SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTER Technical Information

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SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTERTechnical Information

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTERProgram StatusTECHNICALINFORMATION1Launched at the Paris Air Show in 1995, the S-92 has been developed to provide both civil and militaryoperators with the first true replacement for the S-61. From its inception, the S-92 was designed to provideunprecedented levels of safety, maintainability, reliability, and operational economics.Since its first flight in December 1998, the S/H-92 has accumulated over 1000 test hours in its developmentand certification program. The production configuration has been established with General Electric CT7-8engines and a Collins cockpit, and agreements have been signed with several commercial customers. BasicFAA Type Certification is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2002. Expanded certification for specific customerrequirements will be completed in 2003, with production deliveries beginning in the third quarter.Parts manufactured by worldwide partners come together on the S-92 assembly line at Sikorsky’s Stratford, Connecticut facility.JANUARY 2002

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTERTECHNICALINFORMATIONS-92 Production Team2The S-92 Helicopter is being developed and produced by a worldwide, collaborative team led by SikorskyAircraft. Sikorsky provides the system integration function, and is developing all dynamic components. The S-92program philosophy is to provide a common baseline aircraft to which customers add options. The aircraft isthen built to order, configured for the customer’s specific mission.Missions include Offshore Oil transport, VIP transport, Airline Service, Air Cargo, Utility, Troop Transport, NavalOperations, and Search and Rescue Operations.SikorskyTEAM ntCorporation(AIDC)EmbraerS-92 TEAM PRINCIPAL PARTICIPANTSJANUARY 2002Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (Taiwan)Cockpit, including electrical harnesses, hydraulic lines and selected flight control componentsEmbraer (Brazil)Sponsons, fuel cells, and landing gearGamesa (Spain)Aft transition tailcone and main rotor pylon. Also responsible for fabrication of the aircraft interiorsJingdezhen Helicopter Group/CATIC (People’s Republic of China)Vertical tail assembly to include fabrication of the horizontal stabilizerMitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan)Main cabin section, the largest subassembly on the projectGE Aircraft Engines (USA)CT7-8 turboshaft enginesRockwell Collins (USA)Cockpit liquid crystal multi-function displays and communication/navigation suiteFlightSafety International (USA)Integrated product team for training

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTERGeneral dard Day, Sea Level at 26,150 lb/11,861 kg gross weightMaximum speed (VNE)Maximum cruise speed (VH)Best range speed (99% best specific range)Range: civil configuration (3,000 ft, ISA plus 10 c.)- with 19 passengers and 30-minutes reserve plus 10%- with 19 passengers and no reserveMaximum range with internal auxiliary fuel (370 gallons)Service ceilingHover ceiling out-of-ground effectHover ceiling in-ground effect165 kts151 kts137 kts306 km/hr280 km/hr254 km/hr439 nm538 nm687 nm15,000 ft6,370 ft10,700 ft813 km996 km1,272 km4,572 m1,942 m3,261 mWEIGHTSMaximum takeoff gross weight, civil configuration- internal load- external loadMaximum external loadWeight empty, offshore oilWeight empty, search and rescueMaximum fuel load, (internal, standard)26,150 lb28,300 lb10,000 lb15,900 lb16,000 lb5,130 lb11,861 kg12,837 kg4,536 kg7,212 kg7,257 kg2,327 kgGENERAL DATACrew seating capacityPassenger seating capacity, offshore oilPassenger seating capacity, military transportBaggage compartment volumeFuel capacity (internal, standard)21922140 cu ft760 US gal3.96 cu m2,877 LPOWERPLANTEngine quantity and typeTwo General Electric CT7-8JANUARY 2002

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTERTECHNICALINFORMATIONAircraft Dimensions4DIMENSIONSMain rotor diameter (blade tip circle)Tail rotor diameter (blade tip circle)Fuselage lengthFuselage widthFuselage height (to top of tail pylon)Length over-all (including rotors)Height over-all- to tip of tail rotor, positioned vertically- to tip of tail rotor, positioned diagonallyWidth (including horizontal stabilizer)Width (blades parked at 45 to fuselage)Main landing gear treadWheel basePassenger cabin length (with bulkhead)Passenger cabin widthPassenger cabin heightJANUARY 2002The S-92 features a spacious, stand-up cabin56' 4"11' 0"56' 2"12' 9"14' 2"68' 6"17.17 m3.35 m17.10 m3.89 m4.32 m20.88 m17' 11"16' 10"17' 3"40' 0"10' 5"20' 4"20' 0"6' 7"6' 0"5.47 m5.12 m5.26 m12.36 m3.18 m6.20 m6.10 m2.01 m1.83 m

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTERCabin ArrangementsTECHNICALINFORMATION5OFFSHORE OIL TRANSPORT/AIRLINE SERVICE19 Crashworthy airline-style seatsVIP TRANSPORTMultiple configurations include swivel chairs,divans, tables, and cabinetsRestroom facilities are availableJANUARY 2002

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTERTECHNICALINFORMATIONCabin Arrangements6SEARCH AND RESCUE (SAR)Large cabin offers amplespace for seats, litters,auxiliary fuel, and SARemergency equipmentJANUARY 2002MILITARY TROOP TRANSPORT22 Crashworthy troop seats

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTERSafety FeaturesTECHNICALINFORMATION7APU in-flightemergencypowerComposite spar mainrotor blades withlightning strikeprotectionCrashworthyfuel systemseparatedfrom cabinAircraft-widebird strikecertificationDual engineswith 30-secondOEI ratingsUnlimited life,fatigue tolerantrotor systemEnergyabsorbingpassenger andcrew rgencyBeaconRedundanthydraulics andfatigue tolerantflight controlsReducedworkloadEFIS cockpitFlight datarecorder/cockpitvoice recorderHigh visibilitycrew stationSea State 5flotation systemFour oversizedprimaryemergency exitsDual 14-personlife rafts30-minute run-drydrive system and140% overtorquecertificationEnergyabsorbinglanding gear20g high masscrash retentionPushout windowexits positionedfor each row16g cargotie-downsThe S-92 helicopter will be the first helicopter fully certifiedto the harmonized FAA, JAA Part 29 requirements.This certification basis, combined with input fromthe offshore oil community, will result in the mostcomprehensive set of safety features ever integratedinto a single helicopter design.JANUARY 2002

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTERTECHNICALINFORMATIONEquipment and FeaturesStandard Offshore Configuration8AIRFRAMEActive vibration control systemNose electronics bay with hinged doorHeated windshieldsWindshield wipers (2)/washer systemCockpit with openable clear view windowsJettisonable cockpit windows (2)Crashworthy pilot and co-pilot seatsAirline interior with 19 crashworthy passenger seats75 psf cabin floorFour cabin emergency exitsTen double pane windowsUpward-hinged upper doorAirstair lower doorBleed air heat system (two zone)Chin and side window defogging systemVentilation system (two zone)Exterior fuel sponsons (2)Hydraulic-powered rear rampRetractable tri-cycle landing gearEmergency flotation systemSponson-stowed life rafts (left and right)High-quality exterior finishJANUARY 2002The S-92 design sets a new standard for aircraft maintainabilityMaintainability isenhanced by workareas and platformsplaced to provideeasy access to entireaircraft

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTEREquipment and FeaturesTECHNICALINFORMATIONStandard Offshore Configuration9POWERPLANT AND FUEL SYSTEMTwo General Electric CT7-8 engines with integral particle separatorsAPU for engine start, ground power, heating, and in-flight emergency powerDual channel FADEC with autostart, power assurance and OEI training modeDual suction fuel feed system with breakaway fittings, and crossfeed capabilityCrashworthy fuel tanks (2) with a combined capacity of 700 gallonsSingle-point pressure fueling and defuelingDual point gravity refuelingLow level fuel warning systemEngine and APU fire detection and dual extinguishing systemsEngine inlet anti-ice systemAPU provides ground power and engine start. Flight rated foremergency/supplemental power.Isolated sponsons, suction feed and self-sealing breakaway valves enhancefuel system crashworthiness.The GE CT7-8 engine is derived from the proven CT7/T700 family,which has accumulated over 28 million hours of operation.JANUARY 2002

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTERTECHNICALINFORMATIONEquipment and FeaturesStandard Offshore Configuration10TRANSMISSIONMain transmission with two input/accessory modulesIntermediate and tail gearboxes with interconnecting shaftsChip detectors with fuzz burn-offLow maintenance drive shaftsRotor brakeDiaphragm-type tail drive couplingsVibration monitoringROTORS AND CONTROLSFour-bladed, articulated main rotor system with fatigue-tolerantdesign and elastomeric bearingsComposite construction main rotor bladesFour-bladed flexbeam tail rotorElastomeric main and tail rotor rod end bearingsLow maintenance, rotor-mounted vibration suppression systemManual blade fold (two blades forward, two blades aft)Dual, redundant isolated pilot flight controlsDual, redundant, primary and tail rotor servosTail rotor centering quadrantDual, independent transmission-powered 4000 psihydraulic systemsBack-up, independent 4000 psi hydraulic systemRedundant stability augmentation system with airspeed,attitude, and heading hold functionsBearingless composite flexbeam tail rotor design is bird strike certifiedJANUARY 2002The S-92 main transmission features a uniqueplanetary gear system , and utilizes advancedmaterials for long life.S-92 fatigue-tolerant hub and yoke designprovides unlimited life and improved safety, and themain gearbox incorporates advanced corrosionresistant materials and coatings.

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTEREquipment and FeaturesTECHNICALINFORMATIONStandard Offshore Configuration11AVIONICSRockwell Collins glass cockpit with four multi-function displays- Primary flight instruments- Multi-purpose navigation display- Graphic engine instrument and caution/advisory (EICAS) display- Built-in-test (BIT) displaysProline IV communications/navigation suite- Dual VHF Communications- Dual VOR- DME- ADF- Transponder (Mode S)- Dual Radio Management Units- Dual Audio Control UnitsARINC-429 and MIL-STD 1553 data-bus compatibilityDual AHRSWeather radarHUMSPassenger briefing system with page/chime featureFlexible display symbology is provided on six byeight inch LCD. Flight, navigation, engineinstrument/caution advisory, and health displaymodes can be tailored to meet mission needs.AUTOMATIC FLIGHT CONTROL SYSTEMDual, digital Hamilton Sundstrand AFCS with fully-coupled flight directorELECTRICAL SYSTEMSTwo 75 KVA, 400 hz 3-phase,transmission-driven maingeneratorsTwo 200 amp AC/DC convertors35 KVA air-cooled APU-drivenbackup generator100 amp AC/DC backupconvertor15 amp-hour batteryUpper anti-collision strobe lightLanding lightsCargo loading lightThe S-92 cockpit and display panel, shown here with an optional fifth liquid crystal, multi-function display.Controllable searchlightAC/DC cabin power receptaclesIntegral cockpit lightingWide-area cabin lightingEmergency lightsHEELSJANUARY 2002

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTERTECHNICALINFORMATIONMission PerformanceOffshore Oil Configuration12MISSIONTakeoff at maximum gross weight (25,500 lb)Sea Level, ISA 10 CCruise at 3,000 feet, Long Range Cruise Speed*JAA Reserve: 30 minutes plus 10%Average fuel flow: 1,240 lb/hrWEIGHTSOffshore Configuration weightCrewEngine oil/washer fluidTiedown kit/manuals15,658 lb400 lb37 lb10 lbOperating weight16,105 lb* Speed for 99% best specific rangeJANUARY 2002



SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTEROptional EquipmentTECHNICALINFORMATION15AIRFRAME AND ROTORSOverhead cockpit windowsFull sliding doorSliding upper cabin door, right sideSliding cabin window, left-side, forwardJettisonable cabin windows200 psf cabin floorMixer work platformTail pylon pullout stepsAir conditioning systemCold weather heat systemMain and tail rotor blade de-iceFURNISHINGSArmored crashworthy pilot/copilot seatsUtility type soft cabin interiorCrashworthy, fold-up troop seats (up to 22)PROPULSION/FUEL SYSTEMSBallistic self-sealing fuel systemInternal aux fuel system (185 gallons x 2)External aux fuel system (230 gallons x 2)External pneumatic ground start capabilityOptional 50-inch sliding door facilitates ingress and egress of rescueesand litters during SAR missionsSpacious cabin accommodates up to 22 troops, 12 litters, or 3 standard LD3 cargo containers.JANUARY 2002

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTERTECHNICALINFORMATIONOptional Equipment16ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS/LIGHTINGLower anti-collision lightLogo lightsRecognition lightsRotor head inspection lightEmergency floor lightingAVIONICSFifth color 6" x 8" LCD (centerposition on instrument panel)SAR AFCS upgrade with coupledsearch patternsUniversal flight managementsystem (UNS-1C) with GPSDopplerTCAS ILightning sensorThe roomy cabin of the S-92 affords ample space for casualty evacuationSPECIAL MISSION EQUIPMENTHydraulic rescue hoist (600 lb,250 fpm)Cargo hook (10,000 lb capacity)12 Litter medevac kitFloor roller systemRamp roller systemRamp cargo flippersCargo loading winchSea anchorThe rear ramp and optional floor roller systems allow fast and efficient loading and unloading of cargo.Up to 10,000 pounds of external cargo may becarried using the stowable cargo hook.JANUARY 2002SAR missionequipment optionsinclude 600 poundcapacity rescue hoist

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTERComponent Overhauls and Retirement TimesTECHNICALINFORMATION17OVERVIEWMinimization of direct operating costs has, from the start, been established as a primary design criteria of theS-92 helicopter program. Projected DOCs have been continuously monitored during all phases of development.The underlying philosophy has been to reduce operator costs through the extension of component lives andminimization of the number of components subject to overhauls. As a result of holding to this philosophy, allcomponents on the S-92, with the exception of the main gearbox, require only on-condition maintenance.Themain gearbox itself has a TBO of 6,000 hours, higher than any gearbox previously introduced by Sikorsky intothe commercial marketplace.With the dramatic reduction in overhauls and life-limited components, the S-92 design will provide operators asavings in excess of 400 per flight hour in maintenance costs compared to any other-helicopter in the its class.The S-92 has only one component requiring scheduledoverhaul, and only two components with a retirement lifeof less than ten years or 12,000 hours.Unlimited life main rotor blade incorporates composite spar technology andutilizes a swept, tapered anhedral tip. This design provides improved lift andmaneuverability.Anti-torque control is provided by unlimited life tail rotor blades withbearingless composite flexbeam. The pitch control links use elastomericbearings.Designed to flaw tolerant certification requirements, the unlimited life S-92 main rotor head featuresredundant load paths and elastomeric bearings, The result is 50,000 hours before overhaul.JANUARY 2002

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTERTECHNICALINFORMATIONCost of OperationOffshore Transport Service18The following information is supplied to aid in the preparation of estimates of the cost of operation for the S-92helicopter in offshore oil transport service. Costs have been calculated in general accordance with the practicesdescribed in the Guide For Presentation of Helicopter Operating Cost Estimates, published by the Committee onHelicopter Operations Cost. The estimates presume a mature operation in which there has been opportunity forcosts to stabilize and assume no benefit for warranties.Direct operating costs are calculated for a new S-92 flying 1,000 hours per year using 1999 prices. Reliabilityand maintainability characteristics are based on Sikorsky’s H-60 experience. The H-60 fleet has accumulated inexcess of 4 million flight hours since the model’s introduction in 1978. The S-92 design incorporates the lessonslearned on the H-60 program and thereby provides a significant improvement in cost-effectiveness.VARIABLE COSTSFUEL AND LUBRICANTSSIKORSKY ESTIMATEAverage fuel consumption (gallons/hour)Fuel cost per gallon ( )Cost for fuel ( /hour)Cost for lubricants (3% of fuel)178.01.51269.008.00Total cost for fuel and lubricants ( /hour)277.00LABORLabor rate ( /hour)Direct maintenance (MH/FH)Indirect maintenance (MH/FH)Total maintenance (MH/FH)Total labor cost ( /hour)JANUARY 200247.302.12.04.1192.00OPERATOR ESTIMATE

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTERCost of OperationTECHNICALINFORMATIONOffshore Transport Service19RESERVE FOR RETIREMENT ITEMSSquibbsTail rotor servo coupling bearingRetirement items with lives greater than 12,000 hoursLIFE LIMIT5 years2,000 hoursTotal retirement item cost ( /hour)OVERHAUL ITEMSMain gearboxTotal overhaul item cost ( /hour)SIKORSKY ESTIMATEOPERATOR ESTIMATE0.750.8413.2414.83TBO6,000 hours39.0239.02RESERVE FOR UNSCHEDULED REPAIRSElectricalFuel systemHydraulic systemLanding gearLightingAirframeRotorsPower trainFlight controlsAvionicsPropulsionUtility 88.4038.681.96Total unscheduled repair cost ( /hour)429.19Total engine overhaul and spares cost ( /hour)220.00Total variable cost ( /hour)1,172.00JANUARY 2002

SIKORSKY S-92 HELICOPTERTECHNICALINFORMATIONCost of OperationOffshore Transport Service20FIXED COSTSRESERVE FOR RETIREMENT ITEMSSIKORSKY ESTIMATESalary ( /year)Salary with benefits (x 1.3)Pilot hours per yearCrew cost per hour54,275.0070,558.0080088.00Total crew cost for two pilots ( /hour)176.00ANNUAL COSTSHull insurance, assumed rate (%)Hull insurance, annual cost ( /hour)3.6180.00Total insurance cost ( /hour)180.00Depreciation ( /hour)680.00Total Fixed Costs ( /hour)1,036.00TOTAL OPERATING COST SUMMARYTotal variable costTotal fixed cost1,172.001,036.00Total operating cost ( /hour)2,208.00The operating data provided herein are estimates only. Sikorsky endeavors to ensure thatthis data is current and meaningful for operating cost evaluations. Sikorsky, however,does not warrant, and you should not rely upon, this data as defining the operating costsor overhaul/retirement times for any particular S-92 aircraft or its components.JANUARY 2002OPERATOR ESTIMATE

SS--9922S P E E DRangePAYLOA Dwww.sikorsky.comJanuary 2002S92 016

The S-92 Helicopter is being developed and produced by a worldwide, collaborative team led by Sikorsky Aircraft. Sikorsky provides the system integration function, and is developing all dynamic components. The S-92 program philosophy is to provide a common baseline

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