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Monday, 08:00–10:0007:00–18:00 Registration, Concourse Level52Executive Ballroom210AExecutive Ballroom210BExecutive Ballroom210CExecutive Ballroom210DCLEO: QELS-Fundamental Science08:00–10:00FM1A QuantumOptomechanics & TransductionPresider: Gabriel Molina Terriza;Centro de Fisica de Materiales,Spain08:00–10:00FM1B Topological Photonics IPresider: To Be Announced08:00–10:00FM1C Novel Phenomena inClassical Nano-OpticsPresider: Mo Mojahedi; Univ. ofToronto, USA08:00–10:00FM1D Coherent Phenomenain Coupled Resonator NetworksPresider: To Be AnnouncedFM1A.1 08:00Ultralow Dissipation Mechanical Resonators for Quantum Optomechanics, NilsJohan Engelsen1, Sergey A. Fedorov1, AmirH. Ghadimi1, Mohammad J. Bereyhi1, AlbertoBeccari1, Ryan Schilling1, Dalziel J. Wilson2,Tobias J. Kippenberg1; 1Ecole PolytechniqueFédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland; 2IBMResearch — Zürich, Switzerland. We demonstrate dissipation dilution engineeringtechniques for ultralow dissipation mechanical resonators. The Si3N4 nanobeams showquality factors (Q) as high as 800 million andQ f exceeding 1015 Hz—both records atroom temperature.FM1B.1 08:00Spin-Preserving Chiral Photonic CrystalMirror, Behrooz Semnani1,2, Jeremy Flannery2, Zhenghao Ding2, Rubayet Al Maruf2,Michal Bajcsy2,1; 1ECE, Univ. of Waterloo,Canada; 2Inst. for Quantum Computing,Canada. We report on experimental realization of a chiral photonic-crystal structurewhich exhibits extreme intrinsic chira-opticalactivity. Formation of quasi-bound-statesin-continuum allows selective reflection ofthe circular polarization states of light andunconventionally preserves the handedness.FM1C.1 08:00Brightness Theorems for Nanophotonics, Hanwen Zhang1, Chia Wei Hsu1, OwenMiller1; 1Yale Univ., USA. We present nanophotonic ‘’brightness theorems’’, a set ofpower-concentration bounds that generalizetheir ray-optical counterparts, and motivatethe concept of ‘’ wave étendue’’. We showtheir ramifications in the design of metasurfaces and waveguide combiners.InvitedFM1D.1 08:00Solving Hard Computational Problems withCoupled Lasers, Nir Davidson1; 1WeizmannInst. of Science, Israel. We present a new anew system of coupled lasers in a modifieddegenerate cavity that is used to solve difficult computational tasks.FM1A.2 08:15Dynamical gauge fields for phonons in anoptomechanical system, Javier Del Pino1,John P. Mathew1, Ewold Verhagen1; 1AMOLF,Netherlands. We demonstrate a syntheticgauge field for phonon transport in a nanooptomechanical platform. Employing timemodulated radiation pressure forces, we evidence nonreciprocal nanomechanical phasetransfer. We show how this enables newclasses of phononic topological insulators.FM1B.2 08:15Lossless Zero-Index Guided Modes viaBound States in the Continuum, MomchilMinkov1, Ian Williamson1, Meng Xiao1, Shanhui Fan1; 1Stanford Univ., USA. Zero-indexmetamaterials are sought for a number ofapplications, but have thus far always beenassociated with significant optical loss. Weovercome this shortcoming by designingnon-radiative zero-index modes in an alldielectric photonic crystal slab.FM1C.2 08:15The Meaning and Use of Phase in Subwavelength Scattering, Zhean Shen 1 ,Aristide Dogariu1; 1Univ. of Central Florida,CREOL, USA. We show that the influence ofevanescent wave is preserved in the phaseof far field as an energetic time delay duringscattering. We demonstrate the capability forsub-wavelength sensing by far-field phasemeasurements.FM1A.3 08:30Quantum Measurement of a MechanicalResonator At and Below the StandardQuantum Limit, Massimiliano Rossi1,2, DavidMason1,2, Junxin Chen1,2, Yeghishe Tsaturyan1,Albert Schliesser1,2; 1Niels Bohr Inst., Denmark; 2Niels Bohr Inst., Center for HybridQuantum Networks (Hy-Q), Denmark. Wemeasure mechanical displacements within35% of the Heisenberg limit. By exploitingquantum correlations in an optomechanicalsystem, we achieve for the first time a totalsensitivity below the standard quantum limitby 1.5 dB.FM1B.3 08:30Non-Hermitian-enhanced photonic zeromode, Mingsen Pan 3,1, Han Zhao 2, PeiMiao 3,1 , Stefano Longhi 4 , Liang Feng 3 ;1Dept. of Electrical Engineering, The StateUniv. of New York at Buffalo, USA; 2Dept. ofElectrical and Systems Engineering, Univ. ofPensylvinia, USA; 3Dept. of Materials Scienceand Engineering, Univ. of Pensylvinia, USA;4Dipartimento di Fisica, Politecnico di Milanoand Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie delConsiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Italy. Byultrafast heterodyne measurements of lighttransport dynamics in a silicon waveguidelattice, we experimentally demonstratedthe existence of a zero-energy mode whosetopological characteristics are enhanced bynon-Hermitian quantum phase engineering.FM1C.3 08:30Power–Bandwidth Limits in Near-FieldNanophotonics, Owen Miller 1, HyungkiShim 1; 1Yale Univ., USA. We find upperbounds to near-field optical response, for anymaterial over any bandwidth. We apply thisapproach to CDOS, a photon-entanglementmeasure, and derive the first general boundsto near-field radiative heat transfer.CLEO 5–10 May 2019FM1D.2 08:30Mode-Dependent Coupling and Vectorial Optical Vortices in Metallic NanolaserArrays, Midya Parto1, William Hayenga1,Demetrios N. Christodoulides1, MercedehKhajavikhan 1; 1Univ. of Central Florida,CREOL, USA. We demonstrate both theoretically and experimentally that metallic nanolasers display different coupling behaviorsdepending on the vectorial electromagneticmodes within each nanocavity. Symmetric,antisymmetric, as well as vector-vortex lasingsupermodes are observed in such structures.

07:00–18:00 Registration, Concourse LevelExecutive Ballroom210FJointExecutive Ballroom210GExecutive Ballroom210HCLEO: Science & Innovations08:00–10:00JM1E Symposium on HighAverage Power UltrafastLasers: Trends, Challenges &Applications I08:00–10:00SM1F Optical ClocksPresider: Andre Luiten; Univ. ofAdelaide, Australia08:00–10:00SM1G Ultra-High CapacityTransmission Techniques & SDMPresider: Ryan Scott; KeysightLaboratories, USA08:00–10:00SM1H Plasmonics forManipulation & SensingPresider: Zijie Yan; ClarksonUniversity, USAInvitedJM1E.1 08:00Recent Advances in SESAM-modelockedHigh-power Thin Disk Lasers, Ursula Keller1;1ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Nonlinear refractiveindex of the intracavity air is a problem. Wereview how the negative phase shift achievable from cascaded nonlinearities can cancelthe positive phase shift from air to support210-W average output power.SM1F.1 08:00Measuring Optical Frequency Ratios withUncertainties Below 10-17 via the BoulderAtomic Clock Network, Holly F. Leopardi1,2, Kyle Beloy2, Martha I. Bodine2, TobyBothwell3,1, Sam Brewer2, Sarah Bromley3,1,Jwo-Sy Chen 2, Jean-Daniel Deschênes 4,Scott A. Diddams2,1, Robbie Fasano1,2, TaraM. Fortier2,1, David Hume2, Dhruv Kedar3,1,Colin Kennedy3, Isaac H. Khader2,1, DavidLeibrandt2,1, Andrew Ludlow2, Will Mcgrew1,2,Will Milner3,1, Nathan R. Newbury2, DanieleNicolodi2, Eric Oelker3,1, John Robinson3,1,Stephan Schaffer2, Jeff A. Sherman2, LauraC. Sinclair2, Lindsay Sonderhouse3,1, WilliamC. Swann2, David Wineland2, Jian Yao2,1, JunYe3,2, Xiaogang Zhang2; 1Univ. of ColoradoBoulder, USA; 2National Inst. of Standardsand Technology, USA; 3JILA, USA; 4OctosigConsulting, Canada. We present frequencyratio measurements for 27Al , 171Yb, 87Sr withtotal uncertainties at or below the level of1x10-17.InvitedSM1G.1 08:00Recent Advances in Mode-MultiplexedTransmission over Multimode Fibers,Roland Ryf1, Nicolas K. Fontaine1, SteffenWittek1,2, Karthik Choutagunta1,3, Mikael Mazur1,4, haoshuo Chen1, Juan Carlos AlvaradoZacarias1,2; 1Nokia Bell Labs, USA; 2CREOL,The Univ. of Central Florida, USA; 3E. L.Ginzton Lab, Stanford Univ., USA; 4PhotonicsLab, Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Sweden.We present latest advances in multimodefibers and components for mode-multiplexedtransmission. In particular we will reviewlarge mode count mode-multiplexer andcharacterization techniques for multimodecomponents and provide a summary of thelatest transmission results.InvitedSM1H.1 08:00Optical Manipulation and Heating ofStrongly Absorbing and Gate-KeepingNanoparticles and Their Use in Nanomedicine, Lene Oddershede1,2; 1The NielsBohr Inst., Denmark; 2Novo Nordisk Foundation, Denmark. We optically trap individualstrongly absorbing metallic nanoparticles.Through direct experimental measurementsand modeling we quantify the associatedheating and demonstrate bio-medical usage,e.g., for cancer treatment, of these plasmonicand gate-keeping nanoparticles.SM1G.2 08:30Mode-Multiplexed Transmission withCrosstalk Mitigation Using Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE), Yetian Huang1,Haoshuo Chen2, Hanzi Huang1, YingxiongSong1, Zhengxuan Li1, Nicolas K. Fontaine2,Roland Ryf2, Juan Carlos Alvarado Zacarias3,Rodrigo Amezcua Correa 3, Min Wang 1;1Shanghai Univ., China; 2Nokia Bell Labs,USA; 3Univ. of Central Florida, USA. Weemploy the short coherence length propertyof spectrally filtered amplified spontaneousemission (ASE) noise to mitigate modal crosstalk and demonstrate mode- and wavelengthmultiplexed transmission over multimodefiber using a single ASE source.SM1H.2 08:30Manipulating Fano coupling in the optothermoelectric trap, Linhan Lin1, XiaoleiPeng1, Yuebing Zheng1; 1Univ. of Texas atAustin, USA. We experimentally demonstratethe on-demand assembly of all-dielectricFano metamolecules in the opto-thermoelectric trap with both reconfigurability andtunability.Monday, 08:00–10:00Executive Ballroom210ESM1F.2 08:15Optical frequency measurements at the20th decimal digit, Michele Giunta1,2, Wolfgang Hänsel1, Matthias Lezius1, Marc Fischer1,Thomas Udem2, Ronald Holzwarth1,2; 1MenloSystems GmbH, Germany; 2Max Planck Inst.of Quantum Optics, Germany. We reporton a feed-forward method for compensating phase drifts occurring in multi-branchfrequency combs. Tracking the optical phaseand compensating the drifts, we demonstratecomb accuracy and stability below 10-19 inless than 100s.InvitedJM1E.2 08:30High average power ultrafast lasers: largeaperture quasi-phase matched nonlineardevices, Takunori Taira1,2, Hideki Ishizuki1;1Inst. for Molecular Science, Japan; 2LaserDriven Electron-Acceleration TechnologyGroup, Japan. Large aperture (LA) quasiphase matched (QPM) nonlinear devices havebeen developed for functional wavelengthconversion without catastrophic damages.The LA-QPM Mg-doped LiNbO3 and Quartzoffer the artificial nonlinear short pulse lasersin high power region.InvitedSM1F.3 08:30Optical Atomic Clocks: From InternationalTimekeeping to Gravity Potential Measurement, Helen Margolis1, Heiner Denker2,Christian Voigt2,4, Ludger Timmen2, JacopoGrotti3, Silvio Koller3, Stefan Vogt3, Sebastian Haefner3, Uwe Sterr3, Christian Lisdat3,Antoine Rolland 1, fred baynes 1, MichelZampaolo5, Pierre Thoumany6, Marco Pizzocaro6, Benjamin Rauf6,7, Filippo Bregolin6,7,Anna Tampellini6,7, Piero Barbieri6,7, MassimoZucco6, Giovanni Costanzo6,7, Cecilia Clivati6,Filippo Levi6, Davide Calonico6; 1NationalPhysical Lab, UK; 2Leibniz Universitaet Hannover, Germany; 3Physikalisch-TechnischeBundesanstalt, Germany; 4GFZ GermanResearch Centre for Geosciences, Germany;5Laboratoire Souterrain de Modane, France;6Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica,Italy; 7Politecnico di Torino, Italy. We discussthe relation between atomic clocks and gravity from two perspectives: gravity potentialmeasurements for optical clock comparisonsand contributions to international timesalcesand, conversely, the measurement of gravitypotential differences using optical clocks.Concurrent sessions are grouped across four pages. Please review all four pages for complete session information.53

Monday, 08:00–10:0007:00–18:00 Registration, Concourse LevelMeeting Room211 A/BMeeting Room211 C/DMeeting Room212 A/BMeeting Room212 C/DCLEO: Applications& TechnologyCLEO: Science &InnovationsCLEO: Applications& TechnologyCLEO: Science &Innovations08:00–10:00AM1I PhotobiomodulationTherapeuticsPresider: Ilko K. Ilev; U.S. Foodand Drug Administration, USA08:00–10:00SM1J Beamforming &Coupling to Free SpacePresider: Harish Subbaraman;Boise State Univ., USA08:00–10:00AM1K Environmental &Atmospheric Sensing IPresider: Mark Zondlo; PrincetonUniversity, USA08:00–10:00SM1L Narrow Linewidth FiberLasersPresider: Sze Y. Set The Universityof Tokyo, JapanInvitedAM1I.1 08:00Non-linearity in Photobiomodulation Therapy Dosing - A Photoceutical Approach toa Quantum Biological Process?, PraveenArany1; 1Univ. at Buffalo, USA. The startlingbreadth of Photobiomodulation Therapy forhuman health has been somewhat curbedby the inconsistencies in rigorous clinicalprotocols. Dose-ranging studies in labs andhumans have noted the non-linear nature ofits therapeutic responses that will be highlighted in this presentation.InvitedSM1J.1 08:00Optical Phased Array Lidar, Michael R.Watts1; 1Analog Photonics, USA. Integratedoptical phased arrays provide an attractivesolution to LiDAR sensors by enabling solidstate, small-form-factor systems fabricatedon 300mm wafers. We present recent resultsincluding high-performance beam steeringand long-range LiDAR up to almost 200m.InvitedAM1K.1 08:00Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift (CAPS)Based Detection of Gas Phase Speciesand Aerosols, Andrew Freedman1, TimothyOnasch1, Paul Kebabian1, Paola Massoli1,2;1Aerodyne Research, Inc., USA; 2MultiSensorScientific Inc, USA. We describe the use ofstate-of-the-art monitors that measure boththe concentration of nitrogen dioxide and theoptical properties of aerosols using CavityAttenuated Phase Shift (CAPS) techniques.Examples of how they are used in the realworld include: measuring soot emissionsfrom jet aircraft engines; determining theatmospheric mixing ratio of NO2 as a function of altitude; and determining the singlescattering albedo of ambient aerosols at bothground level and at altitude.SM1L.1 08:00High-Order Mode Brillouin Fiber LasersBased on Intra- and Inter-Modal SBS, NingWang1, Juan Carlos Alvarado Zacarias1, Md.Selim Habib1, He Wen1, Yuanhang Zhang1,Jose Enrique Antonio-Lopez1, Pierre sillard2,Adrian Amezcua-Correa2, Rodrigo AmezcuaCorrea1, Guifang Li1; 1Univ. of Central Florida,CREOL, USA; 2Prysmian Group, France. Weexperimentally demonstrated LP 11 modeBrillouin fiber lasers based on both intraand inter-modal SBS. The OSNRs were over65 dB, and their mode profiles were clearlyobserved for both cases.SM1L.2 08:15Engineering the lasing properties and dynamics of Brillouin Fiber Lasers using pumpmodulation, Omer Kotlicki1, Jacob Scheuer1;1Tel-Aviv Univ., Israel. We demonstrate experimentally a self-stable, bi-frequency andswitchable, Brillouin fiber laser at telecomwavelengths with engineered spectral properties. The spectral control is obtained bypump modulation while dynamic switchingis achieved through the pump level.InvitedAM1I.2 08:30Near Infrared Photoimmunotherapy forCancer, Hisataka Kobayashi1; 1National Inst.sof Health, USA. Near infrared photoimmunotherapy (NIR-PIT) is a newly-developed,molecularly-targeted cancer photo-therapybased on antibody-photosensitizer conjugates. By crashing cancer cells combinedwith immuno-activation, NIR-PIT activatesanti-cancer immunity resulted in curing local and distant metastatic cancers withoutrecurrence.54SM1J.2 08:30On-chip Wavefront Shaping with High Contrast Dielectric Metalens, Zi Wang1, TiantianLi1, Anishkumar Soman1, Tingyi Gu1; 1Dept.of Electrical and Computer Engineering,Univ. of Delaware, USA. Compact and lossless on-chip high-contract transmit-array isexperimentally demonstrated on a standardSOI substrate. The integrated metalens has afocal spot size of 0.38 λ, transmission of 94%and focusing efficiency of 71%.CLEO AM1K.2 08:30Methane Leak Detection Using ChirpedLaser Dispersion Spectroscopy, YifengChen1, Michael Soskind1, James McSpiritt2,Rui Wang2, Nathan Li2, Mark A. Zondlo2,Gerard Wysocki1; 1Electrical Engineering,Princeton Univ., USA; 2Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton Univ., USA.We present a real-time chirped laser dispersion spectrometer capable of distinguishingpath-averaged methane leaks 0 to 8 ppmabove the 2ppm background methanelevel using low reflectivity (down to 0.01%)surfaces 50 m away.5–10 May 2019SM1L.3 08:30Single-Frequency, Ultra-Narrow LinewidthHybrid Brillouin-Thulium Fiber Laser basedon In-band Pumping, Chaodu Shi1, Shijie Fu1,Quan Sheng1, wei shi1, Jianquan Yao1; 1TianjinUniv., China. A hybrid Brillouin/thulium fiberlaser with an ultra-narrow linewidth of 0.93kHz was demonstrated, with the output coupling, cavity Q factor and pumping schemeoptimized for the narrow linewidth.

07:00–18:00 Registration, Concourse LevelCLEO: QELS-FundamentalScienceMarriottSalon IIIMarriottSalon IVCLEO: Science & Innovations08:00–10:00FM1M Single-Photon SourcesPresider: Mirko Lobino Griffith University,Australia08:00–10:00SM1N Open-path Sensing & Free-electronLasersPresider: Erik Emmons; Edgewood ChemicalBiological Center, USA08:00–10:00SM1O Van der Waals HeterostructuresPresider: Eiichi Kuramochi; NTT, JapanFM1M.1 08:00Interfacing solid-state single-photon sources and integrated photonics circuits: high rate three-photon coalescence,Carlos Antón Solanas1,2, Guillaume Coppola1,2, Juan CarlosLoredo1,2, Niko Viggianello3, Helene Ollivier1,2, Abdelmounaim Harouri1,2, Niccolo Somaschi4, Andrea Crespi5,6, IsabelleSagnes1,2, Aristide Lemaitre1,2, Loic Lanco1,7, Roberto Osellame5,6, Fabio Sciarrino3, Pascale Senellart1,2; 1CNRS Centerof Nanosciences and Nanotechnology, France; 2UniversiteParis-Sud, Universite Paris-Saclay, France; 3Dipartimentodi Fisica, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy; 4Quandela,SAS, France; 5Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Istituto diFotonica e Nanotecnologie, Italy; 6Dipartimento di Fisica,Politecnico di Milano, Italy; 7Université Paris Diderot, France.We report the interfacing of an integrated solid-state singlephoton source with an integrated, reconfigurable photonictritter demonstrating a highly efficient quantum interferenceof three indistinguishable single photons.SM1N.1 08:00All-Time Single-Photon 3D Imaging Over 21 km, ZhengPing Li1,2, Xin Huang1,2, Yuan Cao1,2; 1Shanghai Branch, HefeiNational Lab for Physical Sciences at Microscale and Dept.of Modern Physics, Univ. of Science and Technology ofChina, China; 2Synergetic Innovation Center of QuantumInformation & Quantum Physics, Univ. of Science and Technology of China, China. We experimentally demonstrateactive three-dimensional (3D) imaging at a range of up to21.6 km in daylight by constructing a high-efficiency singlephoton LiDAR system and developing a long-range-tailoredcomputational algorithm.TutorialSM1O.1 08:00Plasmonics in Two-dimensional Crystals, Javier Garcíade Abajo1,2; 1ICFO-The Inst. of Photonic Sciences, Spain;2ICREA, Spain. We will discuss recent advances in the study offundamental aspects and applications of plasmons in atomiclayers of graphene, noble metals, and their combinations in2D crystal stacks.FM1M.2 08:15Quantum-dot single-photon source on a CMOS-processedsilicon waveguide, Ryota Katsumi1, Yasutomo Ota2, AltoOsada2, Takuto Yamaguchi1, Takeyoshi Tajiri1, MasahiroKakuda2, Satoshi Iwamoto1,2, Yasuhiko Arakawa2; 1Inst. ofIndustrial Science, Japan; 2Inst. for Nano Quantum InformationElectronics, Japan. We report a quantum-dot single-photonsource integrated onto a CMOS-processed silicon waveguide.The necessary hybrid integration was done in a simple pickand-place manner with transfer printing, thus fully maintainingthe compatibility with CMOS-back-end technology.SM1N.2 08:15Sequence-Coded Coherent Laser Range Finder, KerenShemer1, Gil Bashan1, Hilel H. Diamandi1, Yosef London1,Arik Bergman1, Nadav Levanon2, Avi Zadok1; 1Bar-Ilan Univ.,Israel; 2Faculty of Engineering, Tal-Aviv Univ., Israel. A rangefinder based on an extended sequence of coded pulses isdemonstrated. Coherent detection is used to measure therange of weak point reflections, with average energy of only0.15 photons per code symbol.FM1M.3 08:30Integration of Quantum Emitters with

Monday, 08:00–10:00 Executive Ballroom 210E Executive Ballroom 210F Joint CLEO: Science & Innovations Executive Ballroom 210G Executive Ballroom 210H 07:00–18:00Concourse Level Registration, 08:00–10

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The Georgian Ballroom, Imperial Ballroom, and Main Lobby can accommodate 1,500 people for a cocktail reception. *The Georgian Promenade adds 672 SQFT more space. , and depending on availability, day-of-week- and event time, can be added to the rental of either ballroom, or to the rental of both ballrooms. The Main Lobby is NOT available as a .

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