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Robinson CollegeAccessions ListFrom 01.11.2016 to 30.11.2016Author06 Dec 2016Title (Edition)ClassImprintArchaeology and AnthropologyAdkins, LesleyAdkins, Roy (Roy A.)Archaeological illustration. [Cambridge manuals 930.1 ADKIin archaeology]Strier, Karen B.Primate behavioral ecology (Fifth edition.)599.815 STRICambridge: CambridgeUniversity Press, 1989(2002 [printing])London; New York:Routledge, 2017BiologyBiochemical Society(Great Britain),Estrela, PedroHill, Richard W.Wyse, Gordon A.Anderson, MargaretEssays in biochemistry : volume 60, issue 1,574.192 ESSABiosensor technologies for detection ofbiomolecules. [Essays in biochemistry (volume60, issue 1; volume 60, issue 1.)]Animal physiology (Fourth edition.)591.1 HILLLondon: Portland PressLimited, 2016Sunderland,Massachusetts: SinauerAssociates, Inc., 2016Chemical EngineeringCussler, E. L.Moggridge, G. D.Macosko, ChristopherW.Wolfram, StephenChemical product design (2nd ed.). [Cambridge 660 CUSSseries in chemical engineering]Rheology : principles, measurements, and531.1134 MACOapplications. [Advances in interfacialengineering series]The mathematica book (5th ed.)510.285 WOLFCambridge: CambridgeUniversity Press, 2011New York; Chichester:Wiley-VCH, c1994Atkins' physical chemistry (Tenth edition.)Oxford: Oxford UniversityPress, 2014Champaign, Ill.: WolframMedia and CambridgeUniversity Press, 2003ChemistryAtkins, P. W. (PeterWilliam)De Paula, Julio541.3 ATKIEconomicsRoth, Alvin E.Sotomayor, Marilda A.OliveiraTwo-sided matching : a study in game-theoretic 519.3 ROTHmodeling and analysis. [Econometric Societymonographs (18)]Cambridge: CambridgeUniversity Press, 1992([2013?] printing)EnglishBalio, TinoBritish Film Institute.Mulvey, LauraCavell, StanleyCavell, StanleyConnor, StevenThe American film industry (Revised edition.)791.430973 BALI Madison; London:University of WisconsinPress, 1985Fetishism and curiosity : cinema and the mind's 791.43 MULVLondon: BFI, 2013eye (2nd ed.). [BFI silver]Contesting tears : the Hollywood melodrama of 791.43 CAVEChicago; London:the unknown womanUniversity of ChicagoPress, 1996Pursuits of happiness : the Hollywood comedy of 791.43 CAVECambridge, Mass;remarriage. [Harvard film studies]London: HarvardUniversity Press, 1981(2003 [printing])The book of skin306.4 CONNIthaca, N.Y.: CornellSystem administrator (Super users)Port 35 ((port 35))Page 1 of 5

De Grazia, MargretaHamlet without HamletFabe, MarilynClosely watched films : an introduction to the art 791.43 FABEof narrative film technique (10th anniversaryedition.)The Cambridge companion to medieval English 248.22 FANOmysticism. [Cambridge companions to literature]Absorption and theatricality : painting and759.44 FRIEbeholder in the age of DiderotFanous, SamuelGillespie, VincentFried, Michael822 S8 HamlDEGRUniversity Press, 2004Cambridge; New York:Cambridge UniversityPress, 2007 (2008[printing])Berkeley: University ofCalifornia Press, 2014Cambridge: CambridgeUniversity Press, 2011Chicago; London:University of ChicagoPress, 1988Ghosh, KantikThe Wycliffite heresy : authority and the284.3 GHOSCambridge; New York:interpretation of texts. [Cambridge studies inCambridge Universitymedieval literature (45)]Press, 2002 (2009[printing])Helsinger, Elizabeth K. Poetry and the Pre-Raphaelite arts : Dante825.1 HELSNew Haven, Conn.;Gabriel Rossetti and William MorrisLondon: Yale UniversityPress, 2008Innes, Catherine Lynette The Cambridge introduction to postcolonial809.93358 INNE Cambridge: Cambridgeliteratures in English. [Cambridge introductionsUniversity Press, 2007to literature]Loomba, AniaPost-colonial Shakespeares ([New ed.].). [New 822 D LOOMLondon: Routledge, 2003Orkin, Martinaccent series][Oversize](2010 [printing])Lyne, RaphaelShakespeare, rhetoric and cognition822 D LYNNCambridge: CambridgeUniversity Press, 2011(2014 [printing])Ruskin, JohnThe literary criticism of John Ruskin801.95 RUSKNew York: Da Capo, 1987Bloom, HaroldSalter, ElizabethFourteenth-century English poetry : contents821.1 SALTOxford: Clarendon Press,and readings1983 (1984 [printing])Shakespeare, William Cymbeline. [The new Cambridge Shakespeare] 822 S5 CymbCambridge: CambridgeButler, MartinUniversity Press, 2012(2016 [printing])Sontag, SusanOn photography. [Modern classics]770.1 SONTLondon: Penguin, 2008GeographyKaplan, E. AnnClimate trauma : foreseeing the future indystopian film and fiction791.43 KAPLNew Brunswick, NewJersey: Rutgers UniversityPress, 2016The Middle Ages in texts and texture :reflections on Medieval sources940.1 GLENToronto: University ofToronto Press, 2011Film art : an introduction (Eleventh edition.)791.4301 BORD New York: McGraw-HillEducation, [2016?] 2017Coaffee, JonLee, PeterKalman, HaroldUrban resilience : planning for risk, crisis anduncertainty. [Planning, environment, cities]Heritage planning : principles and process711.4 COAFRodrigue, Jean-PaulComtois, ClaudeSlack, BrianThe geography of transport systems (Fourthedition.)388 RODRHistoryGlenn, JasonHistory of ArtBordwell, DavidThompson, KristinSmith, JeffLand EconomySystem administrator (Super users)Port 35 ((port 35))308.369 KALMBasingstoke, Hampshire:Palgrave Macmillan, 2016New York: Routledge,2014London; New York:Routledge, 2017Page 2 of 5

Tromans, StephenEnvironmental impact assessment (2nd ed.)344.46 TROMHaywards Heath:Bloomsbury Professional,2012Crawford, JamesRedgwell, CatherineDutfield, GrahamSuthersanen, UmaBritish year book of international law : volume85, 2014Global intellectual property law341.05 BRITGreen, Sarah (SarahCatherine)Randall, JohnPadfield, NicolaBild, JonathanSheehan, DuncanTalbot, LorraineThe tort of conversion346.3 GREEOxford: Oxford UniversityPress, 2015Cheltenham: EdwardElgar, 2008 (2015[printing])Oxford; Portland, OR:Hart, 2009Text and materials on the criminal justiceprocess (Fifth edition.)The principles of personal property lawGreat debates in company law. [Palgrave Greatdebates in law]Paperback Oxford English dictionary (7th ed.)345.5 PADFLondon: Routledge, 2016346.47 SHEE346.66 TALBOxford: Hart, 2011[London]: Palgrave, 2014820.03 OXFOOxford: Oxford UniversityPress, 2012Gimson's pronunciation of English (Eighthedition.)820.04 CRUTLondon: Routledge, 2014LawWaite, Maurice346.48 DUTFLinguisticsCruttenden, AlanGimson, A. C.MathematicsFuchs, JürgenSchweigert, ChristophSymmetries, lie algebras and representations : a 512.55 FUCHgraduate course for physicists. [Cambridgemonographs on mathematical physics]Cambridge: CambridgeUniversity Press, 1997(2003 [printing])Aaronson, Philip I.(Philip Irving)Ward, Jeremy P. T.Connelly, Michelle J.Agur, A. M. R.Dalley, Arthur F.Grant, J. C. Boileau(John Charles Boileau)Barker, Roger A.Cicchetti, FrancescaNeal, M. J.Drake, Richard L.(Richard Lee)Gray, HenryFaiz, OmarBlackburn, SimonMoffat, D. B. (DavidBurns)Gillespie, S. H.Bamford, Kathleen B.The cardiovascular system at a glance (Fourthedition.). [At a glance series]612.1 AAROChichester:Wiley-Blackwell, 2013(2016 [printing])Grant's atlas of anatomy (Edition 14.International edition.)611.002 AGURPhiladelphia, P.A.:Wolters Kluwer, [2016] 2017Gosling, J. A. (JohnArthur)Harris, Philip F.Humpherson, John R.Whitmore, IanWillan, Peter L. T.Bentley, A. L.MedicineNeuroanatomy and neuroscience at a glance : 611.8 BARKand neuropharmacology (4th ed.). [At a glanceseries]Gray's atlas of anatomy611.002 DRAKChichester:Wiley-Blackwell, 2012(2016 [printing])Philadelphia: ChurchillLivingstone/Elsevier, 2008Anatomy at a glance (3rd ed.). [At a glance]611 FAIZChichester, West Sussex,UK: Wiley-Blackwell, 2011(2015 [printing]Medical microbiology and infection at a glance(Fourth edition.). [At a glance series]616.01 GILLHuman anatomy : color atlas and textbook.(Sixth edition)611.002 GOSLChichester:Wiley-Blackwell, 2012(2016 [printing])Edinburgh: Elsevier, 2016 2017System administrator (Super users)Port 35 ((port 35))Page 3 of 5

Hargreaves, J. L.Greenstein, Ben 1941Wood, Diana F.The endocrine system at a glance (Thirdedition.). [At a glance series]612.4 GREEHeffner, Linda J.Schust, Danny J.Lowe, J. S. (JamesSteven)Anderson, Peter G.Stevens, AlanMacKinnon, Pamela C.B.Morris, John F.Besterman, AudreyMacKinnon, Pamela C.B.Morris, John F.Manji, HadiConnolly, SeánKitchen, Neil D.Lambert, ChristianMehta, AmrishPritchard, D. J. (DorianJ.)Korf, Bruce R.Salway, J. G.The reproductive system at a glance (Fourthedition.). [The at a glance series]Stevens & Lowe's human histology (Fourthedition.)612.6 HEFFWard, Jeremy P. T.Linden, R. W. A. (RogerW. A.)Ward, Jeremy P. T.Ward, JaneLeach, Richard M.Physiology at a glance (Third edition.). [At aglance]612 WARDThe respiratory system at a glance (Fourthedition.). [At a glance series]616.2 WARD611.018 LOWEChichester:Wiley-Blackwell, 2011(2016 [printing])Chichester, West Sussex,UK: Wiley-Blackwell, 2014Philadelphia, PA:Elsevier/Mosby, [2014] 2015Oxford textbook of functional anatomy : volume 611 MACK1, musculo-skelatal system (2nd ed.)Oxford; New York: OxfordUniversity Press, 2005Oxford textbook of functional anatomy : volume 611 MACK2, thorax and abdomen (2nd ed.)Oxford: Oxford UniversityPress, 2005Oxford handbook of neurology (Second edition.). 616.8 MANJ[Oxford handbooks; Oxford medical publications]Oxford: Oxford UniversityPress, 2014 (2015[printing])Medical genetics at a glance (3rd ed.). [At aglance series]Chichester:Wiley-Blackwell, 2013616.042 PRITMedical biochemistry at a glance (Third edition.). 612.015 SALW[The at a glance series]Chichester:Wiley-Blackwell, 2012(2015 [printing])Chichester:Wiley-Blackwell, 2013Chichester: John Wiley &Sons, Inc., 2015Modern and Medieval LanguagesDeyermond, A. D. (Alan The Middle Ages. [A literary history of Spain]860.9 LITELondon: Ernest BennDavid)Limited, 1971Edwards, JohnThe Inquisitors : the story of the Grand272.20946 EDWAStroud: Tempus, 2007Inquisitors of the Spanish InquisitionFernández Rodríguez, El pacto con el diablo en la comedia barroca.862.09 FERNOviedo: Universidad deNatalia[Departamento de Filología Española. BibliotecaOviedo, 2007de filología hispánica. Series minor;Publicaciones del Departamento de FilologíaEspañola. (7)]Goya, FranciscoLos caprichos. [Dover books on art history,769.924 GOYA New York, N.Y.: Dover,Hofer, Philipsurveys, aesthetics, classics]1969 (2015 [printing])Merlin-Kajman, Hélène Public et littérature en France au XVIIe siècle843.09 MERLParis: Belles Lettres, 2004(2nd tirage. ed.). [Histoire (Belles Lettres)]Resina, Joan RamonBurning darkness : a half century of Spanish791.430946 RESI New York: StateLema-Hincapié, Andrés cinema. [Suny series in Latin American andUniversity of New YorkIberian thought and culture]Press, c2008Oriental StudiesBlunden, CarolineElvin, MarkCollcutt, MartinJansen, Marius B.Kumakura, IsaoCultural atlas of China951 BLUN[Oversize]952 COLL[Oversize]Cultural atlas of JapanSystem administrator (Super users)Port 35 ((port 35))New York, N.Y.: Facts onFile, c1983Oxford: Phaidon, 1988Page 4 of 5

Mommsen, Wolfgang J. Theories of imperialism (Pbk. ed.)Falla, P. S. (PaulStephen)Nosco, PeterConfucianism and Tokugawa cultureVan de Ven, Hans J.Walker, Brett L.Watson, BurtonShirane, Haruo325.32 MOMMChicago [Ill.]: University ofChicago Press, 1980(1982 [printing])952.025 NOSC Princeton, N.J.: PrincetonUniversity Press, 1984337.20951 VAND New York: ColumbiaUniversity Press, 2014Breaking with the past : the Maritime CustomsService and the global origins of modernity inChinaA concise history of Japan. [Cambridge concise 952 WALKhistories]The tales of the Heike. [Translations from the895.622 HEIKAsian classics]Cambridge: CambridgeUniversity Press, 2015New York; Chichester:Columbia UniversityPress, 2006PsychologyPelham, Brett W.Blanton, HartPickles, James O.Conducting research in psychology : measuring 400.7 PELHthe weight of smoke (4th ed.)An introduction to the physiology of hearing612.85 PICK(Fourth edition.)Belmont, CA: Wadsworth,Cengage Learning, 2013Leiden: Brill, 2013Social and Political SciencesWaltz, Kenneth NealMan, the state and war : a theoretical analysis329.5 WALTNew York; Chichester:Columbia UniversityPress, c2001TheologyCameron, Euan (EuanK.)Koltun, ElizabethThe new Cambridge history of the Bible : volume 220.09 CAMB3, from 1450 to 1750The Jewish woman : new perspectives301.41 KOLTPannenberg, WolfhartAn introduction to systematic theology230 PANNTanner, KathrynJesus, humanity and the Trinity : a briefsystematic theology230 TANNSystem administrator (Super users)Port 35 ((port 35))Cambridge: CambridgeUniversity Press, 2016New York: SchockenBooks, 1976Edinburgh: T&T Clark,1991Minneapolis: FortressPress, 2001Page 5 of 5

Archaeological illustration. [Cambridge manuals in archaeology] 930.1 ADKI Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989 (2002 [printing]) Strier, Karen B. Primate behavioral ecology (Fifth edition.) 599.815 STRI London; New York: Routledge, 2017 Biology Biochemical Society (Great Britain), Estrela, Pedro Essays in biochemistry : volume 60, issue 1, Biosensor technologies for detection of .

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