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LTC User Group 2019The Power of ConnectionAPIMajor Mally

Market Trends Mobility Progressive Web Apps Responsive Design Access APIs Low-code Development Integrations Automation Workforce reduction / repurpose Security Protecting against data lose Data Security Identity

API – Why? Dealers Want access to their data Are creative Want to control their identity in the marketplace with Solutions DIS cannot do everything

API – Our Goals API First w/ new product development 3 full time developers are working on the API Making it easier where we can: 3rd Party Integrations Tracking SolutionsModernSandhillsetc. Zapier Integration Rest based API w/ documentation

API – 1.0.0 System Reads (user accounts, labor codes, and other configruations)Customer ReadEquipment ReadEquipment Hour Meter WriteProduct ReadInventory ReadWork Order Read / WriteTime Read / WriteFile Read / WriteWeb hooks for: Work Order status changes Work Order confirmations (tech, customer, back office) Customer / Equipment / Inventory Update

API API /equipment /equipment/{wedId} /equipment/query /equipment/query?query dateUpdated 2017-07-19 /equipment/query?query hourMeter ton hourmeter less than 1234 or dealerEquipmentId ends with 9931 and the equipment's address isnot Burlington Zapier Integration Can allow for easier integration (low-code development) Swagger for Documentation

API - Overview A user friendly method for exposing Provide cleaner descriptions of data items Read and write capability from API user Single API key to use to connect Swagger used for documentation.

API - Uses Third Party application providers can more easily access data CRM Sales Force Dealer can use third party applications with your data Zappier

API – Data Available Data that API consumer currently has available CustomerEquipmentProductInventoryWork OrdersManufacturerTime CardsTechnicianClockTime Cards

API – Zapier integration Send communication to your customers based around data changing inMT Emails SMS Texts Send surveys to customers at customer completion

API – 1.1.0 Customer WriteEquipment WriteInventory WriteInvoice Summary ReadConsolidated Invoice ReadTask Read/WriteWeb hooks for: Inventory Update File Update Task Update

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API –1.0.0 System Reads (user accounts, labor codes, and other configruations) Customer Read Equipment Read Equipment Hour Meter Write Product Read Inventory Read Work Order Read / Write Time Read / Write File Read / Write Web hooks for: Work Order status changes Work Order confirmations (tech, customer .

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Division 1 & 2, ANSI B16.5, API RP 14E, API RP 14C and API RP 14J, API RP 520 Part 1 & 2, API 521, API 526, API 2000, API 1104 and NACE MR-01-75 Select the appropriate ANSI / API pressure/temperature ratings for pipe flanges, valves, and fittings Analyze piping systems so as to determine piping “spec breaks”

Inspection & Testing: API 598 Flange Dimensions: ANSI/ASME 16.5 (1/2” - 10”) Face-to-Face: ANSI/ASME B16.10 Fire Safe: API 607/BS 6755 3-Piece Trunnion Ball Valves - API 6A Basic Design: API 6A Inspection and Testing: API 6A Flange Dimensions: API 6A Face-to-Face: API 6A Fire Safe: API 607/BS 6755

FireEye's Endpoint Security Policy API provides a rich API to allow users to explore functions within the API. The Policy API Tool allows users to add remove and list policy exceptions quickly as well as list create policies for the tool. Overview To get started with the API you will need to create an API user or API Admin to access the API.