lent Madness on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date.2019 Saintly ScorecardThe Definitive Guide to Lent MadnessThe official guide to Lent Madness, the Saintly Scorecardfeatures the biographies of all 32 saints in contention forthe coveted Golden Halo. It also includes tips on howcongregations and individuals can use Lent Madness as adevotional tool, as well as a handy glossary and fold-outbracket so you can keep track of the winners.Individual copies (1-9) 3 each #2525 Bulk (shrink-wrapped packet of 10) #2541 20 each for 1-2 packets 10 each for 3 packets2019 Lent Madness Bracket PosterKeep track of your favorite saint’s progressthrough Lent Madness with this poster-sizedbracket. Buy one for home, for church, foryour friends, and even for complete strangers!Each day of Lent, you can update your veryown poster with the winners, so you can keep acareful eye on the competition throughout theseason. This color poster is 36” x 24” and shipsto you folded. 11 10 each for 2 #2526Saintly Beverage HoldersLent Madness Travel Mug 15 oz. mug 15 12 each for 3 #2529Anna Alexander – 2018 Golden Halo Winner Mug 11 10 each for 5 #2528Dietrich Bonhoeffer – 2016 Golden Halo Winner Pint Glass 12 11 each for 5 #2432“Who Will Win the Golden Halo?” - Purple Mug Mug 11 9 each for 5 #2293 6

More Lent resourcesAshes and the PheonixLent is Not Rocket ScienceFaithful and challengingreflections, poems, and artfrom esteemed writers andartists.W. Nicholas KniselyExplores the intersectionof faith and science,creation and the cosmos. 5 #2435 5 #2146Dust Bunnies in the BasketGood Lord, Deliver UsTim Schenck & Jay SidebothamHumor and spiritual directionfor the journey through Lentand Easter. 10 2355Leonard & Lindsay FreemanDaily reflections forLent, guided by ThomasCranmer’s Great Litany. 5 #2049The Soul’s JourneyKathrin BurlesonWalk the Stations of theCross, with beautiful art andsoul-searching reflections. 40 Sale: 30 #2206Springtime of the SpiritJohn D. AlexanderHomilies on the weekdayEucharistic readings for theseason of Lent. 10 #2429Joy in ConfessionHillary D. RainingA powerful tool forlearning about confessionin the Episcopal Church. 15 #2455Stations of the Cross &Stations of the ResurrectionBooklet versions of theStations published in SaintAugustine’s Prayer Book. 2 each #2141 & #2272Pamphlets for Lent and EasterAll Forward Movement pamphlets are sold in packs of 10 for 5/packResurrection Living #2135Celebrating the 50 Days of Easter #2137Holy Week #2138Observing Lent #2139How to Keep Lent #199Lent: Preparing for Easter #2140Learn more at www.ForwardMovement.org 7

BESTSELLER 22 each 18 for 5-9 16 for 10 #2463Take a journey through The Book of Common Prayer, theChristian life, and basic beliefs of our faith, guided by twoEpiscopal priests, Scott Gunn and Melody Wilson Shobe.Also available in Spanish: Anden en amor (#2524).Episcopal Beliefs & PracticesWalk in Love412 Sycamore StreetCincinnati, OH 45202-4195www.forwardmovement.orgNON-PROFIT ORGUS POSTAGEPAIDCINCINNATI OHIOPERMIT NO 8093

Lent Madness, inspired by college basketball tournaments, pits 32 saints against each other in a bracket, as each saint seeks to win the coveted Golden Halo. Throughout Lent, fans vote for their favorite saints at www.LentMadness.org. Follow Lent Madness on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date. Saintly

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Neil Stiller (v. 2018) For a long time I’ve been puzzled about the precise relationship between Lent and the Sundays in Lent. Not because it’s a specially complicated matter, it just takes me a long time to figure things out. I know that while the Sundays in Lent are within the 40 days of Lent they are not

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The season of lent appears after the council of Nicea. With so many biblical precedents, did it really take the church more than 300 years to seize upon the idea of fasting for forty days? The early history of lent is interesting and complex; it is something of a “choose your own adventure.” U ntil relatively recently, the origins of Lent—known as Tessarakosti in Greek and Quadragesima .

Feb 14, 2021 · to develop a deeper intimacy with the Lord? What’s going to be my “Lent walk”? Lent is a time of purification and a time of deepening intimacy with the Lord. Lent is a time to learn more about ourselves -- our patterns and God’s mercy. Lent is a time of grace and conversion. Our parish has developed a whole host of

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