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SP 661 LF– fast, versatileand reliable


SP 661 LF– fast, versatile and reliableThe SP 661 LF is a compact and strong high performance harvester head designedaccording to SP s Low Friction principle for minimum friction and maximum productivity.The SP 661 LF is designed to be able to offer highest productivity in both small and largediameter harvesting.In large diameter harvesting the proportional angled feed rollers in combination with SP spatented knife control system LogHold, allow for maximum capacity and productivity.When harvesting smaller diameter trees the compact and agile design is a great asset.Equipped with the optional Multi tree handling equipment the SP 661 LF is able to reachhighest productivity also when harvesting very small tree dimensions.The extremely protected and robust design in combination with state of the art hoserouting ensures highest reliability and uptime regardless of tree size and harvestingcondition. The SP 661 LF is without a doubt both fast, versatile and reliable. The SP 661 LFreaches top performance in stands with a diameter of 16 to 51 cm (6 – 20”) dbh but isthanks to the LF principle also capable of efficiently working with larger tree sizes.1480 kg3262 lb70 cm27,6”16-51 cm6 - 20”26-30 MPa3770 - 4351 psiWeightCutting diameterOptimum trunk diameterRecommended workingpressure3

LF – Maximum production an4

nd minimum frictionFour smart solutions and patent forincreased profitabilityWorking pressureMpa1512Proportionally angledfeeder rollers.96Trunkdiameter35040302010cmProportional pressureKnife DesignThe delimbing knives are cast inhigh-strength steel and equippedwith long cutting edges.This means that the limbs are cutoff instead of being broken off.This minimizes friction duringdelimbing and allows the trunk tobe fed through easily.Proportional pressure ensures thatthe harvester head automaticallyworks at the correct pressure inrelation to tree diameter. Thismeans that the friction betweenthe trunk and harvester head isminimized and that the harvesterhead run at peak efficiency.Individual settings per tree speciesmaximises production further.LogHoldLogHold is an evolution of proportional pressure and means thatthe delimbing knife pressureagainst the trunk can be reduced,without the risk of the trunkbeing dropped. If the trunk isabout to fall, LogHold regulatesthe knife pressure so that the trunkis held in the right position. Theamount by which the diameter mayincrease before LogHold takesaction is set in the control system.No additional senSP patentsors are required.This smart solution means thatwhen the harvester head is fullyopen, i.e. at maximum tree size, thefeed rollers are at their greatestangle and provide maximumcarrying force against the trunk.As the feed rollers carry the trunk,the pressure on the delimbingknives can be reduced, whichmeans less friction and theharvester head can feed thetrunk through quickly and easily.5

Always Ahead6

Always AheadIs our slogan! It may not seem that important, however, it is much more than just that.For us at SP, ALWAYS AHEAD is our endeavour to always be at the forefront, to alwaysdeliver the best, whether it be our products, technical solutions or how we support andtreat you as a customer.When you choose SP, our goal is to provide you with a first class harvester head. Not justin terms of performance and productivity but also operational reliability and quality. Wehave more than 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing harvester heads andwe know what is needed to provide our customers with the best equipment and support.Our goal is to exceed your expectations and that you as a customer should always havethe best possible conditions so that you can be ALWAYS AHEAD.We are proud of our products and it shows. It is evident in how thoroughly our developmentteam analyzes and tests new components and materials before they are approved forinstallation in the heads. It is evident in the quality of the manufacture, welding andassembly of our heads. It shows in all our employees who always do their utmost to ensurethat we live up to being ALWAYS AHEAD and delivering just that – the best.7

Technical detailsThe SP 661 LF is designed to offer the highest level of reliability andproductivity.On the following two pages we present a selection of the technicaldetails that ensure this.1123451. The higly reliable non-contact encodersfor diameter measuring are mountedin completely sealed off steel housingsand placed inside the frame for bestprotection and longevity.2. The unique roller suspension providesmore carrying force the larger the trunkis being processed. Thanks to this, theknife pressure can be maintained at avery low level which gives the lowestfriction and the highest feed speed.83. Thanks to the unique frame design withcast center piece, the number of frameplates has been minimized. Togetherwith the fact that the complete frameis machined after welding this gives avery robust and torsion resistant frame.4. A quick action cylinder combined withgreat mobility in the measuring wheelensures highly accurate measuring alsoin crooked wood. The robust bearingand non-contact sensor ensure bestreliability and longevity.5. The saw unit is the very robust andfully-automatic Supercut 150, withintegrated chain lubrication andhydraulic chain tensioning. The unit isprepared for use with both .404 and¾” saw bar. 32 cc saw motor in combination with SP’s “QuickCut” systemensures extremely fast and efficientcutting.6. Robust and torsionally rigid tilt framefor optimum durability. The two tiltcylinders have integrated dampeningfor reduced wear and vibrations.7. The hose installation from the tilt blockto the valve assembly is designed tominimize hose wear and offer highestreliabiliy and longevity.8. The roller motor hoses are installed onswivels to prevent twisting and wear.Together with the fully protected hoserouting, integrated in the feed rollerarm ensures highest reliability andlongevity.

6111171210810131391010141010159. Durable folding valve cover with hingefor quick and easy service access. Thetight fit prevents the build-up of dirtand debris. The electrical installationis positioned at the front for quick andeasy access.10. Expander pins equipped with robustseals ensure highest reliability andlongevity.11. The two tilt cylinders are positioned onthe inside of the tilt frame for optimumprotection. The hoses are connectedto the rear of the cylinders for highestreliability and longevity.12. The hydraulic valve is very reliable andefficient and is specially designed tomanage high flows and pressure withvery low pressure drops. Together withthe proportional pressures and SP’spatent LogHold, this gives a veryproductive and fast head with impressive performance and low energyconsumption.151513. The delimbing cylinders have integrateddampening for reduced wear andvibrations.14. The top knife is cast in high-strengthsteel for optimum durability. Availableas either fixed or floating.15. The three delimbing knives are castin high-strength steel and have a veryrobust design for optimum durability.Separate pressure setting of the upperand lower knives for optimumperformance.9

The harvester head illustrated isequipped with EC (Extended Cut)saw box for an increased cuttingdiameter of up to 81 cm.10

Accessories and equipmentThe SP 661 LF has a vast range of different accessories in order to be able to adapt the harvester head to different needs, machines and felling conditions.Color markingMultispeed feedUsed to facilitate forwarding when the logs are difficult to distinguishwith the naked eye.Optimizes the harvester head’s relationship between feed speed andfeed force for highest productivity regardless of trunk diameter.Multi-tree equipmentLighting saw boxSP s multi-tree equipment makes it possible to fell and gather severaltrees before processing them together. A highly productive option insmall diamater harvesting.LED lamp in the saw box for additional lighting of the work area.Find end sensorUsing a sensor mounted in the saw box, the harvester head automaticallylocates the end of the trunk at the push of a button.Topping sawFacilitates felling of hardwood forest with a lot of forks as well as fellingof stands with multiple top-breaks.EC - saw box (Extended Cut)Larger saw box for increased cutting diameter to 81 cm.FDM (Floating Diameter Measuring)An additional measuring point that follow the movements of the topknife. This ensures a very accurate diameter measuring also during highfeed speeds.Eucalyptus kitDebarking kit for eucalyptus trees.Feed rollersFeed rollers in several designs available to suit different conditionsand needs.11

Compatible with mostcontrol systemsSP 661 LF can be used with virtually all control systems on the market.Through a simple adaptation the SP 661 LF can be used together withthe following systems:Dasa280Dasa380Dasa4Dasa4 CompactDasa ForesterJohn Deere TimbermaticPonsse OptiMotomit ITMotomit PCKomatsu MAXITechno MaticTOC-MDTechnion12

Complete control systemsThere are three different versions of the Dasa5 control system to choose from depending on customer needs and requirements.SPd5BuckingSPd5Bucking is a complete measurement and control system for control ofthe felling process in a forest harvesterin accordance with StanForD. This isour most advanced system and hassupport for value bucking. The systemis also fully integrated with dasa5control and communication system.All communication with the operatoris via dxPc, which is a mobile PC withWindows 10 operating system, andstores all information, e.g. statistics orinstructions. The dxPc computer has atouchscreen, which facilitates the workfor the operator considerably.SPd5BuckingPrioSPd5BuckingPrio is our intermediatesystem. The system has support forpriority bucking and is equipped witha PC. SPd5BuckingPrio is a slightlysimpler bucking system combined withthe power of a PC for reporting,communication and other programs.Bucking is based on priority lengthswith or without diameter classes.SPd5BuckingPrio is ideal when valuebucking and reporting is not requiredaccording to StanForD at the sametime as needing a PC for reporting,communication and other PC-programs.All communication to the operatoroccurs via dxPc, which is a mobile PCwith Windows 10 operating system.All information is stored there, forexample statistics or instructions. ThedxPc computer has a touchscreen,which facilitates the work for theoperator considerably.Thanks to the electronics modulesbeing mounted in a protected environment inside the box, problems causedby external damage such as moisture,dust, dirt and impact are minimized.SPd5BuckingPrio-CSPd5BuckingPrio-C is a bucking systemthat focuses on simplicity withoutcompromising on head control, performance or productivity. SPd5BuckingPrio-C has support for priority buckingwith or without diameter classes andhas been specially developed for fellingwhere there is no need for wirelessproduction reporting or the use of PCprograms. SPd5Bucking Prio-C runsthe Windows CE operating system.SPd5 cab boxRegardless of which system you chooseabove, you can get it with our SPd5cab box. The cab box allows SPd5cab modules do be installed quickly,efficiently and at the highest quality.The cab box is factory-fitted at SP anddelivered completely finished andtested together with the head, whichensures a correct connection andtrouble-free commissioning.13


Technical dataHydraulicMin. pump capacity:Rec. working pressure:Topping saw (option)Metric200 l/min26-30 MPaUS52 gpm3770-4350 psiFeedingProportional clamping pressure of the feed rollers in relation to trunk diameter,individual settings for different species for optimum performance.Roller motors:Max. opening:Feed speed:Feeding force:Proportional pressure:613-920cc630 mm0-7 m/s38 kNYes37,4-56,1 cui24,8”0-22 ft/s8543 lbfYesCuttingThe SuperCut 150 is a very powerful saw unit with integrated chain lubricationand hydraulic tensioning of the chain. Together with SP’s QuickCut, this optimisescutting time and minimizes the risk of cutting cracks.Cutting diameter standard:Cutting diameter option EC saw box:Chain speed:Saw motor:Saw unit:700 mm810 mm40 m/s32 ccSuperCut 15027,6”32”131 ft/s1.9 cuiSuperCut 150Cutting diameter:Chain speed:Saw motor:Metric350 mm40 m/s20 ccUS13,8”131 ft/s1.22 cuiDelimbingDelimbing knives with proportional pressure. Individual settings for differentspecies for optimum performance.Movable knives:Fixed knives:Delimbing diameter tip to tip:Min. delimbing diameter:Proportional pressure:LogHold:41510 mm30 mmYesYes4120”1,18”YesYesWeight and dimensionsDespite its capacity to handle large diameter trees the SP 661 LF is, thanks toits compact measurements, also capable to efficiently harvest small tree sizes.Width closed:Width open:Height, excl. tilt frame:Weight, excl. rotator:Weight with top saw, excl. rotator:1360 mm1820 mm1730 mm1480kg1595 kg53,5”71,6”68”3262 lb3516 lb160 - 510 mm6 - 20”RecommendationsCarriersThe SP 661 LF is an excellent choice for use on both wheeled harvesters,tracked harvesters as well as excavators. To inquiry about the suitability of aspecific machine brand/model, please contact your SP dealer.Optimum tree size (DBH) for highestproductivity*:* Diameter at breast height, measured 1.3 m up the trunk.We reserve the right to change specifications and design. Harvester heads pictured may have someextra equipment. All stated measurements/values are approximate and refer to standard equipment.15

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Motomit IT Motomit PC Komatsu MAXI Techno Matic TOC-MD Technion. 13 Complete control systems There are three different versions of the Dasa5 control system to choose from depending on cust