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WHY ENCORE BOATS?Encore Boat Builders thrives on manufacturing a goodquality boat at an affordable price. Several selectionsof floor plans and options are available, be it forcruising or for fishing. These floor plans are availablein 14-foot, 16-foot, 20-foot, 22-foot, 24-foot and 25foot pontoons and are offered in many differentcolor variations. The company’s goal is to producequality boats at an affordable price with features andworkmanship superior to other available models.

CONTENTSFISH & WILDLIFE DIRECTORY. 22015 LICENSE FEES. 4What’s New for 2015. 4Before You Fish. 4FISHING LICENSE INFORMATION. 5Fishing License Requirements and FIN Number. 5Fishing License Exemptions and Exceptions. 6GENERAL NON-TIDALFISHING REGULATIONS. 7Closure of Department Ponds During Draw-Downs. 7Speed and Wake of Motorboats on Division Ponds. 7FRESHWATER TROUT FISHING. 8License and Stamp Requirements for Trout Fishing. 8Freshwater Trout Fishing. 8Special Fly Fishing Only Sections(Restricted Trout Streams). 8Possession Limits of Trout. 8Designated Trout Streams. 10Trout Stocking Schedule. 10ARTIFICIAL REEF PROGRAM. 19 SHARKS, CLAMS, CONCHS AND OYSTERS.20Common Delaware Sharks. 20Clamming. 20Conchs. 20Oysters. 20BLUE CRABS.21SPORT FISHING TOURNAMENT.22WHERE DO YOUR FISHINGLICENSE DOLLARS GO?.23 STATE RECORD HOLDERS.24 WEIGH STATIONS AND/OR BOAT RAMPCERTIFICATE SALES.25FISH CONSUMPTION ADVISORIES.26FISHING PHOTO CONTEST WINNERS.28 OATING SAFETY. 11B2015 QUICK REFERENCE.12Delaware’s Recreational Season, Size and Creel Limits. 12SURF FISHING. 14NON-TIDAL FISHING ACCESS AREAS. 14TIDAL FISHING ACCESS AREAS.15INVASIVE SPECIES. 16FISHING & CLAMMING MAPS. 17GENERAL TIDAL FISHING REGULATIONS.18Striped Bass Spawning Season. 18Circle-Hooks. 18New Striped Bass Measures. 18American Shad and Hickory Shad. 18River Herring. 18Summer Flounder. 19Electric Lights. 19Courtesy Docks. 19Maps for this publication were created by the Office of the Secretary’s GIS section.Fish illustrations were drawn by Duane Raver. The cover photo is from photo contest winner Amy Baldwin. A special thanks to the Delaware anglers and DNREC staffwho donated pictures throughout this guide.All of the information in this guide, and much more, may also be foundon the Division’s website No. 40-05-03/14/11/01“F.I.N.” NUMBER“F.I.N.” NUMBERNAMENAMEFROM THE DIRECTOR OF THE DIVISION OF FISH AND WILDLIFEHow does the Division of Fish and Wildlife’snew guiding slogan We Bring You Delaware’sGreat Outdoors through Science and Serviceresult in a successful and enjoyable fishing trip?We Bring You Delaware’s Great Outdoorsinvolves your Division of Fish and Wildlifeworking for you to provide opportunities forsuccessful fishing experiences in Delaware’sscenic and varied fishing destinations. Wemanage and restore a variety of fish populations to provide you quality fishing opportunities. We help you accessthese fish resources by providing numerous quality boat ramps andshoreline fishing areas throughout the state.Science defines and guides how we approach fish population man-agement and restoration. Fisheries science is used to manage fishpopulations and size distributions at sustainable levels through fishsize and possession limits and fishing seasons for the benefit of current and future anglers.Service defines and guides our commitment to you as our anglercustomer. Our services include managing fish populations and providing fishing and boating access areas, aquatic education and fishinglicense sales. Fishing license sales generate the funds to help payfor these services that provide you a quality fishing experience inDelaware’s great outdoors.As an avid Delaware angler for many years, I hope to see you on thewater. Wishing you “tight lines” this fishing season 2015 DELAWARE FISHING GUIDEDavid E. Saveikis1

FISH & WILDLIFE DIRECTORY CHECK OUT THE F&W WEBSITE:WWW.FW.DELAWARE.GOV 2015D E L AW A R ESTATE OF DELAWAREFISH ING GUIDEJack A. MarkellGovernorWE BRING YOU DELAWARE’S GREATDELAWARE DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCESAND ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLOUTDOORS THROUGH SCIENCE ANDFISHING PHOTOCONTESTWINNERSDavid S. SmallSecretarySee page 28NEW for 2015DIVISION OF FISH AND WILDLIFEDavid E. SaveikisDirectorADVISORYCOUNCIL ONWILDLIFE &FRESHWATERFISHEdward A. Montague,ChairGarrett L. Grier, Jr.,Vice ChairRaymond F. BurrisJohn Neal DukesJoe C. JohnsonCraig A. KarsnitzSteven M. KendusRobert C. NicholsTerry D. RatliffADVISORYCOUNCIL ONTIDAL FINFISHERIESDr. Dewayne Fox,ChairBrian HoffeckerMarvin M. Kahl, Jr.James G. LittleBernard L. PankowskiJoseph A. SmithP. Wes TownsendADVISORYCOUNCIL ONRECREATIONALFISHINGFUNDINGBernard L. Pankowski,ChairDavid A. Russell,Vice ChairRalph William BakerEric B. Burnley, Sr.,Ronald L. HortonFloyd Morton IIIDouglas M. Valentine Electric Lights in Tidal Waters Fish Consumption Advisories Improve Online Herring, Shad & Shark IdentificationGuidesDELAWARE DEPARTMENT OF NATURALRESOURCESAND ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLDIVISION OF FISH AND WILDLIFEADVISORYCOUNCIL ONSHELL FISHERIESLeonard Voss, Jr.,ChairSteven CoppPatrick M. GaffneyRichard S. Hand, Jr.Virgilio PacelliPaul SatterfieldRobert G ThompsonState and Federal law prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, religionand/or disability. Complaints or inquiries should be directed to: Personnel Office, Department of NaturalResources and Environmental Control, 89 Kings Highway, Dover, DE 19901.This summary is for the convenience of the sportsman and is not intended to cover all fishing laws andregulations. For specific provisions, reference should be made to Title 7, Delaware Code. When federal andstate laws conflict, the law which is more restrictive governs.FOR THE ACTUAL WORDING OF THE FISHERIES STATUTES AND REGULATIONS, AS WELL AS A WIDE VARIETYOF OTHER INFORMATION, VISIT THE DIVISION’S WEBSITE AT www.fw.delaware.govAbout this GuideThis high-quality regulation guide is offered to youby the Delaware Department of Natural Resourcesand Environmental Control through its uniquepartnership with J.F. Griffin Publishing, LLC.J.F. Griffin is an award winning publishing housethat specializes in producing state fish & wildliferegulation books. J.F. Griffin supports DNREC’s staffin the design, layout and editing of the guides. Theyalso manage the marketing and sales of advertisingto appropriate businesses within the book.The revenue generated through ad salessignificantly lowers production costs and generatessavings. These savings translate into additionalfunds for other important fisheries programs.If you have any feedback or are interested inadvertising, please contact us at 413.884.1001or online at www.JFGriffin.comDesigners: Jon Gulley, Dane Fay,Evelyn Haddad, Erin Murphy,Chris SobolowskiCover image by Amy BaldwinDIRECTORYDIVISION OF FISH AND WILDLIFE WWW.FW.DELAWARE.GOVF.I.N. number. (800) 432-9228F.I.N. Helpline.(866) 447-4626Fisheries Section, Dover.(302) 739-9914Fisheries Field OfficesLittle Creek. (302) 735-2960Woodland Beach. (302) 735-8650Aquatic ResourcesEducation Center. (302) 735-8652Recreational Fishing Licenses.(302) 739-9918FISH AND WILDLIFE ENFORCEMENT SECTIONMain Office.(302) 739-9913Region 1(New Castle & Kent Counties).(302) 739-6139Region 2 (Sussex County).(302) 855-190124-hour hotline (KENTCOM)for reporting violations, problemsand fish kills. (800) 523-3336Boating Safety.(302) 739-99152SERVICERamp Certificates.(302) 739-9916Boat Registration.(302) 739-9916GENERAL INFORMATIONFreshwater Trout Program.(302) 739-9914Non-tidal Fishing.(302) 739-2960 / (302) 735-8650Tidal Fishing. (302) 739-9914 / (302) 735-2960Fish Consumption Advisories.(302) 739-9914Division Public Health.(302) 744-4546Artificial Reef Program. (302) 735-2960Fishing / Boating Access Areas.(302) 739-9914Clamming. (302) 735-2960Shellfish Health & Safety,Closures. (302) 739-9939Crabbing. (302) 735-29602015 DELAWARE FISHING GUIDE430 Main St. Suite 5 Williamstown, MA 01267available onlinein a new Digital Edition!Fully searchable Live hyperlinks toexpanded contentEmail pagesOne-click printing


2015 LICENSE FEESBEFORE YOU FISH2015LICENSE FEESBEFORE YOU GO FISHING,CRABBING, OR CLAMMINGIN DELAWARE YOU MUST:LICENSE CATEGORYRESIDENTNON-RESIDENTGeneral Fishing License 8.50 20.007-day Tourist FishingNA 12.50*Boat License 20 ft or less(optional) 40.00 40.00 Get a free 2015 FIN number (automaticallygenerated with the purchase of an individuallicense) and keep it with you while fishing(page 5).*Boat License more than 20 ft(optional) 50.00 50.00 If fishing for freshwater trout get a 2015 troutstamp and affix it to your license (page 8).Head Boat License 300.00 600.00Charter Boat License 150.00 300.00Guide/Fishing 100.00 300.00* Boat License - The optional boat license for a recreational fisherman covers the holder of the license, and alloccupants in the boat, as do the charter boat and head boat licenses. A resident who purchases a Delawareboat-fishing license also will be given a single Delaware fishing license for their own use on those occasions thathe or she may not be on the boat. A Delaware FIN is required of all anglers age 16 years or older on the vessel.Non-resident - Any non-resident who is 16 years of age or older except persons covered by one of the exemptions is required to have a license to fish, clam, or crab in the waters of the State of Delaware. Non-residents maypurchase a 7-consecutive day tourist fishing license. Fish consumption advisories were recentlyupdated for fish caught in three Delawarewaterways: the Chesapeake & DelawareCanal (C&D Canal); the Red Lion Creek; andthe St. Jones watershed. Overall, the changesin the advisories reflect long-term environmental improvements. See page 26. A new online shark identification guideis available to anglers at: Growing interest in sharkfishing and conservation of shark species inrecent years prompted the development ofthis easily-accessed and printable guide foruse by anglers to aid in the identification ofsome of the most common sharks caught inthe Delaware Bay and nearshore waters ofthe state. For more information on sharks,see pages 13 and 20. A shad and river herring identification guideis now available for anglers at: The handy guide was developedto help anglers distinguish between shad andriver herring, which can be similar in appearance but must be treated differently by anglerswho catch them, according to state fishingregulations. For additional information onshads and river herrings, see page 18.2015 FREE FISHING DAYS!In celebration of National Fishing and Boating Week, June 6–14, the Division has designatedJune 6 and 7 as free fishing days when anyone may fish in Delaware’s waters withouta fishing license.FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK!You can now follow us on Facebook FISHING, CRABBING,OR CLAMMING INDELAWARE, YOU MUST: Abide by size and possession limits. Be aware of area and seasonal closures.PLEASE BE AWARE THAT: Delaware does not have fishing license reciprocity with other states. You must have aDelaware fishing license to fish, crab or clamin Delaware. Delaware does not recognize FederalFIN numbers or FIN numbers from otherstates. You must have a free Delaware FIN(page 5).WHAT’S NEW FOR 2015 It is now lawful to use electric lights in tidalwaters to attract fish or to aid in bowfishing. Purchase a 2015 Delaware fishing license andkeep it with you while fishing (page 5).2015 DELAWARE FISHING GUIDE You must have a New Jersey FIN number if you fish in New Jersey waters ofDelaware Bay.PUBLIC PONDSA guide to public ponds, available online,is updated annually with the latestfisheries data. Each pond’s informationincludes: fish populations, vegetationconditions, special regulations andfacilities, and a contour map of the pond.This information is available dBooklet.aspx.

FISHING LICENSE INFORMATIONeries: Redefined. Rugged. Ready.FISHING LICENSE REQUIREMENTS AND FIN NUMBERA general fishing license is required for fishing, issued will be valid through December 31 for ing licenses are dedicated to a special accountcrabbing, or clamming in tidal and non-tidal the calendar year in which it was issued. A FIN for the purpose of matching and securing fedwaters throughout the State of Delaware (see number is not needed if you only crab or clam. eral money allotted to Delaware under theFishing License Exemptions page 6). A fishThe National Marine Fisheries Service provisions of the Federal Aid in Sportfish Resing license may be obtained at DNREC head- (NMFS) will use the data obtained from the toration Act and cannot be diverted to otherquarters (89 Kings Highway, Dover), from over FIN program to identify anglers for survey purposes. Together, these funds support pro85 licensing agents located throughout the state, purposes. The program allows for better esti- jects having as their purpose the restoration,or online by accessing mates of recreational landings, an important conservation, management and enhancementand following the licensing link. A fishing li- component of fisheries management.of sportfish, and the provision for public usecense is good through December 31 for theAll funds derived from the issuance of fish- and benefits from these resources (page 23).calendar year in which it was issued.In addition to the general fishing license, allanglers (resident and non-resident) age 16 or oldermust obtain a free Delaware Fisherman Information Network (FIN) number each year beforefishing in tidal or non-tidal waters of Delaware.Many anglers practice catch and releaseThis includes those anglers exempt from obtainfishing. This behavior, popularized by bassing a general fishing license. See these exemptionsanglers, promotes the release of fish byon page 6. A FIN number is automaticallyanglers so the fish can be caught again. Agenerated and issued with the purchase of anlong-term bass tagging study in DelawareINDIVIDUAL fishing license. Non-residents whohas demonstrated many tagged fish aredo not have an individual fishing license ANDNew,truck-inspiredstyling.Improved suspension. Higherthose exempt from the license requirement mustcaught, released, and caught again — a fewground clearance. More legroom.Plus a rugged 21.8 HPobtain a FIN number before many as four times. The Division stronglyA FIN number can be obtainedautoKubotabydieselengine. America’stop-sellingdieselandutilityrelease fishing toencourages catchmated telephone 1-800-432-9228(tollfree),vehicleis noweven better!New, truck-inspiredstyling.Improvedsuspension. Highermaximizeanglingsuccess— unlessa fishor for live operator/customer service atclearance.legroom. Plus a rugged 21.8 HPpopulation isgroundknownto beMoreovercrowded.1-866-447-4626 (toll free) or by visiting theKubota diesel engine. America’s top-selling diesel utilitywebsite at The FINvehicle is now even better!number is mandatory and failure to providea valid FIN number to an enforcement agentwill be treated the same as a failure to have avalid fishing license. The number that you arehe new RTV X-Series: Redefined. Rugged. Ready.CATCH AND RELEASEMeet the new RTV X-Series: Redefined. Rugged. Ready.RTV-X900RTV-X900Meet the new RTV X-Series: Redefined. Rugged. Ready.New, truck-inspired styling. Improved suspension. HigherRTV-X900ground clearance. More legroom. Plus a rugged 21.8 HPKubota diesel engine. America’s top-selling diesel utilityvehicle is now even better!Sales ServiceRental PartsPower through tough workloads. Glide over hilly, bumpytay comfortableor rocky terrain. It’s easy with a 24.8 HPPowerKubotathroughdieseltough workloads. Glideactory-installedover hilly, bumpyDelmarva since 1949 –Bring on the rain, snow, heat and wind. You’ll stay comfortable– Servingengine— plus the new Extra Duty Independenty ina ruggedor rockyRearterrain. It’s easy with a 24.8 HP Kubota dieselthe RTV-X1100C’s luxurious, fully-enclosed, factory-installedSuspension (IRS)RTV-X1120Dfound on all RTVNew,X-Seriesmodels.truck-inspiredstyling. Improvedthesuspension.engine—plusnew HigherExtra Duty Independent Rearcab with air/heat/defrost and more. Powered by a ruggedNewarkRTV-X1120DRTV-X90024.8 HP Kubota diesel engine.RTV-X1100CRTV-X1100CBring on the rain, snow, heat and wind. You’ll stay comfortablein the RTV-X1100C’s luxurious, fully-enclosed, factory-installedcab with air/heat/defrost and more. Powered by a rugged24.8 HP Kubota diesel engine.Bring on the rain, snow, heat and wind. You’ll stay comfortablein the RTV-X1100C’s luxurious, fully-enclosed, factory-installedcab with air/heat/defrost and more. Powered by a rugged24.8 HP Kubota diesel Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2014RTV-X1120Dground clearance. More legroom. Plus a rugged 21.8 HPKubota diesel engine. America’s top-selling diesel uti

Jan 15, 2015 · Guide/Fishing 100.00 300.00 * Boat License - The optional boat license for a recreational fisherman covers the holder of the license, and all occupants in the boat, as do the charter boat and head boat licenses. A resident who purchases a Delaware boat-fishing license also will be given a

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On an exceptional basis, Member States may request UNESCO to provide thé candidates with access to thé platform so they can complète thé form by themselves. Thèse requests must be addressed to esd rize unesco. or by 15 A ril 2021 UNESCO will provide thé nomineewith accessto thé platform via their émail address.

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Chính Văn.- Còn đức Thế tôn thì tuệ giác cực kỳ trong sạch 8: hiện hành bất nhị 9, đạt đến vô tướng 10, đứng vào chỗ đứng của các đức Thế tôn 11, thể hiện tính bình đẳng của các Ngài, đến chỗ không còn chướng ngại 12, giáo pháp không thể khuynh đảo, tâm thức không bị cản trở, cái được

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

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Glossary of Social Security Terms (Vietnamese) Term. Thuật ngữ. Giải thích. Application for a Social Security Card. Đơn xin cấp Thẻ Social Security. Mẫu đơn quý vị cần điền để xin số Social Security hoặc thẻ thay thế. Baptismal Certificate. Giấy chứng nhận rửa tội