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ECE444-544Supervisory Control & CriticalInfrastructure SystemsIEC 61850Presented by Jake GroatSlides by Rick Liposchak, P.E.17 April 2018

What will we cover? Lecture 1- IEC 61850––––––Why IEC 61850?What is IEC 61850?What does IEC 61850 cover?System Configuration description Language (SCL)Information Transfer and Engineering ToolsInformation Flow and Priority

What will we cover? Lecture 2- IEC 61850– Logical Nodes– Information Transfer, Protocols- MMS– Information Transfer, Protocols- GOOSE– Information Transfer, Protocols- Sample Value– Network Configuration– Time Synchronization

Why IEC 61850?NIST Framework and Roadmap for Smart Grid Interoperability Standards

Why IEC 61850?Europe’s CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Smart Grid Coordination GroupSmart Grid Reference ArchitectureEuropean Smart GridArchitecture Model

Why IEC 61850? Area Control– Wide area control(Isolated Power Grid) Electrical utility controlarea–––––––Building automationHome automationFacility MicrogridMicrogrid clusterMicrogridVirtual generation plantsIndependent Solar andwind power producers– Electric Car Charging

Why IEC 61850?Complexity, Complexity, Complexity!!!---------------------------------We need flexible, intelligent andmanageable systems.

How are we managingthe power grid?Remote SpecialProtectionLease Line, Dial-up, other to Enterprise EMS,DMS and Data Collection SystemsSerial, Network, Time SyncProtection Equipment SCADAX, Y & Z MonitoringInterlockInterlockLocalControlLTC, DFR,GPS, PMU, InterlockSubstation Equipment- Breakers, Switches,PTs, CTs, Transformers, Buses, Voltage Control, MeteringHardwired/Remote IEDIED with FiberCOMMs

What is IEC 61850?History 1980s the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)collaboration with electric utilities stared the IntegratedUtility Communications (IUC) program. Out of IUC came the Utility Communications Architecture(UCA)– Open Protocols– Object-oriented– Self-description In the late 90s UCA was turned over to the IEC tobecome a standard forming IEC 61850 First parts published in 2002 – 2003 by the IEC TechnicalCommittee 57 Working Group 10.

The IEC 61850 StandardMade up of 24 individual documents referred to as a“Part” with over 4000 pages of informationIEC 61850: There areadditional Parts currently beingworked on and Edition 2 and 3releases for current Parts.Other IEC Standardshave adopted the IEC61850 Model!Technical Brochurescovering IEC 61850IEC 61850 UserGroupMore IEEE Standard IEC 61850harmonization projects being worked on2015 POWER Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

What is IEC 61850?System Design/DocumentationStandardsSystem Testing(FAT & em Model: SCADA,Automation, Protection, DesignConfiguration and Capability DataExchange Formats & Engineering ToolsOrganization of System Functionsinto Logical NodesIED Capability Description (.ICD) File,Instantiated IED Description (.IID) File,Configured IED Description (.CID) File,System Specification Description (.SSD)File, Substation ConfigurationDescription (.SCD) File, SystemExchange Description (.SED) FileSystemAvailabilityThird PartyVendor RolesSystem TimeSynchronizationNetworkConfigurationWeb ServicesInformation Mapping StandardsInformation Transfer PerformanceStandards by ClassInformation Parameter StandardsInformation Format StandardsData Access – Data SetsSynchrophasorData uranceEquipmentLife CycleSecurityFeaturesVendor IED Configuration ToolNo longerconfined to theSubstationWindGenerationHydro tionSubstation SCL (SubstationConfiguration Language) ConfigurationToolElectricalMobilityDefines data flows, Object Modelingand structureElectricalStorageProtocols: MMS,GOOSE &Sampled ValueMappings toOther ProtocolsGROWING!

Reduces cables and wires, using the Ethernet network2015 POWER Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

Opens the door for open software applications2015 POWER Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

Create a digital data highway2015 POWER Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

Change how we exchange information and knowledge2015 POWER Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

Improve functionality and minimalizing cabling; Symantec Model for the power system Sampled Values: transmit voltage and currentmeasurements from the instrument transformers (mergingunits) to the IEDs GOOSE: (Generic Object Oriented Substation Events)transmission of trip/control/blocking or other time criticalsignals to the plant equipment. MMS: (Manufacturing Message Specification) Non-time critical Information such as SCADA, asset management,condition monitoring, metering, File and Log transfersDelivers the information using an open Control Models semantic model of the system2015 POWER Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.16

Improve functionality and minimalizing cabling; Network (LAN and WAN) design and management : Design Guides Seamless Ethernet redundancy protocols, High-availabilityand Seamless Redundancy (HSR) and Parallel RedundancyProtocol (PRP) 62439 standard IEEE 802.1Q, SNMP, Etc. Uses existing standardsfor infrastructure Security: IEC 62351 security series, IEEE PSRC PC37.240 - DraftStandard for Cyber Security Requirements for SubstationAutomation, Prot. And Control Systems, IEEE Std 16862007 Draft standard for Substation Intelligent ElectronicDevices (IED) Cyber Security Capabilities, NERC CIP andothers.2015 POWER Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.17

“I want IEC 61850!” What do you mean?Nominal referenced standards:Cigre JWG 34./35.11,IEC 60044 (all parts),IEC 60050 (all parts),IEC 60270:2000,IEC 60654-4:1987,IEC 60694:1996,IEC 60834-1,IEC 60834-2,IEC 60848:1988,IEC 60870-2-1IEC 60870-2-2,IEC 60870-4,IEC 60870-5-101:2003,IEC 60870-5-103:1997,IEC 60870-5-104,IEC 60870-5-4:1993,IEC 60870-5-5:1995,IEC 60874-10-1:1997,IEC 60874-10-2:1997,IEC 60874-10-3:1997,2015 POWER Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.IEC 61000-4-15,IEC 61000-4-3:1995,IEC 61000-4-4,IEC 61000-4-5,IEC 61000-4-7:2002,IEC 61000-6-2,IEEE 802.1Q,IEEE C37.111:1999,IEEE C37.118.1,IEEE C37.118.2:2011,IEEE C37.118:2005,IEEE C37.2-1996,IEEE-SA TR 1550-1999,ISO 4217,ISO 9001-2001,ISO 9506-1:2003,ISO 9506-2:2003,ISO/IEC 19772,ISO/IEC 8326:1996,ISO/IEC 8649,IEC 61082 (all parts),IEC 61175:1993,IEC 61588:2009,IEC 61082 (all parts),IEC 61175:1993,IEC 61346 (all parts),IEC 61400-25 (all parts),IEC 61508 (all parts),IEC 61754-2,IEC 61754-20,IEC 61800-3,IEC 61869-9,IEC 62351 (all parts),IEC 62439-1:2010,IEC 62439-3:2010,IEC 81346 (all parts),IEC TS 62351-1,IEC TS 62351-2,IEC TS 62351-4,IEC TS 62351-5,IEC TS 62351-6,IEEE 100-1996,IEEE 1459:2000,IEEE 1588,IEEE 519:1992,ISO/IEC 8802-3:2000,ISO/IEC 8825 (all parts),ISO/IEC 8859-1,ISO/IEC 9646-1,ISO/IEC 9646-2,ISO/IEC 9646-4,ISO/IEC 9646-5,ISO/IEC 9646-6,ITU-T X.234,NIST SP 800-38D,RFC 1108,RFC 1240,RFC 1952, RFC 2045, ExtensibleMarkup Language (XML) 1.0, W3C,RFC 2104,RFC 2406,RFC 2407,RFC 2474,RFC 2991,RFC 3168,RFC 3246,RFC 3376,RFC 3547,RFC 5771,RFC 768,RFC 791,RFC 793,RFC 826,RFC 894,UCA User Group 61850-92LE,XML Schema Part 1:Structures, W3C,XML Schema Part 2:Datatypes, W3C,18

IEC 61850 StandardSubstationAutomationIEC/TR 61850-1 ed2.0Communication networks and systems for power utilityautomation - Part 1: Introduction and overviewSubstationAutomationIEC/TS 61850-2 ed1.0Communication networks and systems in substations - Part 2:GlossarySubstationAutomationIEC 61850-3 ed2.0SubstationAutomationIEC 61850-4 ed2.0SubstationAutomationIEC 61850-5 ed2.0SubstationAutomationIEC 61850-6 ed2.0SubstationAutomationIEC 61850-7-1 ed2.0SubstationAutomationIEC 61850-7-2 ed2.0SubstationAutomationIEC 61850-7-3 ed2.0Communication netw orks and systems in substations - Part 7IEC Store3: Basic communication structure for substation and feederequipment - Common data classesIEC 61850-7-4 ed2.0Communication netw orks and systems for pow er utilityautomation - Part 7-4: Basic communication structure Compatible logical node classes and data object classesSubstationAutomationIEC StoreIEC 61850:IEC Store Semantic model of the substation andCommunication netw orks and systems in substations - Part 3:power system equipmentand functionsIEC StoreGeneral requirements Model Data Information for SCADA,Communication netw orks and systems in substations - Part 4:IEC StoreSystem and project managementProtection, Asset Management, ConditionMonitoring,Communication netw orks andsystems in substationsLogic- Part 5: and SimulationIEC StoreCommunication requirements for functions and device models Standard File Formats saves system andCommunication netw orks and systems for pow er utilityIEC Storeautomation - Part 6: Configurationdescriptionlanguage fordeviceconfigurationcommunication in electrical substations related to IEDsCommunication netw orkssystemsin substations - Part 7- Exchange between vendor andFilesInformationIEC Store1: Basic communication structure for substation and feederequipment - Principles and modelsdevices and provides links to the substationCommunication netw orks and systems for pow er utilitysingle line and communicationsIEC Storeautomation - Part 7-2: Basic information and communicationstructure - Abstract communication service interface (ACSI)architectureDefines an Engineering Process - Puts the designIEC Storein a machine readable format!

IEC StandardsSubstationAutomationIEC 61850-8-1 ed2.0SubstationAutomationIEC 61850-9-2 ed2.0SubstationAutomationIEC 61850-10 ed2.0Hydro Pow erIEC 61850-7-410 ed2.0DER - DistributedEnergy ResourcesIEC 61850-7-420 ed1.0SubstationAutomationIEC/TR 61850-7-510 ed1.0SubstationAutomationIEC/TR 61850-90-1 R 61850-90-4 ed1.0DER - DistributedEnergy ResourcesIEC/TR 61850-90-5 ed1.0IEC/TR 61850-90-7 ed1.0Communication netw orks and systems in substations - Part 81: Specif ic Communication Service Mapping (SCSM) IEC StoreMappings to MMS (ISO 9506-1 and ISO 9506-2) and to ISO/IEC8802-3IEC 61850 and other supporting standards:Communicationorks andsystems in substations9 netwDataTransportusing- PartexistingEthernetIEC Store2: Specif ic Communication Service Mapping (SCSM) Sampled values overISO/IEC 8802-3 but independent of theprotocols,protocolto allowfor- PartfuturenetworkCommunication networks and systemsin substationsIEC Store10: Conf ormance testingprotocol development.Communicationorks and systemsf or power utilityand Priority for data netwStandardDataClassIEC Storeautomation - Part 7-410: Hydroelectric pow er plants Communication f ordeliverymonitoring andtimescontrolbased on priority forCommunication netw orks and systems f or pow er utilitydifferent data classesIEC Storeautomation - Part 7-420: Basic communication structure Distributed energy resources logical nodes Network Sample Value Data Transfer, toCommunication networks and systems for power utilityIEC Storesendsampledanalogautomation - Part 7-510:Basiccommunicationstructure - data over theCommunication networks and systems for power utilityNetwork. Replaces hardwired CT and PTautomation - Part 90-1: Use of IEC 61850 for the communication IEC Storebetween substationsconnections.Communication networks and systems for power utilityautomation - Part 90-4: Network engineering guidelinesCommunication networks and systems for power utilityautomation - Part 90-5: Use of IEC 61850 to transmitCommunication networks and systems for power utilityautomation - Part 90-7: Object models for power converters indistributed energy resources (DER) systemsIEC Store Defines data flows for the EngineeringProcess.IEC Store Allows for waveform sampled value datatransmission over Ethernet. IEC Store

IEC StandardsProtocol MappingIEC 61850-80-1 ed1.0Web ServicesInterfaceIEC 61850-8-2 ed2.0Hydro Pow erIEC 61850-10-2 ed1.0MeteringIEC 61850-80-4 ationSubstationAutomationSubstationAutomationFACT SystemsPWI 61850-100-1 Ed. 1.0PWI 61850-7-5 Ed. 1.0PWI 61850-7-500 Ed. 1.0PWI 61850-80-3 Ed. 1.0PWI 61850-90-10 Ed. 1.0PWI 61850-90-11 Ed. 1.0PWI 61850-90-12 Ed. 1.0PWI 61850-90-14 Ed. 1.0DER - DistributedPWI 61850-90-15 Ed. 1.0Energy ResourcesMaster StationInterfacePWI 61850-90-2 Ed. 1.0Communication networks and systems for power utilityautomation - Part 80-1: Guideline to exchanging informationCommunication networks and systems for power utilityautomation - Part 8-2: Specific communication service mappingCommunication networks and systems for power utilityautomation - Part 10-2: Interoperability test for hydroCommunication networks and systems for power utilityautomation - Part 80-4: Mapping between the DLMS/COSEM (IECIEC StoreIEC 61850 and other supportingIn Progress:Jan 2014standards:In Progress:Jan 2014 Data Transfer for Time SensitiveDataIn Progress:May 2014over the non-deterministicnetwork.In Progress:Commissioning testingThisof IEC 61850based systemsallowsfor signals suchNew as a TRIP toIn Progress:IEC 61850 modeling conceptsbe delivered over the networkusingNewUse of logical nodes to GOOSEmodel functionsof a ion systemNewCommunication networksand systems for powerutilityIn Progress:SubstationEvent).automation - Part 80-3: mapping to web protocols NewProgress: ConnectionMonitoring InNewandSimulationIEC 61850 object modelsfor schedulingMethodologies for modelingof logics forconnectionIEC 61850 basedIn Progress:Messagesupervision,aapplicationsNewsystem simulation modeIn (allowsforProgress:Wide area network engineering guidelinestesting during real-time Newoperation) andIn Progress:Using IEC 61850 for FACTS data modelingNewsoftware change detection.In Progress:Hierarchical architecture of a DER systemNewVirtual self monitoring connectionsIn Progress: –NewRemove the hardwires!Using IEC 61850 for condition monitoring Use of IEC 61850 forthe communication between control centres and substations

IEC PWI 61850-90-3 Ed. 1.0Using IEC 61850 for condition monitoringPWI 61850-90-6 Ed. 1.0Use of IEC 61850 for distribution automation systemsElectric CarsPWI 61850-90-8 Ed. 1.0StoragePWI 61850-90-9 Ed. 1.0Hydro Pow erPWI 61850-99-99 Ed. 1.0SwitchgearIEC 62271-3 ed2.0 (2006-06)SecurityIEC/TS 62351-1 ed1.0 (200705)SecurityIEC/TS 62351-6 ed1.0 (200706)General SCADAIEC 62361-2 ed1.0 (2013-09)Wind TurbinesIEC 61400-25-1 6Master StationInterfacePNW/TS 57-1350 Ed. 1.0In Progress:NewIn Progress:NewIn Progress:NewIn Progress:NewIn Progress:NewIEC 61850 and other supporting standards:IEC 61850 objectfor electrical&mobility modelsModelingDigital Data TransferUse of IEC 61850 forMythologyelectrical storage systemsused in other electricalCommunication networkin hydropowersystemssuchplantsas: Distribution,DistributedElectricCars,High-voltage switchgearand controlgearGeneration,- Part 3: DigitalIEC Storeinterfaces based on IEC 61850Power Generation, Renewable resources,Power systems management and associated informationConditionPowerStorage,exchange - Data andcommunicationsMonitoring,security - Part 1:IEC StoreCommunication network and system security - Introduction toetc.security issuesPower systems management and associated information Future Model Translation between theexchange - Data and communications security - Part 6: Security IEC Storefor IEC 61850IEC 61850 model and the IEC CIMPower systems management and associated information(CommonModel)used in IECexchange - Interoperabilityin the longInformationterm - Part 2: End to endIEC Storequality codes for supervisory control and data acquisition61968 and IEC 61970 for Distribution and(SCADA)EnergyManagementSystems.Application of the IEC61850 methodologyfor Wind turbinesIEC Store A standard for the power systemIn Progress:New Standard data exchange withother systemsFuture IEC 62361-102 TS: Power systems management andassociated information exchange - Interoperability in the longterm - Part 102: CIM - IEC 61850 harmonization

What does this do tothe Substation?WAN interface to Special Protection, Enterprise EMS, DMSand Data Collection SystemsSubstation LAN- Redundant Network using VLANsProtection EquipmentSCADAX, Y & Z MonitoringLocalControlLTC, DFR,GPS, PMU, MeteringProcess Bus- Redundant Fiber Optic Network using VLANsSubstation Equipment- Breakers, Switches,PTs, CTs, Transformers, Buses, Voltage Control, IEC 61850Merging Units

What does this do tothe Substation?WAN interface to Special Protection, Enterprise EMS, DMSand Data Collection SystemsCentralized SystemModel- Protection, DFR, Security, DataPMU, Voltage Control, Gateway & LocalControlLTC Control, etc.GPS IEEE 1588GrandmasterClockOne Physical Redundant Fiber Optic Networkusing Virtual Networks with VLANsSubstation Equipment- Breakers, Switches, PTs, CTs, Transformers,Buses, Voltage Control,

Covers other functional areas of the Power GridSharing the sameMoreareas indata betweensubstationsMaster StationInterface protocolmapping: IEC60870-5101, -104 and DNP Control er PlantHigh-voltageswitchgear andcontrolgearSubstationAutomationWeb ServicesInterfaceElectricCarsFACTSystemsWeb ServicesInterfaceElectricalStorageSystemsWind PowerPlantLAN & WANDesign2015 POWER Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.25

What does this do tothe bstation Designand ConfigurationSystem DeviceConfigurationSystem & Device SoftwareControlsAll Versionthe substationEnterprise InterfaceConfigurationAutomated System Testinginformationstored inDocumentationaSubstationstandardmachineFull-time System HealthlanguageformatDiagnosticsand troubleshootingtools

Now comes the details!!2015 POWER Engineers, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.27

IEC 61850-6: SCLSystem Configuration descriptionLanguage (SCL) Object model for the power system Engineering Process and informationexchange between systems and devices Standard file format for system informationstorage

IEC 61850-6: SCL LanguageUses Extensible Markup Language (XML) Machine readable language XML schema defines and creates connectionsbetween all the components that makeup theSCL model Models the entire system in digital format File formats defined for information exchange

IEC 61850-6: SCLObject ModelSubstation Model Substation, Voltage Level, Bay, Equipment, Sub-Equipment, Power Transformer, Function, Sub-function ConnectivityNode, Terminal (Provides electrical circuitconnections between equipment, buses and powertransformers)Product (IED) Model IED, Server, Logical Device, Logical Node Communication System Model Not a hierarchical model, Not a physical structure model Subnetwork, Access point, Router, Clock functionThe primary (power) system according to IEC 81346-1 Industrial systems, installations and equipment andindustrial products -- Structuring principles and reference designations -- Part 1: Basic rules.

As we design; the data is linked to anopen standard file format that can alsobe updated through a real-time interface31

IEC61850 Substation Model: Equipmenttype, electrical connection to otherequipment and functional area.32

IEC61850 SubstationModel Substation Voltage Level Bay, Equipment Sub-Equipment Power Transformer Function Sub-function Connectivity Node Terminal Logical NodeSubstationVoltageLevel ABayVLogicalNodeEquipmentBayVoltageLevel pmentBayEquipment33

IEC61850 Substation ModelSubstation NameSubstation NameLogical NodesWinding Name / TypeElectrical ConnectionsExtensible MarkupLanguage (XML)Schema, MachineReadable language34

IEC 61850 Product Model sharesa link with the Substation.35

IEC 61869-9, IEC 62351 (all parts), IEC 62439-1:2010, IEC 62439-3:2010, IEC 81346 (all parts), IEC TS 62351- 1, IEC TS 62351- 2, IEC TS 62351- 4, IEC TS 62351- 5, Cigre JWG 34./35.11, IEC 60044 (all parts), IEC 60050 (all parts), IEC 60270:2000, IEC 60654-4:1987, IEC 60694:1

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