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Installation guideEmberModels:RDV600N/RDV600LRDV700N/RDV700L

Important:Appliance must be installed with a Rinnai approved fluesystem.This appliance shall be installed in accordance with:-- Manufacturer’s installation instructions-- AS/NZS 5601 Gas InstallationsInstallation, servicing and repair shall be carried out onlyby authorised personnel.WarningImproper installation, adjustment, alteration, service ormaintenance can cause property damage, personal injuryor loss of life.For more information about buying, using,and servicing of Rinnai appliances call:0800 RINNAI (0800 746 624).Rinnai New Zealand Limited105 Pavilion Drive, Mangere, AucklandPO Box 53177, Auckland Airport, Auckland 2150Phone:(09) 257

:stnecontBefore you start. 4Ember specification. 5Dimensions. 6Gas and electrical supply. 8Enclosure dimensions. 9Clearances from combustibles. 10TV installation. 12Ember masonry installation overview. 14Ember mock chimney installation overview. 16Installing the zero clearance frame. 18Attaching the flexi flues to the spigot plate. 19Burn media installation. 20Adding the glass and vermiculite. 21Log set installation. 22Stone set installation. 24Commissioning. 26Installing the frame. 27Test operation and lighting sequence. 28Installation checklist and customer handover. 28Wiring diagram. 29Ember flueing. 30Flueing options. 32Flue kits and components. 37

Before you startUnpack the appliance and components and check for damage. DO NOT install any damaged items.Check all components have been supplied and that you have the correct gas type.Read these instructions to get an overview of the steps required before starting the installation. Failureto follow these instructions could cause a malfunction of the appliance. This could result in serious injuryand/or property damage.Ensure the flue termination will meet the required flue clearances as shown in AS/NZS 5601.1 beforeinstallation.ItemMasonry installationMock chimney installationEmber 600Ember 600Ember 700Ember 700EngineThe Ember engine comes with; remote control (batteries inserted), operation and installation guides, granule packs, rockwool,crushed glass, vermiculite, and flexible gas connection.4-sided or 3-sided frameZero clearance frameA must-have for mock chimney installations as itgives automatic clearances to combustibles andis critical for keeping the installation square.Infill panel (if needed)Infill panel only needed if the cavity is slightly larger than the frame—panel will cover the gap behind the fire and 3-sided frame.700 Masonry frameWider masonry frame for the Ember 700,designed to cover a larger cavity opening.Burn mediaOption of a log or stone set—ensure youhave the correct set before starting, they aredifferent for each model.Masonry flue componentsFlexi flue components for a vertical orhorizontal chimney terminationMock chimney flue componentsFlue components for a vertical or horizontaltermination.4 Ember Installation Guide: 12890-C 03-18

Ember specificationEmber 600 specification summaryInput 12-23 MJ/hOutput 2.5-5.0* kWEfficiency 77% (on high)Heating area up to 85 m2**Gas type NG or ULPGFor efficient performance Rinnai recommendsinstalling the fire as close to the floor as possible.If the unit is installed higher up the wall themovement of air from the convection fan,depending on the room configuration, couldcreate draughts.Ember 700 specification summaryInput 14-27 MJ/hOutput 3-6.0* kWEfficiency 77% (on high)Heating area up to 99 m2**Gas type NG or ULPGNoise level: 37-45 dB(A)A direct vent inbuilt gas fireplace with a glass frontand convection fan, pushing warm air from thetop of the appliance. Operated with an infra-redremote control.Flueing: Mock chimneyColinear (air intake Ø 75 mm, exhaust Ø 100 mm)to coaxial direct vent flueing (inner Ø 100 mm,outer Ø 170 mm). Appliance must be installed witha Rinnai Ember flue system.Flueing: MasonryColinear flexi flue, air intake Ø 75 mm, exhaustØ 100 mm. Appliance must be installed with aRinnai Ember flue system.Different burn media and frame options available.* Will vary according to gas type and flue configuration.** Will vary depending on geographical location in NZ.SuitabilitySuitable for masonry installations and installationsinto a mock chimney, in open plan areas and livingrooms.Data plateLocated on the lower RHS of the base panel infront of the gas control.Convection fan120 V AC 50 Hz 2-speed centrifugal blower.ElectricalThis heater has a 1.5 m power cord with a three pinplug supplied. The power cord passes through aslot in the back left hand corner of the appliance. HighStandby 110 W 1WSafety devicesFlame failure sensing system, pressure relief,overheat safety switch, air temperature sensor,thermal fuse, overcurrent fuse, and sparkdetector.LightingHalogen lamps 240 V 25 W x 2.Temperature controlOnce the unit is turned on the infra-redremote* is used to control the flameheight and heat output.Gas connectionBrass ½ “ BSPT male fitting, the gas supplyterminates inside the heater—lower right handside of the appliance.If the remote is not used the Ember willautomatically modulate between theburner settings to maintain the defaultset temperature of 22 C.Ignition230-240 V AC 50 Hz high voltage electronic sparkgeneration unit.* Temperature sensor is located in the bottom of the remoteInstallation considerationsRoom size—smaller rooms will heat up quickly,and due to the efficiency of the appliance, theEmber will turn to a low flame setting once the settemperature has been reached.136 mm34 mm23depth - 11 mmWeights Ember 600 51 kg Ember 700 55 kgEmber Installation Guide: 12890-C 03-18 5

Dimensions (mm)Ember 600 with 4-sided frame (mock chimney installations)580500 mm535 mmViewable glassdimensions, samefor both 600models6401859064438026287Ember 600 with 3-sided frame (masonry installations or mockchimney installations with a hearth)790580695infill panel6409560095185906183802876 Ember Installation Guide: 12890-C 03-18

Ember 700 with 4-sided frame (mock chimney installations)680638 mm500 mmViewable glassdimensions, samefor both 700models7401859064438026312Ember 700 with 3-sided frame (masonry installations or mockchimney installations with a 90695infill panel95740825312Ember Installation Guide: 12890-C 03-18 7

Gas supplyGas pipe sizing must consider the gas input to this appliance, as well as other gasappliances in the premises. The gas supply termination is inside the heater, andenters from the lower right hand side of the appliance.Purging the gas supplyForeign materials and debris such as swarf,filings etc. must be purged from the gassupply. Failure to do so may cause damage tothe control valve causing it to malfunction.Gas connectionA small spanner has been provided, locatedin the commissioning pouch on top of thePCB cover, to help with the gas connection asspace is quite tight. Please return the spannerto the pouch when finished.The use of a rubber hose for any gasconnection to a fixed appliance is notauthorised by the manufacturer.approx. 320 mmElectrical supplyThe Ember is fitted with a 1.5 m power cord and 3-pin plug.The power cord passes through a slot in the back left handcorner of the appliance.The connection is either direct wired* or connected to apower point within the cavity. This must be connected toa dedicated earthed power point. The electric isolationswitch must be accessible after the appliance has beeninstalled.The fire must not be located immediately below a socketoutlet (potential fire hazard).If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a licensed tradesperson. This must be agenuine replacement part available from Rinnai.* Consult a qualified electrician if direct wiring is required as it must comply with AS/NZS 5601 and AS/NZS 3000 and otherrelevant local regulations8 Ember Installation Guide: 12890-C 03-18

Enclosure dimensionsThe Ember must be positioned within the enclosure on a flat level surface thatallows free movement of the appliance. The enclosure must be capable ofsupporting 1.5 times the weight of the Ember.Mock chimneyMasonryActual chimney size needs to be at least 200 x 200 mmfor the two flexi flues to fit down the chimney.600700600W-widthInfill panel*Masonry frame*600 mm600-750 mmN/A700 mm700-850 mm700-785 mmH-heightInfill panel*Masonry frame*600 mm600-675 mmN/A600 mm600-675 mm600-638 mmD-depth400 mm min. 400 mm min.* Enclosure dimensions can be larger if using an infillpanel or a masonry frame.700W-width 700 mm800 mmH-height 700 mm700 mmD-depth400 mm min. 400 mm min.Framing dimensions above are before the zero clearanceframe is fitted.For mock chimney installations the Ember MUST BEinstalled with the Ember Zero Clearance frame, whichgives the required clearances to combustibles.Corner installations1504251063140499325.Ember 700.inin2m2m7570Ember 600Ember Installation Guide: 12890-C 03-18 9

Clearances from combustiblesThe clearances listed below, measured from the edge of the glass, areminimum clearances unless otherwise stated.Floor protectionHeat from this fire may over time affectthe appearance of some materials usedfor flooring, such as, carpet, vinyl, corkor timber. This may be amplified if the aircontains cooking vapours or cigarettesmoke. To avoid this occurring, it isrecommended that a mat be placed infront of the appliance.Mantels and surroundsCombustible mantels and surroundsrequire clearance from the unit tominimise the risk of fire. Mantels andsurrounds, made of combustible materialssuch as wood, are allowed providing theyare outside the minimum clearancesshown.HearthsA hearth is not necessary but can be usedfor decorative purposes or protectionof sensitive flooring if required. A hearthmust not obscure the front of the fire orobstruct the fire in any way (including theframe around the fire).Wall surface above the fireThe temperature of the wall surfacedirectly above the fire may get warmand distort paint finishes, or distort vinylwall coverings. For durability of surfaces,please contact the manufacturer for theirspecification.10 Ember Installation Guide: 12890-C 03-18400 mmWhile the heater is operatingThe appliance must not be installed wherecurtains or other combustible materialscould come into contact with the heater.The 400 mm side clearance includes sidewalls. The 1000 mm clearance is in front ofthe fire.400 mm400 mm1000 mmB- mantel depthAcA Mantel needs to be a min. of 400 mm away from theedge of the glass.B Max. mantel depth at 400 mm (A) is 250 mm max.C Surround needs to be a minimum of 400 mm awayfrom the edge of the glass.For every 50 mm of added mantel depth there must bean additional 100 mm of clearance from the edge of theglass. For example:Mantel depth300 mm350 mm400 mmA: clearance required500 mm600 mm700 mm

The below diagrams are to assist people in determining the clearance area around the Emberwithout having the unit on site. The 4-sided frame is shown as this is the frame used in mockchimney installations, which typically have mantels and surrounds made of combustible material.The 4-sided frame sits approximately 26 mm below the engine, refer dimension diagrams.Ember 600 4-sided frame1340570400Minimum above fire400540ClearanceGlass width400ClearanceDistance off the floorcould be 0-400 mm.Ember 700 4-sided frame1440570400Minimum above fire400640ClearanceGlass width400ClearanceEmber Installation Guide: 12890-C 03-18 11

TV installationThe Ember has a fan that distributes warm air from the top of the applianceout into the room. As warm air is dispersed outwards, as opposed to directlyupwards, installation of a TV may be an option.The diagram showsrecommended clearanceswhen installing a TV directlyabove the Ember, or into arecess. All dimensions are inmillimetres.400 mm dimensionThe 400 mm dimensionis the minimum clearancerequired to a mantel. Theimage adjacent shows thedimension from the edgeof the frame, in the caseof the Ember the 400 mmdimension is to be taken fromthe edge of the glass.At least thedepth of the TV400 mmminimumAlways check with the TVmanufacturerIt is up to the owner to checkthe TV installation with the TVmanufacturer—some havewarranty conditions that statea TV is not to be installedabove a fireplace.Rinnai does not accept anyresponsibility for damage toa TV resulting from the use ofthis information.400 mmminimum12 Ember Installation Guide: 12890-C 03-18

InstallationInstallation, servicing and repairshall be carried out only byauthorised personnel.Ember Installation Guide: 12890-C 03-18 13

Ember masonry installation overview1Modify the enclosureEnsure the enclosure meets the requirements set out on p. 9.2Gas and electrical connectionsPrepare gas and electrical connections, refer p. 8.3Connect flexi to flue terminalStretch out the flexi to the required length and attach to the flue terminal using theclamps provided. Seal the terminal to the chimney plate and weatherproof any openingsusing appropriate silicone sealant.4Drop flexi down chimneyDrop the flexi flue down the chimney, making sure you have the intake and exhaust fluesin the correct position, and seal the chimney plate to the chimney.5Attach flexi flues to the flue spigot plateUndo the two front screws holding the flue spigot in place and attach the flexi to thespigot using the clamps provided. Screw/rivet in place to stop any movement, refer p. 19.6If using the infill panel or masonry frame attach the side bracketsAttach the side brackets provided with the infill panel or masonry frame, using the screwsprovided, to the Ember engine using the top and bottom fixings.7Attach flue to the fireLine up the spigot plate with the flue guide rails on top of the unit, slide the unit in place,and secure spigot—two front screws.8Secure Ember to the enclosureThis can be done two ways depending on the installation:1. Secure to the enclosure via the existing flanges on the engine, or2. If using the infill panel or masonry frame, attach the side brackets* to the Emberengine with screws*, using the top and bottom fixings. Slide the Ember in place, andsecure the side brackets to the enclosure, using the three outer screw positions oneach bracket, to the brickwork using suitable fixings (not provided).* Provided with the infill panel or masonry frame9Complete the gas connectionMake the gas connection.the burn media and commission10 InstallInstall the glass, granules, rockwool, logs or stones. Refit the combustion chamber glassand commission, refer p. 20-26.Install the frame and infill panel (if using)11 Install the masonry or the 3-sided frame and infill panel* (if using), refer p. 27.* Separate installation instructions are provided with the infill panel.14 Ember Installation Guide: 12890-C 03-18

Check the size of the chimney beforedoing anything. It needs to be at least200 x 200 mm for the colinear flexi flueto fit down.When dropping the flexi flue down thechimney make sure you have the intakeand exhaust flues in the correct position.The intake is on the left.Intake Ø 75 mm left hand side.Make sure the chimney cap isweathertight. Flexi flue also needs to besecured to the flue cowl using the clampsprovided—these need to be riveted/screwed in place to reduce the risk ofmovement.Exhaust Ø 100 mm right hand side.Maximum flue length is 8 m.The Ember engine must be securedto the enclosure via the top and sideflanges. This can be done directly intothe enclosure, into the infill panel ormasonry frame using the side bracketsprovided.Flexi flues clamped and riveted/screwedin place to the engine spigot plate. Dueto the weight it’s best to support theunderside of the plate to stop the flexiflues from extending too much.Base of masonry enclosure MUSTBE level and allow free movement ofthe appliance for maintenance andservicing.Ember Installation Guide: 12890-C 03-18 15

Ember mock chimney installation overview1Modify the enclosureEnsure the enclosure meets the requirements set out on p. 9.2Gas and electrical connectionsPrepare gas and electrical connections, refer p. 8.3Install the zero clearance frameInstall the zero clearance frame into the enclosure and fix in place with the screwsprovided. This frame is critical and must be installed as it automatically gives the requiredclearances to combustibles. Refer p. 18, and frame kit installation instructions.4Flue system installedInstall the coaxial* to colinear adaptor. Ensure it is self supported with the frame andscrewed in place. Attach the intake and exhaust flexi flues to the adaptor, clamp and screwinto place—check clearances are maintained. Add colinear sections as required, thesetwist and lock into place.5Attach flexi flues to the flue spigot plateUndo the two front screws holding the flue spigot in place and attach the flexi to thespigot using the clamps provided and screw into place, refer p. 19.6Attach the flue spigot back onto the engineLine up the spigot plate with the flue guide rails on top of the unit, slide the unit into place,and secure the spigot—two front screws.7Secure Ember to the zero clearance frameSecure engine to the zero clearance frame—nine screw positions (three LHS, three top,and three RHS).8Complete the gas connectionMake the gas connection.the burn media and commission9 InstallInstall the glass, granules, rockwool, logs or stones. Refit the combustion chamber glassand commission, refer p. 20-26.10 Install the frameInstall the frame, refer p. 27.* Can’t be more than 600 mm maximum due to the heat from the colinear flexi flues.16 Ember Installation Guide: 12890-C 03-18

Self-supporting coaxial flue; innerØ 100 mm, outer Ø 170 mm. Requires10 mm clearance to a combustiblesurface. Flue pipes twist and lock intoplace.Flue cowl needs to a 500 mm clearance fromthe nearest ridge line of the roof. In this instancethe flue pipe has been painted to match theroof.Colinear to coaxial adaptor supportedand secured in place. Flexi flues clampedand screwed to the connections.Maximum vertical flue lengthis 10 m. If adding 2 x 45 bends(maximum number of bends),then the flue length reduces by2 m, refer p. 34.600 mm maximumZero clearance frame fitted,refer next pageBase of enclosure MUST BE leveland allow free movement of theappliance for maintenance andservicing.Ember Installation Guide: 12890-C 03-18 17

Installing the zero clearance frame (R2450)For mock chimney installations the zero clearance frame is a mandatoryrequirement to ensure a safe installation for the homeowner. The zeroclearance frame is fitted prior to final cladding. It is a universal frame, designedfor different opening sizes.For installation refer to the detailed instructions provided with the zeroclearance frame kit.The frame has three functions:1. Maintains the required clearances to combustibles around the fire.2. Keeps the enclosure square, and provides rigidity above the fire.3. Allows for a thin profile frame, and for the engine to slip easily in and out of the enclosure.18 Ember Installation Guide: 12890-C 03-18

Attaching the flexi flues to the

Ember 600 Ember 700 Ember 600 Ember 700 Engine The Ember engine comes with; remote control (batteries inserted), operation and installation guides, granule packs, rockwool, crushed glass, vermiculite, and flexible gas connection. 4-sided

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