Certificate/Diploma/BS/MSc/ MSc Hons/MS/MPhil/PhD

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PROSPECTUSOFCertificate/Diploma/BS/MSc/MSc Hons/MS/MPhil/PhD ProgrammesFORSEMESTER: SPRING 2021Allama Iqbal Open UniversityIslamabadPrice Rs.500/-

(All Rights Reserved with the Publisher)Semester .Spring 2021Composed by .Muhammad HameedPrinting Incharge .Abdul Rehman CheemaPrinter.AIOU-Printing Press, IslamabadPublisher .Allama Iqbal Open University, H-8, Islamabadii

CONTENTSPage #VICE-CHANCELLOR MESSAGE .1ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY .2FACULTY OF SCIENCES — PhD & MSc Programmes .2Department of Statistics .4PhD Statistics .4Department of Chemistry.8PhD Chemistry .8Department of Agricultural Sciences (DAS) .11PhD Agricultural Extension .12MSc (Hons) Agricultural Extension .14MSc (Hons) Rural Development .16MSc Forestry Extension .19FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES — PhD, MPhil & MS Programmes .21Department of Business Administration .22PhD Business Administration .23MS Management Sciences .27iii

Department of Library and Information Sciences .31PhD Library Information Sciences .31Department of History .34MPhil History.34Department of Pakistani Languages .38MPhil Pakistani Languages.38FACULTY OF EDUCATION — PhD / MPhil Programmes .41MPhil Education Programmes .43MPhil Special Education.44MPhil Elementary Education .45MPhil Science Education .46MPhil Distance and Non-Formal Education .47MPhil Teacher Education .48PhD Education .50PhD Educational Planning and Management .50PhD Special Education .51iv

PhD Elementary Teacher Education .52PhD Teacher Education .54PhD Science Education .55PhD Distance in Non-Formal Education .56FACULTY OF SCIENCES — MSc & BS Programmes .60Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences .61MSc Microbiology (2 Years) .61MSc Environmental Science (2 Years) .65MSc Botany (2 Years) .69BS Microbiology.73BS Environmental Sciences .77BS Botany .80Department of Chemistry .84MSc Chemistry .85BS Chemistry .89BS Bio-Chemistry .94v

Department of Mathematics .99MSc Mathematics .99BS Mathematics . 102Department of Statistics . 106MSc Statistics. 107BS Statistics . 111Department of Physics . 116MSc Physics (BSc/BSEd) . 117MSc Physics (B. Tech) . 119BS Physics . 112Department of Chemistry. 127Certificate/Diploma in Forensic Science . 127General Information . 132Procedure for Depositing Fee . 134Important Telephone Numbers . 134vi

MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM TIME DURATION/SEMESTERSFOR THE COMPLETION OF FACE TO FACE PROGRAMME(From Spring 2021 Semester)Sr. #Degree LevelMinimum DurationMaximum Duration1.PhD3 Years / 5 Semesters8 Years*2.MS/MPhil/MSc (Hons)/MBA/COL MBA2 Years / 4 Semesters4 Years**3.MA/MSc (2 Years)2 Years / 4 Semesters4 Years4.BS (4 Years)4 Years / 8 Semesters6 Years5.Associate Degree (2 Years)2 Years / 4 Semesters4 Years6.Postgraduate Diploma (1 Year)1 Year / 2 Semesters2 Years7.Certificate (6 Months)6 Months / 1 Semester1 Year*&** As per AIOU rules.vii

Vice-Chancellor’s MessageDear Student,Welcome to Allama Iqbal Open University, the first distance education university in South Asiathat provides cost effective education to 1.3 million students not only in Pakistan but also inMiddle East. This university has the unique privilege of blurring temporal and spatialboundaries by providing education at the thresholds of the students. The university offers adiverse range of educational facilities, starting from basic literacy Programmes to the PhD level.The courses are regularly revised to bring them at par with international standards. Theuniversity offers maximum number of specializations at postgraduate level through fourfaculties, i.e. Faculty of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Sciences,and Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. The university has a huge network of faculty members, tutors, resourcepersons, specialists and experts who strive hard to ensure that the Programmes offered by the university enable thestudents to become independent learners and critical thinkers. The university takes special measures to establish andstrengthen research culture and prepare those individuals who can play an instrumental role in the process of progressand development of the country.I welcome you to the postgraduate studies at AIOU and wish you a challenging yet successful journey ahead.Prof. Dr. Zia Ul-QayyumVice ChancellorAIOU1

participate in the co-curricular activities by arranging educationaland literary seminars, workshops and conferences, attended notonly by the students and faculties of the university but also by therenowned dignitaries and scholars. For the science students andresearch scholars, a science complex has been built where theyuse the latest equipment of international standard for experimentsand research. To meet the present day challenges internet facilityis also available in the student's hostel and the Central Librarywhere computers have been provided to enable students to accesslatest information available through open source databases.ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITYAllama Iqbal Open University, a Mega university wasestablished in 1974 under an Act of Parliament. The maincampus of the university is situated in sector H-8, Islamabad. Itwas the second open university of the world and the first of itskind in Asia and Africa. The aim of establishing AIOU was toprovide affordable and accessible education through distancelearning at the door-steps to those people who could notcontinue their education journey through formal system ofeducation. The University (AIOU) operates on semester systemand admits students in Autumn and Spring semesters. Undergraduate admissions are offered in both the semesters where-aspost graduates are offered once a year. The enrolled students aregiven course books specially prepared by the university on selfinstructional principles. However, at post graduate level reprintsof foreign books, allied material with university prepared studyguides help students to polish their skills.FACULTY OF SCIENCESFaculty of Sciences forms an important and integral part of theuniversity. Since its establishment in 1982 with five teachingdepartments, it has undergone major development changes. Itnow comprises nine teaching and research departments whichare offering courses at the undergraduate and postgraduatelevels to more than ten thousand students. The Faculty operatesunder the basic guidelines of the University Act and on“Education for All as Convenient” basis so that maximumstudents get benefit from its academic programmes andeducational facilities. This principle has necessitated somestructural changes in the non- formal mode, particularly at thepostgraduate level, in the offering of theory courses andpractical lab work. This conceptual adjustment has been quitesuccessful and many in- service students are benefiting from thepostgraduate study programmes. Improvement in qualificationsfor a better life is a right of everyone and the Faculty’sprogrammes meet this challenge by offering opportunities to all.In particular, a significant number of beneficiaries are those whocannot afford education in formal institutions due to a variety ofreasons.At present, the AIOU is offering programmes from Matric toPhD level in diverse disciplines comprises of four faculties. Theuniversity has established study centres across the country,where distance education students are provided necessaryguidance by their respective tutors. Moreover, the university hasestablished full time study centres, wherein the students ofMCom, MBA (IT), MBA (Banking and Finance), BS (CS), etc.are being provided instruction, guidance and counsellingthrough face-to-face education. AIOU is offering four yearunder graduate degrees.Apart from curricular and extra-curricular activities during theacademic year, the AIOU and its regional centres actively2

Realizing the importance of science education and growing needsof the Faculty of Sciences, the University has completed a building,the Research Complex, at a cost of Rs 35 million. The ResearchComplex now accommodates departments of AgriculturalSciences, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Home &Health Sciences, Mathematics & Statistics and Physics. Thesedepartments are running a variety of postgraduate technical,scientific and professional programmes successfully.so that high standards are maintained. In addition, highlyqualified and experienced professors are also engaged oncontractual basis or as part time instructors for postgraduatestudy programmes. The Faculty is also offering academicpositions under the tenure- track system to attract the best mindsin scientific and technological fields.Research is an integral part of the postgraduate study programmesleading to MSc, MPhil, and PhD degrees in Agricultural Sciences,Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Home and Health Sciences,Mathematics and Statistics and Physics. Rules and regulationsgoverning the postgraduate study programmes are thoseapproved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).The Research Complex also has a Computer Lab with Internetand On-line Library Facility for literature survey, Seminar Room,Lecture Hall and Library. In addition, there are many labs forpractical work, teaching and research, and instrumentation labsfor analysis. The University is developing these labs through itsown resources. The Faculty of Sciences is fortunate to have Prof.Dr. Zia-ul-Qayyum as the University’s Vice-chancellor, whohas given personal attention to the development of the Facultyof Sciences by providing generous amount of funds andvaluable guidance.For MS and MPhil degree, 24 credit hours of Coursework and aminimum of one year of research work in a specialized area ofthe disciplines is required. A candidate for the PhD degree hasto take additional 18 credit hours of specialized courses in thefield of research. The dissertation will comprise originalresearch on a topic in the discipline and shall be evaluated bythree foreign referees who are expert in the field. At least onepublication in international journal is also necessary before thedegree is awarded.Two Model labs have been developed in the Research Complexwith the assistance of the Higher Education Commission to meetthe training needs of science teachers. This development issignificant for training of teachers since under the neweducational policy four-year BS programme has started inundergraduate educational institutions.The Faculty has launched BS programme in Chemistry andMicrobiology from semester Spring 2009. The four-year BSprogramme is structured according to the recent policies of theHigher Education Commission for the improvement of thestandard of education so as to bring it at par with theinternational standards.More than fifty highly qualified full-time faculty members areon the roll of the Faculty of Sciences. Their role in the planning,designing and development of courses to meet students’ needsis vital. Faculty members also engage in teaching and research3

DEPARTMENT OF STATISTICSIntroduction:The Department of Statistics was established in 1988 in thefaculty of Sciences, Allama Iqbal Open University. Since then,the faculty and students have shared a common goal of maturingthe Department with sheer hard work and constant struggle.Statistical sciences have significant impact on our lives and area key to discoveries and innovation. Over the time, withco

2. MS/MPhil/MSc (Hons)/MBA/COL MBA 2 Years / 4 Semesters 4 Years** 3. MA/MSc (2 Years) 2 Years / 4 Semesters 4 Years 4. BS (4 Years) 4 Years / 8 Semesters 6 Years 5. Associate Degree (2 Years) 2 Years / 4 Semesters 4 Years 6. Postgraduate Diploma (1 Year) 1 Year / 2 Semesters 2 Yea

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