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SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2018VOLUME 50 ISSUE 1INSIDE THIS ISSUESD-Epic Recommended — 2 President’s Corner— 4See Educators Run — 5 6 Reasons Why — 7DATES TOREMEMBERSEPTEMBER 23South Dakota IndianEducation SummitPierreSEPTEMBER 29SDEA Fall LeadershipConferenceRapid CityOCTOBER 8Native American Day(SDEA offices closed)OCTOBER 13SDEA Fall LeadershipConferenceSioux FallsOCTOBER 17–19System Change ConferenceSioux FallsNOVEMBER 6Election DayNOVEMBER 12Veterans Day (observed)(SDEA offices closed)BILLIE SUTTON: THE RIGHT CHOICEFOR SCHOOLS AND STUDENTSAs educators, we know thatevery decision made about ourclassrooms and schools is apolitical decision. We also know that inthe coming year, South Dakotans willelect a new governor who will have atremendous impact on those decisions.That is why it is crucial that as educators,we raise our voices and help elect thecandidate who has demonstrated timeand time again that providing a greateducation for all students, regardlessof their zip code, is a priority. As SDEAPresident, I am pleased to announcethat the SD-EPIC Steering Committee isrecommending State Senator Billie Sutton to bethe next governor of South Dakota.Senator Sutton has been a tireless advocatefor schools and children. He played a crucialrole with the Blue-Ribbon Task Force ensuringbipartisan support for the half-penny salestax for salary increases. Billie’s willingnessto reach across the aisle has led to increasesin education funding that may not havehappened otherwise. He is a champion of ourstudents from early childhood through postsecondary education. Billie knows the value ofall educators: teachers and education supportprofessionals alike. Public education could notfind a better advocate for our students thanBillie Sutton.What led to the decision to recommend Billie?The SD-EPIC Steering Committee invited allthe announced gubernatorial candidates to sitdown with our members from across the statefor an interview. Billie and one other candidate,Marty Jackley, accepted the invitation to talkabout their vision for public education in SouthDakota. The recommendation is based onBillie’s responses during the interview and hisproven record for public education.The following are a few of Senator Sutton’sresponses to the SD-EPIC Questionnaire:What is your vision for South Dakota?My vision is a South Dakota where every childhas the same or better opportunities than wehad. I want to see a South Dakota economy thatencourages people to want to live, work, andraise a family in our state. We must strive for aneconomy that gives our people the opportunity toget ahead.What are your priorities for South Dakota?My priorities for South Dakota will be Education,Healthcare, Government Transparency, andEconomic Development. As governor, I intendto provide more resources for education,develop our workforce with further educational— continued to page 2

SOUTH DAKOTA EDUCATION ASSOCIATION VOTER’S GUIDE2018 SD-EPIC RECOMMENDED STATE LEGISLATIVE CANDIDATESDistrict 1Senate Susan Wismer**House Steven McCleery*District 2House Jenae HansenDistrict 3House Carl PerrySenate Corey HeidelbergerDistrict 4House Fred DeutschDistrict 5House Bret ReisSenate Lee Schoenbeck District 6House Herman OttenDistrict 7House Bill AdamsonHouse Tim Reed*Senate VJ SmithDistrict 8Senate Scott ParsleyDistrict 9House Michael SabaHouse Deb Peters*District 10House Doug Barthel*Senate Rachell WilsonDistrict 11House Sheryl JohnsonHouse Margaret KuipersDistrict 12Senate Blake Curd*House Jeff HaywadHouse Scott PetersonDistrict 14House Tom Holmes*House Larry Zikmund*Senate Deb Soholt*District 15Senate Reynold Nesiba**District 17House Ray Ring*House Nancy Rassmussen*Senate Arthur Rusch*District 18Senate Craig Kennedy*House Ryan CwachHouse Jean Hunhoff*District 19House Kyle Schoenfish*Senate Ardon WekDistrict 20House Ione KlingerHouse James SchorzmanDistrict 21Senate Julie Bartling*District 22House Roger Chase*House Bob Glanzer*Senate Jim White*District 23House John Lake*Senate Justin Cronin*District 24House Mary Duvall*House Tim Rounds*District 25House Dan Ahlers*District 26Senate Troy Heinert*District 26AHouse Shawn Bordeaux**District 26BHouse Deb SmithDistrict 28AHouse Oren Lesmeister**District 30House Karen McGregorHouse Whitney RaverDistrict 31House Tim Johns*House Charles Turbiville*Senate Bob Ewing*District 32House Susan KeltsSenate Alan Solano*District 33House David Johnson*House Lilias JardingDistrict 34House Michael Diedrich*House George Nelson Unopposed non incumbent*Friendly Legislators** Friendly Legislators without opponentthus automatically elected.All non-incumbents who submittedquestions were interviewed by local SDEPIC Interview teams and completed theSDEA Questionnaire.— continued from cover pageopportunities, expand access to healthcare, and fight corruption.I want to see every child have the opportunity to get a worldclass education right here in South Dakota. I want more studentspursuing bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, and technicaldiplomas. By advocating for students to pursue all kinds ofeducation, we are creating a stronger workforce and economy forthe future of South Dakota.government. By cleaning up state government, we can ensureevery tax dollar is being spent wisely, which will provide more fundsto help students and educators succeed.Economic and workforce development are essential priorities ofmine, as well. I operate under the belief that education is workforcedevelopment and the most important factor to creating sustainableeconomic growth within our state. I’ll work to include educationinitiatives in plans aimed to boost our economy.Students and their families are not able to wholeheartedly pursuethese opportunities if they are drowning in healthcare costs orpaying over half their income in housing costs. By increasing accessto healthcare and affordable housing, students and families canfocus on their education and future, rather than stressing abouttheir bills.What are your priorities for public education, pre-K throughpost-secondary, in South Dakota? How will you achieve thesegoals?I have several priorities for public education: We must work to get teacher pay competitive in our region ifwe hope to attract and retain the best and brightest teachers.To ensure South Dakota can invest more resources in education,we must root out and quell corruption and complacency in state2

H NOVEMBER ELECTION 2018 HWould you sign legislation that targets state funds to increasewages and benefits for all education support professionals?Why or why not?Yes. Support professionals are an integral part to the success of notonly our students, but our certified teaching staff as well.As governor, what initiatives would you create or supportto ensure all students have a safe and healthy learningenvironment?I have supported increased teacher pay by serving on theBlue Ribbon Task-Force and subsequently voting for therecommended legislation in 2016. Lower tuition costs for higher education Prioritize more funding for scholarship opportunities Strengthen career and technical education in HS Offer tuition reimbursement for teachers looking to teach inrural communities I have and will continue to support early childhood education I also opposed bills that sought to divide our teachers andcreate a hierarchy of subjects, including HB 1234 back in2012.I will achieve these goals by reaching across the aisle to findcommon sense solutions to South Dakota’s problems just as I havedone the last 8 years in the Senate. I am a consensus builder andpride myself on my ability to find common ground with my friendson the other side of the aisle. We must start treating education asan investment, not just numbers on a piece of paper.How do you envision supporting teacher quality in SouthDakota?Teacher quality is of the utmost importance for the success ofour kids, and I believe it is something that we all care deeplyabout. The first step must be to get teacher pay competitive withour surrounding states, which allows the free market to do itsjob. Competition with our surrounding states would allow ouradministrators and school boards to offer wages and benefits thatattract and retain our best and brightest education students.We also need to support higher education to make sure we aremolding great teachers. The next way to support higher educationis to work to keep the cost of higher education affordable, so whena student graduates, they are not saddled with insurmountabledebt.Teacher quality is a result of the economy and market that wecreate with our funding policies. I think we have great teachershere in South Dakota, and we have tremendous opportunity toattract more great teachers to come to our state as well, but not ifwe continue with the status quo and do not fight for change.Teacher prep time in schools, mentoring, and professionaldevelopment are also keys to teacher quality. We must respectand trust our teachers, and support them in their development asleaders.3One issue that has recently surfaced is lunch shaming. I disagreewith this practice and believe that we need a policy that doesnot allow this to occur. I think it opens up a broader discussionabout the importance of children being ready and able to learnto the best of their abilities. Students need a number of things tobe prepared for school including adequate rest, family support, asafe home environment, and adequate nutrition. No child shouldgo hungry or be targeted because their family doesn’t have theresources. I believe in the responsibility of parents to provide fortheir children, but lunch shaming punishes the student, not theparent, and this should never happen in our schools.We also must ensure that students and parents feel that their kidsare safe in our public schools. I will support upgrades to securitysystems, rigorous emergency action plans, and school resourceofficers for our schools. I do not support arming our teachers, asthey did not go into teaching to be police officers. We continue toask our teachers to be more than just teachers and often expectthem to be parents as well. I also opposed the school sentinel bill ina past legislative session because of this belief. We all want our kidssafe, so we must approach this in a pragmatic and common senseway.Finally, I think we need to place more of a focus on mental healthservices in our schools. Too often, guidance counselors are taskedwith everything from college readiness, to testing, to overseeingdual credit opportunities, to carving out time to implementprevention programs that involve multiple grade levels. We haveto make sure our schools have the resources to provide mentalhealth services to students who need them. It’s imperative for ourstudents’ success and the healthand safety of our schools andThe Educators’ Advocatecommunities.In the coming months, SDEPIC will ask our members toraise their voices, roll up theirsleeves, and talk to felloweducators, family membersand neighbors about theimportance of electing BillieSutton as the next governorof South Dakota. He is whatour students and schoolsneed! You can learn moreabout Billie’s campaign atsuttonforsd.com or join theconversation at the SouthDakota Educators for SuttonFacebook page.(ISSN 0013-2047) is publishedfive times annually by SDEA/NEA, 411 East Capitol,Pierre, SD. Periodicalspostage paid at Pierre, SD.Postmaster: Send addressto The Educators’ Advocate,411 East Capitol, Pierre, SD57501. Official publication ofthe South Dakota EducationAssociation/NEA.President: Mary J. McCorkleExecutive Director:Richard KernCommunications Director:Sandra WaltmanCommunications Specialist:Rebecca Uhrig

SOUTH DAKOTA EDUCATION ASSOCIATION VOTER’S GUIDEIget nostalgic this time of year when everyone is back to school.As our students return, our schools are shining from the workof custodians, buses have been tuned up over the summer,and our school secretaries have made sure everything is ready togo. For me, back to school is all about potential and possibilities,and even though I serve as SDEA President, I am a teacher firstand foremost and I miss the excitement of first day of schooland I miss my students.I know how much he believes in supporting education, pre-K–higher ed. As an educator, I want our Governor to care aboutstudents as much as I do. Billie Sutton is that person.Use your voice. We cannot be passive. Because each one of youmakes a difference, use your vote to make a difference for ourstudents. Encourage your colleagues to vote and to register tovote if they are not; encourage your friends and family to vote.Voting is democracy in action, and education is the foundationof our democracy. We must be active participants in ourdemocracy.Thirty-eight years ago, I joined SDEA because of my students andbecause of your students. I wanted to join my voice with othersto ensure that our students have the best education, educators,and schools—the schools that each one of them deserve. If thereis one thing that I have learned over those years, it is that it takesmore than my voice, your voice and all our voices—it takes ourvote.May this school year be full of learning and full of joy for you andthe students you serve. Thank you for everything you do to makea difference. See you at the polls!Those whom we elect establish policy and funding for ourstudents and schools. They create an atmosphere locally andstatewide as to whether or not public education is important,and whether or not those who serve in our public schools arevalued and respected.ARE YOU REGISTEREDTO VOTE?Through late spring and summer, SD EPIC—our political actionorganization—has been busy sending out questionnaires toALL candidates and holding interviews for those who returnedtheir questionnaires. The only questions asked, and the onlytopic considered, was education. Interview teams have maderecommendations for the next Governor of South Dakota andfor the 2019 SD State Legislature. This edition of the Educators’Advocate/Voter’s Guide contains those recommendations madeby our members.Print the Voter Registration Form, fill-out the form, signit and then submit it to your county auditor. Your VoterRegistration form, with an original signature, must bereceived by the auditor 15 days before any electionif you wish to vote in that election. South Dakota lawdoes not allow you to submit your voter registrationform via fax or email.The best thing that I can do for my students and for the studentsof SD is to vote, and to vote for candidates who support publiceducation. The next Governor of SD will set the stage foreducation policy likely for the next eight years. The SD-EPICsteering committee recognized this as it was deliberating itsrecommendation and it is why its members recommendedSenator Billie Sutton for governor. From a personal perspective,I have spent four years watching how Senator Sutton gets thework done. I have seen him effect change through the BlueRibbon Task Force to improve funding and teacher salaries andwork to ensure that all students have access to early childhoodeducation. I have watched him work across the aisle to helpbuild consensus and work to do what’s best for our schools.How to register:You can use this form to:Register to vote in South DakotaChange your registration name or addressChange your party affiliationCancel your voter registration. You may do this byfilling out the bottom portion of the voter registrationform.Download a voter registration form at:https://bit.ly/1yROrht4

H NOVEMBER ELECTION 2018 HEducators across the country have had a lot to sayabout what is going in on public education since2016. Whether it was the confirmation of BetsyDeVos as the US Secretary of Education or walk outsfor better pay and more resources for students,educators are stepping up and letting their voices beheard. A record number of educators will have theirnames on ballots, including three SDEA members inSouth Dakota. We asked them why they decided torun and what they hoped to accomplish if elected.SEEEDUCATORSRUNDeb SmithLyman CountyEducation AssociationDuring my career, I’ve had leadership opportunities in and outof the classroom. I chaired building committees, held variousoffices in the Mitchell Education Association and served on severalnegotiation teams. The skills required in these activities will assistme in the legislature.”Candidate forDistrict 26B HouseIf you would like to help Ione with her campaign contact her atKlingerforHouse@gmail.comBill Adamson“I decided to run for office because I feelthat SD needs a better balance in the legislature. A democracydoes not function well without checks and balances, and toa large degree, the majority party in Pierre is not being heldaccountable. People often complain about politics, but the onlyway to bring about change is to become active, so my legislativebid is an attempt to perform my civic duty and strive to make theimprovements that I’d like to see.SDEA-RetiredDistrict 7 House ofRepresentatives“Two events changed my mind andconvinced me that education needsanother advocate in the legislature. Ilobbied against HB 1199 to prohibitcollective bargaining by employeesin the South Dakota Board of Regents system. I was struck bythe misinformation about the higher education system and insome cases outright hostility. The loss of collective bargainingwould have resulted in an increased risk of job-loss. Withoutcompensating for the risk with higher pay, the BOR system wouldhave had difficulty attracting professors to move to South Dakotaand would result in persistent understaffing of the universitysystem with faculty that have terminal degrees. A strong highereducation system is essential for the future of South Dakota bypromoting workforce development which is critical for a strong,vibrant economic growth, and high-wage job creation.Being an educator has also been helpful because I can speak withknowledge about issues that affect our childrens’ education. Iknow firsthand how difficult it is to keep new teachers in SD whensurrounding states are paying higher wages. I know that budgetcuts make it difficult for teachers to attain the resources they need.I’m also keenly aware how difficult it is to pay back student loanswhen college costs keep rising. These are just several of the issuesthat need addressing in the legislature, and it will take a bipartisaneffort to come up with solutions.”If you would like to help Deb with her campaign contact her atSmith4House26B @gmail.com.Ione KlingerI find that having been an educator and public servant for 30-yearsportrays a positive image to most voters. Being an educator isassociated with being a judicious and astute legislator who willtreat all constituents fairly. Being an educator also has given methe insight and understanding of the importance of educationin a modern, global society. Education is essential to the role ofan informed electorate which is critical to the functioning of ourdemocratic system. Education provides the basic knowledge of ourconstitutional form of government and democratic principles offreedom and liberty. Education developed democratic ideas andvalues and hence, is the soul of democracy.”SDEA RetiredDistrict 20 House ofRepresentatives“As an educator, I kept the membershipand myself involved in the legislativeprocess in Pierre. Now it is vital we havea balance in party representation. Bothparties have good ideas and we need to work together and solvechallenges facing our state. I recently retired and am ready toassist in the problem-solving effort and make our state an evenbetter place to live.5To help Bill’s campaign contact him atbill.adamson20@gmail.com.

SOUTH DAKOTA EDUCATION ASSOCIATION VOTER’S GUIDEEvery vote is important. Voting early by absentee ballot ensures that your voice will beheard no matter what life throws your way. Voting absentee is simple. You can voteearly at your local county court house or you may request a ballot by mail. You canobtain an absentee ballot application from your

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