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What is the Health and Care Sector all about?Whether you’re treating poorly patients or conducting life-saving research,working in the health and care sector means you’ll be making a realdifference to the lives of others.As well as doctors, nurses, and other care-giving roles, there are plenty ofopportunities for IT specialists, software designers or even dance therapists!Do you enjoy meeting and helpingothers - often using practical skills?Are you able to care for others?Do you have an interest in science?Perhaps you want a career thatinvolves big experiments ordeveloping life-saving treatments?If any of these sound like you,you might be interested ina career in the health orsocial care sector.More than 1billionof recent investmentbeing made into localinfastructure across theNHS, universities andindustries within LiverpoolCity Region

Will there be opportunities and where are they?Did you know Over the last 7 years, employment in the sector has grown by13.3% in England and 6.6% in the Liverpool City Region.The Health and Care sector employs approximately 110,000 people in the area,with Liverpool being home to more specialist hospitals and health centres thanany other UK city outside of London. As the demand on the NHS grows in yearsto come, more vacancies will need to be filled.QUICKFACTSOver125,165jobs4,080Over20%of total employmentin the Liverpool CityRegion is withinHealth & CareDuring2015- 2025 thenumber of jobs willincrease byOver50,500jobs inadult socialcare2,895Health & Carebusinesses inthe regionWill there be opportunities and where are they?With hundreds of health and medical companies based here, the area isconsidered to be one of the UK’s top three clusters of biomedical activity.

What types of jobs are availableAllied health professionalsPodiatristThe allied health professions covera broad range of careers such aspodiatry, occupational therapy andspeech and language therapy.You will work with people’s feetand legs. You’ll diagnose and treatabnormalities and offer professionaladvice on care of feet and legs toprevent foot problems.Ambulance service teamParamedicThe ambulance service is aboutgetting patients to where they needto be cared for in emergency andnon-emergency situations.Paramedics provide first aid andlife support treatment in emergencysituations and transport sickand injured people who requireskilled treatment.DentalDental practitionerDental focuses on mouth health andmay work in a variety of settingsincluding general high streetpractices, hospitals, communityservices or in universitiesYou’ll diagnose dental and oraldiseases, injuries and disorders,prescribe and administer treatment,as well as recommendpreventative action.DoctorsMedical practitionerDoctors diagnose and treat medicalconditions, disorders, and diseasesthrough the application of specialistmedical skills and knowledge.You’ll diagnose mental disorders,diseases and physical injuries.Prescribe and give treatment,recommend preventative action,conduct training and research.Human Health & Social CareCare workerDelivery of health care in primary,tertiary settings, residential carehomes and providing care servicesin people’s own homes.Care workers and home carersattend to the personal needsand comforts of the elderlyand the infirm with care andsupport needs.Annual Pay 32,760Hours/Week37.5hAnnual Pay 40,040Hours/Week43hAnnual Pay 53,560Hours/Week36hAnnual Pay 53,560Hours/Week39hAnnual Pay 21,000Hours/Week42h

To search for further roles and salaries visit main responsibilities wouldbe to support surgeons and otherprofessionals before, during andafter surgical procedures.MidwiferyMidwifeThe role they have in preparingwomen for the delivery of new lifemakes them a vital presence duringall stages of pregnancy, labourand the early postnatal period.You’ll deliver, or assist in the deliveryof babies, provide antenatal andpostnatal care and advise parentson baby care.NursingNurseA nurse could work across adult,mental health, learning disabilityand children – working across avariety of territories such as A&E,neonatal, theatre and prisons.You’ll care for the sick and injured,assist medical doctors with theirtasks and work with other healthcareprofessionals and within teams ofhealthcare workers.Psychological therapiesPsychologistA career in this field could see youworking with those who have mildconditions, such as anxiety, to severedepression or more rare and complexconditions such as bipolar disorder.You’ll research, study and assessemotional, cognitive and behaviouralprocesses and abnormalities inhuman beings.Public healthEnvironmental healthRoles are based in organisationssuch as the government, schoolsor the armed forces, working as ahealth visitor, school nurse or anenvironmental health professional.You’ll help to protect people fromhealth risks associated with theenvironment in which they liveand work.Annual Pay 32,222Hours/Week37.5hAnnual Pay 37,960Hours/Week38hAnnual Pay 34,840Hours/Week39hAnnual Pay 40,560Hours/Week38hAnnual Pay 41,600Hours/Week41hWhat types of jobs are available?Surgical care practitionerUnder the supervision of a doctor,medical associates will help outwith the day-to-day patient care,releasing additional time for doctorsto focus on more complex issues.All hours and salaries are averages taken from associate

How to get into the sectorImportant skills to have:EmpathyListening SkillsUseful subjectsto study:MathsEnglishPhysicsChemistryBiologyDesign and TechnologyICTProject ManagementManaging and Motivatingother staffCommunication skillsProblem solving- being creativeand finding solutionsTimekeeping andTime management

To search for further roles and salaries visit TraineeshipsApprenticeships combine a job with practical training and study.Apprentices: Work alongside experienced staff Gain job-specific skills Earn a wage and be entitled to holiday pay Get time off the job for study related to your role (usually one-day a week)If you are a young person aged 16 to 24 and would like to secure anapprenticeship but don’t yet have the appropriate skills or experiencethen choosing a Traineeship as an option may help you acquire the entryrequirements needed.Further information available eTraining Providers School Sixth Forms FE Colleges including VI Form Colleges Independent Training Providers Adult and Community Learning Providers University Technical Colleges (UTCs) Studio SchoolsUniversities andHigher EducationInstitutions University of LiverpoolLiverpool John Moores UniversityLiverpool School of Tropical MedicineLiverpool Hope UniversityEdge Hill UniversityHow to get into the sectorWith more than 100,000 students, of which 30,000 graduate each year, Liverpool CityRegion offers you direct access to some of the world’s best resources;

Find out more Jobs and Salary in the in the in the Care

The Health and Care sector employs approximately 110,000 people in the area, with Liverpool being home to more specialist hospitals and health centres than any other UK city outside of London. As the demand on the NHS grows in years to come, more vacancies will need to be filled. With hundreds of health and medical companies based here, the area is considered to be one of the UK’s top three .

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children had at least one unmet health care need or had medical care delayed because of worry about the cost of care. These health care needs included medical care, dental care, prescription medicine, glasses, and mental health care. In addition, almost 4.2 million children lacked a regular source o

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