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CA Workload Automation AEAdministration GuideRelease 11.3.6

This Documentation, which includes embedded help systems and electronically distributed materials, (hereinafter referred toas the “Documentation”) is for your informational purposes only and is subject to change or withdrawal by CA at any time. ThisDocumentation is proprietary information of CA and may not be copied, transferred, reproduced, disclosed, modified orduplicated, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of CA.If you are a licensed user of the software product(s) addressed in the Documentation, you may print or otherwise makeavailable a reasonable number of copies of the Documentation for internal use by you and your employees in connection withthat software, provided that all CA copyright notices and legends are affixed to each reproduced copy.The right to print or otherwise make available copies of the Documentation is limited to the period during which the applicablelicense for such software remains in full force and effect. Should the license terminate for any reason, it is your responsibility tocertify in writing to CA that all copies and partial copies of the Documentation have been returned to CA or destroyed.TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, CA PROVIDES THIS DOCUMENTATION “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANYKIND, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULARPURPOSE, OR NONINFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT WILL CA BE LIABLE TO YOU OR ANY THIRD PARTY FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE,DIRECT OR INDIRECT, FROM THE USE OF THIS DOCUMENTATION, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, LOST PROFITS, LOSTINVESTMENT, BUSINESS INTERRUPTION, GOODWILL, OR LOST DATA, EVEN IF CA IS EXPRESSLY ADVISED IN ADVANCE OF THEPOSSIBILITY OF SUCH LOSS OR DAMAGE.The use of any software product referenced in the Documentation is governed by the applicable license agreement and suchlicense agreement is not modified in any way by the terms of this notice.The manufacturer of this Documentation is CA.Provided with “Restricted Rights.” Use, duplication or disclosure by the United States Government is subject to the restrictionsset forth in FAR Sections 12.212, 52.227-14, and 52.227-19(c)(1) - (2) and DFARS Section 252.227-7014(b)(3), as applicable, ortheir successors.Copyright 2013 CA. All rights reserved. All trademarks, trade names, service marks, and logos referenced herein belong totheir respective companies.

CA Technologies Product ReferencesThis document references the following CA Technologies products: CA Automation Suite for Data Centers (formerly named CA Spectrum AutomationManager) CA ControlMinder (formerly named CA eTrust Access Control) CA Embedded Entitlements Manager (CA EEM) CA IT Client Manager CA Job Management Option CA Jobtrac Job Management (CA Jobtrac) CA Network and Systems Management (CA NSM) CA Process Automation CA Scheduler Job Management (CA Scheduler) CA Service Desk CA Systems Performance for Infrastructure Managers (formerly named CASystemEDGE) CA Universal Job Management Agent (CA UJMA) CA Workload Automation AE (formerly named Unicenter AutoSys JobManagement (Unicenter AutoSys JM)) CA Workload Automation AE Connect Option CA Workload Automation Agent for Application Services (CA WA Agent forApplication Services) CA Workload Automation Agent for Databases (CA WA Agent for Databases) CA Workload Automation Agent for i5/OS (CA WA Agent for i5/OS) CA Workload Automation Agent for Linux (CA WA Agent for Linux) CA Workload Automation Agent for Micro Focus (CA WA Agent for Micro Focus) CA Workload Automation Agent for Oracle E-Business Suite (CA WA Agent forOracle E-Business Suite) CA Workload Automation Agent for PeopleSoft (CA WA Agent for PeopleSoft) CA Workload Automation Agent for Remote Execution (CA WA Agent for RemoteExecution) CA Workload Automation Agent for SAP (CA WA Agent for SAP) CA Workload Automation Agent for UNIX (CA WA Agent for UNIX) CA Workload Automation Agent for Web Services (CA WA Agent for Web Services)

CA Workload Automation Agent for Windows (CA WA Agent for Windows) CA Workload Automation Agent for z/OS (CA WA Agent for z/OS) CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition (formerly named CA Workload AutomationSE) CA Workload Automation ESP Edition (formerly named CA Workload AutomationEE) CA Workload Control Center (CA WCC)Contact CA TechnologiesContact CA SupportFor your convenience, CA Technologies provides one site where you can access theinformation that you need for your Home Office, Small Business, and Enterprise CATechnologies products. At, you can access the followingresources: Online and telephone contact information for technical assistance and customerservices Information about user communities and forums Product and documentation downloads CA Support policies and guidelines Other helpful resources appropriate for your productProviding Feedback About Product DocumentationIf you have comments or questions about CA Technologies product documentation, youcan send a message to provide feedback about CA Technologies product documentation, complete ourshort customer survey which is available on the CA Support website at

ContentsChapter 1: Introduction11Intended Audience . 11CA Workload Automation AE . 12Instance . 12CA Workload Automation AE Components . 13Event Server . 14Application Server . 15Scheduler . 15Agent . 16Legacy Agent Replaced by CA Workload Automation Agent . 16Client . 17Web Server . 17Interface Components . 17How the Event Server, Scheduler, and Agent Interact . 18How the Event Server, Application Server, and Client Utilities Interact . 20How the Event Server, Web Server, and Web Service Consumer Interact . 21How the Local Scheduler Interacts with Other Schedulers when Multiple Instances of CA WorkloadAutomation AE Run . 21Communications . 24Data Encryption . 24Chapter 2: Configuring CA Workload Automation AE27Overview . 27The Configuration File . 28Sample Configuration File . 29Parameters in the Configuration File . 30The auto.profile File on UNIX . 33Sample auto.profile File . 33The agentparm.txt File . 34The WAAE.txt File . 35Environment Variables . 35Defining Environment Variables to Customize Logging . 36Defining Environment Variables to Customize Network Communication . 37Defining Environment Variables to Customize the Scheduler . 40Defining Environment Variables to Customize the Application Server . 45Defining Environment Variables to Customize the Client Utilities or SDK Behavior . 47The CA Workload Automation AE Administrator . 48Contents 5

Alarm Notifications . 49Set Alarm Notifications on UNIX . 50Configure CA Workload Automation AE to Send Email Notifications on UNIX . 52Send Email Notifications Using CA Workload Automation AE . 55Configure CA Workload Automation AE to Send SNMP Traps on UNIX . 56SNMP Traps . 58Disable IP Address Caching on UNIX . 63Chapter 3: Modifying the Scheduler Settings on UNIX65Set the Minimum Scheduler Log Disk Space . 66FileSystemThreshold Parameter . 67Define the Load Balancing Method . 67Verify that the Remote Kernel Statistics Daemon is Running . 69Configure the Scheduler Heartbeat Interval . 70Set the Values to Calculate the Wait Time Between Restart Attempts . 71Specify the Signals for a KILLJOB Event . 72Set the Maximum Number of Job Restart Attempts . 74Configure the MaxRestartTrys Parameter to be Machine-Specific. 75Set the Event Transfer Time-Out for Dual Event Server Mode . 76Set the Interval Between Job Heartbeat Checks . 77Check Heartbeat Parameter . 78Specify a Local Machine to Run Jobs . 78Configure the Resource Wait Poll Interval . 80ResourceWaitPollInterval Parameter. 81Control the Starting of Jobs in PEND MACH Status . 81GlobalPendMachInterval Parameter . 83Control the Status of Jobs Scheduled on an Offline Machine . 87GlobalPendMachStatus Parameter . 88GlobalPendMachDelay Parameter . 89Define the Communication Ports for the Scheduler . 91AutoRemPort Parameter . 92SchedAuxiliaryListeningPort Parameter . 93Verify Whether Jobs and Agents are Running at Scheduler Startup . 94Start the Scheduler in Global Auto Hold Mode . 95Configure CA Workload Automation AE to Skip Starting Condition Evaluation for Queued Jobs . 97Redirect Job Profile Information to a File. 98RemoteProFiles Parameter . 100Append Information to Standard Error and Standard Output Files . 102AutoInstWideAppend Parameter . 103Append Event Message Text to Event Messages . 104Aggregate Statistics Automatically . 1056 Administration Guide

Set Job Attribute Environment Variables . 107Specify the Scheduler Role . 109Specify the Primary Scheduler Failback Mode . 110Activate the Cross-Platform Interface . 111Chapter 4: Modifying the Application Server Settings on UNIX113Define the Application Server Host Name . 113Define a Unique Identifier to Communicate with the Agent . 114Define a Unique Communication Alias . 115Define Communication Ports for the Application Server . 116Set the Maximum Number of Lines to Retrieve from a Log File . 119Chapter 5: Maintaining the Scheduler121How the Scheduler Starts Processes . 121How to Back Up Definitions . 122Back Up Calendar Definitions . 123Back Up Machine, Resource, User-defined Job Type, Job, and Monitor Report Definitions . 124Back Up Global Variable Values . 125Restore Definitions . 126View the Scheduler Log File . 127Scheduler Log File Location . 127Specify the Scheduler or Application Server Log Rollover on UNIX . 128How Shadow Scheduler Backup Works . 130Restore the Primary Scheduler After a Failover on UNIX . 131Run the Scheduler in Test Mode on UNIX . 132Run the Scheduler in Test Mode on Windows .

Management (Unicenter AutoSys JM)) . Workload Automation Agent for i5/OS (CA WA Agent for i5/OS) CA Workload Automation Agent for Linux (CA WA Agent for Linux) .

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CA Technologies Product References This document references the following CA Technologies products: CA Process Automation CA Workload Automation AE CA Workload Automation Agent for Application Services (CA WA Agent for Application Services) CA Workload Automation Agent for Databases (CA WA Agent for Databases) CA Workload Automation Agent for i5/OS (CA WA Agent for i5/OS)

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The table below provides the revision history for the Tidal Workload Automation Tutorial Guide. Table 1 Version Number Issue Date Reason for Change 6.2 June 2014 Updates for 6.2 release. 6.3 July 2016 Merged the Windows and UNIX tutorials into one guide. Rebranded Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler (TES) to Cisco Workload Automation (CWA).

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