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DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL, JHARSUGUDAQUESTION BANK (MATHEMATICS),CLASS-VIICHAPTER-1RATIONAL NUMBERSSECTION - A(1Marks)1.What do you mean by a rational number ?2.Find the absolute value of3.Find the standard form of 8.7 2142.4.Every integer is an whole number.(True/False)5.Which of the following is not a rational number ?5a) 2b)4c)41d) -506. Which is the negative rational number?a) 0b)-3/- 47. Which is the equivalent fraction ofa)128. The absolute value ofa)3329. Find x If87 23d) -4/9?c)1016d)None of these.24is 3b)22c)3d) -3 2𝑋 35a) 40b) -4010. Write the standard form ofa)6b)20c)1/2 2565513c) 5d) none of these1311.Which of the following is an equivalent rational number of 36a)480d) 56 25b)65c) -35b) 825c) 72180 925d) 249012. Whenis written as a rational number with denominator 28 , then the numerator is 7a)20b) - 16c) -28d) 2413. Which of the following integer is neither positive nor negative ?a)1000b)100c)10d) 0

14. A rational numberπ‘π‘žis said to be in standard form if π‘ž is positive and H.C.F of 𝑝 π‘Žπ‘›π‘‘ π‘ž isa) 1b)1015. A rational numberπ‘π‘žc) -10d) -5is said to be in standard form ifa) q is positiveb) HCF of p and q is 1c) both (i) and (ii)d) none of these16. Between two consecutive integers how many rational numbers are founda) oneb) twoc) infinitely manyd) none of these17.𝑝𝑠π‘₯ if𝑦a) p y18. When3c) p y s xb) s xd) none of theseis written as a rational number with denominator 45 then the numerator is5a)15b)2519.Every rational number isa)an integerc)27b) a fractiond)33c) a natural numberd) None ofthese20.On a number line the length of the line segment joining 3 and -3 is ----units(a) 6(b)3(c)-3(d) 021. On a number line which of the following number lies to the right of 5 ?(a)22. Express035 12(b)(c)157(d)112as rational number with numerator -21.23. Find the value of x if:23x 2 8.24. What is the multiplicative identity element in the set of whole number?25. What is the standard form of26.Reciprocal of 3444 77?is .27. If x less than zero, then the absolute value of x is112228. which is a fraction? π‘œπ‘ŸSECTION – B (2Marks)1.Which one is greater ? 25or 13𝑝2.Write down the rational numbers in the form whose numerators and denominators are (-5) 4π‘žand (-5) 4 respectively.3.Find three rational numbers between 1 and 2.

24.Find three equivalent rational numbers of .5 75.Fill in the blanks 914 .276. Represent the rational number on the number line: 51347. Compare93and7.8π‘₯7 358. Find x such that the two rational numbers, andbecome equivalent.9. The sum of two rational numbers is -5. If one of the number is10. Represent3and5 13323, find the otheron number line11. Insert two rational numbers between 3/4 and ΜΆ 9/81 312. Find a rational number between and .13. Represent 29444on number line.14. Fill in the blanks:104 49 10015. Write the rational numbers in standard form(i)15(ii) 4016.Express 2149 27 243as a rational no. with denominator 7.1517. Find x such that the rational numbers inπ‘₯ 3and8are equivalent18. Arrange the following rational numbers in descending order:19. Compare the rational numbers: (i) 47,56 547 63(ii) , 920. Write the following rational numbers in standard form:64,49, 5 76, 20 15SECTION – C(3Marks)1 3552.Find β€˜x’ if277; on the same number line.54 .π‘₯3.On a number line what is the length between4.Compare the pair of rational numbers 2 5555.Which one is greatest out of ; 877,59,25,1357; .51and -2 . and 6. Arrange the following in ascending order:4 1585 .11 271 12221. On a number line, what is the length of the line- segment joining, (i) and1.Represent ;, 12 24(ii) 5 and -3

7. Arrange the following rational number in descending order.(i) ΜΆ 3/10, ΜΆ 7/5 , 9/ ΜΆ15 , 18/30(ii) ΜΆ 3/4 , ΜΆ 5/ ΜΆ 12 , ΜΆ 7/16 , 3/2105 58. (a) Find the missing number: (b) Compare:- 57 9and 99 11 13 29. Find any three rational numbers between31and.210. Represent the following on the number line.2a)𝑏) 3 πŸ’11. Express :πŸ•256as a rational number with ; (i)numerators 12 (ii) denominator 4212. Find the reciprocal of πŸπŸ‘xπŸ“πŸ•πŸ πŸ—πŸπŸ”xπŸ‘πŸ•13.Arrange the rational numbers in descending order14. Arrange the rational numbers in ascending order 6;5 1615;2 3 12 30;;710710;;815615.SECTION – D(4Marks) 11.Find five rational numbers betweenπŸ‘ πŸ—πŸ’πŸ–2. For x and y 3.Express 245031and .2, insert a rational number between (x –y)-1 and ( x-1 – y-1)as a rational number withi) Numerator 12ii)Denominator 100iii)Numerator -72 iv) Denominator -754. Check whether the following are equivalent rational numbers or not.i)49and16ii)27 35and18 30 455. (i) Compare the rational numbersand 9 6(ii) On number line what is the length of line segment joining 1/2 and ΜΆ Β½ ? 4(iii) Expressas a rational number with a) denominator ΜΆ 28 b)numerator -366. a) Express790216as a rational number with numerator 5b) Find x such that the rational numbers7. (i) Express 518𝑋6and 13 become equivalent.as a rational number witha) Denominator (-54)b) Numerator 20(ii) Find X such that8.Arrange the following in ascending order:,,–,

9.a) Arrange 4 , 5 , 2 in ascending order.79 5b) Fill in the blanks364 84 ---9------10. a) Express90216as a rational number with numerator 5.π‘₯b) Find x such that the rational numbers and 13 become equivalent.611. a) Arrange the following rational numbers in descending order . 45,9 12,72, 18 3 5b) Find the value of β€˜ X β€˜ such that the rational numbers7and𝑋28areequivalent12. Find equivalent forms of the rational numbers having a common denominator74,960,11512,313. (a) Find the average of the rational numbers(b) Compare :πŸ’and “OPERATIONS ON RATIONAL NUMBERSSECTION – A(1Marks)Q.1. Addition is associative fora) Natural numbersb) Whole Numbersc) Rational Numbersd) All of these2. The additive inverse of a negative number isa)0b) Positive3.A rational numbera)ad bcπ‘Žis greater than𝑏b) ad bcc) Negative𝐢d)none of theseif𝑑c) ad bcd) ad bc4. Between any two distinct rational numbers there exista) Finite number rational numbersb) Infinitely many rational numbersc) No rational numberd) none of the above5. Zero has reciprocal.a) 16. Reciprocal of 2a) 3 Β½b) 2c) 3d) no1is3b)37c)614d)53

7. Which is the identity element of addition?a) 1b) 0c) 10d) 58. Which is the identity element under multiplication?a) 1b) 0c) 10d) 5c) 10d) 5c) 6d) None of these9. Which integer has no reciprocal?a) 1b) 010. Which is the additive inverse of -6 ?a) - 1b) 011. The multiplicative inverse ofa)12.( -531313.isc)3 4d) None of these3) X 1a) 144b)4 3-315 3b) 16c)16d) None of these3 116a) – 16b)1614.The reciprocal of :a) 5 4b)335c)8 54d)- 8isc)3 3d) None of these515.Reciprocal of negative rational number is(a) Positive(b) Zeroc) Negative16. The reciprocal of(a)1 34 43(d) None of theseis(b)43(c)4 3(d) 3 417. 1 .3a) 3b) 2c)1d) None of these18. Choose the correct answer: If the product of two non-zero numbers is 1, then they are(a) Additive inverse of each other(b) multiplicative inverse of each other.(c) Reciprocal of each other31319.Find - 520. Find79512 [- ] 9(d) both (b) and (c)

5179921. Find. - [- ] 22.4 1123.38 711 5 [ ] 12SECTION – B(2Marks)1.The sum of two rational numbers is 122. What number should be subtracted from3. Product of two rational numbers is3295. If one of the numbers is 23to get 1?2. if one of the numbers is111245 154 53, find the other.6 83, find the other.4. Divide the sum of 2 and 5 by the product of 2 and .5. By what number shouldbe divided to get.5676. The sum of two rational numbers is 1.If one of the number is – 3/7.Find the other.17. Find the two rational numbers between8. Subtract :2 94and347from .69. Find the reciprocal of 2352167937 10. Verify that (X x y)-1 (x-1 ) x ( y-1) by taking x 311.With what number should we divide712and y -12, so that the quotient be215?12. Subtract -1/9 from 3/5.13. The sum of two rational numbers is 57. If one of them is 25, find the other .14.The sum of two rational number is –5. If one of the number isother number ?15.16.Find the value of35 1 3 54148Simplify and express the result in standard form. 423 –510323.Find the

17. The sum of two rational numbers is 1.If one of the number is 37.Find the other.18. From a rope of the length 40 metres. A man cuts some equal sized pieces. How many pieces can4be cut if each piece is of9metres length ? 3319. By what number shouldi)724- 193616520. Divide the sum of21.Evaluatebe divided to get4and2122.What should be added to (723.Simplify:-i)18 5ii) 13 44?by their difference.7 11- 8 334) to get 1 ?8 5x (-4)ii) -36 ( )9 824.By what rational number shouldbe multiplied to get 24.15SECTION – C(3Marks)1.Find the product of 5/7 and its reciprocal.2. Verify (X Y) Z X (Y Z) for X 2/5 ,Y 3/4 and Z 1/4 .3. Verify (X-Y)-Z X-(Y-Z) for X 1/5 ,Y -3/5and Z 2/5 .4. Verify (X Y) Z X Y X Z for X 1/3 ,Y -3/4and Z 2/5 .15. A tin holds 16 litres of oil. How many such tins will be required to hold 313236. Show that1( -55-7147. Divide the difference of) 125 511& y 7 5and8. Verify x y y x by taking x 9. For x 3 17 165and y 7 52litres of oil?14by their product.205-31 32, Verify that ( x y ) – 1 x –1 y –1310. Simplify and express the result as a rational number in its lowest term .21- ( 8.1 X 2.7 ) 0.0911. Simplify: 483 15712.Verify: ( 7513–51413.Divide the sum of14.For x 34and y 4 93 157) ( 5and21 9835514)–( 47)by their difference., insert a rational number between ( x – y )– 1 and x– 1 – y – 1 .

2315. Find the value of x- y and y-x for x and y 16. Simplify and express the result in standard form.13245. Are they same ?9-4 (7536)17.The cost of 2 m of cloth is Rs78 . Find the cost of cloth per metre.318.How many pieces each of length 3 π‘š ,can be cut from a rope of length 30 metres ?4 819.By what rational number should20. Show that35x( 173 15-) ( x1457be multiplied to obtain3935514) –( x21. Verify that (x –y)-1 x-1 – y-1 by taking x 526?) 27,y 47SECTION – D(4 Marks)31.Raju earns Rs16000 per month. He spends ΒΌ of his income on food;of the remainder on10house rent and 5/ 21of the remainder on education of children. How much money is still left withhim?2. Simplify:(-3/7) 6/5 (1/10) 3/2 – (6/5) (1/14)3. If 6/7 x (-3/13) (3/26) -( 3/13) x( 8/7) (3/26) – (m) x 2, then what is the value of m ?4. If x 2/3, y 4/5, z 3/4 show that x (y z) (x y) (x z).5.Simplify and Express the result in a lowest form.25 34 125 1-22 10156.(a) The product of two numbers is (b) Find reciprocal of7.By taking x 8. By taking X 255 ,5,One number is - , Find the other number.16457, y 3 32255, z 9π‘Œ 710, 16,verify that ( x y ) z ( x z ) ( y z)𝑍 74Prove that X ( Y Z) X Y X Z9.If 24 pairs of trousers of equal size can be prepared with 54 m of cloth, what length of cloth isrequired for each pair of trousers?415210.A car is moving at average speed of 36 Km per hour.What distance will it cover in 7 hour?11.The product of two rational numbers is -9 ,If one of the number is -12 .Find the other.12 .By taking x –58,y 27,z –14, verify that x 𝑦– 𝑧 π‘₯ 𝑦 – (π‘₯ 𝑧)

CHAPTER-3RATIONAL NUMBERS AS DECIMALSSECTION – A(1Marks)1 ) 6.4/0.2 a) 3.22)7800b) 0.32c) 32d) 2.3has decimal h a and b d)none of these13) The decimal representation of is3a) 0.3b) 0.3c) 3.33d) none of thesec) 35d) 3.54.Which is the decimal form of 7/20a) 0.035b) 0.355. Divide 62.5 0.5a) 125b) 1.25c) 12.5d) 0.1256.Convert 8/5 in its decimal form.7.Convert 25/7 into decimal form.8.Convert 2.4 in the form of p/q.9. 2.1253 can be expressed asa)2.125553 .b)2.125333 .c)2.125353 d)None of these10. 140 0.75 0.01 ?a) 140.7500b) 14000.75 c) 1.05d) none of these11. Simplify 5X 0.16 – 0.52 8.263.12. Without actual division, determine whether the rational numbernon- terminating decimal.13. Evaluate:42.7-11-9.025 2.16 .14. Add : 3.009, 2.59, 16.745 and 0.12 .15. Divide : 32.768 8 .29250has either terminating or

16. Convert1292517. Simplify:18.Convertas decimal.3.125 0.125 0.50916as a decimal .19. Find whether decimal representation20. Write two English alphabet having21.i.3115is terminating or non – terminating . Give reason .(i) 1 line of symmetry (ii) no line of symmetryiiIf lines OY represent the line of symmetry of the angles , find X .22. i)Find the product 0.111 0.005 ii) Express – 2.56 in the form p/q23. Without actual division, determine24. Convert27799800has a terminating decimal representation.into decimal.25. Express 0.036 as rational number in standard form.26. Express 3908.78 in the standard form?SECTION – B(2Marks)1.Find the decimal representation of the following rational numbers. 3718(i)(ii)51252.Add 16.1 12.05 7.2013.Subtract 15.012 from 37.014.Multiply 2.2 by 3.55.Divide 42.042 by 66. Simplify 5X 0.16 – 0.52 8.263.7. Evaluate: 42.7-11-9.025 2.168. Add : 3.009, 2.59, 16.745 and 0.12

9. Divide : 32.768 810. A car covers a distance of 89.1 km in 2.2 hours . What is the average distance covered by the carin 1 hour ?215411. Evaluate : - ( 8.1 x 2.7 ) 0.0912.Compute the following (i) ( 75.05 0.05 ) x 0.001 2.351SECTION – C(3Marks)1. Find:a. 53.7 3b. 25.6 82.Evalute the following:c. 82.44 6(i)24.12 1.2-0.001(ii)5 15 5 1.5-0.25 83.Without actual division,determine which of the following rational numbers have a terminatingdecimal representation ?(i)27/125(ii)25/28(iii)8/504.Add: 3.005;0.539;15.2145.Simplify and express the result in decimal:651 1626.Simplify the following expression42.7– 11– 9.025 2.167. Simplify:-0.144 1.20.016 0.0272158 8.44 x (144 12) – 0.225 3.2769. Simplify the following expression .( 75.05 0.05 )X 0.001 2.35110. Evaluate (16.9 3.2) – ( 12.03 -7.8)11. Simplify the following expression : -2.5 8.639-2.89 8.4912. Simplify and express the result in standard form :(38 7402) 40114513. Simplify and express the result as a rational number in its lowest form : 1.25 0.05 14.Simplify:121 6.25 0.255

15. Rama planted 1 of his field by mango trees, 1 of his field by guava trees and 1 of his field banana248plants and the rest by rose plants. What part of the field is planted with rose plants ? Express itas a decimal number also.What value do you depict from this ? (any two points)16.Simplify : (156.25 0.025) x 0.02 – 5.2SECTION – D(4Marks)1. Mrs. Sunita uses 3.204 litres of oil to make 9 dishes of equal proportion. How much oil wasused for each dish?0.4 .04 0.0052. Simplify0.1 10 0.0011125- 3.Simplify and express the result as rational number in its lowest form4.125 5 1.175 – 0.504.Simplify:(85.05 0.05) 1000 2.3355.Simplify:3.2 5.42-26.002-1.42 25 0.46. Simplify and express in it’s lowest form:0.144 1.20.016 0.02-387. Simplify and express the result as a rational number in its lowest terms251– ( 8.1 2.7) 0.09188. Simplify ( 156.25 0.025 ) 0.02 – 5.2π’‘πŸπŸπ’’πŸπŸ“9.Simplify & express the result as form: (0.4 x 0.04 x 0.005) (0.1 x 10 x 0.001)– 110. Convert into decimal form.311. Simplify and express in it’s lowest form0.144 1.230.016 0.02812. Simplify and express the result as a rational in its lowest form .0.4 0.04 0.0050.1 10 0.00113. Simplify:-0.4 0.004 0.0050.1 10 0.001 12 1514. Simplify and express the result as a rational number in its lowest terms2/5 – 1/8 ( 8.1 2.7) 0.09

15.Simplify the following expressions.a) – 5.7 13. 20 – 15.009 0.02b) 2 x 3 1 x 1 – 2 x 15 4 25 2 10 5CHAPTER-4EXPONENTS AND POWERSSECTION – A(1 Marks)1.Write the exponential form of (–8) (–8) (–8) (–8)2. Find the value of 34 X (-1)173.3. Express 8/125 in exponential form. 54.What is the reciprocal of ( )2.775. Write the 4.83 10 in the usual form.6.Evaluate 50x(30 40)87.Find the reciprocal of –(- )991322338.Simplify -( )2 x -( )39.Write 0.00000255 in scientific form.10. Write 2.7x103 in the usual form.11. What is the value of 6 1 8 1 1?SECTION – B(2 Marks)1. Express (11/13)2 in the form of p/q.2.Find the reciprocal of –(5/4)3.3.Simplify and express the result in exponential form4. Simplify and express the result in exponential form5. Simplify 1 03 5 1 43.33776.Find the value of x if ( )β€”2 ( )2x .7.Write in usual form 11.2 x (10)β€”7.𝑝21π‘π‘ž33π‘ž8.If ( )2 x ( )---4 , find the value of( )β€”2. 2 53 12 1513 2 43 . 12 1213.

(45 48)x649.Simplify:10.Evaluate: (24 x 25) 2816 2𝑛 1 4 2𝑛11. Simplify:16 2𝑛 2 2 2𝑛 22 1012. Find the value of n so that :14. Ifπ‘π‘ž 2 2315. Express1 4 31.2 10 32.4 10 43 2 313. By what number shouldx353 22 2 2𝑛 23be divided so that the quotient may be equal, find the value of𝑝 2π‘ž9 24?.in the form of k x 10𝑛 .16. Find the reciprocal of3 12 2 232 13 32 .SECTION – C(3 Marks)1. Simplify using laws of exponents: 110 120 130 140 150 160 .1 551 352.Evaluate:3.Find β€˜x’ if-2 2π‘₯51 651 45 .2 45 2 654.By what number should – 4.35. By what number should 137be multiplied so that the product may be equal to – 2 .3be devided so that the quotient may be equal to 13 2 .6.By what number should (-3)β€”2 be multiplied so that the product may be equal to 9?7.By what number should (-12)---1 be divided so that the quotient is equal to (-4)β€”1.?5557778.Find the value of x so that ( )2 ( )3x 1 ( )4.π‘₯𝑦𝑧𝑦𝑧π‘₯9.Find the value of ( )a x ( )a x ( )a .π‘₯π‘Žπ‘₯𝑏π‘₯𝑐π‘₯π‘₯π‘₯π‘Ž10.Find the value of ( 𝑏 ) x ( 𝑐 ) x ().SECTION – D(4 Marks)1.If x 4 35 4 55then find x3.

2.Simplify :1 521 3 2 1 621 4 2 .3.Find the following numbers in the form k 10𝑛 where 1 k 10 and n is an integer.(ii) (5 102 ) (8 103 )(i)0.000000524.Find x if 5 312 5 5π‘₯125.Find the reciprocal of (i) 456 5 212 2 2(ii)7 1 42 1 286.The speed of light in vaccum is 3 x108m/s. Sunlight takes about 8 minutes to reach theearth.Express the distance of sun from earth in standard form.CHAPTER-5APPLICATION OF PERCENTAGESECTION – A(1 Marks)1. If the cost price of a bag is Rs. 575 and the selling price is Rs.625, then there is a profit of Rs.(A) 50 (B) 575(C) 625(D) none of these2. If a man makes a profit of Rs.25 on a purchase of Rs.250, then profit% is(A) 25 (B) 10(C) 250(D) 2253. Gain or loss percent is always calculated on(A) cost price(B) selling price(C) gain(D) loss4.Converrt 4:5 into per cents.5.Find 45% of 500Kg.6.105% in percentage.7.What per cent of 80 m is 24 m.8.Find 0.8 % of 45.9.Find 12% of 50 5% of 120.10. If 25% of x is 100, then x ?111. 1 % as a fraction is ?412. If x% of 75 is 12 , then x ?713.Write each of the following as percent .2514.Convert the following percentage to fraction and ratio :25%15.Express the following as decimal fraction:27%16.Converting fraction into percentage:25100.

17.Converting percentage into fraction: 13%18.Profit S.P-19.S.P C.P. 20.C.P S.P.-21. Fill in the blanks: i) % ii) Loss% . 100 SECTION – B(2 Marks)1. Sanjay bought a bicycle for Rs. 5,000. He sold it for Rs.600 less after two years. Find the sellingprice and the loss percent.2. A fruit seller bought 8 boxes of grapes at Rs.150 each. One box was damaged. He sold theremaining boxes at Rs.190 each. Find the profit or loss percent.3.Find the simple interest on Rs.5000 for 6 years at the rate of 2% per annum.4. What percent of 45 minutes is 15 minutes ?5. In a class of 80 students , 45 % are girls . How many of the students are boys ?6.If X % of Y is 13X,then find the value of Y.7.Find 12Β½ %of 3Β½% of Rs 256.8.Radhika spend Rs 350 every month. If this is 70% of her pocket money, find her pocket money.9. Find S.I on Rs 500 for 5 year at 2% p.a.10.If 40 % of 70 is X more than 30 % of 8, then find X.11. Find S.I on Rs 500 for 5 year at 2% p.a.12.The selling price of 10 articles is the same as the cost price of 11 articles, find gain percent .13. Bashir bought oranges at . 5 a dozen. He had to sell them at a loss of 4%. Find the sellingprice of one orange.14. In a co-educational school , 45% of the total students are girls. If there are 440 boys in theschool,find the number of girls in the school.15. A farmer , for purchasing seeds and fertilizers , borrowed a loan from a co-operative bank.1After 2 years he pa

QUESTION BANK (MATHEMATICS),CLASS-VII CHAPTER-1 RATIONAL NUMBERS SECTION - A(1Marks) 1.What do you mean by a rational number ? 2.Find the absolute value of 8 7. 3.Find the standard form of 21 42. 4.Every integer is an whole number.(True/False) 5.Which of the following is not a rational

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for DAV Nationals in Lawn Tennis at Ghaziabad, and brought back a Bronze Medal for the school. She had won a Bronze Medal in DAV Nationals in Lawn Tennis at Haridwar as well in the year 2017. Besides she strongly participated in the School Nationals in Lawn Tennis held by School Games Federat

SN PRIZE NAME OF THE WINNER SCHOOL TOWN REGION 1 FIRST Ishita Doon Public School Paschim vihar Delhi 1 SECOND Dikshita S.R. DAV Public School Dayanand Vihar Delhi 1 THIRD Shreya Gupta S.R. DAV Public School Dayanand Vihar Delhi 1 APP Ritesh Devendra Public School Kirari Delhi 2 APP Devansh East Point School Vasundhra Enclave Delhi 3 APP Hanna. V.

DAV Public School, ECL, Jhanjra is a joint venture between the Eastern Coalfields Limited and DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi with a mission to impart quality education to the wards of the ECL employees

dav public school pratap vihar ghaziabad academic planner (2020-21) subject – english class – viii books prescribed – dav cmc board book 1- my english reader book 2- english literature book 3- my english practice month english literature book english practice book m

The DAV Centre for Academic Excellence decided to conduct common examination for students of Class XI in all DAV Public Schools. There were the following reasons for doing so : (a) The students would be appearing for an Annual External Examination for the first time in Class XII and so, such a move would give them some training

QUESTIONS BANK CLASS-X I.Real Number (1Mark) 1.The LCM of two numbers is 760 and their product is 6080. Find their HCF. 2. Is it possible for the LCM and HCF of numbers to be 378 and 18 respectively? 3. Determine t

Chapter 1 Question 1-1: Question 1-2: Question 1-3: Question 1-4: Question 1-5: Question 1-6: Question 1-7: Question 1-8: Question 1-9: Question 1-10: . QDRO take them into account? . 33 How may the participant’s retirement benefit be div

DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL , GEVRA PROJECT Class : XII Question Bank 2019-20 MATHEMATICS Q.1 If tan-1x tan y 4 then cot-1x cot y equals (i) (ii) ) (iii) ) (iv) Q.2 The value of

3. Wenger-Clemons, J. (2014). Client system assessment tools for social work practice (Canvas). Group Assignment s . 1. Therapeutic Group Work Assignment 2. Therapeutic Group Work Twitter Feed Individual Assignment 1. M2 Quiz . Module 3: Identity-Based Social Action Group Work . Weeks 5 and 6 . Overview . A. This module reviews a number of topics around how we construct self-concepts and self .