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RESULTS“Shaping Young Lives”

2016 Results5 A*-C includingEnglish and mathsGCSE83%Ebacc %51%English A*-C92%Maths A*-C84%Position inLeeds1st

Percentage of Year 11 attaining 5A*-Cincluding English and 2012“Shaping Young Lives”2013Year201420152016

The Sixth Form @ Woodkirk Academy

MR COOKVice Principal:Behaviour & Safety

YEAR 7 PARENTS’ INFORMATIONEVENING To outline important information for parents and students in Yr7; To show parents how to support their child with their progress: the use of the planner; progress reports and target setting(OPT); Parents’ Evening Homework Shaping young lives To see some good practice in terms of work Understand how to support through accessing My Maths andAccelerated reader Key dates for 2016 and 2017

Getting involved

Attendance and Punctuality


ATTENDANCE EACH TERM 96% and above 20 merits 97% and above 50 merits 100% 70 meritsNO DETENTIONS EACH TERM 40 extra meritsNO UNIFORM ISSUES EACH TERM 30 extra meritsNO HOMEWORK ALERTS EACH TERM 40 extra meritsNO DE- CREDITS EACH TERM 50 meritsOPTs REPORTS Year Tutors will award additional merits at the end of the year based on each reporting cycle. 50 merits - all 1s each report 30 merits – 1s and 2s on each report 100 merits – additional merits for students who receive all 1s for the whole year.REWARDS (Years 7 – 10) Top 100 – Alton Towers trip or 15 voucher next 40 - 10 voucher next 40 - cinema/ 5 voucher next 60 - 2 tuck shop vouchers next 60 - 1 tuck shop voucherPOSITIVE PHONE CALLS HOME FOR STUDENTS WITH EXCELLENT OPTs REPORT

SUPPORT IN SCHOOL Form TutorPersonal TutorYear Tutor (Assistant Year Tutors)Attendance Improvement TeamParent Support WorkerLearning Mentors / B16Safer Schools’ Police OfficerClass TeachersHeads Of DepartmentSenior Leadership Team


KEY DATESYEAR 7 rm rProgress Reports available for all year groupsYear 7 Parents’ Evening 4.30pm-7.30pm (PARENTS ONLY)Non-uniform DayFridayFriday1310JanuaryFebruaryProgress Reports available for all year groupsNon-uniform iform DayProgress Reports available for all year groupsYear 7/8 UK Maths Challenge (selected students)FridayMonday-Friday55-9MayJuneYears 7/8 Personal Tutor Reports availableYear 7/8 Exam WeekSaturday-MondayFriday10-127JuneJulyYear 7 ResidentialYear 7-19 Progress Reports availableFriday21JulyNon-uniform Day

MRS MCNABVice Principal:Curriculum


Numbers and grades equivalentsOld KS3 Level New GCSE Grade Old GCSE Grade9A**A*8A*A 7AA8aB 68bB8cB57aC 7bC47cC6aD 6bD36cD5aE 5bE5c2E4aF 4bF4cF13aG 3bG3cG-

Improve ProgressCodeTo help students,parents and PersonalTutors to understandbetter what could bedone to improvefurther.

CURRICULUM SUPPORTENGLISH and MATHSENGLISH: Accelerated Reader on the rightMATHS: My MathsSUBJECTS: information booklet / examples.

Clubs and TeamsDAYCLUB/SOCIETY OR ACTIVITYSTAFFROOM(S)TIMEMONDAYBusiness Booster – A Level , GCSE & BTECBusiness Studies StaffR83-4pmHomeworkMrs MessengerLRC3-4pmMFL Controlled Assessment Support & Revision -Years10/11MFL StaffY17/Y18/Y19/Y20/Y213-4pmMusic KS4 Support & Grade 5 TheoryMrs K Clarke/Mr GageB203-4pmMusical Theatre – Years 8 (by invitation only)Miss WhiteDrama Studio3-4pmBasketball – Boys/GirlsMr EllisWoollin Hall8-8.45amBasketball – BoysCoach/Mr Leach/ Mr PrattSports/Woollin3-4pmBasketball – GirlsMiss TaylorWoollin Hall3-4pmBenchball – Boys/GirlsMr EllisWoollin Hall8-8.45amDance – GirlsCoachMain Hall3-4pmDodgeball – Boys/GirlsRugby – GirlsMr A SmithMiss J TaylorSports HallOutside8-8.45am3-4pmTable Tennis – Boys/GirlsMiss TaylorGreen Social8-8.45amTable Tennis – Boys/GirlsCoachGreen Social3-4pmTennis – Boys/GirlsCoachGym3-4pmPerforming Arts Support (BTEC)Miss WhiteDrama Studio3-4pmPE“Shaping Young Lives”

DAYTUESDAYPEClubs and TeamsCLUB/SOCIETY OR nstructionLRCEnglish Rooms3-4pm3-4pm3-4pm3-4pm3-4pm3-4pm3-4pmBiology – GCSEBiology – Year 13Business – A Level , GCSE & BTEC BoosterChemistry – Year 12Construction – Year 10 (*see note at the end)English Club – GCSE KS3 and Accelerated ReaderEnglish Revision Year 11V GCSE Lang/LitMrs Harrison/Ms Davies/Mrs East/Mr WilsonMs FoxMr SmythBusiness Studies StaffDr ToczekMr WallEnglish Department StaffEnglish DepartmentHealth & Social Care – GCSE BoosterMrs KinchinLL7.30-8.30amHistory Extra – all year groupsHomeworkHistory Department StaffMrs MessengerB1/B4LRC3-4pm3-4pmICT: KS4 Catch up Years 9-11 (speak to your ICT teacher)See ICT teacherICT Rooms3-40m“IQ: The Science ClubMaths ‘After Maths’ – KS3 studentsMaths After School Mentoring Club - Year 8.9.10(29 Sept 15 to 22 Oct 15 inclusive)Maths Revision – Year 11 R-Band GCSEMiss JackMiss CahillY32Y163-4pm3-4pmMaths DepartmentLRC3-3.45pmMaths StaffMaths CorridorMFL Elite Linguists Support Club KS3MFL StaffY17Music & Activities – GirlsMusic OrchestraMusic Lower School ChoirBasketball Boys/GirlsBenchball Boys/GirlsCricket – Boys/GirlsDodgeball – Boys/GirlsMiss MillsMrs Dixon/Mr GageMrs Clarke/Miss KurijMiss TaylorMiss TaylorMr WynneMr CoxMr Ellis/Mr Leach/Mr Pratt/Mr N SmithMiss Taylor/Coach/ Miss MillsMiss J TaylorMr ReidMrs EastMiss JackScience StaffScience StaffSocial Science StaffMrs Bene-Doszpoly/Miss StebbingsMrs Bene-DoszpolyGymB21B22Woolliln HallWoollin HallSports HallWoollin .45am8-8.45am3-4pmOutside3-4pmGym/OutsideGreen SocialY40W13Y32Science RoomsScience 3-4pm3-4pm3-4pm3-4pm3-4pmArt Homework ClubFootball – BoysFootball – GirlsTable Tennis – Boys/GirlsPhysics – Year 13Print Workshop – Year 7 & 8Science ClubScience Support: Additional Year 11Science Support: Separate – Year 11Social Science Workshop – KS4 & 5Sociology – GCSE BoosterSociology – Years 12 & 13 workshop“Shaping Young Lives”

Clubs and TeamsDAYCLUB/SOCIETY OR ACTIVITYSTAFFROOM(S)TIMEWEDNESDAYApplied Science – KS5 workshopArt Homework ClubBusiness Studies and BTEC Business Booster – KS4Chemistry Support – GCSEComputing ClubConstruction – Year 11 (*see note at the end)English Club - KS3 and Accelerated Reader GCSEMr GoodierMrs Harrison/Ms Davies/Mr WilsonBusiness Studies StaffMrs WestheadMr WaltonMr WallEnglish DepartmentY33Art pm3-4pm3-4pmEnglish Language/English Literature Revision - AS/A2Ms BowenG53-4pmHealth & Social Care/Psychology – all yearUCAS Workshop (all year groups) until 18 December 2015Miss DanbyY273-4pmHealth & Social Care - GCSE Booster (starting January)Mrs KinchinY263-4pmHistory Extra - all year groupsHomeworkMaths After School Mentoring Club (Year 9 & 12)Maths Mentoring Club - Year 7/8 (until 22.10.14)Maths - Year 12History Department StaffMrs MessengerMaths DepartmentMaths DepartmentMr FL Spanish Controlled Assessment Support & Revision –Year 11Miss KhanY203-4pmMusic Upper School ChoirMusic String GroupMusic Technology Club Y8 (by invitation only)Badminton – Boys/GirlsBasketball - Boys/GirlsBenchball - Boys/GirlsBenchball - GirlsMrs ClarkeMrs WildMr GageMiss TaylorMr WynneMr WynneMiss TaylorB22B20B20Sports HallWoolliln HallWoolliln HallWoolliln tballMrs Cunliffe/Mrs JowseySports Hall/Gym3-4pmOutside3-4pmGreen SocialGreen SocialY40Art RoomsY28Science Rugby Boys – Years 7 to 11Table Tennis Boys/GirlsTable Tennis Boys/GirlsPhysics Revision - AS & A2Print ClubPsychology - Years 12 & 13 WorkshopScience Support: Core - Year 10Social Science Workshop - KS4 & 5Mr Ellis/Mr A Smith/Mr N Smith/Mr J WynnMrs CunliffeMr CoxMr ReidMrs EastMrs Bene-DoszpolyScience StaffSocial Science Staff“Shaping Young Lives”

Clubs and TeamsDAYTHURSDAYCLUB/SOCIETY OR ACTIVITYROOM(S)TIMEArt Rooms3-4pmY39LRCY34ConstructionR12LRCEnglish 0amBiology Workshop - Year 12Book ClubChemistry Revision - Year 13Construction – Year 11 (*see note at the end)Controlled Assessment - GCSEEnglish Club - KS3 and Accelerated Reader GCSEEnglish Revision Year 11R GCSE Lang/LitHealth & Social Care GCSE BoosterMs Davies/Miss East/Mrs HarrisonMr P WilsonScience StaffMs I Scott(Intervention Room)Dr ToczekMr WallMrs HunterEnglish Department StaffEnglish DepartmentMrs KinchinICT: KS4 Catch up Years 9-11 (speak to your ICT teacher)See ICT teacherICT Rooms3-40mMaths - Year 12Maths Revision - Year 11VMedia coursework - KS3Ms ParryMaths class teachersMiss CammishY25Maths CorridorLRC3-4pm3-4pm3-4pmMFL Elite Linguists Support Club KS3MFL c Concert BandMusic Ukulele – Years 7 & 8 (by invitation only)Basketball - Boys/GirlsBenchball - Boys/GirlsFootball - Boys Years 9/10/11Gymnastics – Boys/GirlsMiss Gaughan/Miss Heys/Miss Khan/Mr Lazarus/Mrs SpinksMs SoppittMiss MillsMusic Department (2 sessions)7.50am-8.30am & 8.30am-8.50amMr Rodgers/Mrs DixonMr GageMiss TaylorMiss TaylorMr N SmithMr A Smith 1Netball - GirlsMrs Cunliffe/Mrs JowseyTable Tennis - Boys/GirlsTable Tennis - Boys/GirlsPolitics ‘West Wing’ ClubReligious Studies - GCSESocial Science Workshop - KS4 & 5Miss MillsMiss TaylorMr ZwalfMr SkittSocial Science StaffArt Homework ClubMFL Homework Support - all year groupsMusic & ActivitiesMusic Brass GroupPESTAFF“Shaping Young Lives”Music RoomsB21B21Woollin HallWoollin HallSports HallGymSportsHall/WoollinGreen SocialGreen pm3-4pm3-4pm

Clubs and TeamsDAYCLUB/SOCIETY OR ACTIVITYFRIDAYHomeworkMaths - Year 13Music & ActivitiesMusic Keyboard Club - Years 7 & 8 (by invitation only)Music Soul BandBadminton - Boys/GirlsBasketball - Boys/GirlsBenchball - Boys/GirlsDance - GirlsFootball – Boys Years 7/8/9Football/Rugby – BoysTable Tennis - Boys/GirlsTable Tennis - Boys/GirlsPsychology Support – Year 12 (B week only) immediatelyafter class lesson so anyone needing help can staybehindScience KS3 Catch-upSixth Form Study ONLYPESTAFF“Shaping Young Lives”ROOM(S)TIMEMrs MessengerMr Warwick-GilesMiss MillsMrs ClarkeMr GagePE StaffMrs D JowseyMrs D JowseyCoachMr P PrattPE StaffMr CoxMiss TaylorLRCY15GymB22Music DeptWoollin HallWoollin HallWoollin HallGymSports HallOutsdideGreen SocialGreen .45am2-3pm8-8.45am2-3pm8-8.45am2-3pmMiss DanbyY272-3pmScience StaffScience RoomsLRC2-3pm2-3pm

CONSTRUCTIONDESIGN/TECHNOLOGYSix weeks prior to the Year 10 Construction exam, Mr Wall will be holding revision sessions forYear 10 students on a Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday eveningStaff are available Monday - Thursday to support students across all Key Stages 3pm - 4pm.Students can attend any of these sessions and are encouraged to attend these sessions foradditional guidance on KS3 work, KS4 Controlled Assessment work and KS5 coursework.Additional KS3 classes will be advertised throughout the year.ICT ROOMSStudents should make arrangements with their ICT teacher if they wish to use the ICT facilitiesfor coursework 3-4pm.The LRC is open for private study, computer use and careers information betweenLEARNING RESOURCES CENTRE (LRC)8am – 4pm (Monday to Thursday) and 8am – 2pm (Friday) 2pm – 3.30pm Sixth Form only(Friday).Please note that the LRC will close at 3.00pm on Parents’ Evenings.MATHSMiss Jackson will be holding Maths Key Stage 5 - revision and help sessions arranged asindividual or as groups from September onwards.SCIENCE REVISION WORKSHOPAfter school classes to help students with homework coursework and revision will be available.Students should check notices in the Science DepartmentSPORTS TEAMSPractices and matches are arranged as required by the teacher in charge. All students mustcheck the notice boards regularly and ensure that their parents have full information of allarranged matches and practice arrangements.“Shaping Young Lives”


WHERE TO GO NOWThank you for attending

Year 7 – The Class of 2016

Maths ‘After Maths’– KS3 students Miss Cahill Y16 3-4pm Maths After School Mentoring Club - Year 8.9.10 (29 Sept 15 to 22 Oct 15 inclusive) Maths Department LRC 3-3.45pm Maths Revision – Year 11 R-Band GCSE Maths