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HOSPITAL FOR JOINT DISEASES1& MEDICAL CENTER59th Annual Report 1965Madison Avenue ar 123rd Street, New York City—

Approved For Intern andResident Training by:The American Medical AssociationThe American College of SurgeonsThe American Dental Association1Accredited by:The Joint Commission on Accreditation of HospitalsA Member of:The American Hospital AssociationThe Hospital Association of New York StateThe Greater New York Hospital AssociationFederation of Jewish Philanthropies of New YorkThe Greater New York FundThe United Hospital FundA Participating Hospital in theMaster Plan for Hospitals andRelated Facilities of:The Hospital Review and Planning Councilof Southern New York4,,,,otik,01 r/o(ti y.tly;;Rt).r 0. (41,164500'.The Hospital for Joint Diseases and Medical Centeris a charter member of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, from which it receives thelargest single contribution towards the annual deficit.Layout and Lithography:Gotham Graphics, Inc.SchollCover Photo by Neil

1965Annual ReportHospital ForJoint Diseasesand Medical CenterpageCONTENTSAdministration11Dedicated Areas of the Hospital39Dedicated Tablets41Endowed Beds40Form of bequestinside back coverIn Memoriam41Legacies and Contributions44Medical Advisory Board22Medical Advisory Board—Report of the Chairman16MilestonesProfessional StaffReport of the President2126Scientific Activities of the Professional Staff24Statistics21Treasurer's Report42Trustees of the Hospital4Women's Division and Volunteers47Women's Division—Report of the Chairman36Women's Division—Contributions461

MilestonesSEPTEMBER 4, 1904 The late Dr. HenryW. Frauenthal established a clinic atLexington Avenue and Fiftieth Streetfor the study and treatment of orthopaedic conditions. The marked successof the clinic led to the idea of establishing the Hospital.OCTOBER 11, 1905 The hospital wasincorporated and chartered by the StateDepartment of Charities, now the Department of Social Welfare, as TheJewish Hospital for Deformities andJoint Diseases.NOVEMBER 4, 1906 The Hospital wasopened. Its first home was on the present site in one remodeled brownstonehouse, 1917 Madison Avenue. Capacity- 7 beds and dispensary facilities.NOVEMBER 19, 1906 First organization meeting of the Ladies' Auxiliary.APRIL 7, 1907 Name changed byBoard of Directors to Hospital for Deformities and Joint Diseases. Approvedby an order of Supreme Court of Stateof New York on October 30, 1908.MARCH 1, 1908 Began to share in thefunds of the United Hospital Fund, thenknown as the Hospital Saturday andSunday Association.JANUARY 1, 1910 Three brownstonehouses on Madison Avenue internallyconnected and externally joined by openporches constituted the Hospital of 56beds and Dispensary.NOVEMBER 4, 1913 The cornerstonewas laid for an Out-Patient building at41 East 123rd Street.NOVEMBER 3, 1914 The six-story OutPatient building was dedicated and occupied. The removal of the dispensaryfacilities to new quarters immediatelypermitted the bed capacity to increaseto 105 beds.2JANUARY 1, 1917 Federation for theSupport of Jewish Philanthropic Societieswas organized, and the Hospital wasadmitted to membership.NOVEMBER 14, 1920 Name changedto Hospital for Joint Diseases. Filed andrecorded on November 23, 1920.OCTOBER 7, 1930 The Walter M.Brickner Memorial Lecture was established for the purpose of deepening interest in the sciences of medicine andsurgery.The Sir Robert Jones Lecture was established-its object being the diffusingof knowledge in orthopaedic surgery.JANUARY 1, 1922 Demolition of allold buildings on Madison Avenue front,making way for the new main hospitalbuilding.JUNE 6, 1938 The cornerstone was laidfor the new Out-Patient building-45 to55 East 123rd Street, extending throughto East 124th Street.MAY 6, 1923 Conerstone was laid forthe present main Hospital and Nurses'Residence buildings.FEBRUARY 7, 1939 The new OutPatient building was opened for the reception of patients.OCTOBER 5, 1924 New Hospital building dedicated and two days later patients admitted.NOVEMBER 23, 1939 The new OutPatient building was officially dedicatedas the Leo L. Doblin Memorial in grateful recognition of Mr. Doblin's generosity and devotion to the Hospital.NOVEMBER 1, 1924 Establishment ofSocial Service Department.DECEMBER 1, 1925 Mr. Alfred M.Heinsheimer established the Natalie andLouis Heinsheimer Memorial by donating to the Hospital his magnificent estate at Far Rockaway, and by creatinga trust fund for its maintenance. Thebuildings were converted for hospitaluse and on May 16, 1926 they werededicated. On June 25, 1926, the Country Home was opened for patients andwas occupied for 27 years until July 31,1953 when it was closed.MARCH 11, 1927 Dr. Henry W. Frauenthal, the founder of the Hospital, died.His monument is the hospital he founded.JULY 1, 1927 The Henry W. 1-rauenthal Travel Scholarship was establishedfor special studies in the leading clinicsand laboratories of this country andEurope.OCTOBER 9, 1941 The Social ServiceBoard and the Ladies Auxiliary Boardwere merged into one Women's Division.FEBRUARY 7, 1942 The Melanie FaithPolachek Cournand Memorial was dedicated in loving memory of the daughterof Mr. and Mrs. John Polachek. Thismodernization and equipment of the oldOut-Patient building and its conversioninto the Professional Services Buildingwas made possible by a generous giftfrom Mr. John Polachek and by contributions from trustees and friends of theHospital.OCTOBER 15, 1945 The School ofPractical Nursing was officially established, providing an approved one-yearcourse of training for practical nurses,and the first class was admitted.

DECEMBER 3, 1950 The Lila MotleyRadiation Therapy Department Annex,a two-story and basement structure adjoining the Out-Patient Building, madepossible by a generous gift from the LilaMotley League and by contributionsfrom trustees and friends of the Hospital was dedicated. It houses the Radiation Therapy Department with its 2million volt x-ray therapy machine, theWililam Blau Lecture Hall and theSchool of Professional Nursing.SEPTEMBER 6, 1955 The Helene FuldSchool of Practical Nursing was officiallyopened at its new site on Madison Avenue and East 119th Street and all schoolactivities were transferred to this newbuilding, made possible by a munificentgift from the Helene Fund Foundation.OCTOBER 1, 1956 Designation of themain hospital building as The FrederickBrown Pavilion in recognition of Mr.Brown's outstanding service and generosity to the Hospital.NOVEMBER 4, 1956 The Hospitalmarked the fiftieth anniversary of itsopening at its present site.SEPTEMBER 1, 1963 The Research Institute for Skeletomuscular Diseases, afour-story and basement building onEast 124th Street adjacent to the hospital, was officially opened and designatedas THE DR. HARRY BRITENSTOOLMEMORIAL in recognition of his munificent bequest. In addition to housingresearch laboratories and animal operating rooms, the building also has a beautiful Auditorium with a seating capacityof two hundred and thirty.NOVEMBER 30, 1964 The School ofProfessional Nursing was established andthe first class admitted. It is the firstSchool of its kind permitting LicensedPractical Nurses to become RegisteredProfessional. Nurses upon completion ofa fifteen-month course approved by theNew York State Department of 11611.MI-111111111.111111111111111111111 MIN11111111111111 11011111111 MonOCTOBER 20, 1965 Name changed toHospital for Joint Diseases and MedicalCenter.TODAY the Hospital plant covers mostof a square city block and includes: (1)the eight-story Main Hospital Buildingoccupying a block front on MadisonAvenue from East 123rd Street to East124th Street opposite Mount MorrisPark. Adjacent to the hospital on theEast 124th Street side is (2) the sixstory Nurses Residence Building and(3) the four-story Research Institute forSkeletomuscular Diseases. On the East123rd Sreet side there is (4) the eightstory Professional Services Building, (5)the eight-story Out-Patient Building and(6) the two-story Radiation TherapyBuilding; and on the corner of MadisonAvenue and East 119th Street there issituated (7) the School of PracticalNursing.IniumMum RI 11111111Maim MR amamaami111Si'A415 RESEAR.Cil 116flialt149.:211,11. FO3 JOIN/ 00

Trustees of the Hospital1966 — 1967OFFICERSOscar S. RosnerPresidentBernard AronsonVice-PresidentArnold J. BernsteinVice-PresidentLeopold FriedmanVice-PresidentAlan H. KempnerVice-PresidentRaphael Ma!sinVice-PresidentHarold L. RosenthalTreasurerHerman C. FrauenthalSecretaryFor the Term Expiring in 1967For the Term Expiring in 1968For the Term Expiring in 1969Bernard Aronson (1957)*Leopold Friedman (1935)Herman C. Frauenthal (1941)Edwin M. Appel (1956)fArnold J. Bernstein (1946)Randolph Guggenheimer (1957)Joseph Hofheimer (1956)George M. Jaffin (1957)Mrs. Leonard Herzig (1962)Thomas L. Kempner (1957)Alan H. Kempner (1932)Mrs. Alan H. Kempner (1960)Percy Klingenstein, M.D.(1958)Paul L. Kohnstamm (1964)Mrs. Karl Leubsdorf (1957)Richard Kaye Korn (1961)J. Anthony Probst (1953)Oscar S. Rosner (1935)Arthur 'merman (1964)Philip W. Oppenheimer (1952)Raphael Ma!sin (1947)Mrs. Herman Plaut (1936)J. William Rosenbluth (1961)Myron Simons (1959)Harold L. Rosenthal (1955)Robert I. Wishnick (1950)Henry Sonneborn, III, Ph.D. (1966)Jack S. Seidman (1952)Marvin S. Traub (1964)*Dates in parenthesis indicate year of election to the Board.tResigned May 23, 1966

COMMITTEES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES 1966 — 1967ExecutiveBuildingMedical Social ServiceLeopold FriedmanChairmanArnold J. BernsteinVice-ChairmanBernard AronsonChairmanPhilip W. OppenheimerChairmanLeopold FriedmanVice-ChairmanMrs. Leonard HerzigVice-ChairmonPaul L. KohnstammRaphael MalsinRobert I. WishnickArnold J. BernsteinJoseph HofheimerMrs. Alan H. KempnerMrs. Karl LeubsdorfMrs. Herman PlautBernard AronsonHerman C. FrauenthalRandolph GuggenheimerJoseph HofheimerGeorge M. JaffinAlan H. KempnerPercy Klingenstein, M.D.Raphael MalsinPhilip W. OppenheimerHarold L. RosenthalHenry Sonneborn, III, Ph.D.Conference Committeeon Medical MattersAlan H. KempnerChairmanRaphael MalsinVice-ChairmanBernard AronsonArnold J. BernsteinLeopold FriedmanJoseph HofheimerPercy Klingenstein, M.D.Philip W. OppenheimerCommunity RelationsPhysical Medicineand RehabilitationRandolph GuggenheimerChairmanHerman C. FrauenthalChairmanMrs. Leonard HerzigVice-ChairmanMrs. Karl LeubsdorfVice-ChairmanJoseph HofheimerRichard Kaye KornRaphael MalsinMarvin S. TraubJoseph HofheimerArthur 'mermanPercy Klingenstein, M.D. Robert I. WishnickJoseph HofheimerHarold L. RosenthalCo-ChairmenOut-Patient DepartmentArnold J. BernsteinChairmanBudget and OfficeRaphael MalsinChairmanHarold L. RosenthalVice-ChairmanPercy Klingenstein, M.D.Vice-ChairmanGeorge M. JaffinRichard Kaye KornHenry Sonneborn, III, Ph.D.Bernard AronsonHerman C. FrauenthalLeopold FriedmanAlan H. KempnerMarvin S. TraubNursing and DieteticsLaboratories & ResearchPercy Klingenstein, M.D.ChairmanHenry Sonneborn, III, Ph.D.ChairmanBernard AronsonLeopold FriedmanGeorge M. JaffinAlan H. KempnerPercy Klingenstein, M.D.Raphael MalsinJ. Anthony ProbstHarold L. RosenthalRobert I. WishnickNew TrusteesMyron SimonsVice ChairmanBernard AronsonLeopold FriedmanAlan H. KempnerRaphael MalsinNominatingRaphael MalsinChairmanAlan H. KempnerVice-ChairmanRichard Kaye KornMrs. Karl LeubsdorfPhilip W. OppenheimerMarvin S. TraubGeorge M. JaffinRichard Kaye KornJ. William RosenbluthMarvin S. TraubTrustees DesignatedTo FederationAlan H. KempnerOscar S. RosnerALTERNATESArnold J. BernsteinRaphael MalsinUnited Hospital Fund.awFinanceBernard AronsonHarold L. RosenthalCo-ChairmenHerman C. FrauenthalThomas L. KempnerPaul L. KohnstammMyron SimonsGeorge M. JaffinChairmanArnold J. BernsteinVice-ChairmanLeopold FriedmanRandolph GuggenheimerJ. William RosenbluthMyron SimonsChairmanMrs. Herman PlautVice-ChairmanMrs. Leonard HerzigPaul L. KohnstammMrs. Karl LeubsdorfRobert I. Wishnick5

Report of the President for the year 1965The duty is mine to report for the fourthtime to the members of the Corporation andthe Trustees. As these comments later on willshow, it is now a pleasanter task than it hasbeen for the preceding years. The past yearswere interesting enough, but challenged us withmany serious and disturbing problems whichwere a drain upon time, mind and heart forall of us.It is pleasing to report that since the last Annual Meeting, we added to our Board Dr. HenrySonneborn, III. As you all know, Mr. BernardAronson, our devoted Associate Treasurer waselected Vice-President of the hospital. It iswith regret that Mr. Marshall P. Safir andMr. Arthur J. Borinstein have indicated a desire not to be re-nominated as Trustees sincepressure of business affairs makes service impossible. We hope they will join us at someearly future date.To all the officers of the Board we are indebted for their loyalty and devotion to thehospital. This report would be incompletewithout noting the time, labor and effort givenby the chairmen and members of all the committees throughout the year.A great loss was suffered by our institutionsince our last annual report in the passing ofMr. Herbert B. Langner, vice-president of thehospital, who died on August 3, 1965, and inthe same month on August 31st, Dr. LeonhardFelix Fuld, friend and benefactor, also passedaway. In addition, the medical staff lost fromits ranks Dr. Joseph Karpowski, Surgeon: Dr.Joseph R. Lhowe, Associate Attending in Medicine: and Dr. Joseph Buchman, distinguishedConsultant Orthopedic Surgeon. Their deathsgrieve us much.During the past several years, we have beenwarned from many quarters how much wewould suffer without a medical school affiliation — namely, we would have no interns.r,Despite the admonition and with faith and courage we have continued to receive interns aswe have in the past. Though many hospitalsin the country did suffer. We were told wewould be unable to have acceptable worthwhilesenior scientific investigators as heads of scientific teams. Dr. Vincent Hollander, our Research Institute Director, has succeeded in attracting Doctors Carl Monder, Philip Hoffmanand Kintomo Takakura, who are highly accredited senior scientists. Having felt obligedby Board action last April to indicate that wedid not desire any longer to be considered foraffiliation with a proposed medical school tobe erected by a sister institution, we were advised that serious difficulties might face us.Instead, we have been sought for affiliationby two medical schools. We are in active discussion with an outstanding medical school inthe country in hopes and expectation that ameaningful and mutually acceptable affiliationwill result which will enable us to maintainintegrity and autonomy for us.In June I wrote the Hospital Regional Council for Southern New York for its views concerning such an affiliation. We indicated thatwe did not anticipate leaving our physical plant,if that had to result, without making arrangements for our facilities' continuing availabilityto the Harlem community. Very recently, theReview Council indicated it had approved suchan affiliation and relocation provided our facilities were so disposed of as to provide theneeded service to the Harlem area. The Review Council has generously offered to assistus in any way possible. We hope that genuineeffort will accomplish an acceptable dispositionof our present facilities and a worthwhile affiliation with all due and reasonable speed.Only the ill seek admission to our hospital.The doors must remain open and service soprovided that when they leave they are restored

Child at Playto the best possible health and usefulness tothemselves and society. We must make everyeffort to do no less. Only continued loyaltyand dedication of the team of the Board ofTrustees, the Officers and the Medical Staffwill provide the excellence to accomplish this.We were advised with respect to the fundsnecessary to complete the rehabilitation of ourmain hospital building and the emergency areain it that we would be obliged to use our ownfunds without public appeal in accordance withFederation policy. We nevertheless later succeeded in having Federation approve the rightof our institution to appeal for public funds tothe extent of over two million dollars. In ourbuilding program we lost the services of ourlate and beloved Erwin Wolfson. Happily, wewere rescued by Bernard Aronson, who virtually singlehandedly supervised the reconstruction and renewal of our main building, theemergency area and the new elevator installations. It is a tribute to the great administrativecapacity of Mr. Abraham Rosenberg, our Ex-ecutive Director, to have been able to maintainour usual bed occupancy during the entire reconstruction and installation period. It is faironly to add that his great administrative capacity in the operation of the hospital is evidencedby the fact that the United Hospital Fund Report year after year indicates the highest percentage of bed occupancy based upon normalfree service amoung all the Federation hospitalsis to be found in ours at the lowest per day perbed cost.We were faced with the retirements of ourrenowned Pathologist, Dr. Henry L. Jaffe andalso our renowned Dr. Joseph E. Milgram. Wefound a successor to Dr. Jaffe who is cooperating with Dr. Howard Dorfman in warm andfriendly fashion. The successor to Dr. Milgramwho on March 31st retired to private practiceis now being selected and will be found. Welost, one after the other, the services of ourdear friends, Dr. John E. Blair in Micro-Biology, Dr. Jacob Kream in Chemistry, andMiss Sadie Shapiro in Social Service. We have7

found successors for each. We hope they willdo creditable jobs and grow in them in thepersons of Dr. Gerald L. Gilardi in Micro-Biology, Dr. Aaron S. Goldberg in Chemistryand Mr. Herman Shepard in Social Service.To strengthen our services in medicine wewere fortunate to obtain Dr. Jacob Grossmanuntil recently an Attending in Medicine atMontefiore Hospital. He is now our Directorof Medicine. In his department we have Dr.Stanley Reichman as Director of Medical Education.Aside from our ability to continue to attractinterns we have accomplished the approval ofa four year general surgical residency with Dr.Joseph R. Wilder in charge of that departmentas a full time director and a three year residency in internal medicine. This, but a shorttime ago, was never believed possible. To capthe progress the hospital has achieved you willall be most happy and surprised to learn thatour institution is the first in the state, probablyin the country, to have been approved, underan accelerated program, as a Registered Nurses' Training School, an outgrowth of ourPractical Nurses' Training School. We havegraduated the first class of Registered Nursesand expect that all its members will pass theRegistered Nurses' State Test in July.We should be grateful to those who alertedus since they spurred us to needed action. Fora hospital facing many serious problems just afew short years ago we need not hang ourheads but hold them high. The faith and confidence we had in its inner strength have beenfully justified.We came to learn only too slowly that members of visiting staffs were no longer willingor able for many varied reasons to devote timeto the clinical needs of ward and out-patientdepartment patients. True to our hospital'straditions, with much thought and effort, wegradually succeeded in putting ourselves intobetter position and condition to serve theseneedy sick with the warm, sympathetic and interested care for which Joint Diseases has beennoted for half a century or more. It was during1964 that we realized the importance of morefull-time professional service, not alone inOrthopedics, but in Medicine and General Surgery as well.The hospital faces important increased financial needs. No longer is it possible to obtainthe attendance and service of visiting clinicians. If we are to maintain professional excell

Oscar S. Rosner Bernard Aronson Arnold J. Bernstein Leopold Friedman Alan H. Kempner Raphael Ma!sin Harold L. Rosenthal Herman C. Frauenthal President Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary For the Term Expiring in 1967 Bernard

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