Cisco MDS 9509

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Cisco MDS 9509Cisco MDS 9509Cisco MDS 9509VSANCisco MDS 9509/ACLFCCQoS256SAN1/2Gbps7681.44TbpsCiscoMDS 950910GbpsTCOTCOCisco MDS 9509Cisco MDS 9509SANVSAN1 Cisco MDS 9509TCO/Cisco MDS 9509iSCSIFCIP

Cisco MDS 9509SNMPv3RADIUSSupervisorSSH SFTP FC-SP VSANLUNSupervisorACLSupervisorSuper-visorCall HomeISLCisco MDS 950916CLICisco Fabric ManagerCisco Fabric ManagerASICISLPortChannelCisco MDS 9509162GbpsFSPF16Cisco MDS 9509CiscoCisco MDS 9509MDS 950099.Cisco MDS 9509Cisco MDS 9500Cisco MDS 9509999%Cisco MDS 9500CiscoCisco MDS 95099MDS 9509168iSCSICisco MDS 950948FCIP2241/2Gbps1GbpsCisco MDS 95094481.44TbpsCisco MDS 950910GbpsCisco MDS 9509Cisco MDS 9509Cisco MDS 9509Cisco MDS 9500Cisco MDS 9509Cisco MDS 95092Cisco MDS 9500Cisco MDS 9500Cisco MDS 9509

Cisco MDS9509VSANVSANCisco MDS 9509VSANVSANACLCisco MDS 9509SANSANVSANSANVSANSANCisco MDS 9509VSANCisco MDS 9509FC TracerouteSPANCisco MDS 9509Cisco Fabric AnalyzeriSCSIFCIPCisco MDS 9509Cisco MDS 9509Call HomeCisco MDS 95092GbpsiSCSIFCIPCisco MDS 9509Cisco MDS 9509Cisco MDS9000Cisco FabricManagerCisco MDS 9509Cisco MDS 9509CLISSH RADIUS SNMPv3(Role-based Access Control)Cisco MDS 9509FC-SP3

Cisco MDS 9509CLIMDS 9000CLICisco IOS CLICisco MDS 9000SupervisorCLISupervisor1 1Cisco Fabric ManagerSFPJavaCisco Fabric ManagerVSANCisco Fabric bps2Gbps1-Gbps-SWLC SFP50/1255001-Gbps-SWLC SFP62.5/1253001-Gbps-LWLC SFP9/125102-Obps-SWLC SFP50/1253002-Obps-SWLC SFP62.5/1251502-Obps-LWLC SFP9/12510

IETFVSANSNMPv3TCP/IPRMON MIB23F- N Port WWNE- N Port FC-IDSDFFLTETL- F Port- SCSI LUNFC-SPRSCN- SSHv2- SNMPv3- FC-PH, Revision 4.3- FC-PH-2, Revision 7.4- FC-PH-3, Revision 9.4- FC-GS-2, Revision 5.3POST- FC-GS-3, Revision 7.01- FC-FLA, Revision 2.7- FC-FG, Revision 3.5- FC-SW-2, Revision 5.3- FC-AL, Revision 4.5- FC-AL-2, Revision 7.0- FC-PLDA, Revision 2.1- FC-VI, Revision 1.61SPANFC TracerouteFC PingFCCisco Fabric Analyzer- FCP, Revision 12- FCP-2, Revision 7a- FC-SB-2, Revision 2.1- FC-BB, Revision 4.7- FC-FS, Revision 1.7- FC-PI, Revision 13- 10/100- FC-MI, Revision 1.99- RS-232- FC-Tape, Revision 1.17-IPRFC 2625FCIP- DB-9 COM5

-65002000- CLI- SNMPv3IP- A- SSHv2- SNMPv3- Cisco MDS 90005525CLI2Supervisor/7- Cisco Fabric Analyzer22500W7078- CiscoWorks 2000SupervisorCompact EDSNMP- 200 lfm1-6161230.5- 32 F (0 C)104 F (40 C)- CE Marking- -40 F (-40 C)158 F (70 C)- UL 60950RH- CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950- 10%90%- EN 60950RH- IEC 60950- 5%95%- TS 0016

- AS/NZS 3260- EN 50082-1- IEC60825- EN 61000-6-1- EN60825- EN 61000-3-2- 21 CFR 1040- EN 61000-3-3EMCEMC- FCC Part 15 (CFR 47) Class A- GR-63-Core NEBS Level 3- ICES-003 Class A- GR-1089-Core NEBS Level 3- EN 55022 Class A- ETS 300 019 Storage Class 1.1- CISPR 22 Class A- ETS 300 019 Transportation Class 2.3- AS/NZS 3548 Class A- ETS 300 019 Stationary Use Class 3.1- VCCI Class A- ETS 300 386- EN 55024DS-C9509MDS 9509DS-X9530MDS 9500 Supervisor 1DS-X9530/2MDS 9500 Supervisor 1DS-CAC-250OWMDS 95002500W ACDS-CAC-2500W/2MDS 95002500W ACDS-CDC-250OWMDS 95002500W DCDS-CDC-2500W/2MDS 95002500W DCDS-X9016Cisco MDS 9000161/2-Gbps FCSFP/LCDS-X9032Cisco MDS 9000321/2-Gbps 2Gbps-LWLCWS-C9509 MDS 9509WS-X9530 MDS 9500 Supervisor 1WS-9SLOT-FAN MDS 9500WS -CAC-2500W MDS 95002500W ACWS-CDC-2500W MDS 95002500W DCDS-X9016 Cisco MDS 9000161/2-Gbps FCSFP/LCDS-X9032 Cisco MDS 9000321/2-Gbps FCSFP/LCDS-SFP-FC2G-SW 1/2Gbps-SWLCDS-SFP-FC2G-LW 1/2Gbps-LWLC7

() Systems/Cisco, Cisco IOS, Cisco IOSCisco Systems CiscoCisco Systems Cisco Presslit-CH0211CPb-05-238

Cisco MDS 9509 CLI MDS 9000 CLI Cisco IOS CLI Cisco MDS 9000 CLI Cisco Fabric Manager Java Cisco Fabric Manager Cisco Fabric Manager API Supervisor Supervisor 1 1 SFP VSAN / 1/2Gbps 255 16 224 1/2Gbps 48 1

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