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Pitman Training PakistanIELTS with PitmanEnglishE-Learning Course OutlineFeel free to contact us for any further information:042 35831157-8 or 0336 46 786 11or visit: www.pitman-training.pk or email at: english@pitman-training.pk

Duration: 1 Month program CPD:20 Points 3 Months program CPD:62 PointsIntroduction to IELTS5 Lessons 1 Achievement TestGet the basics on IELTS from experienced teachers. Learn who the exam is designed for, how itis set up, and how you can set yourself up for success.LessonsLesson 1IELTS Overview: Understanding the Overall Structure of the IELTS Prep CourseLesson 2IELTS Overview: Understanding Who Should Take IELTS and Who Accepts ItLesson 3IELTS Overview: Understanding the Difference Between the IELTS General and AcademicLesson 4IELTS Overview: Understanding the Overall Structure of IELTSLesson 5IELTS Overview: Listening to Advice About the ExamAchievement Test1 Page Pitman Training Pakistan

IELTS: Listening Skills15 Lessons 1 Achievement TestWork with everyday conversations, inspiring talks, and lectures to improve your listening skills. Along the way, youwill get tips from teachers on how to ace the most common task types on the IELTS Listening and lots ofopportunities for practice.LessonsLesson 1IELTS Overview: the Overall Structure of the Listening Test and Listening Section 1Lesson 2IELTS Listening: Discussing the Bus Timetable From IndianapolisLesson 3IELTS Listening: Shipping a PackageLesson 4IELTS Overview: Understanding Listening Section 2Lesson 5IELTS Listening: Winter Lecture SeriesLesson 6IELTS Listening: Floor Plan of the Trace-Pitman HomeLesson 7IELTS Listening: Sir David Attenborough on Population GrowthLesson 8IELTS Overview: Understanding Listening Section 3Lesson 9IELTS Listening: Thinking About Enrolling in an Online CourseLesson 10IELTS Listening: Advising a Student on the Coming SemesterLesson 11IELTS Listening: Discussing Study SkillsLesson 12IELTS Overview Understanding Listening Section 4Lesson 13IELTS Listening: Symphony MovementsLesson 14IELTS Listening: A History of the FutureLesson 15IELTS Listening: Reintroducing Beavers in BritainAchievement Test2 Page Pitman Training Pakistan

IELTS: Reading Skills20 Lessons 1 Achievement TestStudy informational and academic articles to prepare for IELTS Academic Reading. Expert teachers will help youunderstand how to identify and plan for the kinds of questions you'll face in the real examLessonsLesson 1IELTS Overview: Understanding the Overall Structure of the Reading TestLesson 2IELTS Reading: Unrealistic Expectations Put Millennials at Risk of BurnoutLesson 3IELTS Overview: Identifying Information and Writers' Views TasksLesson 4IELTS Reading: How Narwhals Are Helping NASA Understand Melting IceLesson 5IELTS Reading: Japan’s Booming Tourism IndustryLesson 6IELTS Overview: Matching Information, Headings, and Features TasksLesson 7IELTS Reading: Who Uses Public Transit?Lesson 8IELTS Reading: The History of Classical MusicLesson 9IELTS Overview: Matching Sentence Endings and Sentence Completion TasksLesson 10IELTS Reading: A Biography of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.Lesson 11IELTS Reading: The Age of the AutomobileLesson 12IELTS Overview: Reading Completion and Diagram-Labeling TasksLesson 13IELTS Reading: The Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian OrdersLesson 14IELTS Reading: Labeling a Diagram of the HeartLesson 15IELTS Reading: Get Yourself Ready for the Global BananapocalypseLesson 16IELTS Reading: Modern Challenges Facing the Great Barrier Reef3 Page Pitman Training Pakistan

Lesson 17IELTS Reading: Ethiopian Growers Go GlobalLesson 18IELTS Reading: The Endangered Black RhinoLesson 19IELTS Reading: Submarine EruptionLesson 20IELTS Reading: Leonardo da Vinci’s "Salvator Mundi" Sells for Record 450mAchievement Test4 Page Pitman Training Pakistan

IELTS: Writing for Exams15 Lessons 1 Achievement TestAre you afraid of academic writing? With advice on writing strategies and examples of excellent responses to IELTSAcademic Writing tasks, you'll be much more confident after this unit!LessonsLesson 1IELTS Overview: Understanding the Overall Structure and Strategies of the Writing TestLesson 2IELTS Overview: Understanding Writing Task 1Lesson 3IELTS Writing: Annual Number of Births by World RegionLesson 4IELTS Writing: Global Fossil Fuel ConsumptionLesson 5IELTS Writing: Colorado Electricity Generation SourcesLesson 6IELTS Writing: Triceratops Information TableLesson 7IELTS Writing: Hydroelectric Power GenerationLesson 8IELTS Overview: Understanding Writing Task 2Lesson 9IELTS Writing: Discussing Causes of Juvenile CrimeLesson 10IELTS Writing: Reasons for Low Concentration Levels in StudentsLesson 11IELTS Writing: Business Development Outside of CitiesLesson 12IELTS Writing: Public Transportation and Traffic CongestionLesson 13IELTS Writing: The Benefits to Changing CareersLesson 14IELTS Writing: The Effect of Belief on Non-Standard MedicineLesson 15IELTS Writing: Reducing the Use of Fossil FuelsAchievement Test5 P a g e Pitman Training Pakistan

IELTS: Speaking Models15 Lessons 1 Achievement TestGet to know how IELTS Speaking tasks are structured and what you should do to earn a top score. Watch videos andlisten to everyday conversations, well-structured short talks, and analytical discussions to get the vocabulary andtechniques you need most.LessonsLesson 1IELTS Overview: Understanding the Overall Structure of the Speaking Test and Speaking Part 1Lesson 2IELTS Speaking: Talking About Your AccommodationLesson 3IELTS Speaking: Talking About Shopping PreferencesLesson 4IELTS Speaking: Talking About the Advantages of ReadingLesson 5IELTS Overview: Understanding Speaking Part 2Lesson 6IELTS Speaking: A Painting That I LikeLesson 7IELTS Speaking: Talking About a Mystery NovelLesson 8IELTS Speaking: Deciding Between Fine Art or Technical SchoolLesson 9IELTS Speaking: Talking About Wanting to Learn FrenchLesson 10IELTS Speaking: Audiobooks for Forgetting About WorkLesson 11IELTS Speaking: Describing a Photograph of My DogLesson 12IELTS Overview Understanding Speaking Part 3Lesson 13IELTS Speaking: Discussing the Influence of the InternetLesson 14IELTS Speaking: Discussing Transportation in My CountryLesson 15IELTS Speaking: Discussing Global Environmental ProblemsAchievement Test6 Page Pitman Training Pakistan

IELTS with Pitman English . Understanding the Difference Between the IELTS General and Academic Lesson 4 IELTS Overview: Understanding the Overall Structure of IELTS Lesson 5 . will get tips from teachers on how to ace the most common task types on the IELTS Listening a

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