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Data SheetSchottky Barrier DiodeRB521S-30 ApplicationsGeneral rectification Dimensions (Unit : mm) Land size figure (Unit : mm)0.12 0.051.7 Features1)Ultra small mold type.(EMD2)2)Low VF3)High reliability1.6 0.10.6Buy0.8 0.05EMD2 ConstructionSilicon epitaxial planar Structure0.3 0.050.6 0.1eROHM : EMD2JEDEC :SOD-523JEITA : SC-79dot (year week factory) Taping specifications(Unit : mm)φ1.55 0.05空ポケットEmptypocketst0LaReverse voltage (DC)Average rectified forward currentForward current surge peak (60Hz・1cyc)Junction temperatureStorage temperature Electrical characteristics (Ta 25 C)ParameterForward voltageReverse 2011 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.1.75 0.050.75 0.05UnitVmAA C C302001125-40 to 125ConditionsSymbolVFMin.Typ.Max.Unit--0.50VIF 200mAIR--30μAVR 10V1/38.0 0.153.5 0.050.6LimitsSymbolVRIoIFSMTjTstg2.0 0.054.0 0.11.25 0.061.26 0.05 0T2.40 0.052.45 0.11.25 0.061.3 0.06 00φ0.50.95 0.060.90 0.05 Absolute maximum ratings(Ta 25 C)Parameter0.2 0.05φ1.5 0.052.0 0.05im4.0 0.12011.03 - Rev.F

Data SheetRB521S-301001000001000Ta -25 0.1Ta 25 0.0110010.01100200300400FORWARD VOLTAGE:VF(mV)VF-IF CHARACTERISTICS05001020REVERSE VOLTAGE:VR(V)VR-IR SE CURRENT:VR(uA)Ta 25 IF 200mAn 10pcs35302520AVE:4.775uA5Ta 25 f 1MHzVR 0Vn 10pcs181716151413AVE:14.33pF121020IR DISPERSION MAPimVF DISPERSION MAP108.3ms10PEAK SURGEFORWARD CURRENT:IFSM(A)PEAK SURGEFORWARD CURRENT:IFSM(A)1cycIfsm155AVE:5.60AIfsm8.3ms 8.3ms1cyc500st1Ct DISPERSION MAP10T10Ifsm51100010100TIME:t(ms)IFSM-t CHARACTERISTICSNUMBER OF CYCLESIFSM-CYCLE CHARACTERISTICSIFSM DISPERSION MAPt01000.20.5100100.001Rth(j-c)Mounted on epoxy boardIM 1mA1msIF 20mAFORWARD POWERDISSIPATION:Pf(W)LaRth(j-a)0.40.15REVERSE POWERDISSIPATIONPR (w)PEAK SURGEFORWARD CURRENT:IFSM(A)20110400TRANSIENTTHAERMAL IMPEDANCE:Rth ( /W)51015REVERSE VOLTAGE:VR(V)VR-Ct CHARACTERISTICS191510020Ta 25 VR 10Vn 30pcs40130e010Ta -25 0.10.001FORWARD VOLTAGE:VF(mV)Ta 25 10Buy1Ta 75 1000f 1MHzCAPACITANCE BETWEENTERMINALS:Ct(pF)10 Ta 75 10000CAPACITANCE BETWEENTERMINALS:Ct(pF)Ta 125 100REVERSE CURRENT:IR(uA)FORWARD CURRENT:IF(mA)Ta 125 D 1/2DCSin(θ 180)0.10.05time0.3DC0.2D 1/2Sin(θ 180)0.1300us0.110TIME:(s)Rth-t 2011 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.10000000. RECTIFIEDFORWARD CURRENT:Io(A)Io-Pf CHARACTERISTICS2/30.501020REVERSE VOLTAGE:VR(V)VR-PR CHARACTERISTICS302011.03 - Rev.F

Data SheetRB521S-300.4DCtT0.3VRD t/TVR 15VTj 125 D 1/θ 180)0Io0A0V0.4tDCT0.3D 1/20.20.1Sin(θ 180)0255075100AMBIENT TEMPERATURE:Ta( )Derating Curve゙1250255075100125CASE TEMPARATURE:Tc( )Derating CurveLastTime0VRD t/TVR 15VTj 125 Buy0A0VAVERAGE RECTIFIEDFORWARD CURRENT Io(A)AVERAGE RECTIFIDEFORWARD CURRENT Io(A) 2011 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.3/32011.03 - Rev.F

DatasheetNoticePrecaution on using ROHM ProductsOur Products are designed and manufactured for application in ordinary electronic equipments (such as AV equipment,OA equipment, telecommunication equipment, home electronic appliances, amusement equipment, etc.). If you(Note 1), transportintend to use our Products in devices requiring extremely high reliability (such as medical equipmentequipment, traffic equipment, aircraft/spacecraft, nuclear power controllers, fuel controllers, car equipment including caraccessories, safety devices, etc.) and whose malfunction or failure may cause loss of human life, bodily injury orserious damage to property (“Specific Applications”), please consult with the ROHM sales representative in advance.Unless otherwise agreed in writing by ROHM in advance, ROHM shall not be in any way responsible or liable for anydamages, expenses or losses incurred by you or third parties arising from the use of any ROHM’s Products for SpecificApplications.Buy1.(Note1) Medical Equipment Classification of the Specific ��CLASSⅢCLASSⅣCLASSⅢROHM designs and manufactures its Products subject to strict quality control system. However, semiconductorproducts can fail or malfunction at a certain rate. Please be sure to implement, at your own responsibilities, adequatesafety measures including but not limited to fail-safe design against the physical injury, damage to any property, whicha failure or malfunction of our Products may cause. The following are examples of safety measures:[a] Installation of protection circuits or other protective devices to improve system safety[b] Installation of redundant circuits to reduce the impact of single or multiple circuit failure3.Our Products are designed and manufactured for use under standard conditions and not under any special orextraordinary environments or conditions, as exemplified below. Accordingly, ROHM shall not be in any wayresponsible or liable for any damages, expenses or losses arising from the use of any ROHM’s Products under anyspecial or extraordinary environments or conditions. If you intend to use our Products under any special orextraordinary environments or conditions (as exemplified below), your independent verification and confirmation ofproduct performance, reliability, etc, prior to use, must be necessary:[a] Use of our Products in any types of liquid, including water, oils, chemicals, and organic solvents[b] Use of our Products outdoors or in places where the Products are exposed to direct sunlight or dust[c] Use of our Products in places where the Products are exposed to sea wind or corrosive gases, including Cl2,H2S, NH3, SO2, and NO2[d] Use of our Products in places where the Products are exposed to static electricity or electromagnetic waves[e] Use of our Products in proximity to heat-producing components, plastic cords, or other flammable items[f] Sealing or coating our Products with resin or other coating materials[g] Use of our Products without cleaning residue of flux (even if you use no-clean type fluxes, cleaning residue offlux is recommended); or Washing our Products by using water or water-soluble cleaning agents for cleaningresidue after soldering[h] Use of the Products in places subject to dew condensation4.The Products are not subject to radiation-proof design.stTime2.Please verify and confirm characteristics of the final or mounted products in using the Products.6.In particular, if a transient load (a large amount of load applied in a short period of time, such as pulse. is applied,confirmation of performance characteristics after on-board mounting is strongly recommended. Avoid applying powerexceeding normal rated power; exceeding the power rating under steady-state loading condition may negatively affectproduct performance and reliability.La5.7.De-rate Power Dissipation (Pd) depending on Ambient temperature (Ta). When used in sealed area, confirm the actualambient temperature.8.Confirm that operation temperature is within the specified range described in the product specification.9.ROHM shall not be in any way responsible or liable for failure induced under deviant condition from what is defined inthis document.Precaution for Mounting / Circuit board design1.When a highly active halogenous (chlorine, bromine, etc.) flux is used, the residue of flux may negatively affect productperformance and reliability.2.In principle, the reflow soldering method must be used on a surface-mount products, the flow soldering method mustbe used on a through hole mount products. If the flow soldering method is preferred on a surface-mount products,please consult with the ROHM representative in advance.For details, please refer to ROHM Mounting specificationNotice-PGA-E 2015 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.Rev.001

DatasheetPrecautions Regarding Application Examples and External Circuits1.If change is made to the constant of an external circuit, please allow a sufficient margin considering variations of thecharacteristics of the Products and external components, including transient characteristics, as well as staticcharacteristics.2.You agree that application notes, reference designs, and associated data and information contained in this documentare presented only as guidance for Products use. Therefore, in case you use such information, you are solelyresponsible for it and you must exercise your own independent verification and judgment in the use of such informationcontained in this document. ROHM shall not be in any way responsible or liable for any damages, expenses or lossesincurred by you or third parties arising from the use of such information.Precaution for ElectrostaticBuyThis Product is electrostatic sensitive product, which may be damaged due to electrostatic discharge. Please take propercaution in your manufacturing process and storage so that voltage exceeding the Products maximum rating will not beapplied to Products. Please take special care under dry condition (e.g. Grounding of human body / equipment / solder iron,isolation from charged objects, setting of Ionizer, friction prevention and temperature / humidity control).Precaution for Storage / TransportationProduct performance and soldered connections may deteriorate if the Products are stored in the places where:[a] the Products are exposed to sea winds or corrosive gases, including Cl2, H2S, NH3, SO2, and NO2[b] the temperature or humidity exceeds those recommended by ROHM[c] the Products are exposed to direct sunshine or condensation[d] the Products are exposed to high Electrostatic2.Even under ROHM recommended storage condition, solderability of products out of recommended storage time periodmay be degraded. It is strongly recommended to confirm solderability before using Products of which storage time isexceeding the recommended storage time period.3.Store / transport cartons in the correct direction, which is indicated on a carton with a symbol. Otherwise bent leadsmay occur due to excessive stress applied when dropping of a carton.4.Use Products within the specified time after opening a humidity barrier bag. Baking is required before using Products ofwhich storage time is exceeding the recommended storage time period.Precaution for Product Labelime1.QR code printed on ROHM Products label is for ROHM’s internal use only.Precaution for DispositionTWhen disposing Products please dispose them properly using an authorized industry waste company.Precaution for Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade actSince concerned goods might be fallen under listed items of export control prescribed by Foreign exchange and Foreigntrade act, please consult with ROHM in case of export.Precaution Regarding Intellectual Property RightsAll information and data including but not limited to application example contained in this document is for referenceonly. ROHM does not warrant that foregoing information or data will not infringe any intellectual property rights or anyother rights of any third party regarding such information or data.2.ROHM shall not have any obligations where the claims, actions or demands arising from the combination of theProducts with other articles such as components, circuits, systems or external equipment (including software).3.No license, expressly or implied, is granted hereby under any intellectual property rights or other rights of ROHM or anythird parties with respect to the Products or the information contained in this document. Provided, however, that ROHMwill not assert its intellectual property rights or other rights against you or your customers to the extent necessary tomanufacture or sell products containing the Products, subject to the terms and conditions herein.Last1.Other Precaution1.This document may not be reprinted or reproduced, in whole or in part, without prior written consent of ROHM.2.The Products may not be disassembled, converted, modified, reproduced or otherwise changed without prior writtenconsent of ROHM.3.In no event shall you use in any way whatsoever the Products and the related technical information contained in theProducts or this document for any military purposes, including but not limited to, the development of mass-destructionweapons.4.The proper names of companies or products described in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks ofROHM, its affiliated companies or third parties.Notice-PGA-E 2015 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.Rev.001

DatasheetGeneral Precaution1. Before you use our Pro ducts, you are requested to care fully read this document and fully understand its contents.ROHM shall n ot be in an y way responsible or liabl e for fa ilure, malfunction or acci dent arising from the use of a nyROHM’s Products against warning, caution or note contained in this document.2. All information contained in this docume nt is current as of the issuing date and subj ect to change without any priornotice. Before purchasing or using ROHM’s Products, please confirm the la test information with a ROHM sale srepresentative.The information contained in this doc ument is provi ded on an “as is” basis and ROHM does not warrant that allinformation contained in this document is accurate an d/or error-free. ROHM shall not be in an y way responsible orliable for an y damages, expenses or losses incurred b y you or third parties resulting from inaccur acy or errors of orconcerning such information.LastTimeBuy3.Notice – WE 2015 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.Rev.001 2011 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. RB521S-30 Data Sheet 0.01 0.1 1 10 100 1000 10000 100000 010 20 30 Ta 125 Ta 75 Ta 25 Ta -25 .

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TIETZE CH. SCHENK . Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Erklärung der verwendeten Größen 2 Passive RC-und LRC-Netzwerke . . 20.1 Kapazitätsdiode (Varactor-Diode) 638 20.2 Schottky-Diode (Hot Carrier Diode) 639 20.3 Speicher-Schalt-Diode (Step Recovery Diode) 639 20.4 pin-Diode. 640

OF SCHOTTKY DIODES ARE GIVEN BELOW :-A)Testing of dopant by hot probe method. B)Etching and polishing of Silicon wafer. C)Cleaning of silicon wafer. D)Metalization. E)Photolithography F)Device separation G)Soldering or bonding for lead contact DETAILS STEPS FOR THE FABRICATION OF THE SCHOTTKY DIODE. A ) Testing the type of dopant by hot probe .

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D 1.2V for gallium arsenide. You may assume the diode is “on”, and then find the current in the diode. If the current flows into the positive terminal of the diode, then the assumption is right, otherwise, the diode is “off”.

Symbol Parameter Test conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit Eon (1) Eoff (2) Ets 1. Eon is the turn-on losses when a typical diode is used in the test circuit in figure 2 Eon include diode recovery energy. If the IGBT is offered in a package with a co-pak diode, the co-pack diode is used as external diode.

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Novagen pET System Manual 11th Edition TABLE OF CONTENTS TB055 11th Edition 01/06. 2 USA and Canada United Kingdom and Ireland Germany All Other Countries Tel 800 526 7319 UK Freephone 0800 622935 Freephone 0800 100 3496 Contact Your Local Distributor Ireland Toll Free 1800 409445 .