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CONTENTSFISH & WILDLIFE DIRECTORY. 22017 LICENSE FEES. 4What’s New for 2017. 4Before You Fish. 4FISHING LICENSE INFORMATION. 5Fishing License Requirements and FIN Number. 5Fishing License Exemptions and Exceptions. 6WHERE DO YOUR FISHINGLICENSE DOLLARS GO?. 6GENERAL NON-TIDALFISHING REGULATIONS. 7Closure of Department Ponds During Draw-Downs. 7Speed and Wake of Motorboats on Division Ponds. 7FRESHWATER TROUT FISHING. 8License and Stamp Requirements for Trout Fishing. 8Freshwater Trout Fishing. 8Special Fly Fishing Only Sections(Restricted Trout Streams). 8Possession Limits of Trout. 8Designated Trout Streams. 10Trout Stocking Schedule. 10 OATING SAFETY. 11B2017 QUICK REFERENCE.12Delaware’s Recreational Season, Size and Creel LimitsSURF FISHING. 14NON-TIDAL FISHING ACCESS AREAS. 14TIDAL FISHING ACCESS AREAS.15INVASIVE SPECIES. 16FISHING & CLAMMING MAPS. 17GENERAL TIDAL FISHING REGULATIONS.18Striped Bass Spawning Season. 18Circle-Hooks. 18American Shad and Hickory Shad. 18River Herring. 18Summer Flounder. 19Electric Lights. 19Courtesy Docks. 19ARTIFICIAL REEF PROGRAM. 19 ETHICAL CATCH AND RELEASEOF SHARKS.20 SHARKS, CLAMS, CONCHS AND OYSTERS.22Common Delaware Sharks. 22Clamming. 22Conchs. 22Oysters. 22BLUE CRABS.23SPORT FISHING TOURNAMENT.24SPORT FISHING TOURNAMENT UPDATES.26TAKE A KID FISHING! PROGRAM.26ACCESS POINT ANGLER INTERCEPTSURVEY (APAIS).27ANNUAL YOUTH FISHINGTOURNAMENT. 27STATE RECORD HOLDERS.28WEIGH STATIONS AND/OR BOAT RAMPCERTIFICATE SALES.29FISH CONSUMPTION ADVISORIES.30FISHING PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS. 32Maps for this publication were created by the Office of the Secretary’s GIS section.Fish illustrations were drawn by Duane Raver. The cover photo is from photo contestwinner Shenna Bogetti. A special thanks to the Delaware anglers, our friends at NOAANMFS, the ASMFC, and DNREC staff who donated pictures throughoutthis guide.Doc. No. 40-05-03/17/11/01“F.I.N.” NUMBER“F.I.N.” NUMBERNAMENAMEFROM THE DIRECTOR OF THE DIVISION OF FISH AND WILDLIFEThe Division of Fish & Wildlife takes pride inscientifically managing fish populations for you,our angler customers. We will continue to workto provide you responsible fishing opportunities and fishing and boating access facilities ashighlighted throughout this fishing guide.We are also refocusing on expanding anotherequally important commitment to you, engaging and involving you inpromoting and improving fishing in our great state.Our annual photography contest presented on page 32 providesan opportunity for you to promote fishing by sharing fishing experiences that could be featured on the cover of or in this annual guide.Our Take a Kid Fishing program on page 26 and our annual YouthFishing Tournament on page 27 are great opportunities to not only getkids outdoors, but also to recruit new anglers as the future of fishing.The Sport Fishing Tournament is being rejuvenated for you, with afresh approach and new awards. Check pages 24 through 26 to learnmore, and look for information this year on a special youth tournamentdivision with youth-specific qualifying categories and awards.Look for a new program for recreational anglers, a salt-water fishtagging program to train qualified volunteer anglers in fish tagging togenerate additional scientific data on fish species to help the divisionsustainably manage fish populations and maximize fishing opportunities. Check for information on this exciting new program in thecoming year.As an avid Delaware angler for many years, I hope to see you on thewater. Stay in touch, and “tight lines” this fishing season 2017 DELAWARE FISHING GUIDEDavid E. Saveikis1

FISH & WILDLIFE DIRECTORYSTATE OF DELAWAREJohn C. Carney Jr.GovernorDELAWARE DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCESAND ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLDavid S. SmallSecretaryDIVISION OF FISH AND WILDLIFEDavid E. SaveikisDirectorADVISORYCOUNCIL ONWILDLIFE &FRESHWATERFISHEdward A. Montague,ChairGarrett L. Grier, Jr.,Vice ChairRaymond F. BurrisJohn Neal DukesJoe C. JohnsonCraig A. KarsnitzSteven M. KendusRobert C. NicholsDale R. ScuseADVISORYCOUNCIL ONTIDAL FINFISHERIESDr. Dewayne Fox,ChairBrian HoffeckerMarvin M. Kahl, Jr.James G. LittleBernard L. PankowskiJoseph A. SmithP. Wes TownsendADVISORYCOUNCIL ONRECREATIONALFISHINGFUNDINGBernard L. Pankowski,ChairDavid A. Russell,Vice ChairRalph William BakerEric B. Burnley, Sr.Richard CarlisleHon. Ronald GrayHon. Gerald HockerLoren C. EvansRonald L. HortonADVISORYCOUNCIL ONSHELL FISHERIESLeonard Voss, Jr.,ChairSteven CoppPatrick M. GaffneyRichard S. Hand, Jr.Virgilio PacelliPaul SatterfieldRobert G ThompsonWilliamstown, MA Birmingham, ALAbout This GuideThis high-quality guide is offered to youby the Delaware Department of NaturalResources and Environmental Controlthrough its unique partnership with J.F.Griffin Publishing, LLC.The revenue generated through ad salessignificantly lowers production costs andgenerates savings. These savings translateinto additional funds for other importantagency programs.State and Federal law prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, religionand/or disability. Complaints or inquiries should be directed to: Personnel Office, Department of NaturalResources and Environmental Control, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, DE 19901.If you have any feedback or are interested in advertising, please contact us at413.884.1001 or at www.JFGriffin.comThis summary is for the convenience of the sportsman and is not intended to cover all fishing laws andregulations. For specific provisions, reference should be made to Title 7, Delaware Code and DelawareAdministrative Code. When federal and state laws conflict, the law which is more restrictive governs.Graphic Design:Jon Gulley, Dane Fay, John Corey,Evelyn Haddad, Chris SobolowskiFOR THE ACTUAL WORDING OF THE FISHERIES STATUTES AND REGULATIONS, AS WELL AS A WIDE VARIETYOF OTHER INFORMATION, VISIT THE DIVISION’S WEBSITE AT www.fw.delaware.govDIRECTORYDIVISION OF FISH AND WILDLIFE WWW.FW.DELAWARE.GOVF.I.N. number. (800) 432-9228F.I.N. Helpline.(866) 447-4626Fisheries Section, Dover.(302) 739-9914Fisheries Field OfficesLittle Creek. (302) 735-2960Woodland Beach. (302) 735-8650Aquatic ResourcesEducation Center. (302) 735-8652Recreational Fishing Licenses.(302) 739-9918FISH AND WILDLIFE ENFORCEMENT SECTIONNew Castle County. (302) 836-4682Kent County.(302) 739-6139Sussex County.(302) 855-190124-hour hotline (KENTCOM)for reporting violations, problemsand fish kills. (800) 523-3336Boating Safety.(302) 739-9915Ramp Certificates.(302) 739-99162Boat Registration.(302) 739-9916GENERAL INFORMATIONFreshwater Trout Program.(302) 739-9914Non-tidal Fishing.(302) 735-2960 / (302) 735-8650Tidal Fishing. (302) 739-9914 / (302) 735-2960Fish Consumption Advisories.(302) 739-9914Division Public Health.(302) 744-4546Artificial Reef Program. (302) 735-2960Fishing / Boating Access Areas.(302) 739-9914Clamming. (302) 735-2960Shellfish Health & Safety,Closures. (302) 739-9939Crabbing. (302) 735-29602017 DELAWARE FISHING GUIDEThis guide is alsoavailable online at

AMERICA’S #1. selling aluminum fishing boats.AMERICA’S #1. selling aluminum fishing boats.Everything. but the water.Everything. but the water.Everything. but the water.We are the exclusiveAuthorized TrackerBoats dealer onWearethe rDelmarva.Millsboro , DE 1996632415 Long Neck RoadMillsboro , DE uthorized TrackerBoats dealer onlower Delmarva.

2017 LICENSE FEESBEFORE YOU FISH2017LICENSE FEESBEFORE YOU GO FISHING,CRABBING, OR CLAMMINGIN DELAWARE YOU MUST:LICENSE CATEGORYRESIDENTNON-RESIDENTGeneral Fishing License 8.50 20.007-day Tourist FishingNA 12.50*Boat License 20 ft or less(optional) 40.00 40.00 Get a free 2017 FIN number (automaticallygenerated with the purchase of an individuallicense) and keep it with you while fishing(page 5).*Boat License more than 20 ft(optional) 50.00 50.00 If fishing for freshwater trout get a 2017 troutstamp and affix it to your license (page 8).Head Boat License 300.00 600.00Charter Boat License 150.00 300.00Guide/Fishing 100.00 300.00* Boat License - The optional boat license for a recreational fisherman covers the holder of the license, and alloccupants in the boat, as do the charter boat and head boat licenses. A resident who purchases a Delawareboat-fishing license also will be given a single Delaware fishing license for their own use on those occasions thathe or she may not be on the boat. A Delaware FIN is required of all anglers age 16 years or older on the vessel.Non-resident - Any non-resident who is 16 years of age or older except persons covered by one of the exemptions is required to have a license to fish, clam, or crab in the waters of the State of Delaware. Non-residents maypurchase a 7-consecutive day tourist fishing license. The Division is very pleased to announcethat Delaware’s Sport Fishing Tournamentwill now include an award for “DelawareElite Anglers”. See pages 24 & 26 for details. Two new State Records were landed in 2016— False Albacore and Largemouth Bass.See page 28. All limits and seasons are subject to changeat anytime. Anglers can expect regulationchanges for Tautog, Blueline Tilefish and Summer Flounder in 2017. These changes were notavailable at the time of printing; however, theonline version of the fishing guide is updatedregularly. Know before you go by Anglers are reminded that federal rules nowspecify all Atlantic Highly Migratory Species(Atlantic tunas, sharks, swordfish and billfish)not retained must be immediately released toensure the maximum probability of survival,by cutting the line near the hook or by usinga dehooking device, in either case withoutremoving the fish from the water.FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK!You can now follow us on Facebook this QR Code withyour mobile device to visitour Facebook page.4WHILE FISHING, CRABBING,OR CLAMMING INDELAWARE, YOU MUST: Abide by size and possession limits. Be aware of area and seasonal closures.PLEASE BE AWARE THAT: Delaware does not have fishing license reciprocity with other states. You must have aDelaware fishing license to fish, crab or clamin Delaware. Delaware does not recognize Federal FINnumbers or FIN numbers from other states.You must have a free Delaware FIN (page 5).WHAT’S NEW FOR 2017 Starting in January of 2017, the Division isadding Cobia and Snakehead to the Delaware Sportfishing Tournament. The tournament recognizes anglers for outstandingcatches. Those lucky anglers will receive aDelaware Sportfishing Tournament recognition award and a beautiful citation worthy of framing. See pages 16, 24, and 25 formore information and minimum weight andlength requirements. Purchase a 2017 Delaware fishing licenseand keep it with you while fishing (page 5).2017 DELAWARE FISHING GUIDE You must have a New Jersey FIN number if you fish in New Jersey waters ofDelaware Bay.2017 FREEFISHING DAYS!In celebration of National Fishing andBoating Week, June 3–11, the Division hasdesignated June 3 and 4 as free fishingdays when anyone may fish in Delaware’swaters without a fishing license.PUBLIC PONDSA guide to public ponds, available online,is updated annually with the latestfisheries data. Each pond’s informationincludes: fish populations, vegetationconditions, special regulations andfacilities, and a contour map of the pond.This information is available at:

FISHING LICENSE INFORMATIONFISHING LICENSE REQUIREMENTS AND FIN NUMBERA general fishing license is required for fishing, valid fishing license. The number that you arecrabbing, or clamming in tidal and non-tidal issued will be valid through December 31 forwaters throughout the State of Delaware (see the calendar year in which it was issued. A FINFishing License Exemptions page 6). A fishing number is not needed if you only crab or clam.license may be obtained at DNREC headquarThe National Marine Fisheries Serviceters (89 Kings Highway, Dover), from over 85 (NMFS) will use the data obtained from thelicensing agents located throughout the state, FIN program to identify anglers for surveyor online by accessing purposes. The program allows for better estiand following the licensing link. A fishing mates of recreational landings, an importantlicense is good through December 31 for the component of fisheries management.calendar year in which it was issued.All funds derived from the issuance ofIn addition to the general fishing license, all fishing licenses are dedicated to a special acanglers (resident and non-resident) age 16 orolder must obtain a free Delaware FishermanInformation Network (FIN) number each yearbefore fishing in tidal or non-tidal waters ofDelaware. This includes those anglers exemptfrom obtaining a general fishing license. SeeMany anglers practice catch and releasethese exemptions on page 6. A FIN number isfishing. This behavior, popularized byautomatically generated and issued with thebass anglers, promotes the release of fishpurchase of an INDIVIDUAL fishing anglers so the fish can be caught again.Non-residents who do not have an individualfishing license AND those exempt from theA long-term bass tagging study inlicense requirement must obtain a FIN numberDelaware has demonstrated manybefore fishing.tagged fish are caught, released, andA FIN number can be obtained by autocaught again — a few as many as fourmated telephone 1-800-432-9228 (toll free),DO MORE:Kubota’s Standard L Series is available in 2WD or 4WD and deliversbothTheperformanceand strongly encouragestimes.Divisionor for liveoperator/customerserviceatquality. Engine, transmission and all integral components are manufactured by Kubota. Features a comfortable,catchandreleasefishing to onomic seat and intuitive operator at The FINangling success — unless a fishnumber is mandatory and failure to providepopulation is known to be overcrowded.a valid FIN number to an enforcement agentwill be treated the same as a failure to have acount for the purpose of matching and securing federal money allotted to Delaware underthe provisions of the Federal Aid in SportfishRestoration Act and cannot be diverted to otherpurposes. Together, these funds support projects having as their purpose the restoration,conservation, management and enhancementof sportfish, and the provision for public useand benefits from these resources (page 6).CATCH AND RELEASE,ishGET THERE: With a powerful 24.8 HP* Kubota diesel engine,the RTV-X1100 is redefined, rugged and ready to help you accomplishyour chores in comfort from a spacious, all-weather cab.Onthewater.comDO MORE: Kubota’s Standard L Series is available in 2WD or 4WD and delivers both performance andquality. Engine, transmission and all integral components are manufactured by Kubota. Features a comfortable,ergonomic seat and intuitive operator controls.GET THERE: With a powerful 24.8 HP* Kubota diesel engine,DO MORE: Kubota’s Standard L Series is available in 2WD or 4WD and delivers both performance andquality. Engine, transmission and all integral components are manufactured by Kubota. Features a comfortable,ergonomic seat and intuitive operator controls.the RTV-X1100 is redefined, rugged and ready to help you accomplishyour chores in comfort from a spacious, all-weather cab.Sales ServiceRental Parts– Serving Delmarva since 1949 –ce and maneuverability with Kubota diesel engines upers greater comfort and visibility with an extra-spaciousGET THERE: With a powerful 24.8 HP* Kubota diesel engine,the RTV-X1100 is redefined, rugged and ready to help you accomplishyour chores in comfort from a spacious, all-weather cab.MAKE THE CUT: Depend on the Z700 commercial gradezero-turn mower for durability and all-around performanceDO54MORE:Kubota’s Standardwith 48,quality.or60-inchdecks.L Series is available in 2WD or 4WD and delivers both performance andEngine, transmission and all integral components are manufactured by Kubota. Features a comfortable,ergonomic seat and i

Jan 17, 2017 · Guide/Fishing 100.00 300.00 * Boat License - The optional boat license for a recreational fisherman covers the holder of the license, and all occupants in the boat, as do the charter boat and head boat licenses. A resident who purchases a Delaware boat-fishing license also will be given a

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