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Clamping ToolsThe Complete Solution for any Clamping ApplicationIRWIN QUICK-GRIP can deliver the right fit, features and pressure for any clamping job — from the smallest craft project to large scale cabinetry.Whether you need the one-handed power of the QUICK-GRIP XP600 or the versatility of the SL300 clamp, you can be sure you will get the clampingperformance you need when you reach for the clamp with the QUICK-GRIP brand.CLAMPING TOOLS APPLICATION GUIDEHandi and SpringClampsOne-Handed Bar ClampsTraditional Bar ClampsSpecialty ClampsClamps& SpecsMicro BarClampMetal &QUICK-GRIP QUICK-GRIP QUICK-GRIP HANDI-CLAMPResin SpringQG150SL300XP600ClampsPipeClampParallel,Box, CabinetClamp600 lbs30-60 lbs25-65 lbs600-1600 lbs 600 lbs1000 lbs1150 lbs800 lbsClamp Capacity:4"6"-12"6"-12"6"-36"6"-50"1-1/2"-4"1", 2", 3"1"-8"6"-36"12"-30"24"-48"1000-1200lbsBased onPipe LengthThroat Depth:1-3/16"2-7/16"3-1/4"3-1/4"3-5/8"1-1/2"-3"1", 2", 3"1-1/8"-4-1/2" 2-1/2"3"4-5/8"1-1/2"1-1/2"-1-7/8" RBETTERBETTERBETODGOXP600 & SL300Longest Life50002000N/AGood choice forclamping application Point ofFailure**XP600Cycles* AchievedBETODGOBetter choice forclamping BETSTBE*1 cycle clamp to test forceand release**Failure no longer achievingtest forceBest choice forclamping application40001150 lbsGOTERLocalized pressure/Metal workingAn overall brand comparison isshown in this chart. Only theIRWIN QUICK-GRIP XP600 andSL300 are able to complete the5,000 cycle* test without BETGOODInstallation/Demolition/Heavyduty clampingBETBETTERIrregular shape/Multiple surface/Corner joiningOne-Handed Bar ClampLife Test6"-24"TERFlat panels/Solidedge wood glue up /Deep reach clampingBETBESTBETSTBEBESTBETSTBESTBEBESTBETER300 lbsTER150 lbsTER140 lbsST35 lbsTemporaryhold-down quickclamping26Bar ClampBar Clamp, Bar Clamp, Aluminumwith WoodF-ClampF-ClampBar ClampHandle(Med. Duty) (Heavy Duty) (Light Duty)(Light-Duty)C-ClampsHolding Force:Crafts/Light DutyClampingCLAMPING TOOLSMini BarClamp0XP600Test ForceSL300600 lbsCompetitor A300 lbswww.irwin.comCompetitor B Competitor C150 lbsCompetitor DCompetitor E

Clamping ToolsOne-Handed Bar ClampsQUICK-GRIP XP600With 600 lbs. of sustained clamping pressure/holding force, the IRWIN QUICK-GRIP XP600 (Extreme Pressure) is the most powerful one-handedBar clamp Available. It's ideal for heavy-duty applications such as installation, demolition, and rough glue-up. Dual-locking swivel jaws with removeable,non-marring full-face pads provide even distribution of clamping force on the workpiece. The pads can be easily removed to activate the swivel jaws tomaintain full contact and combat flexing at extreme pressure, or for conforming to irregular shapes. An adjustable foot provides added support so theclamp can sit upright on a table or work surface, making it perfect for gluing panels or cabinetry. Plus, the unique pistol grip design and Quick-Release trigger provide simple, one-handed operation. The IRWIN QUICK-GRIP XP600 One-Handed Bar Clamp delivers maximum power, versatility, and stability.[2][1][3]QUICK-GRIP XP600FEATURES[4][7][5][6]2021406NSUSTAINED CLAMPING FORCEDescriptionSpreading CapacityThroat DepthPack QtyItem #6" (15 cm) XP Bar Clamp/Spreader9" - 14-5/8" (23 cm - 37 cm)3-5/8" (92 mm)22021406N12" (30 cm) XP Bar Clamp/Spreader9" - 20-5/8" (23 cm - 52 cm)3-5/8" (92 mm)22021412N18" (45 cm) XP Bar Clamp/Spreader9" - 26-5/8" (23 cm - 67 cm)3-5/8" (92 mm)22021418N24" (60 cm) XP Bar Clamp/Spreader9" - 32-5/8" (23 cm - 83 cm)3-5/8" (92 mm)22021424N36" (91 cm) XP Bar Clamp/Spreader9" - 44-5/8" (23 cm - 113 cm)3-5/8" (92 mm)22021436N50" (127 cm) XP Bar Clamp/Spreader9" - 58-5/8" (23 cm - 147 cm)3-5/8" (92 mm)22021450N800.866.5740LOCKING TOOLS, PLIERS & WRENCHES1. Dual-locking swivel jaws with removeablefull-face pads provide even distribution ofclamping force.2. 3-5/8" throat depth3. Removable full face pads provide more surfacearea, even distribution of pressure, and protectwork surface.4. I-beam bar supports added pressure, with lessbend and flex. Heat-treated, black oxide carbonsteel provides maximum durability.5. Patented Power Lock system holds morepressure longer.6. Adjustable foot provides added support so clampcan sit upright on a table or work surface.7. Quick-Change screw easily converts clamp to aspreader, and spring-loaded screw is affixed so itwon't get lost.27

Clamping ToolsOne-Handed Bar ClampsQUICK-GRIP SL300The IRWIN QUICK-GRIP SL300 One-Handed Bar Clamp provides up to 300 lbs. of sustained clamping force that is evenly distributed through lockingswivel jaws. It is constructed with an I-beam bar to reduce flexing and bowing, and has a unique pistol grip design and quick-release trigger for onehanded operation. This clamp easily converts to a spreader with a few simple turns of a Quick-Change screw.[2][1][3]QUICK-GRIP SL300CLAMPING TOOLSFEATURES[4]1. Locking swivel jaws with removeable full-face padsprovide even distribution of clamping force.2. 3-3/16" throat depth.3. Removable pads protect work surface.4. I-beam bar supports added pressure, with lessbend and flex. Heat-treated, black oxide carbonsteel provides maximum durability.5. Quick-Change screw easily converts clamp to aspreader, eliminates rattles in end-jaw, and has anaffixed spring-loaded screw that won't get lost.[5]506QCN300 lbsSUSTAINED CLAMPING FORCEDescriptionSpreading CapacityThroat DepthPack QtyItem #6" (15 cm) SL300 Bar Clamp/Spreader7-7/8" - 13-3/8" (200 mm - 340 mm)3-3/16" (81 mm)5506QCN12" (30 cm) SL300 Bar Clamp/Spreader7-7/8"" - 19-3/8" (200 mm - 590 mm)3-3/16" (81 mm)5512QCN18" (45 cm) SL300 Bar Clamp/Spreader7-7/8"" - 25-3/8" (200 mm - 645 mm)3-3/16" (81 mm)5518QCN24" (60 cm) SL300 Bar Clamp/Spreader7-7/8"" - 31-3/8" (200 mm - 795 mm)3-3/16" (81 mm)5524QCN36" (91 cm) SL300 Bar Clamp/Spreader7-7/8"" - 43-3/8" (200 mm - 1120mm)3-3/16" (81 mm)2536QCNQUICK-GRIP QG150 One-HandedBar pthPackQty Item #6" (15 cm) QG150 Bar Clamp 6-7/8"-12-3/4" (18 cm - 32 cm) 3-1/4" (83 mm) 512" (30 cm) QG150 Bar Clamp 6-7/8"-18-3/4" (18 cm - 48 cm) 3-1/4" (83 mm) 54935191 Removable resin pads protect work surfaces Converts to a spreader28www.irwin.com49351914935192

Clamping ToolsOne-Handed Bar Clamps / Hand ClampsQUICK-GRIP Mini One-Handed Bar Clamp5412DescriptionThroat DepthPackQtyItem #6" (15 cm) Mini Clamp6" (15 cm) Mini Clamp - 2 Pack12" (30 cm) Mini Clamp12" (30 cm) Mini Clamp - 2 Pack2-7/16" (62 mm)2-7/16" (62 mm)2-7/16" (62 mm)2-7/16" (62 mm)5555546ZR5462541254122 Removable non-marring full-face pads protect work surfaces One-handed Quick-Release triggerQUICK-GRIP Micro One-Handed " (10 cm) Micro Clamp8" (200 mm)4-1/4" (10 cm) Micro Clamp - 2 Pack 8" (200 mm)ThroatDepthPackQtyItem #1-3/16" (30 mm)1-3/16" (30 mm)1055300653006253006 Perfect size for hobby and craft applications Converts to a spreader – 8" spreading capacityDescriptionThroat DepthPackQtyItem #2" (51 mm) HANDI-CLAMP4" (10 cm) HANDI-CLAMP2" (51 mm)3" (76 mm)201017992121799213DescriptionThroat DepthPackQtyItem #1-1/2" (38 mm) HANDI-CLAMP2" (51 mm) HANDI-CLAMP4" (10 cm) HANDI-CLAMP1-1/2" (38 mm)2" (51 mm)3" (76 mm)555591005920059400DescriptionThroat DepthPackQtyItem #1" (25 mm)2" (51 mm)3" (76 mm)101055810058200583001" (25 mm)2" (51 mm)3" (76 mm)5552226012227022228031799212 Quick-release trigger allows fast and easy positioning and releaseQUICK-GRIP HANDI-CLAMP 59200 Quick-release trigger allows fast and easy positioning and releaseSpring Clamps58200222601 High-tech resin construction provides strengthand durability (QUICK-GRIP) Simple and convenient for light clamping craftsReplacement Pads Replacement pads available for XP, SL300, Mini andHANDI-CLAMP series clamps1826577QUICK-GRIP Spring Clamps1" (25 mm) Resin Spring Clamp2" (51 mm) Resin Spring Clamp3" (76 mm) Resin Spring ClampMetal Spring Clamps1" (25 mm) Metal Spring Clamp2" (51 mm) Metal Spring Clamp3" (76 mm) Metal Spring ClampDescription# Per PackPackQtyItem #XP Replacement PadsSL300 Replacement PadsMini Pad ReplacementsHANDI-CLAMP Replacement PadsHeavy-Duty HANDI-CLAMP Replacement 00.866.5740LOCKING TOOLS, PLIERS & WRENCHESQUICK-GRIP Heavy-Duty HANDI-CLAMP 29

Clamping ToolsRecord Traditional ClampsAluminum Bar Clamps1855411DescriptionThroat DepthPackQtyItem #24" Aluminum Bar Clamp48" Aluminum Bar Clamp1-1/2" (38 mm)1-1/2" (38 mm)201018554111855422DescriptionThroat DepthPackQtyItem #2-1/2" (64 mm)2-1/2" (64 mm)2-1/2" (64 mm)2-1/2" (64 mm)555518257521825753182576618257673" (76 mm)3" (76 mm)3" (76 mm)3" (76 mm)3" (76 mm)3" (76 " (11.75 cm)4-5/8" (11.75 cm)4-5/8" (11.75 cm)4-5/8" (11.75 Item 25134202510120251022025103 Lightweight Aluminum 1" notches to adjust clamping lengthLight-Duty Bar Clamps1825753 Clutch lock for easy movement along barMedium Duty Bar ClampsLight-Duty Bar Clamps6" (15 cm) Light-Duty Bar Clamp12" (30 cm) Light-Duty Bar Clamp24" (65 cm) Light-Duty Bar Clamp36" (91 cm) Light-Duty Bar ClampMedium-Duty Bar Clamps (100 Series)CLAMPING TOOLS223112 ProTouch handle for an ergonomic gripI-beam bar reduces flexing and bowingClutch lock for easy movement along barNon-marring pads protect the workpieceHeavy-Duty Bar Clamps6" (15 cm) Bar Clamp, Clutch Lock12" (30 cm) Bar Clamp, Clutch Lock18" (45 cm) Bar Clamp, Clutch Lock24" (65 cm) Bar Clamp, Clutch Lock30" (30 cm) Bar Clamp, Clutch Lock36" (91 cm) Bar Clamp, Clutch LockHeavy-Duty Bar Clamps (200 Series)12" (30 cm) Bar Clamp, Passive Lock18" (45 cm) Bar Clamp, Passive Lock24" (60 cm) Bar Clamp, Passive Lock32" (75 cm) Bar Clamp, Passive Lock223212 Ergonomic ProTouch handle allows higher clamping pressure I-beam bar reduces flexing and bowing Non-marring pads protect the workpieceQUICK-GRIP C-Clamps225104 Double-rolled thread provides greater clamping speed Large swivel pad reduces marring on work surface andincreases stability Large handle for greater clamping pressure with less effort30Description1" (25 mm) C-Clamp2" (51 mm) C-Clamp3" (76 mm) C-Clamp4" (10 cm) C-Clamp5" (12.5 cm) C-Clamp6" (15 cm) C-Clamp8" (20 cm) C-Clamp2" Deep Throat C-Clamp3" Deep Throat C-Clamp1-1/2" (37 mm) C-Clamp2-1/2" (63 mm) C-Clamp2-1/2" (63 mm) C-Clampwww.irwin.comThroat Depth1-1/8" (29 mm)1-5/16" (33 mm)2-5/16" (59 mm)2-7/8" (73 mm)3-1/4" (83 mm)3-1/2" (89 mm)4" (10.2 cm)3-1/2" (89 mm)4-1/2" (11.4 cm)1-1/2" (38 mm)1-3/8" (35 mm)2-1/2" (64 mm)

Clamping ToolsParallel Jaw Clamps / Pipe Clamps / Specialty ClampsParallel Jaw ClampsDescriptionThroat DepthPackQtyItem #24" (60 cm) Parallel Jaw Box Clamp48" (121 cm) Parallel Jaw Box Clamp3-7/8" (98 mm)3-7/8" (98 mm)5520265002026501DescriptionThroat DepthPackQtyItem #3/4" (19 mm) Pipe Clamp1/2" (12 mm) Pipe Clamp3/4" (19 mm) Deep Throat Pipe Clamp2" (51 mm)1-7/8" (48 mm)2-1/2" (64 mm)5552241342242122024100PackQtyItem #11112261002262002264102268002026500 Deep 3-7/8 inch jaw depth for optimized pressure distributionSecure locking system prevents jaws from slippingProTouch handle for ergonomic gripBody and jaws made of quality resin to prevent marring andglue adhesion Up to 1150 lbs of pressure Removal of end foot allows for quick conversion to a spreader 2" additional clamping capacity without end stopPipe Clamps Innovative clutch system eliminates the need for threaded pipeLarge feet offer more stabilityGreater clearance between handle and work surfaceLarge clutch plates allow for easier releaseBand ClampDescriptionSpecialty Clamps1" x 15' Band Clamp3" Corner Clamp90 Angle ClampWooden Handscrew Clamp226100 (226100DS*)LOCKING TOOLS, PLIERS & WRENCHES224134 1" x 15’ for large and irregular-shaped projectsCorner Clamp90 Angle ClampWoodenHandscrew Clamp226200226410226800 Light-duty 3" corner clamp is perfect for pictureframes and smaller projects Designed to hold material up to 3" thick at a90 angle800.866.5740 Crafted from quality boxwood 4-1/2" jaws adjust to any angle for clampingnon-parallel surfaces and odd shapes31 Clamping Tools CLAMPING TOOLS 26 The Complete Solution for any Clamping Application IRWIN QUICK-GRIP can deliver the right fit, features and pressure for any clamping job — from the smallest craft project to large scale cabinetry. Whether you need the one-handed power of the QUICK-GRIP XP600 or the versatility of t