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RAcbi Rockwell Automation Cloud Based Infrastructure

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TRC Tech TalksOnline SeminarsRAcbi – Rockwell Automation Cloud BasedInfrastructureAugust 4, 2020

IntroductionsWayne WelkDavid NuteMike MastersonJesse HarveyPanelistPresenterPanelistPanelistAutomation SpecialistThe Reynolds CompanyNew OrleansAutomation SpecialistThe Reynolds CompanyHoustonAutomation SpecialistThe Reynolds CompanyHoustonAutomation SpecialistThe Reynolds CompanyDallas Fort Worth2

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The Reynolds Company – Online Resources Recap Tech Talks – Over 24 archived sessions Legacy Migration Series Industrial Networking Series User Group Four years of archived content from Houston and NewOrleans Podcast – Over 10 podcasts and growing Find wherever you get your podcasts TRC Talks Find all archived Tech Talks and User Group content onTRC web site: https://www.reynoldsonline.com4

Rockwell Automation Fair5

What is Racbi?

What is RAcbi?Our program provides the infrastructure for easy & remote access to RA software & hardware Cloud based virtual machines (computers) Easily scheduled & accessed via web browser Same desktop look and feelMinimal preparation time Software pre-installed & licensed Content files preloadedSelf-service portal allows you to schedule your own sessions Choose from a growing list of lab, training, & demo content You are given a copy of the ‘master’ content so no worryif you break anything! Remote Hardware reservations require admin approval7

RAcbi – How it worksDemos and labs produced by thebusiness units have been convertedfrom VMWare to Microsoft Hyper-Vformat. This allows them to beuploaded and used in Azure withoutchanging the originalfunctionality. These converted imagesare placed in the Master Library. 8

RAcbiUsers can now create theirown virtual machines based onthese master image.Single user demos . or multiuser sales labs9

RAcbi ContentWe have a large (and growing) list of content!Archi tecting A Fa ctoryTalk Vi ew Site Edition ApplicationAutoma ting the Cra ft Brewery wi th FactoryTalk Cra ft BrewControl ler-based Batching Using SequenceManagerDi s tributed Batch Deployi ng Controller-based Sequences with FactoryTalk BatchEncoder Output EmulatorFa ctoryTalk AssetCentre Basic Hands On La bFa ctoryTalk AssetCentre Advanced Hands On LabFa ctoryTalk Historian Site Edition Basic La bFa ctoryTalk VantagePoint EMI La b: Advanced Analyti csFa ctoryTalk VantagePoint EMI La b: Introduction to Analyti csFa ctoryTalk View Site Edition v.11.0 wi th FT AssetCentre v.9.0 Integration DemoFa ctoryTalk InnovationSuite Edge Analytics Help Deliver Information Where It's Needed MostFa ctoryTalk View Site Edition Application: What's NewFa ctoryTalk View Site Edition V11Hi gh Performance Great Demo 2 (v1.00)Improve Visibility and Diagnostics of Your Network with FactoryTalk Network Manager (FTNM) SoftwareIni tial Setup a nd Basic configuration of the Stratix 5700 Industrial Ethernet SwitchIntegrated Motion on Ethernet/IP: Adva nced La bIntroduction to the PlantPAx Process System for Operations a nd Engineering LabIntroduction To The PlantPAx Process Sys tem For Operations And Engineering LabIntroductory La b for Distributed HMI with FactoryTalk View Site EditionLa nguage Switching with FactoryTalk View SE 9.0Level 1: Logi x On - DemandLevel 1: Ma gneMotion On DemandLevel 2: Demonstrating IoT Solutions - Fa ctoryTalk Analytics DataView 101Level 2: Demonstrating IoT Solutions – Fa ctoryTalk Analytics EdgeLevel 2: Demonstrating IoT Solutions – Thi ngworx Data StorageLevel 2: Demonstrating IoT Solutions – Thi ngworx Industrial ConnectivityLevel 2: Demonstrating IoT Solutions – Thi ngworx Ma nufacturing AppsMa chi ne Builder Li brary for Process SkidsMa chi ne-level HMI including 21 CFR Pa rt 11 wi th FactoryTalk View Machine Edition-Advanced LabMa chi ne-level HMI with FactoryTalk View Machine Edition Application-Basic La bModernization WorkshopPa nelView 5000 a nd Studio 5000 Vi ew Designer Advanced LabPa vi l ion Tra ining VM 2019Pl a ntPax 4.6 DemoPl a ntPAx Process Application Development Lab (Process Objects v4.0)Pl a ntPAx Sys tem Integrator WorkshopPowerFlex 755 – S4 Adva nced SafetyPowerFlex 755T wi th TotalFORCE Technology Great DemoProces s Library Mi gration ToolRA Foundations - MotionRA Foundations: DrivesRAPIDReducing Waste with FactoryTalk Analytics LogixAI Embedded AnalyticsRockwell Automation Mining SolutionSca l able ComputeSMC-50 DemoStudi o 5000 Archi tect LabStudi o 5000 Logix Adva nced La bStudi o 5000 Logix DesignerStudi o 5000 Logix Designer Basics La bStudi o 5000 Application Code Manager Project Execution and Library Ma nagement LabTroubl eshooting with Analytics for Devices: Hands-On ExperienceUti l izing new FactoryTalk Li nx10

RAcbi – Use Cases Product Demos Customer ‘Test Drive’ System IntegratorRefresher/OnBoarding Distributor Training NOT a Replacementfor ComprehensiveProduct Training11

How to use RAcbi

How to use RAcbiStep 1: Schedule an instance via the self-service portalLogin to self-service portalReview the Asset (content) Library / Schedule a new instanceAccess to the self-service portal (SSP) is currently limited to RA employees & distributorsCustomers now can Start, Stop, and Restart virtual images independently, without the need fora distributor resource13

How to use the RAcbiStep 2: Access your instanceLoginAccess your virtual computer(s)Once your scheduled is deployed you will be emailed apublic internet link & credentials to access your content.14

Racbi: What’s New – Hardware Based Demo

RAcbi- Hardware Based DemoWeb BrowserRemote UsersSales or Distributor Office, Customer Site, Hotel, etc.InternetChicagoConnecting virtual machines in Azure tolive hardware in MilwaukeeMKESeattleSao PauloRemote HardwareModular – Single or MultiCurrently 26 Hardware based demosavailableMS RAExpressRoute CircuitFirewallSecure RAcbi Only TrafficRA NetworkRequires Rockwell resource to scheduleAudio/Video16

RAcbi- Hardware Based DemoGreat alternative tohardware on-premisedemoFlexible, on-demandschedulingSchedule one-on-one orgroup sessions17

RAcbi – Hardware Based Demo18

RAcbi – Hardware Based Demo19

RAcbi – Hardware Based Demo20

RAcbi – Hardware Based Demo21


Rockwell Automation Mining Solution Scalable Compute SMC-50 Demo Studio 5000 Architect Lab Studio 5000 Logix Advanced Lab Studio 5000 Logix Designer Studio 5000 Logix Designer Basics Lab Studio 5000 Application Code Manager Project Execution and Library Management Lab Troubleshooting with Analytics for Devices: Hands-On Experience