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MSS 1Richard A. Greene Collection, 1945-198325 boxes; 11 cu. ft.Scope and ContentThe collection includes all of Greene's "Our Neighborhood" newspaper columns, which appearedin the Muncie Star from 1945 to 1983. It also contains history files of items sent to Greene whilehe worked at the Star. Finally, there is a personal file with Greene's biographical information.The following list is a complete inventory of Richard Greene’s columns, and contains subjects,titles, and dates.

el, Henry (Mrs.) (R2,Union City)Rain, Rain1/24/1978Abel, Mr. and Mrs. PaulDaughter Pamela Hill, ABCdocumentary producer12/16/1978Abel, Paul and wifeDaughter Pamela Hill, ABCdocumentary producer12/16/1978Abercrombie, W. H. and wife Muncie Offers More medallionAbernathy, Mrs. AldenMrs. Pauline Lykins, host each otheron birthdaysAbernathy, Sr., Alden (Mrs.)50th birthday of herself and Mrs.James LykinsAbernathy, Sr., Alden (Mrs.)9/3/196810/11/19748/3/19772/25/1978Abney, AlfredWatches school crossingAbney, AlfredNote on given nameAbrams, Allen D.Brings article on monument to B.Arnold's bootAbrams, Allen D.Co. Community, attends public eventsPage 110/12/19632/20/197912/22/19705/30/1974

ArticlesSubjectAbrams, Allen D.DescriptionLetter regarding Springport SchoolAbrams, Allen D.Story on Union Transit men who"knocked down" moneyAbrams, Allen D. Achor, Homer (Rev.)Honeymoon, 25th anniversary atClifty Fall State Park3/28/1969Achor, Homer (Rev.)Edits Methodist Home paper1/13/1971Acker EnginesMechanical apparatus at AckerEngines, what is it?Acker EnginesMechanical apparatus at AckerEngines, what is it?, opinions on,identified as onion weeder11/2/1974Acker EnginesMechanical apparatus at AckerEngines, what is it?, identified asonion weeder, further identified11/6/1974Acker, John12 ewes have 25 lambs at farm4/13/1967Ackworth, Kenneth E.NUC R'r detective, 12 death5/20/1976Adams, Elsie Lillie (Yorktown) Query on Muncie Interrurban GardenAdams, J. OttisPainting in Muncie Public Library,sketch of AdamsPage 210/29/197411/12/197711/3/1966

Articles5/25/2011SubjectAdams, Mark (Mrs.)DescriptionNewspaper regarding Chuco, CA,flouring millAdams, Robert L.Bullet-proof vest demonstrationAdams, WilliamPrinter, retiring; trip to Alaska4/15/1981Adams, William B. (Dr.)Paper on History of Anaesthesiology,Torch Club11/3/1977Addington, EunicePaints Christmas windows; BrownPalace window paintedAddington, EuniceRN Pocketbook episode6/17/1975Addington, EunicePicture of covered bridge6/20/1977Addington, George E. /8/1964Addington, HollySixth grade Farmland elementaryverse, "First Day of School"9/13/1982Addington, Luther Ellsworthand wife (Ridgeville)Honored, 68 years at Friends ministry6/14/1963Addison, George W.(Albuquerque, NM)Letter on New Mexico3/15/1969Addison, George W.(Albuquerque, NM)Using innertube to slide on snow2/16/1970Page 3

ArticlesSubjectAddison, George W.(Albuquerque, NM)DescriptionGlass jar made in Daleville5/25/2011Date9/16/1972Adkins, Gerald (R5 Box 122, Support work on overpass, west onNew Castle)Ind. 324/16/1975Adrian, Daryl B. (Dr.)English department BSU8/13/1979Advent seasonAdvent wreath at St. Mary's; howmadeAffert, GeorgeNote on death9/17/1973Affert, GeorgeWarner Gear booklet8/28/1975AgenciesFederal alphabet agencies4/11/1975Agriculture DayBread sold for 5-cents a loaf; days of6 loaves for 25-cents recalled;Devinney, Yingling grocers3/25/1980Agriculture DayData sheet on farms distributedAgullana, AndyTends Delco tomatoesAgullana, AndyRetiredAgullana, Mrs. Henry; LasVegas, NevadaDeath of Mrs. Roma Market12/22/19804/2/19806/14/196711/15/1969Page 44/11/1974

Articles5/25/2011SubjectAhlersmeyer, Sue E.DescriptionBicentennial staff member (Muncie)delivers newslettersDate6/7/1976Air ConditioningSurvey of at public library, City Hall8/18/1975AirplanesNo-smoking sections in airplanes7/14/1977AirplanesNon-smoking sections on commercialairlines, passenger miserable inwrong section8/11/1981AlaskaFace on Barroom Floor, TheVolunteer Organist, Daus of 98 atSkagway, Alaska ?7/26/1973AlaskaMaddox, W. E. (Jiggs) (Daleville),electrician on Alaska pipeline1/27/1975AlaskaMaddox, W. E. (Jiggs) (Daleville),electrician on Alaska pipeline1/28/1975AlaskaMaddox, W. E. (Jiggs) (Daleville),electrician on Alaska pipeline1/29/1975AlaskaElectricians looking for work2/13/1975AlaskaReport from Alaska3/5/1975AlaskaReport from Alaska3/24/1975AlaskaReport from Alaska4/17/1975Page 5

ArticlesSubject5/25/2011DescriptionW. Middleton, friend, drive to Alaska,home by planeDate5/5/1978Alaska, INMcKamey, Paul D. and wife (RR3,Cloverdale)4/7/1961Albany, INLions Club balloons11/2/1963Albany, INAlbany State Street mugs of CassiusD. McCormick3/20/1975Albany, INGAR veterans photo in Soldiers,Sailors Monument, IndianapolisAlbany, INLions Club Halloween festival10/25/1979Albany, INChurches live Nativity Scene12/9/1980Alber, Charles WilliamReport from Africa8/30/1958Alberson, DeloresWith F. W. Woolworth Company for19 years12/18/1968Alberson, DeloresWith F. W. Woolworth Company for19 years2/20/1971Alberson, DeloresWith F. W. Woolworth Company for19 years11/22/1974Albertson, RoyItinerant pencil salesman without legs 10/19/1959AlaskaPage 69/3/1976

Articles5/25/2011SubjectAlbum of YesteryearDescriptionIdentification of draftees in picturepublished in Sunday Star of 4-4-76Date4/16/1976Album of YesteryearWarner Gear photo (6-27-76), JimSweeden adds information7/2/1976Album of YesteryearStreet car in South Walnut, itsdirection, Mrs. Catherine Marker on1/13/1978Album of YesteryearAlbum photograph6/11/1978Album of YesteryearWilson Junior High School, pupilshold reunion with teacher10/31/1978Album of YesteryearGroup picture in photo of 8-24-80,Sunday Star9/5/1980Album of YesteryearMore identifications in StarAlbum of YesteryearGrocery picture in Sunday StarAlbum of YesteryearLocation of Shideler, Robert W.Stradling, Mrs. Charles Clevenger1/12/1982Album of YesteryearIdentities of Navy enlistees, 1941,album picture in Sunday Star6/20/1982AlbumsOf Friendship, Burson4/23/1962Alcatraz (former prison)Background, present usePage 79/25/19801/3/198211/18/1976

ArticlesSubjectDescription5/25/2011Alcorn, JimCutting grassDate9/21/1972Alexader, BerniceSees robin2/21/1975Alexander, A. H.Doing independent study of Munciehouses prior to 1900Alexander, BarbaraVocalist4/28/1981Alexander, CarlRecalls snow of 11-2-6611/2/1968Alexander, CarlComment on singer12/1/1969Alexander, CarlComments on mild weather of 02-06562/11/1970Alexander, DorisCharles Street Branch, courtesy tocustomer5/27/1963Alexander, DorisBitten by copperhead6/13/1964Alexander, Dorothy Rigodon Luncheon in honor of(formerly of Gaston area,now, Ho7/3/19818/2/1976Alexander, EdwardUnusual names in family12/9/1981Alexander, KurtBall State University senior, at tablewith5/21/1979Page 8

Articles5/25/2011SubjectAley, Floyd R.DescriptionOptinist newsletter comment on deathAlger, DorisTeacher of Navajos, Christmasprogram3/14/1958Alger, DorisTrailer burns12/8/1958Alger, DorisVisits Muncie8/17/1961Alger, Horation, Jr.Books, Ample Justice, to mealsAllan, Jack (New Castle)Years of travel from North Carolina toMuncie and returnLewellen, Mr. & Mrs. ge, Nila B. (600Hendricks St., Anderson)Cites report on natural gas in 1893Alleb, Betty (Mrs. Floyd)Variation on March 1, 2, 3 presagingMarch, April May weather conditionsAllen, A. G.Report on squirrels eating barkAllen, A. G.Chat with8/12/1972Allen, Bob and KayNewspaper from Ireland5/31/1969Page 910/1/19743/3/198212/11/1970

Articles5/25/2011SubjectAllen, Bob and KayDescriptionKay, regarding snowdropsDate2/10/1973Allen, Bob and KaySquash blossoms eaten9/20/1973Allen, C. C. (Dr.) (Selma)Stolen horse1/20/1960Allen, C. C. (Dr.) (Selma)Death of5/19/1960Allen, C. C. (Dr.) (Selma)Comment on lillies at County homeAllen, HowardCrocus reporterAllen, Howard O.Visits site of Knute Rockne's deathAllen, Howard O.Curly, Po dog5/19/1960Allen, Howard O.Pinhook9/23/1966Allen, Howard O.Crocuses3/9/1971Allen, Howard O.Crocus observer3/1/1975Allen, Howard O.Former crocus observer3/1/19755/5/19752/18/1974Page 109/7/1959

Articles5/25/2011SubjectAllen, Howard O.DescriptionFormer crocus observerDate3/14/1975Allen, Howard O.Note on2/19/1976Allen, Howard O.Southren Indiana journey4/21/1976Allen, Howard O.Southern Indiana journey4/23/1976Allen, Howard O.Southern Indiana journey4/24/1976Allen, Howard O.Crocus obeserver of past2/27/1978Allen, Howard O.Former crocus observer2/26/1979Allen, Howard O.Asks about first crocuses1/14/1981Allen, Howard O.Loss of legs1/24/1983Allen, John W.Steam locomotive for Muncie1/1/1960Allen, John W.Theater trips to Indianapolis4/11/1968Allen, John W.Birthday, wedding anniversaryPage 1111/24/1971

Articles5/25/2011SubjectAllen, John W.DescriptionConfined to roomDate7/27/1972Allen, John W.Birthday greetingAllen, John W.Climbed Pike's Peak in 19034/4/1973Allen, John W.Climbed Pike's Peak in 19034/4/1973Allen, John W.Redwing Camp10/28/1974Allen, John W.99th Birthday11/28/1974Allen, RheaRecalls former library in old City Hall7/9/1964Allen, Robert H.Hunts genalogies for HistoricalSociety5/5/1972Allen, Robert H.Deciphering inscriptions4/4/1973Allen, Robert H.Deciphering inscriptions4/4/1973Allen, Robert H.Squash blossomsAllen, Robert H.Note on Robert, Kay Background11/13/1972Page 1210/23/19742/19/1976

ArticlesDescription5/25/2011SubjectAllerton, LeeSnow tiresDate1/20/1973Allerton, LeeSnow tires1/20/1973Allerton, LeeGreenery falls as he begins storyAllerton, LeeKiwanis quest for pianist, song leaderAllerton, LeeCard to chudochAllerton, Lee and FayFinds Kiwanis, Rotary songbooks ofpast1/21/1983Allerton, Lee and FayJokes on Muncie Kiwanis presidents3/14/1983AlleysThings seen in uptown alley4/15/1974Allison, Earl (Mrs.)Recovers locket after over 50 yearsAlltop, Kenneth A.Pictures of Wright family3/11/1961Almy, Harry C. and wifeSoon to leave Muncie6/25/1963Almy, Harry C. and wifeMrs. Almy's death4/22/196611/30/19748/20/19765/8/1979Page 1310/27/1966

Articles5/25/2011SubjectAlphabet agenciesDescription1930's and 1940'sDate3/28/1966Alphabet AgenciesList of three-letter abbreviations,supplied by Charles Frampton (Dr.Phillip Ball)3/27/1976Alphabet agenciesList of, sent by Charles Frampton(Philip Ball, MD)3/27/1976Alphabet AgenciesList of three-letter abbreviations,supplied by Charles Frampton (Dr.Phillip Ball), meanings4/1/1976Alsip, William (RR2, Portland) Helps change tire6/17/1972Alsip, William (RR2, Portland) Incident, hubcap, recalled7/28/1973Alsip, William, Portland, RR 2 Incident, hubcap, recalled7/28/1973Alspaugh, C. R. (Upland)Pennsylvania railroad station, now atJ. Shroyer's museum5/20/1971Alston, Loren"Americanism," girl speaker quoted7/4/1979AltitudesDictionary of altitudes, Muncie andother communities of EasternIndiana; Muncie, 935 at C and Ostation; 950, Union Station5/10/1974AltitudesDictionary of altitudes, Muncie andother communities of EasternIndiana; Muncie, 935 at C and Ostation; 950, Union Station12/13/1976Altmark, Melvin and wifeWedding, birthday anniversariesPage 147/14/1964

Articles5/25/2011SubjectAltmark, Melvin and wifeDescriptionMel sees butterflies in NovemberDate2/22/1965Amann, John GeorgeTraveler to Egypt, deathAmbler, Mr. and Mrs.William, YorktownQuery on fort near Yorktown2/4/1974Ambler, William and wife(Yorktown)Fort near Yorktown, query on2/4/1974amengual, Gabriel(Antofagusta, Chile)Visits Muncie8/23/1960American Association ofRetired Persons (AARP)Bus tour north and northwest8/19/1981American Electric PowerCompanyConsumption of electrical energydownAmmon, CatherineCatherine's Snack Bar12/22/19779/2/198210/2/1973Lewellen, Mr. & Mrs. Tom5/28/1947Ammon, Catherine(Catherine's Snack Bar)10/2/1973Ammon, Catherine(Catherine's Snack Bar)Orchid plant2/21/1977Ammon, GladysFlower judge9/18/1971Page 15

Articles5/25/2011SubjectAmmon, GladysDescriptionGarden Club meetingDate11/20/1978Ammon, Mrs. GladysGarden Club meeting11/20/1978Anderson, Ala MossNote on former location of BethelUnited Church of Christ4/24/1971Anderson, Blake (Mrs.)Wants location of furniture store2/16/1971Anderson, DelbertHe and sons mow lawns4/13/1976Anderson, Eugene F.(Laguna Hills, CA)Child when San Francisco was struckby earthquake6/23/1978Anderson, Eugene F.;Laguna Hills, CaliforniaChild when San Francisco was struckby earthquake6/23/1978Anderson, INKennedy, Herb, comments onMuncie-Anderson rivalry11/8/1965Anderson, INPillaging of Courthouse12/2/1971Anderson, INCourthouse bricks to be sold2/12/1972Anderson, INCIGnals magazine story oncourthouse2/20/1973Anderson, INSesquicentennial, dedication ofcourthouse9/21/1973Page 16

Articles5/25/2011SubjectAnderson, Jeanette (StarPress)DescriptionCake decoratorDate5/30/1979Anderson, John and wifeSanta Claus Kastle, Santa Claus, IN12/27/1969Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. John Santa Claus Kastle, Santa Claus, IN12/27/1969Anderson, OtisVeterans of WWI, lots given toveterans, Gardens of Memory, ElmRidgeAnderson, OtisReports pussywillow bloomingAnderson, OtisVeterans of World War I, dwindlingranks6/7/1979Anderson, OtisVets WW I dwindling ranks6/7/1979Anderson, Sr., Joe K.(Charles, IL)Seeks newsstand in 6/1964AndersonvilleBranson, Mrs. Carl, recalls store5/20/1964AndersonvilleJaunts with Fred Dorman2/21/1977AndersonvilleJefferson, Leonard, onPage 173/1/1977

Articles5/25/2011SubjectAndrew, AlexanderDescriptionKennedy, Andrew, legislator,untimely deathAndrew, Geo. DarwinVisits grave of Goldsmith C. Gilbert,his great-great grandfather9/26/1963Andrew, Geo. DarwinTwo other great-great grandsons10/8/1963Andrews, Geo, DarwinWorld War I "tank" in parade7/14/1965Andrews, Geo, DarwinDeath of1/29/1968Andrews, Geo, DarwinGrandson of Goldsmith C. GilbertAndrews, George DarwinVisits grave of Goldsmith C. Gilbert,his great-great grandfather9/26/1963Andrews, George DarwinTwo other great-great grandsons10/8/1963Andrews, George DarwinWorld War I tank in parade7/14/1965Andrews, George DarwinDeath of1/29/1968Andrews, George DarwinGrandson of Goldsmith C. GilbertAndrews, Harry (WIBC)Purdue Alumni fish fry, observation onPage 18Date1/7/19778/8/19788/8/19781/16/1970

Articles5/25/2011SubjectAndrews, MarieDescriptionAviation Hall of Fame; note on Dar(husband)Date12/22/1971Andrews, MarieAviation Hall of Fame12/12/1972Andrews, MarieAviation Hall of Fame12/8/1973Andrews, MarieAviation Hall of Fame8/8/1978Andrews, Mrs. CarolineGives Goldsmith C. Gilbert picture toHistorical SocietyLingerman, R.S.10/17/19614/1/1946Andrews, Mrs. CarolineGives picture of Goldsmith C. Gilbertto Historical SocietyAndrews, WilberSchool souvenir given by his fatherAndrews, WilberPersimmons taste goodAndrews, WilberGift of persimmonsAndrews, Wilber80th birthdayAnecdotesWoman kept in mind when applyingfor 2Page 196/22/1974

ArticlesDescription5/25/2011SubjectAnimal CrackersRecalledDate4/18/1977AnimalsHerkimer, a pet rat12/7/1959AnimalsDeer seen by Earl Martin and wife6/3/1965AnimalsPig walks on hind legs9/4/1965AnimalsSmall animals killed on highways6/13/1968AnimalsSmall animals killed on highways,Don Risk on6/19/1968AnimalsDog, rabbit, bunk together1/12/1970AnimalsJungles, Retriever, death4/16/1970AnimalsCats, dogs, dumped in country1/25/1971AnimalsSusie, blind beagle at AvondaleWelding Shop4/15/1971AnimalsBears, deer, wolves; last bear killedin Delaware CountyAnimalsThree deer seen by Joe Furmeshand wifePage 204/1/19752/16/1976

ArticlesSubject5/25/2011AnimalsDescriptionThree deer seen by Mike MarvinDate5/28/1976AnimalsRaccoon takes over box for cat12/7/1976AnimalsAnimal hopping on back legs seen byMrs. William Landrey2/16/1978AnimalsAnimal hopping on back legs seen byMrs. William Landrey, identified asraccoon3/16/1978AnimalsHow long since rooster crow heard intown4/6/1979AnimalsPossum in garage, report by Mrs.Gene Hiatt1/11/1981AnimalsDog on roof, central bus dist.7/24/1981AnimalsPossum in air conditioner compressor8/27/1981AnimalsPossum in honeysuckle vine atGreene backdoorAnimalsPossum in garage, reported by Mrs.Paul Antrim9/11/1981AnimalsSquirrel in basement of VernonFreeman home9/17/1981AnimalsHow to frustrate squirrels at feeders,Merle Wiggins methodPage 219/3/19814/1/1982

ArticlesSubject5/25/2011AnimalsDescriptionDead badger seen by WilliamLandret, Mt. Pleasant TownshipDate8/2/1982Animals, PetsCarmony story of dogs in classrooms4/12/1974Animals, PetsDogs in classrooms4/16/1974Animals, PetsCat has kittens in tote bag6/15/1978Anson, BertBook on Miamis9/29/1970Anson, BertTalk on Delawares11/21/1975Anson, Bert (Dr.)Student of Indians3/30/1966Anson, Bert (Dr.)Genealogical library8/31/1970Anthony FamilyMausoleum being constructed inBeech Grove Cemetery2/16/1967Anthony FamilyMausoleum being constructed inBeech Grove Cemetery2/16/1967Anthony, C. H. (Mrs.)Gems in slippers, 19129/15/1959Anthony, S. P. (Dr.)Family8/7/1970Page 22

Articles5/25/2011SubjectAnthony, Samuel P.DescriptionFeud with William C. WillardDate12/1/1958Anthony, Samuel P.Feud with William C. Willard12/1/1958Antiques and Antique Shows Show at Linders11/20/1962Antonini, EttoreLikes TV football1/24/1969Antonini, Mrs. EttoreLikes TV football1/24/1969Antrim, G. ReidWagon, buggy, etc. of wood3/6/1970Antrim, G. ReidWagon, buggy, etc. of wood3/6/1970Antrim, Paul (Mrs.)Possum appears9/11/1981Lingerman, R.S.Geranum in laboratory4/11/1957AnvilsBlowing an anvil, Leslie Carson,inquiry ?10/5/1968AnvilsBlowing an anvil, Leslie Carson,inquiry, reply to ?10/15/1968Applegate, AudreyYorktown, brings in 1910 and 1966calendarPage 232/24/1966

ArticlesSubjectDescriptionApplegate, Audrey (Yorktown) Yorktown, brings in 1910 and 1966calendar5/25/2011Date2/24/1966Applegate, George and wifeCopy of 1866 Muncie newspaper6/1/1973ApplesDrying apples, Mrs. Velma TaylorRitchie on9/24/1970ApplesDrying apples, others on10/10/1970ApplesDrying apples, Mary Starkus (GasCity)10/17/1970ApplesDrying apples, reports on10/26/1970Appleseed, Johnny (JohnChapman)Sunday feature on11/21/1965Appleseed, Johnny (JohnChapman)Sunday feature on11/21/1965April Fools DayNesbit, Wilbur D., April 1, 1894, story;Poem, Your Flag and My FlagArbogast, GraceHunts owners of spoonsArbogast, Grace and BerthaVisit withArbor DayMayor Cooley suggests observance4/1/19814/26/19751/2/1976Page 244/18/1975

ArticlesSubject5/25/2011DescriptionPrevious days recalledDate4/27/1979ArchaeologyJeffersonian Mammoth, Lake Galatiaarea, Harlan J. Leach on4/18/1952ArchaeologyJeffersonian Mammoth, Lake Galatiaarea, Harlan J. Leach on4/19/1952ArchaeologySkeleton in American Museum ofNatural HistoryArchaeologyRandolph Mastodon, Earlham CollegeArchaeologyTaylor Mastodon, Taylor University3/1/1956ArchaeologyTaylor Mastodon, Taylor University,destroyed in fire1/20/1960ArchaeologyIndustrial Archaeology, Robert M.Vogel, Smithsonian Institution onArchaeologyAdena, report on6/5/1971ArchaeologyReport on New Castle earthworks6/5/1971ArchaeologyTaylor Mastodon, Taylor University,destroyed in fireArchaeologyJeffersonian Mammoth, Lake Galatiaarea, Harlan J. Leach onArbor DayPage 251/5/19562/21/195610/20/196910/30/197211/9/1972

eological series reports, BallState UniversityArchaeologyBirdstone of Dr. R. H. Bunch1/17/1974ArchaeologyIndiana's Pre-History, taught by Dr.B. K. Swartz3/30/1974ArchaeologyArcheological series reports, BallState University5/15/1974ArchaeologyIndian burial places in Jay County4/3/1959ArchaeologyBlake, Elmer O. and wife,arrowheads found on farm4/23/1959ArchaeologyTaylor University mastodon,destroyed in fire1/20/1960ArchaeologyStone ax found by C. W. Horr9/25/1961ArchaeologyBoulder, bird, inscribed on TedDragoo's farm1/27/1962ArchaeologyPennville, pieces of skull3/21/1962ArchaeologyPennville, fragments of skull3/22/1962ArchaeologyPennvi

Allen, Rhea Recalls former library in old City Hall 7/9/1964 Allen, Robert H. Hunts genalogies for Historical Society 5/5/1972 Allen, Robert H. Deciphering inscriptions 4/4/1973 Allen, Robert H. Deciphering inscriptions 4/4/1973 Allen, Robert H. Squash blossoms 10/23/1974 Allen, Robert H.

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