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09 ConPal Dewalt7/8/053:48 PMPage 1Plan SymbolsARCHITECTURAL SYMBOLSSymbolDefinitionWall section No. 2can be seen ondrawing No. A-4.2A-4Detail section No. 3can be seen ondrawing No. A-5.3L-5Building section A-Acan be seen ondrawing No. A-6.AAA-6Main object lineHidden or invisible lineIndicates center line3' 4"3"Dimension linesExtension linesSymbol indicates center lineIndicates wall sufaceNIndicates north direction

09 ConPal Dewalt7/8/053:48 PMPage 2ARCHITECTURAL SYMBOLS (cont.)SymbolDefinitioncaColumn line gridor55Partition typeAWindow type05Door number05Room number10'-0"Ceiling heightRevision marker2Break in a continuous lineRefer to note #33100'-0"14 A-5 23Elevation markerInterior elevations1,2,3 & 4 can beseen on drawing A-5.Direction of triangleindicates elevation.

SWSoil, waste or leader(below grade)Industrializedcold waterICWVentChilled drinkingwater supplyDWSDWRSVChilled drinkingwater returnAcid wasteAWHot waterAcid ventAVHot water returnIndirect drainIWSanitizing hot watersupply (180F)Storm drainSSanitizing hot waterreturn (180F)Cold waterIndustrialized hotwater supplyPage 3Combination wasteand vent3:48 PMSoft cold water7/8/05Soil, waste or leader(above grade)09 ConPal DewaltPLUMBING PIPINGIHW

IHRTempered watersupplyTWSTempered waterreturnTWRFDry standpipeDSPCombination standpipeCSPMain suppliessprinklerBranch and headsprinklerMGGas – high pressureHGCompressed airAVacuumVSVacuum cleaningVCOxygenOLiquid oxygenLOXNitrogenNPage 4WSPGGas – medium pressureFWet standpipeG3:48 PMFire lineGas – low pressure7/8/05Industrialized hotwater return09 ConPal DewaltPLUMBING PIPING (cont.)

Pneumatic tubestube runsPNNitrous oxideNOCast ironCICulvert pipeCPHeliumHEClay tileCTArgonARDuctile ironDILiquid petroleumgasLPGReinforced concreteIndustrial wasteINWDrain – open tile oragricultural tileRCPPage 5H3:48 PMHydrogen7/8/05LN09 ConPal DewaltLiquid nitrogen

Medium pressuresteamMPSAir relief lineLow pressuresteamLPSHigh pressurereturnHPRMedium pressurereturnMPRLow pressurereturnLPRBoiler blow offMUVFuel oil suctionFOSFuel oil returnFORFuel oil ventFOVCompressed airABDHot waterheating supplyHWCondensate or vacuumpump dischargeVPDHot waterheating returnHWFeedwater pumpdischargePPDPage 6Make up water3:48 PMHPS7/8/05High pressuresteam09 ConPal DewaltHEATING PIPING

Refrigerant dischargeRDMake up waterRefrigerant suctionRSHumidification lineHCondenser watersupplyCWSDrainDCondenser waterreturnCWRBrine supplyBChilled watersupplyCHWSBrine returnBRCHWRMUPage 7Chilled waterreturn3:48 PMRL7/8/05Refrigerant liquid09 ConPal DewaltAIR CONDITIONING PIPING

09 ConPal Dewalt7/8/053:48 PMPage 8PIPING SYMBOLSValves, Fittings and cerCheckPipe guideButterflyPipe anchorSolenoidFlowdirectionLock shieldElbowlooking up2-Wayautomaticcontrol3-WayautomaticcontrolGas cockElbowlookingdownPipe pitchup or downUp/DownExpansionjointPlug bleconnectionThermostatThermostatictrapT

09 ConPal Dewalt7/8/053:48 PMPage 9PIPING SYMBOLS (cont.)Float andthermostatictrapF&THose SPressureswitchPOS & YgateShockabsorberPressurereducingvalveHouse trapTemperatureand pressurerelief valve‘P’ trapHFloor drainAAquastatIndirectwasteSanitarybelow gradeSAir ventSanitaryabove gradeSHumidistatMeterMIW

09 ConPal Dewalt7/8/053:48 PMPage 10PIPING SYMBOLS (cont.)Stormbelow gradeSTGas-lowpressureStormabove essedairCAVentGCombinationwaste & ventCWVAcid wastebelow gradeAWVacuumVAcid wasteabove gradeAWVacuumcleaningVCAcid ventAVNitrogenNCold waterCWNitrousoxideN2OHot waterHWOxygenOHot asLPGDrinkingwater supplyDWSDrinkingwater returnDWR

09 ConPal Dewalt7/8/053:48 PMPage 11FIRE PROTECTION PIPING SYMBOLSFire protectionwater supplyFWet standpipeWSPDry standpipeDSPCombinationstandpipeCSPAutomaticfire sprinklerSPUpright firesprinkler headsPendent firesprinkler headsFire hydrantWallfire departmentconnectionSidewalkfire departmentconnectionFire hoserockSurfacemountedfire hosecabinetRecessedfire hosecabinetFHRFHCFHC

09 ConPal Dewalt7/8/053:48 PMPage 12PLUMBING FIXTURE nalor islandShowersStallCorner StallWall GangWater ClosetsTankFlush llCounterPedestal

09 ConPal Dewalt7/8/053:48 PMPage 13PLUMBING FIXTURE SYMBOLS (cont.)Kitchen SinksSingle basinSingle drainboardTwin basinDouble drainboardDrinking Fountains orElectric Water CoolersDFDFDFFloor or wallRecessedDishwasherSemirecessedLaundry TraysLTDWSingleService SinksSSWallLTDoubleWash FountainsSSFloorHot TankGOGasOil

PlanWoodFloor areasleft blankElevationSidingFaceFinishSame asplan viewFace or commonPage 14CommonStoneFramingCutRubbleCutRubble3:48 PMBrickPanelSection7/8/05Material09 ConPal DewaltMATERIAL INDICATION SYMBOLSCutRubble

ConcreteblockSame asplan viewNone3:48 PMEarthNoneSmall scaleInsulationSame assectionInsulationLoose fill or battBoardPage 15Large scaleGlass7/8/05Same asplan view09 ConPal DewaltConcrete

MaterialElevationSectionPlasterStudSame assectionLath and plaster3:48 PMStructuralsteel7/8/05PlasterPlan09 ConPal DewaltMATERIAL INDICATION SYMBOLS (cont.)Indicateby notePage 16Sheet metalflashingIndicateby noteShowcontour

09 ConPal DewaltTileNoneNonePlywoodIndicated by noteIndicated by notePage 17Porous fill3:48 PMWall7/8/059-17Floor

e as planPage 18Same as plan3:48 PMNone7/8/05Battinsulation09 ConPal DewaltMATERIAL INDICATION SYMBOLS (cont.)Small scaleGlassLarge scale

7/8/05AcousticalSame as plan09 ConPal DewaltGypsumwallboardNone3:48 PMFloor tileSame as planNonePage 19Ceramicwall tile

09 ConPal Dewalt7/8/053:48 PMPage 20LANDSCAPE SYSTEMS AND gSandWindowBrickDoorPaving wamp

09 ConPal Dewalt7/8/053:48 PMPage 21LANDSCAPE SYSTEMS AND GRAPHICS markEI.00.0Trees —Topographiccontoursdeciduousevergreen10Shrubs tour lines —unalteredSamevarietyalteredproposed

EarthworksEarth/compact fillRockLightweightSand/mortar/plaster/cut stoneAdobe/rammed earthCommon/faceFire brickConcrete blockGypsum blockStructural facing tile7/8/05Porous fill/gravelConcretePage 22Masonry3:48 PMCast-in-place/precast09 ConPal DewaltMATERIALS SYMBOLS

09 ConPal DewaltStoneRubbleMarbleBrass/bronzeSteel/other metalsFinishRoughBlockingHardboardPlywood – large scalePlywood – small Page 23Wood3:48 PMAluminum

GlassGlassGlass blockRigidSpray/foamAcoustical tileCeramic tile – large scaleCeramic tile – small scaleCarpet and padGypsum wallboardMetal lath and plaster7/8/05StructuralInsulationPage 24Finishes3:48 PMBatt/loose fill09 ConPal DewaltMATERIALS SYMBOLS (cont.)

PlasticTerrazzoMetal studSpecial finish faceBrickCeramic tileConcrete/plasterGlassSheet metalShingles/siding7/8/05Resilient flooring/plastic laminatePlan and Section IndicationsPartition Indications3:48 PMWood stud09 ConPal DewaltFinishes (cont.)Elevation IndicationsPage 25

TypePlanElevation7/8/05Double hungwindows3:48 PMCasementwindowsPage 26indicateswindowhingeSlider09 ConPal DewaltWINDOW AND DOOR SYMBOLS

7/8/05Page 27Bifolddoor3:48 PMInteriordoor09 ConPal DewaltExteriordoor

Double hungwindowsFixed glassDoor7/8/05Alternate framewall symbolsAlternate doublehung windowFixed glassPartitionOpenings in Brick Veneer WallDoorPage 28Awning andhopper3:48 PMOpenings in Frame WallDouble unitcasement windows09 ConPal DewaltWINDOW AND DOOR SYMBOLS (cont.)

DoorOpenings in Masonry Wall7/8/05Alternateposition09 ConPal Dewalt2 units doublehung windowsSliding doors3:48 PMDoubleaction doorArchBypass sliding doorPocketsliding doorAccordion doorBifold doorsOpenings in Interior PartitionsPage 29Interior door

09 ConPal Dewalt7/8/053:48 PMPage 30DRAWING CONVENTIONS AND SYMBOLSGraphic SymbolsThe symbols shown are those that seem to be the mostcommon and acceptable, judged by the frequency of useby the architectural offices surveyed. This list can andshould be expanded by each office to include symbolsgenerally used by it, but not indicated here. Adoption ofthese symbols as standard practice is desirable to improvecommunication in the industry.Up 17R111/2 TNStair direction symbolNorth pointto be placed on eachfloor plan, generally inlower right hand cornerof drawingsNoteNoteNoteIndication arrowsdrawn with straightlines (not curved);must touch object

09 ConPal Dewalt7/8/053:48 PMPage 31DRAWING CONVENTIONS AND SYMBOLS (cont.)Indicates section numberCA-3Indicates drawing sheeton which section is shown3A-1CA-37A-5IIA-3Section Lines and Section ReferencesIndicates detail number5A-89A-4Indicates drawing sheeton which detail is shownDetail References

CA-9Building sectionReference drawing number09 ConPal DewaltExisting pointelevation (plan)7A-11Wall section or elevationReference drawing number7/8/058Existing contourselevation noted onhigh side7A-12DetailReference drawing number3:48 PM0New contourselevation noted onhigh side1302Room/space numberTest boring354Equipment number461.0'461.0'2632TB-1Page 32New or requiredpoint elevationDRAWING CONVENTIONS AND SYMBOLS (cont.)

09 ConPal DewaltMatch lineshaded portions –the side considered4Column reference grids3:48 PM3RevisionDoor number(if more than one doorper room subscript lettersare used)Project north(magnetic north arrowused on plot site plan only)Page 33123BWindow typeMagnorthNE7/8/05ALevel linecontrol point ordatum

09 ConPal Dewalt7/8/053:48 PMPage 34DRAWING CONVENTIONS AND SYMBOLS (cont.)Dash and dotCenter lines, projections, existing elevations linesDash and double dot lineProperty lines, boundary linesDotted lineHidden, future or existing construction to be removedBreak lineTo break off parts of drawingLinework4' 0"26' 8"5' 4"Arrow63/4"2"/2"6' 2"8' 1/2"Slash4' 0"2' 8"8"4"Dot1AccentHorizontalVerticalDimension Lines

Graphic Symbols N Up 17R Stair direction symbol Indication arrows drawn with straight lines (not curved); must touch object Note Note Note North point to be placed on each floor plan, generally in lower right hand corner of drawings 111/ 2 T The symbols shown are those that seem to be the most common and acceptable, judged by the frequency of use by the architectural offices surveyed. This .

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