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To:From:Re:Date:BSA Foundation TrusteesTed Touloukian AIA, ChairMeeting AgendaThursday, February 27, 2020Our next meeting begins at 12:00 pm to 2 pm on Wednesday, March 4 at BSA. Lunch will be provided at 12:00 pm.AGENDA12:00 PMCall to OrderTed Introduction of Board Members Joint BSA/AIA and Foundation Board Minutes and December2019 Meeting Minutes[VOTE]12:05 PMFollow up from January Retreat Board member fiduciary responsibilities Board calendar for 202012:20 PMGoals & Task Force Conversation: [Board Action – Active conversation] TedBSA civic, policy and advocacy agenda BSA goals for 2020o Updates from staff (20 minutes) Targets for 2020 Committee & Task Force assignments and expectations1:35 PMFinancial and Development reports 2019 Q4 Financial Report Development ReportEric K.David S. & Victoria1:45 pmUpdate on BSA/AIA – [Board action – listen, comment]Eric W.1:50 pmOther Business Venice Biennale Business updates Staffing updates2:00 PMAdjournENCLOSURESJanuary Joint Meeting MinutesDecember Meeting MinutesDraft List of Committee AssignmentsHighlights of BSA / Foundation ScorecardQ4 2019 Financial ReportTedADDITIONAL MATERIALSp. 2p. 4p. 6p. 7p. 9BSA/Foundation ScorecardWeb AnalyticsPressSUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS2020 BSA Foundation Trustees List2020 BSA Foundation Board Meeting DatesBSA Foundation Strategic MapBSA/AIA Strategic Planning MapBSA Staff – Faces of the BSABSA Organizational ChartBSA Goals1

January 31, 2020 Minutes of the BSA/AIA BSA Foundation Joint Board MeetingBSA Board Present:Sam Batchelor AIA, Susan Blomquist AIA, Jean Carroon FAIA, Larry Chan FAIA, Natasha EspadaAIA, Anda French AIA, Paul Hajian AIA, Brooke Helgerson AIA, Jacob Knowles, Andrea Love AIA,Tim Love, Greg Minott AIA, Diana Nicklaus AIA, Dan Perruzzi AIA, Anthony Piermarini AIA, GeorgeProakis AICP, Mark Rukamathu AIA, Courtney Sharpe, Ellen Watts FAIA, Laura Wernick FAIAFoundation BoardPresent:Greg Bialecki Esq., Meera Deean, Bennet Heart, Peter Kuttner FAIA, Patrick McCafferty PE,Bud Ris, David Silverman, Ted Touloukian AIA, Laura Wernick FAIA, Ken WillisStaff:Polly Carpenter FAIA, Ben Cohen, Billy Craig, Michela Davola, Jenny Effron, Susan Green, CaitlinHart, Pamela de Oliveira-Smith, Abby Lindauer, Victoria McKay, Wandy Pascoal, Ben Peterson,Erika Shea, Eric WhiteAbsent:Rebecca Berry AIA, Jeffry Burchard AIA, Eric Krauss, Mary Anne Ocampo Assoc. AIA, PaulPettigrew AIA, Richard TaylorCall to orderNoting the presence of a quorum, President Espada and Chair Touloukian called the meeting toorder at 8:42 am.Board VotesBSA/AIA Board reviewed the audit process and schedule, voted to do an audit review for 2019.The Board VOTED to do an audit review for 2019;Unanimous.BSA Foundation Board to approve the nomination of Meera Deean to the BSA Foundationsecretary position.The Board VOTED to approve Meera Deean as BSA Foundation secretary.Unanimous.The BSA staff reported on past work and 2020 goals:-K-12 Education with Polly Carpenter FAIA-Community Design with Ben Peterson-Design & Building Excellence with Billy Craig & Susan Green-Professional Excellence with Billy Craig & Caitlin Hart-Policy and Civic with Jenny Effron & Wandy PascoalBSA AgendaBoston the Design City John Barros, Chief of Economic Development, spoke with the Boards about equity and the futureof Boston. Mr. Barros articulated some of the challenges that continue to face the city, including: Racial and gender inequity Wealth and social opportunities gap Building stronger community Development in underserved neighborhoods, amongst other issues Focus on Upham’s Corner and a challenge to the BSA to assist in visioning this area.2

Working GroupsThe Boards split up into six groups (Housing, Design Education, Urban Planning, CommunityDesign Resources, Climate & Environment, Professional Advancement) to discuss: How canBoston be a Design City? How can the BSA activate Boston becoming a Design city?BSA EnvironmentalAnd Climate AgendaAndrea Love AIA moderated a panel with Amy Longsworth of the Boston Green RibbonCommission and Alison Brizius, the Boston Director of Climate and Environmental Planning.Major points included: Boston is falling behind in reaching its goals toward net zero, and urgent efforts are need tobe elevated and intensified 85% of Boston's use of energy is by its 86,000 existing buildings, most of which are at least70 years old, and the largest 2200 buildings account for one-third of that use Unresolved methods of implementing, funding, and encouraging owners to update theirbuildings to meet the City's net zero energy-targeted goals Challenge to the BSA is to assist identifying models and provide assistance with creatingdesign retrofit solutions.Our PhilanthropicApproachPanel moderated by Kellen Epstein (Leadership Giving Officer at MIT and President of Women inDevelopment of Greater Boston) with Faith Parker, co-founder of Parker Family Foundation, andEllie Starr, Senior VP for Advancement at the Museum of Science. Their discussion included: Key criteria that a donor looks for and wants to know about why he or she would provide amonetary gift How to pitch an “ask” Activities and events that help to gather and entice potential donors to contributeWorking GroupsThe Boards split up into groups to discuss: Who are potential partners; what do they need; howcan we best fund and support the development of the projects?Wrap upPresident Espada and Chair Touloukian brought the Boards back together to discuss next steps.The Boards VOTED to adjourn the meeting at 5:09 pm;Unanimous.Respectfully submitted,Diana Nicklaus AIABSA/AIA SecretaryMeera DeeanBSA Foundation SecretaryAbby LindauerActing Secretary3

Minutes from the December 4 Meeting of the Board of TrusteesPresent:Trustees: Meera Deean, Rick Dimino, Bennet Heart, Eric Krauss, Peter Kuttner FAIA,Anne-Marie Lubenau FAIA, Patrick McCafferty PE, Kelly Sherman, David Silverman AIA,Ted Touloukian AIA, Laura Wernick FAIA, Ken WillisStaff: Polly Carpenter FAIA, Ben Cohen, Billy Craig, Michela Davola, Jenny Effron, AbbyLindauer, Victoria McKay, Eric WhiteAbsent:Rickie Golden, Haril Pandya FAIA, Richard Taylor,Call to order:Noting the presence of the quorum, Chair Touloukian called the meeting to order at12:14 pm and welcomed the Board.Minutes ofprior meeting:Motion to approve minutes of the October board meeting.Motion by Secretary Sherman, Vice Chair Heart seconded;End of YearWhite presented the 2019 accomplishments and 2020 goals within policy, communitydesign, design education, exhibitions, and grants.InstitutionalAdvancementReportMcKay updated the Board on development progress:- Foundation Breakfast was successful with 2/3 presences despite the snow storm.- The raised revenue goal of 500,000 is roughly 65,000 short; please follow up withyour tables if you were a table host- All Trustees are asked to make their annual contribution to the Foundation by theend of the year.Draft BusinessPlan:White requests to have any comments/edits/questions regarding the draft businessplan be sent in by Monday, December 16th. Hoping to discuss and present final draft atthe joint retreat in January.Budget:The requested edits have been made to the budget plan. In the future, edits will behighlighted and contain a brief explanation of the conversation. The board will furtherdiscuss budget in executive session.Unanimous.4

Governance:-The Board gave a heartfelt thank you to the members stepping off the board:Rick Dimino, Rickie Golden, Haril Pandya FAIA, and Kelly Sherman. Thank youall for you participation and contribution to the board!-Vice Chair Heart discussed the new candidates: Rebecca Berry, Greg Bialecki,and Bud RisLubenau motioned to approve the slate of new Trustees , seconded by Krauss;Unanimous.Wernick motioned to approve the re-election of Chair Touloukian, Vice ChairHeart, and Treasurer Krauss, seconded by McCafferty;Unanimous.The Board is asked to consider fulfilling the open positions of Secretary andLiaison. Currently Laura Wernick is interested in liaison and David Silverman ininterested in secretary.The Board went into executive session at 1:09 pm;Respectfully submitted,Abby Lindauer(on behalf of Kelly Sherman, Secretary)5

Highlights of BSA Scorecard for Foundation GoalsJanuary – February 20, 2019Goal 1Activities:Design EducationMultiple youth education programs took place to leverage the skills of designprofessionals as experts who solve real world problems. One of these events includeCambridge kindergarten classroom visits which involved 2 Harvard GSD students and60 kindergarten students.Results:January- February 200 students, ages 4-18 engaged directly in BSA programs.Impact:The majority of these students and programs come from under-resourced andunderserved communities.Goal 2Activities:Community DesignCurrently developing a mission and description for the community design program, thisprocess includes analyzing different models for project development and thecultivation an advisory committee. Also taking on projects including the MissionGrammar Playground.Impact:The creation of a community design program will spread the reach of the BSA and ourprojects.Goal 3Activities:PolicyHousing Fellow hosted first community pilot on 2/12 at Egleston Library, had 20-30participants. Electric Futures Forum on 2/4 looks at energy future in Brookline. PatioCafé pilot in permitting to kickoff in February.Impact:Fellowship is helping rethink the next iteration of small-scale affordable housing andplanning for Undesign the Redline exhibit and professional education. Forum educatemembers on Brookline’s new gas ban and plans for electric grid design for multiplebuilding types. Patio Café project will assist 3 businesses in Hyde Square activate thepublic realm.ExhibitionsActivities:Impact:Newest exhibit, Durables, is currently being installed throughout the gallery. Openingreception is being held on February 27th. WID opening reception will be held on March5th.Engages audiences for deeper interaction with the exhibition y:Hired new Development Coordinator, Karolina Hac, to start March 9th. RisingPhilanthropists up to 7 members, totaling 4,000. Major Gifts has 3 new individualdonors totaling 20,000.Impact:Additional funding provides the opportunities to create more events and programming.6

2020 BSA Board Representatives to Committees & Task ForcesDRAFTJOINT BSA/BSA FOUNDATION STRATEGIC COMMITTEESJoint BSA/BSA Foundation Strategic CteBoth Executive Committees:Eric White – ChairMeera DeeanBennet HeartGregory Minott AIADan Perruzzi AIALaura Wernick FAIAJean Carroon FAIANatasha Espada AIAEric KraussDiana Nicklaus AIATed Touloukian AIABSA/AIA BUSINESS COMMITTEESBSA/AIA Investment CommitteeGeorge Metzger AIA, ChairDan Peruzzi AIADeborah Fennick AIABSA/AIA Audit CommitteeDan Peruzzi AIAJohn CinkalaDave SullivanMaryBeth CeloriorBSA FOUNDATION BUSINESS COMMITTEESFoundation Finance CommitteeEric Krauss – ChairTed Touloukian AIAKenneth WillisLaura Wernick FAIABud RisGreg BialeckiFoundation Governance CommitteeBennet Heart – Chair Ted TouloukianMeera DeeanRebecca Berry AIAInstitutional Advancement CommitteePeter Kuttner FAIATed Touloukian AIALaura Wernick FAIAPatrick McCafferty PERichard TaylorDavid Silverman AIABSA/AIA Nominating CommitteeJosiah Stevenson FAIA ChairJean Carroon FAIAJay Wickersham FAIAGregory Minott AIAKelly Haigh AIAJonathan Garland Assoc. AIA Jess Garnitz AIAStephanie Herring Assoc. AIA Killion MokweteBSA Reps to AIA Massachusetts BoardCarolyn Day AIARussel Feldman AIALarry Spang AIABSA/AIA Ethics CommitteeLynne Deninger AIA, ChairBen PetersonTodd Pollack AIABSA/AIA Honors & Awards CommitteeKatherine Faulkner AIA, Co-chairEric Howeler AIA, Co-chairRacquel Davey AIAMimi LoveElizabeth Stifel AIARegan Shields Ives AIAFellows Nominating CommitteePeter Kuttner FAIALarry Chan FAIAArchitectureBoston Editorial BoardSam Batchelor AIAAlice BrownMark Careaga AIABen CarlsonElizabeth Christoforetti Meera DeeanDeborah Fennick AIA Jason Forney AIADave HamptonBryan Irwin AIAKaki Martin ASLAAlan Mountjoy AIADavid Nagahiro AIAGretchen Rabinkin AIARose Mary SuAlice TsengBSA STRATEGIC TASK FORCES & ADVISORYSearch Advisory Committee (COO/COS)Susan Blomquist AIA Diana Nicklaus AIATed Touloukian AIALaura Wernick FAIABSA/AIA ELECTED COMMITTEES REPSMembership CommitteeBethany Garver AIAHeather Miller AIADiana Fernandez ASLA Kate Burbriski AIAJennifer Hardy AIADanielle McDonough AIALaura Rushfeldt AIAAmanda FordeWinnie Stopps AIACommunications Task Force (inc. web)David Silverman AIA Peter Kuttner FAIAAmy Korte AIAGabriela Baierle AIAChris Moyer Assoc. AIA Susan Blomquist AIAStrategy Task Force (also Business Plan TF?)Ted Touloukian AIANatasha Espada AIALaura Wernick FAIAEllen Watts FAIASam Batchelor AIA7

Education Programs Advisory CommitteeKelly Sherman Polly Carpenter FAIA - ChairsPatrick McCafferty PE David Silverman AIAPeter Kuttner FAIACommunity Resources Advisory CommitteeTo be set up with:Ben Peterson - ChairMeera Deean – interestedKenneth Willis - interestedBSA Space Exhibitions Advisory CommitteeTed Touloukian AIALaura Wernick FAIARobert KiihneMeghan MelvinLaura SesodyRob Trombour AIAKen TurinoFoundation Grants Advisory CommitteeKenneth WillisPeter Kuttner FAIAPolly Carpenter FAIA Jenny EffronBen PetersonEmbodied Carbon Task ForceJean Caroon FAIAAndrea Love AIAJason Forney AIAJeremy GregoryLori Ferriss AIA large subset of working groups with:Roadmap working group led by Jeremy GregoryProject timeline working group led by RachelleAin AIA and Amelia Thrall AIACase studies working group led by Lori FerrissAIA, Jonathan Ellowitz PE, and Kai Starn.POSSIBLE NEW TASK FORCESFuture of Professional Education Task ForceAlphabet SummitBSA/AIA & Foundation GovernanceEngaging Design Schools & StudentsPublic Policy Advisory CommitteeEnvironment & Climate Task ForceHousing Task ForceEquity, Diversity & Inclusion Task ForceNatasha Espada AIA Anda French AIAGregory Minott AIA( large subset of working groups)EDI CommitteeDan Ricardelli- Co-ChairRachel Zsembery- Co-ChairCourtney SharpeDesign City Task ForceNatasha Espada AIA – ChairSam Batchelor AIAChristine Dunn AIAAnda French AIADavid Hacin FAIATamara Roy AIARichard TaylorAisha Densmore-Bey AIA Katie Faulkner AIAVinicius Gorgati AIATim Love FAIAGail Sullivan AIADesign Excellence Task Force (continue?)Josiah Stevenson FAIA Jim Collins FAIACarol Burns FAIADavid Eisen FAIAMark Pasnik AIA Shauna Gillies-Smith ASLABoutique Conference Task ForceAnda French AIAElizabeth ChristoforettiBrad Prestbo FAIAPatricia GruitsChris Grimley( informal group of advisors)8

BSA FoundationSTATEMENT OF ACTIVITYIncome StatementRevenuesFY 20192019 ActualFundraisingCapital DrawBSA SupportExhibitionsProgramsGrantsOther IncomeFY20182019 1,23355,147 51,000-475,000135,000427,93550,50097,000 s ExpenseOther tal Expenses912,106978,10265,996Operating Surplus/Deficit TotalDepreciationOperating Surplus/Deficit Total after (79,944)Investment Income451,174Total Revenues2020 Budget508,500 includes Gingerbread, Annual Appeal, Art msCompensation & Benefits109,00030,000125,000143,000 includes grants given out by Foundation685,4111/2 annual pmt for Housing Fellow (City of Boston); Graham Granttravel 940281,094(135,530)STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITIONASSETSCashInvestmentsPledges & Accounts ReceivableInventory & Prepaid Expenses/Other Current AssetsFixed Assets-NetTotal ASSETSLIABILITIESAccount PayableAccrued ExpensesDeferred Income/DepositsOther Current LiabilitiesTotal LIABILITIESNET ASSETSUnrestrictedRestrictedTotal NET ASSETSTotal Liabilities and Net Assets2018 YTD2019 3243,594,329S:\GOVERNANCE\BSA Foundation\Board Meetings and Info\2020\2 - March Board Meeting\6 - BSA Foundation Actual vs Budget Q4 2019-New Format92/27/20203:32 PM

George Metzger AIA, Chair . Dan Peruzzi AIA Deborah Fennick AIA . BSA/AIA Audit Committee Dan Peruzzi AIA John Cinkala . Dave Sullivan MaryBeth Celorior . BSA FOUNDATION BUSINESS COMMITTEES Foundation Finance Committee Eric Krauss – Chair Ted Touloukian AIA Kenneth Willis Laura Wernick FAIA Bud Ris Greg Bialecki

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