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Barclays PLC Environmental Social Governance Report 2018

Creatingopportunitiesto riseBarclays PLCEnvironmental SocialGovernance Report2018

Our common Purpose is‘Creating opportunities torise’. We are a company ofopportunity makers workingtogether to help peoplerise – customers, clients,colleagues and society.For further information and a fuller understandingof the results and the state of affairs of the Group,please refer to the full Barclays PLC Annual Report2018 suite of documents available PLC Strategic Report 2018An overview of our 2018 performance, a focus on ourstrategic direction, and a review of the businessesunderpinning our strategy.Barclays PLC Annual Report 2018A detailed review of Barclays 2018 performance withdisclosures that provide useful insight and go beyondreporting requirements.Barclays PLC Country Snapshot 2018An overview of our tax contribution country by countryas well as our broader approach to tax, including our UKtax strategy.Barclays PLC Environmental SocialGovernance (ESG) Report 2018Our ESG strategic priorities and performance, reportedagainst a range of quantitative and qualitative indicators.Barclays PLC Pillar 3 Disclosures 2018A summary of our risk profile, its interaction with theGroup’s risk appetite, and risk management.ReportingThe Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Report provides additional information on keynon-financial topics and forms part of the Barclays PLC Annual Report suite.This report should be read in conjunction with the Annual Report at report has been prepared in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards(Core option). Further details on the requirements can be found in our 2018 GRI Content Index.The Environmental Social Governance Framework sets out the basis on whichkey metrics were prepared. These documents are available at you see this icon you will find moreinformation on another page or Barclays reportAssuranceKPMG LLP undertook a limited assurance engagement over selected performance informationin this report. Refer to their statement on page 68.When you see this icon you will find moreinformation online

What’s inside this reportChair of the Board Reputation CommitteeThe Board provides oversight ofenvironmental and social matters Page 2Chief ExecutiveDelivering on our strategic priorities Page 3Shared Growth Ambition2018 Summary Page 4Continuing to deliver for customers,clients, colleagues and society Page 5Context and approachPage 6Our business modelWorking together to help people rise Page 8Our focus areasOn an annual basis we conduct a materialityassessment in line with the principle ofmateriality as described in the GlobalReporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.Within the ESG Report, material topics havebeen disclosed in four categories accordingto stakeholder interest:Our Materiality Review and GRI Content Indexfor 2018 can be found at clients Company Page 12Page 38ColleaguesSocietyPage 50Page 56Additional informationPage 10Additional informationThe final output of the materiality processhas fed into the planning stages of theESG Report which has been approved bysenior management and Board Committees.The GRI Content Index reflects thedisclosures made around the materialtopics in our reporting suite.Our approachOur approach to managingEnvironmental, Social andGovernance matters ESG Ratings Page 67KPMG Assurance statement Page 68Read more online at: Our focus areasOur purpose and valuesWe are a company ofopportunity makers Context and approachOur leadership team discussesour achievements and thefuture for BarclaysLeadership teamThe Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Report providesadditional information on key non-financial topics and formspart of the Barclays PLC Annual Report suite. This report shouldbe read in conjunction with the Annual Report.Barclays PLC Environmental Social Governance Report 201801

Chair of the Board Reputation CommitteeThe Board provides oversight ofenvironmental and social mattersSecond, we wanted to ensure that thefinal year of Barclays’ previous Citizenshipprogramme – known as the Shared GrowthAmbition – was a success. Jes Staley providesmore detail on the following pages. I’mparticularly proud of the work our colleagueshave done to employ their skills for societalbenefit – whether helping people acquire basicdigital and financial skills through our LifeSkillsprogramme, or taking part in the UnreasonableImpact programme that brings togetherentrepreneurs and experts to find scalablesolutions to problems, such as access to cleanwater. In October 2018, I joined three youngpeople who were being helped by Barclaysand our partner, Catch 22, to prepare for jobinterviews. They were bright but had lost theconfidence or experience to apply for work.Getting a job would turn their lives around,and I was proud that Barclays could help.Mary FrancisChair of the Board ReputationCommitteeI took over as chair of the Reputation Committeeof the Barclays Board in April 2018. Our job is tooversee, on behalf of the board, the company’sculture, conduct and reputation.The 2018 UK Corporate Governance Codesays it clearly: the role of a company board“is to promote the long-term sustainablesuccess of the company, generating valuefor shareholders and contributing towider society”.Barclays’ first task is to deliver excellentservices to its customers. But every memberof our Board knows that the way we go aboutour business has wider implications: we cando good or harm in people’s lives; we cancontribute to economic success or failure.I took over as chair of the ReputationCommittee of the Barclays Board in April2018. Our job is to oversee, on behalf of theboard, the company’s culture, conduct andreputation. We have a particular responsibilityto look outwards and ensure that Barclaysconsiders the interests of all its stakeholders– shareholders and customers of course,but also employees, suppliers, governmentsand communities. If our business is out ofstep with their concerns and expectations,it will stumble. If we are alert and responsive,02 Barclays PLC Environmental Social Governance Report 2018 we will help create a more healthy andprosperous society, in which our ownbusiness can also develop and grow.In the last year the Reputation Committeehad three strong areas of focus.First, we encouraged management to ensurethat Barclays’ purpose, values and culture arefully aligned and embedded. We welcomedthe definition of the new Purpose: ‘CreatingOpportunities to Rise’. We emphasised theimportance of underpinning this with ourenduring Values: respect, integrity, service,excellence and stewardship. Accordingly,we reviewed regularly dashboards of evidencethat our people act in accordance with thosevalues. We also discussed with the BankingStandards Board its own, external, surveyof the culture of our organisation – and werepleased that the notable progress made in2017 was maintained in 2018. We look fora culture that is both entrepreneurial andhighly risk aware, and we see good evidenceof this combination.Third, we focused on issues which are ofwide social concern and which also impactour business directly. Data privacy is onesuch issue – of increasing concern to manyindividuals and businesses, and somethingwe must manage sensitively at every stageof developing and delivering our productsand services. Another is climate change.The Committee approved policy statementson Coal, and World Heritage Sites and RamsarWetlands in April 2018. A comprehensiveEnergy and Climate Change Statement(which strengthened and replaced our CoalStatement) was published in January 2019.As the Statement sets out, Barclays iscommitted to develop its ‘green finance’ skillsand assets; to conduct careful due diligencewhen considering lending for projects insensitive energy sectors; and to reducethe environmental footprint of our ownoperations. We are also working to enhanceour reporting on environmental matters,in line with the recommendations of theTask Force on Climate-related FinancialDisclosures (TCFD).The rest of this report provides information onthe wide range of environmental, social andgovernance activity which Barclays undertookin 2018. I am very grateful to my predecessor,Gerry Grimstone, to my Committee members,and to Jes Staley and his team for all they havedone to advance this work.Mary FrancisChair, Board Reputation

Chief ExecutiveDelivering on our strategic prioritiesLeadership teamWe value the trust that our clients, customers,and wider society place in us to serve theirbest interests every day. We recognise the rolethat we play in driving sustainable economicgrowth and societal progress, and we takethat responsibility seriously.Our success has always been inextricablylinked to the progress of the people,communities and businesses that we serve.James E. StaleyGroup Chief ExecutiveDelivering on our Shared Growth AmbitionIn 2016 we launched our Shared GrowthAmbition which set out the focus areaswhere we could play to our strengths asa financial institution, while achieving thegreatest positive impact on the economyand communities.We had good momentum over the lastthree years with progress across our rangeof community investment programmes,which focused on three key areas of accessto employment, digital and financialempowerment, and social and environmentalfinancing. We also met or exceeded our 2018annual targets for The Barclays Way trainingand carbon emissions reduction. See page 4for a summary of 2018 Barclays PLC Environmental Social Governance Report 201803Additional informationAs I meet colleagues from across Barclays,I feel incredibly proud of the role that theyare playing to strengthen our local and globalcommunities. It’s their energy and spirit thatshows Barclays at its best.Our focus areasBarclays recognises our role in serving society,and our success has always been inextricably linkedto the progress of the people, communities andbusinesses that we serve. It is by focusing on ourcore products and services, and our relationships,that we can make the greatest positive impact.We will continue to identify new opportunities tointegrate these considerations into the work we doevery day to help customers and clients, colleaguesand society to rise.It is by focusing on our core products,services, and relationships, that we canmake the greatest positive impact. We areresponding to global challenges like climatechange and global energy demand byevaluating our financing of carbon intensiveenergy sources, while proactively supportingthe development of green financial productsand services. We are contributing to inclusiveprosperity by enhancing the skills andmeaningful employment opportunities ofpeople in our local communities. And weare investing in innovation from our bestasset – our colleagues – to test and scalenew business opportunities that tackle socialand environmental challenges.Context and approachAnd, it is only in an inclusive society, whichuses its resources in a sustainable manner,that our clients and customers and, in turn,our business, can thrive. So, strengtheningour approach to Environmental, Socialand Governance issues makes goodbusiness sense.

Chief ExecutiveShared Growth Ambition 2018 SummaryAccess to financing 27.3bnAccess to financial and digital empowermentrfinancing facilitatedWe have continued to build our capability to deliver financingsolutions across a range of social and environmental segmentsincluding education, healthcare, development finance institutionsand renewable energy and low carbon technologies. Our financingvolume is tracked and screened using Barclays Impact EligibilityFramework, developed in collaboration with Sustainalytics,a global provider of ESG and corporate governance, research,ratings and analytics.In 2018 Barclays facilitated 27.3bn in financing for specific socialand environmental segments across our business (2017: 31.7bn).The reduction from prior year reflects market conditions, includingthe impact of changes in U.S. tax law which caused certain qualifyingclients to accelerate new debt issuance from 2018 into 2017.We expanded our green product portfolio, including the launchof the Barclays Green Home Mortgage, the first green mortgagefor retail customers by a mainstream UK bank, added GreenTrade Finance to our Corporate Banking green product set andstructured several innovative transactions such as the firstSustainability-linked Revolving Credit Facility for a US borrower.2018 27.3bn2017customers supportedWe continue to focus on empowering customers and providingdedicated products, tools and training to help enhance accessto financial services, manage digital security and improvefinancial health.We helped support around 261,000 people in 2018 (2017:205,000) through initiatives such as Barclaycard Initial for thosewith a limited credit history; our Digital Eagles network, comprisedof specially trained Barclays employees working to provide freetechnology support to customers and non-customers; and thecontinued development of learning platforms.We also provided support to financially vulnerable customers,disabled people and older customer groups and developed toolsto enhance financial health and tackle fraud.2018 31.7bn2016261,000 30.5bn261,0002017205,0002016249,000Access to employmentThe way we do business2.4m 38%rrpeople supportedBarclays is committed to helping people gain access to skills,connecting job seekers and employers, and supportingentrepreneurs to drive job creation.We helped improve the skills of over 2.4 million people in 2018(2017: 2.1 million), driven by a range of regional employabilitypartnerships and our flagship LifeSkills programme in the UK.We held Accelerators for the third year of the ‘UnreasonableImpact’ programme in partnership with the Unreasonable Group,focused on scaling ventures that solve environmental and societalproblems. 90 ventures have participated to date in programmesacross the UK and Europe, US and Asia.20182.4m201720162.1m1.7mreduction in carbon emissionsWe track a range of metrics focused on training our colleagues onour Code of Conduct, paying our suppliers on time and reducingcarbon emissions. 99.9% of our colleagues completed training onthe Barclays Way Code of Conduct.We continued to manage our operational environmental impacts,reducing global carbon emissions by 38% (2017: 26.1%) andexceeding our target of 30% reduction by 2018 against the 2015baseline. We also achieved 82% (2017: 89%) on-time payment byvalue to our suppliers (target: 85%). Supplier payment on timewas below target due to a change in systems, which impactedperformance during the year.2018201720162015292,000 tCO2e ( 38%)345,000 tCO2e ( 27%)401,000 tCO2e ( 15%)470,000 tCO2erSubject to limited assurance by KPMG. Refer to page 6804 Barclays PLC Environmental Social Governance Report 2018

Chief ExecutiveContinuing to deliver for customers,clients, colleagues and societyJames E. StaleyGroup Chief Capital and ProductsWe will continue to develop opportunitiesto achieve positive outcomes through thefinancing solutions and the products andservices we provide across the diverse consumerand wholesale client segments we serve. We will facilitate 150bna of social andenvironmental financing by 2025, includingfunding for sectors such as renewableenergy, clean technology, education,affordable housing and national andsupranational development institutions. We aim to upskill ten millionc peopleover the next five years to support allgenerations through our LifeSkillsprogramme, across the whole of the UK.We will also use our networks to helpprovide pathways to employment usinga demand-driven approach. We will helpplace 250,000d people into work throughour Connect with Work partnershipsacross the UK, US and Asia by 2022.Notesa Total financing volume in eligible social andenvironmental categories according to BarclaysImpact Eligibility Framework (2018-2025)b Investments in labelled Green Bonds by BarclaysTreasury (no end time frame)c Total number of participants (2018-2022)d Total number of work placements acrossprogrammes and regions (2019-2022)e Total number of participating ventures since launch(2016-2022)f Scope 2 emissions measured according to marketbasis under the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (2025against a 2018 baseline)We will support business growth acrossthe UK through dedicated regional andindustry focused growth funds.We will work with partners to identifythe opportunities to build thriving localeconomies and run pilot schemes infour different local economies aroundthe UK by 2022.Sustainable InnovationWe recognise the role of innovation in solvingsome of society’s most pressing challengesand the part Barclays can play in supportingnew ideas to flourish, and entrepreneurs andventures to grow and thrive. We remain committed to the green bondmarket as an investor and after meetingour 2bn target, we now aim to double ourgreen bond investment to 4bnb over time.Skills and EmployabilityWe will scale our partnerships withleading community organisations toaddress critical skills development andemployability opportunities. We will support innovative businessmodels and help to mentor over 250ehigh impact businesses solving social andenvironmental challenges through ourUnreasonable Impact accelerator by 2022.We will continue to support Barclays’Social Innovation Facility (SIF) to enablecolleagues to develop new products andservices that allow Barclays to generateboth commercial and social value.Additional informationThe organisation has evolved and as we lookto the future, we reflect upon Barclays as it istoday, and how we want it to be tomorrow.While our business and the world around ushave changed profoundly over the years, ouropportunity-seeking spirit has not. We havealways been opportunity makers – whetherby funding pioneering industries, embracingnew sustainable technologies or deployinginitiatives that drive skills and employability.When we help to unlock these opportunities,our customers and clients prosper, economiesdo better, and society becomes stronger.So as we move forward into 2019, ourCitizenship and Sustainability work will evolveto align with our new Purpose, and will gofurther toward improving the positive socialand environmental impact of the businesswe do every day.Economic GrowthBarclays has been part of the fabric ofthe UK for over 328 years. In addition toour role in the UK as a leading employerand provider of financial services acrossall segments of the economy, we will alsopursue targeted local economic growthinitiatives working in partnership withstakeholders.Our focus areasLooking to the futureWe aspire to be one of the world’s mostrespected and well-regarded banks. We haveworked hard to resolve outstanding legacyissues, while continuing to strengthen ourcontrol environment. We put our customersand clients at the heart of everything we do,and seek to strengthen the trust placed in usby society.Banks play a key role in connecting theproviders and users of capital. Barclaysrecognises this role in serving society, and oursuccess has always been inextricably linkedto the progress of the people, communitiesand businesses that we serve. As society’sexpectations of business continue to evolve,we aim to stay ahead of those expectations.It is by focusing on our core products andservices, and on our relationships, that wecan make the greatest positive impact.Context and approachWe aim to continue to develop our social andenvironmental financing solutions and widerproduct platform across our core businesslines and implement a broader sustainabilityapproach. We will scale our award-winningemployability and skills partnerships andcontinue to invest in sup

information on another page or Barclays report Barclays PLC Strategic Report 2018 An overview of our 2018 performance, a focus on our strategic direction, and a review of the businesses underpinning our strategy. Barclays PLC Annual Report 2018 A detailed review of Barclays 2018 performance w

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