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BrandBikeYearPictureCountryApriliaTuono V4R APRC ABS2014ItalyApriliaSXV 4502011ItalyApriliaRSV4-RF Team: Nuova M2 Racing2015ItalyApriliaRSV4 R APRC Racing Version2014ItalyApriliaRS 125 R1998ItalyApriliaRS 2502001ItalyApriliaRSV 10002003ItalyApriliaRSV 1000 R2003ItalyApriliaRSV 1000 SP2000ItalyApriliaRSV 1000 R2009ItalyApriliaRSV4 APRC ABS2014ItalyApriliaRSV4 RF2015Italy

BimotaTesi 3D2014ItalyBimotaTesi Naked2014ItalyBimotaDB9 Brivido2014ItalyBimotaBB3 Racing Version2014ItalyBimotaBB3Team: Bimota UK2015ItalyBimotaTesi 1D1990ItalyBimota500 V Due1997ItalyBimotaDB82014ItalyBimotaDB8 Italia2014ItalyBimotaDB8 Oronero2014ItalyBimotaBB32014ItalyBMWR Nine T2015Germany

BMWF800 R2015GermanyBMWR 1200 R2015GermanyBMWS 1000 R2014GermanyBMWS 1000 RR HP4Team: Tyco BMW Motorrad Racing2015GermanyBMWS 1000 RR HP4 Racing Version2014GermanyBMWS 1000 RR2014GermanyBMWS 1000 RR2015GermanyBMWS 1000 RR HP42014GermanyCagivaMito1994ItalyDucatiScrambler Icon2015ItalyDucatiDiavel Carbon2014ItalyDucatiMonster S4RS Tricolore2008Italy

DucatiStreetfighter 8482014ItalyDucatiMonster 1200 S2014ItalyDucati1199 Panigale Superleggera Racing Version2014ItalyDucati1199 Panigale RTeam: 3C Racing Ducati8482008ItalyDucati999R2006ItalyDucati899 Panigale2015ItalyDucati1199 Panigale S2014ItalyDucati1299 Panigale S2015ItalyDucatiDesmosedici RR2006Italy

F Hornet2006JapanHondaCB650F2015JapanHondaCB900F Hornet2002JapanHondaCB1000R ABS2015JapanHondaCB1000R ABS Barracuda2014JapanHondaCRF 450R Supermoto Special2016JapanHondaCBR600RRTeam: Honda Improve2015JapanHondaCBR1000RRTeam: Honda Racing2015JapanHondaNSR 125R1992JapanHondaNSR 250R1995Japan

HondaNS 400R1985JapanHondaVFR750R RC301987JapanHondaRVF750 RC451994JapanHondaCBR600RR2004JapanHondaCBR900RR 0RR2014JapanHondaCBR600RR2015JapanHondaCBR 1100XX Super Blackbird1997JapanHondaVTR1000 SP12001JapanHondaVTR1000 SP22006JapanHondaCBR1000RR Fireblade2005Japan

HondaCBR1000RR Fireblade2014JapanHondaCBR1000RR Fireblade2015JapanHondaCBR1000RR Fireblade SP2014JapanHondaCBR1000RR / Fireblade SP2015JapanHorexVR6 Black Edition2016GermanyHusqvarnaFS KawasakiZ10002006JapanKawasakiZ10002014Japan

KawasakiNinja ZX 10R Racing Version2014JapanKawasakiNinja ZX 10RTeam: Kawasaki JG Speedfit2015JapanKawasakiKR-1S 2501990JapanKawasakiZX-R 7501989JapanKawasakiNinja ZX 6R2008JapanKawasakiNinja ZX 6R2004JapanKawasakiNinja ZX 6R 6362014JapanKawasakiNinja ZX 10R2006JapanKawasakiNinja ZX 10R2014JapanKawasakiNinja ZX 10R2015JapanKawasakiNinja ZX 10R2016JapanKawasakiNinja H22015Japan

KawasakiNinja H2R2015JapanKTMDuke 6902014AustriaKTMDuke 690 R2014AustriaKTM990 Super Duke R2014AustriaKTM1290 Super Duke R2014AustriaKTM450 SMR2015AustriaKTM1190 RC8R Track2014AustriaKTM390 R2014AustriaKTM1190 RC8R2014AustriaLightningLightning LS 2182014USAMagniFilo Rosso Naked2015ItalyMagniGiappone 521995Italy

MagniFilo Rosso2015ItalyMr MartiniDucati Peace Sixty 22016ItalyMr MartiniDucati Flashback II2015ItalyMV AgustaBrutale 6752014ItalyMV AgustaBrutale 8002016ItalyMV AgustaRivale 800cc2014ItalyMV AgustaBrutale 10902014ItalyMV AgustaBrutale 1090 R2014ItalyMV AgustaBrutale 800 Dragster2015ItalyMV AgustaBrutale 1090 RR2014ItalyMV AgustaBrutale Corsa2014ItalyMV AgustaBrutale 800 Dragster RR2015Italy

MV AgustaF3 675Team: Team Laguna2015ItalyMV AgustaF4 Racing Version2014ItalyMV AgustaF4 7501998ItalyMV AgustaF3 6752014ItalyMV AgustaF3 8002014ItalyMV AgustaF4 1000S2006ItalyMV AgustaF4 RR2014ItalyMV AgustaF42014ItalyMV AgustaF4 R2014ItalySartorie MeccanicheTuono2015ItalySartorie MeccanicheSaetta2015ItalySuzukiGSR 7502014Japan

SuzukiGSX-R1000 Racing Version Team R2CL 2014JapanSuzukiGSX-R1000Team: Bennetts Suzuki2015JapanSuzukiRGV 250 R1995JapanSuzukiRG 5001987JapanSuzukiGSX-R 7501985JapanSuzukiGSX R6002000JapanSuzukiGSX-R 750 JapanTMSMX Supermotard Competizione2015Italy

TriumphThruxton R2016Great BritainTriumphBonneville T1202016Great BritainTriumphStreet Triple2014Great BritainTriumphStreet Triple R2014Great BritainTriumphStreet Triple RX2015Great BritainTriumphSpeed Triple 955i2004Great BritainTriumphSpeed Triple2014Great BritainTriumphSpeed Triple R2014Great BritainTriumphDaytona 675RTeam: Smiths Racing2015Great BritainTriumphDaytona 6752009Great BritainTriumphDaytona 6752014Great BritainTriumphDaytona 675R2014Great Britain

TriumphDaytona 955i2005Great BritainYamahaXSR700 ABS2015JapanYamahaXJR F-R6Team: Maan Motorsport2015JapanYamahaYZF-R1 Racing Version2014JapanYamahaYZF-R1Team: Anvil Hire TAG RacingYamaha2015JapanYamahaTZR 125 R1994JapanYamahaTZR 250 R1994Japan

YamahaRZV 500R1985JapanYamahaFZR 750 R OW 015JapanYamahaYZF-R1M2015Japan

Race VersionYESYES












Honda VTR1000 SP1 2001 Japan Honda VTR1000 SP2 2006 Japan Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 2005 Japan. Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 2014 Japan Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 2015 Japan Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP 2014 Japan Honda CBR1000RR / Fir

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