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iMleddrsaYeTeacher: Unit Plans!!!Creating a UnitClick on the Units tab in your class. You will see your current unit as well as a scheduleof upcoming units. To create a new unit, click the Add Unit button.!Input your unit title. Next, you will see our unit planning wizard. Under Inquiry &Purpose, input the Subject, Start Date, Duration of the unit. When complete, clickNext. Information will automatically save.!COPYRIGHT 2014 FARIA SYSTEMS INC.ManageBac.com

Under the next tab, Inquiry & Purpose, you will see built-in Key Concepts, GlobalContexts, and Inquiry Questions. When complete, click Next.!Under the Assessment tab, add the summative and formative assessments for theunit, and select from built-in criteria and objectives.!Here you can also choose to share this unit with another subject, making it anInterdisciplinary unit.COPYRIGHT 2014 FARIA SYSTEMS INC.ManageBac.com

eMdldirsaYe!When complete, click Next. Under the Backward Planning tab, add Knowledge and/or Skills. You may also see local, state, or national standards to choose from.Under the ATL tab, select from built-in ATL skill clusters.!The Learner Profile and I.M. (international-mindedness) tabs are optional.COPYRIGHT 2014 FARIA SYSTEMS INC.ManageBac.com

Under Learning & Teaching, input your planned learning experiences and teachingstrategies.!Under the Resources tab, you can add websites, files, YouTube videos, photos, orjournal entries as resources for teaching the unit. Note these are not available tostudents. To add resources for students, please use the Files tab in your class.!Lastly, add your reflections under the Reflections & Evaluation tab.COPYRIGHT 2014 FARIA SYSTEMS INC.ManageBac.com

iMleddrsaYeExport to PDFCongratulations, you’ve finished writing yourunit! When done, click Back to Unit and thenGenerate PDF Planner.Your unit will export into the officially licensed IBMYP planner.!!!!!!!!Vertical PlannerTo review your vertical planner, click on the Units tab. The link for the Vertical Planneris on the right.!!You can export the verticalplanner to both PDF andExcel.!!!COPYRIGHT 2014 FARIA SYSTEMS INC.ManageBac.com

Whole-School CurriculumUnder Dashboard Curriculum, you can view all units across all subjects, mappedacross the school year. Filter by Subject on the right, or Export to PDF to see all unitsacross all years.!Curriculum AnalyticsUnder the Analytics tab, you can view the balance and coverage of all skills, concepts,objectives, and criteria. Filter by subject and year level on the right, and by Element onthe top left.COPYRIGHT 2014 FARIA SYSTEMS INC.ManageBac.com

MYP planner. !!!!! Vertical Planner To review your vertical planner, click on the Units tab. The link for the Vertical Planner is on the right. !! You can

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