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REASONSNurses Love Working for theVeterans Health Administration

The Department of Veterans Affairs is comprised ofthe Veterans Health Administration (VHA), VeteransBenefits Administration (VBA), and the NationalCemetery Administration (NCA). VHA operates thenation’s largest integrated health care system, withmore than 1,200 hospitals, clinics, community livingcenters, domiciliaries, readjustment counselingcenters, and other facilities. Through VBA, VAadministers a variety of benefits and services thatprovide financial and other forms of assistance toServicemembers, Veterans, their dependents andsurvivors. And when America’s heroes pass on, VAprovides burial and memorial benefits for eligibleservice members, Veterans, and family members in134 national cemeteries throughout the U.S. andPuerto Rico.

love working for theVeterans HealthAdministration.

Our mission, to care for those “who shallhave borne the battle” and for their familiesand survivors cannot be matched. The VA values “I CARE” — Integrity,Commitment, Advocacy, Respect, andExcellence — define our culture and strengthenour dedication to those we serve. Many of the over 93,000 VA nursingpersonnel are Veterans themselves orcontinue to serve as Reservists. Those nurses who are not Veteransthemselves view working at VA as theiropportunity to serve the country. There is a great feeling of professionalsatisfaction serving our nation’s heroes.4

Dedication tothe mission of VA& the ability toserve our country.“To carefor those''who shallhave bornethe battle''and theirfamiliesWith these words President Lincoln affirmedthe government’s obligation to care for thoseinjured during war and to provide for thefamilies of those who perish on the battlefield.

Exceptionalopportunities forcareer development. VA offers a wide-range of nursingcareers. Examples include RegisteredNurses, Advanced Practice RNs (APRN),Certified RN Anesthetists, LicensedPractical/Vocational Nurses, NurseRecruiters, Certified Nursing Assistants,and Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNLs). VA utilizes cross-training to support careerprogression, staff development, and retention. VA leads in the development of emergingroles for nurses such as transfercoordinators, Patient Aligned Care Team(PACT) care managers, community carecoordinators, CNLs and many more. VA supports nurses practicingat the top of their licensure. VA has a career ladder system forprofessional development andpromotion based on performance. VA provides formal recognition for achievingspecialty and other nursing certification.6


The Veterans HealthAdministration is America’slargest integrated health caresystem with over 1,200 sitesof care, serving 8.76 millionenrolled Veterans each year. VHA is consistently a highperformer on quality indicatorsand clinical outcomes. VA is a leader in clinical innovation. VHA performs about 400,000surgical procedures a year and is anational leader in surgical quality. VA is affiliated with over1,800 unique educationalinstitutions offering over7,000 training programs.8

Providing the highestquality care at thelargest healthcaresystem in the country. 9

VA Nursing is highly valued within theintegrated healthcare system and an integralmember of the patient’s treatment team. VA care is delivered via a collaborative teamand focuses on teamwork between Nurse,Physician, and other health care partners. VA nurses are members of the interdisciplinaryhealth care team and respected asintegral to interdisciplinary collaborationand quality patient outcomes. As a nurse working in the VA, you can be anadvocate for patients and collaborate withother healthcare team members who valuenurses as part of their treatment team.Being a respected memberof the healthcare team.10


Working with thelatest & emergingtechnologies. VA nursing leads in innovationsof technology including the firstimplementation of an electronic record,Bar-Code Medicine Administration(BCMA), and virtual technologies. VA is the leader in telehealth, with over677,000 Veterans accessing VA carethrough telehealth modalities in 2015. Data-driven decision making is enabled throughthe use of multiple data support systemsincluding the VHA Corporate Data Warehouseand Strategic Analytics for Improvement andLearning (SAIL) Data to support continuousimprovement toward the goal of high reliabilityand the standardization of best practices. The transformation of VA’s delivery of healthcare and its effect on patients’ health outcomesis accomplished through the use of programssuch as: mobile applications, secure messaging,clinical video telehealth, home telehealth,and the Specialty Care Access NetworkExtension for Community (SCAN-ECHO). 12Simulation-based Learning Resources.A National Simulation Center knownas SimLEARN (Simulation Learning,Education, and Research Network) is ahigh-technology, immersive environmentfor train-the-trainer activities and theoperational hub for coordination of nationalclinical simulation activities to meet thelocal simulation-based training needs ofVA medical centers across the nation.


Support fortraining, continuingeducation & degrees. VA offers the autonomy to develop and provide continuing education programsfor nurses to promote lifelong learning and professional development. VA offers generous nursing education scholarship opportunities, tuitionreimbursement programs, educational opportunities that support virtualor face to face continuing education, and funding for advancing your formaleducation and participation in the numerous VA leadership programs. VA Scholarship Programs include National Nursing EducationInitiative (NNEI), Employee Incentive Scholarship Program (EISP),and VA National Education for Employees Program (VANEEP): NNEI is awarded to VA RNs seeking baccalaureate and advancednursing degrees from an accredited education program. EISP authorizes VA to award scholarships to employeespursuing degrees or training in health care disciplines. VANEEP provides scholarship and replacement salary fundingto VA facilities to allow certain scholarship participants who areenrolled full-time in an approved education program to acceleratetheir degree completion by attending school full time. VA offers ongoing internal training opportunities to personnelat every level of employment, ranging from mandatorydevelopmental programs to competitive opportunities. VA is a federal government entity so VA employees with federal studentloans may be eligible for the national loan forgiveness program.14


VA provides a work environment that supports the transitionfrom new graduate to experienced nurse, includingabundant opportunities for continuing education programs,as well as clinical learning experiences. In additionto the Post-Baccalaureate Nurse Residency Programspecifically designed for recent BSN graduates at fundedfacilities, the RN Transition-to-Practice Program providesa nurse residency program for all new RN graduates. VA has a rich history of supporting nursing students inboth their learning and career pursuits, providing clinicalrotations to one out of every four professional nurses inthe U.S. through our affiliations with nursing schools. The VA Learning Opportunities Residency (VALOR)Program gives outstanding registered nursingstudents who have completed their junior year in anaccredited clinical program the opportunity to developcompetencies in clinical nursing while at a VA-approvedhealth care facility. More than 50 percent of VALORparticipants are hired as new registered nurses in VA. VA offers a wealth of formal and informal mentoringand preceptor programs and resources.16

Training &developmentopportunitiestailored tonew nurses. 17

A great work/life balance.18

VA offers numerous benefits that offernurses a balance between life and work. VA nurses have predictable and flexibleschedules with guaranteed shifts. Many VA facilities have employeefitness centers on site. VA has child care centers foremployees at some VHA facilities. Annual time off including: 26 days of annual leave13 days of sick leave10 paid federal holidaysAbility to carry over up to 685hours of accrued leave annually. 19

Extraordinarybenefits, retirement& competitive pay. VA has a wide-range offederal benefits, most notablyaffordable high-quality healthcare and life insurance programsand flexible spending accounts. VA offers free employee parkingat the majority of VHA facilities. VA offers Employee AssistancePrograms (EAP) which provideprofessional, confidentialcounseling and consultation forlittle or no cost to the employee. VA offers up to 15 days a yearof military leave supportfor reservists and NationalGuard, and supports ournurses’ ability to serve boththeir country and Veterans. VA employees have the benefitof the Federal EmployeeRetirement System andThrift Savings Plan. VA also offers continuationof federal service fromboth military and otherfederal entities.20



Opportunityto practicein a varietyof settings. The VA is a vast organization providing a greathost of nursing responsibilities and both clinicaland administrative practice settings. VA nurses have an advantage in that they can explore andembrace new found roles and continue to serve Veterans. VA has career opportunities for RNs in a variety ofnursing specialties including cardiology, oncology,palliative care, and traumatic brain injury. VA has career opportunities for RNs in avariety of care-delivery settings including: Acute Mental health Ambulatory Telecare Long-term care Home health Outpatient clinics Spinal Cord Injury 23

Advancing nursingthrough research &evidence-based practice. VA Nurses have numerous opportunities to participatein research as both team members and principalinvestigators, ability to apply for grants, and utilizea wealth of established VA studies and research. VA has funded nursing researcher positions. VA is the leader in evidence-based staffing methodologythat seeks to furnish nursing care based on the locallyaccepted nursing hours per patient day on each unit. The majority of VA facilities have notable academicaffiliations with universities and collaborate with otherfederal agencies, nonprofits, and private industry. VA research impacts the health of the Veteranand often the healthcare industry as a whole.24


Live & workanywhere inthe country.26

VA offers federal supremacy for nursinglicensure, making your specific state licensevalid in all 50 states and other VA territories. VA operates 168 medical centers and over1,200 sites of care to service Veterans. VA’s integrated system allows forcareer mobility and opportunities tomove anywhere within the VA. 27


A supportive, nation-widecommunity of practice. VA nursing allows you to be part of a national health care system,giving you access to nurses nationwide for consultation and practicequestions, developing research, and quality improvement. As one of the largest employers of nurses in the nation, VA offers theability to learn from other nurses throughout the VA healthcare system. VA nurses are a huge family so VA encourages and provides anextended network of support outside the immediate institution. VA offers numerous communication tools and resources for nursingcollaboration including national email groups, comprehensive nationaland local nursing websites, VA Pulse, and discussion boards. 29

VA practices a whole health model withpersonal, proactive, comprehensive,and patient driven care. VA care values health promotion,disease prevention, populationhealth management, andholistic approaches to care. VA offers unparalleled care coordination bycovering critically important services, suchas social work, that are often unavailable ordifficult to obtain outside of the VA system. VA values home and community careprovision, including ensuring Veteranshave the services and equipment to becared for in their home and fundingcommunity services that benefitthe Veteran and their caregiver.Providing comprehensive, integrated,whole-health care across thecontinuum of adult care. VA values interdisciplinary team basedcare and utilizes a patient-centeredmedical home model called PatientAligned Care Teams (PACT). PACT isthe cornerstone of the New Modelsof Care transformation initiativeintended to transform the wayVeterans receive their care,oriented toward wellness anddisease prevention resultingin improvements in Veteransatisfaction, improvedhealthcare outcomesand costs efficiencies.30


Actively participatein shared governance.32

VA is a leader in shared governance and in providing multiple opportunitiesfor nurses’ ideas, voices and concerns to be addressed, including encouragingfront-line nursing staff participation on national and local committees. The Magnet Recognition Program , and the related Pathway toExcellence program refer to facilities demonstrating nursing excellenceand innovation in practice and leadership, resulting in positive nursesatisfaction, low turnover and vacancies, as well as superior patientoutcomes. VA currently has 6 Magnet or Pathways designated facilities andmany more working to implement that standard of nursing excellence. VA has a Nursing Executive Leadership Board and Field AdvisoryCommittee for shared and informed decision making. 33

A commitmentto patient safety. VA is a leader in patient safety and Safe PatientHandling initiatives that put technology andprocess into practice that promote and supportthe industry standards and recommendationswhich reduces injury to staff and Veterans. Since 2008, VHA has invested over 200 millionin the development and implementation ofSafe Patient Handling programs nation-wideincluding new technologies and state-of-the-artequipment, such as ceiling lifts and new gurneys. VA Research led to the development of the clinicalsafety “champion” role to ensure safety adherence.34



Opportunity to improve& shape work throughprocess change. VA supports innovation in clinical practice and leadership. VA encourages and supports proposals from alllevels of nursing to improve and innovate care. VA provides opportunity for nurses to lead or participate in LeanSix Sigma improvement projects and other systems redesignactivities, such as Rapid Process Improvement Workgroups. 37

Develop & enhanceleadership skills. VA supports nurses becoming an expertin any facet of patient care. The VHA Office of Nursing Service leads in thedevelopment of emerging roles for nurses, suchas transfer coordinators, team care managers,community care coordinators, clinical nurseleaders, bar-code medication administrationcoordinators, informatics, and nurse executive roles. VA views leadership development as a key strategy forcreating a continuum of quality leadership, engagingemployees, driving results, and supporting innovation.These programs include, but are not limited to: High Performance Development ModelSupervisor TrainingVA Leadership InstitutesNurse Manager DevelopmentExecutive Career Field CandidateDevelopment Program (ECFCDP) Health Care Leadership Institute Nurse Executive Mentoring Senior Leadership Academy38



VA Nurses make a difference in providing health-coachingand disease-process discussions that improve outcomes. VA values the contributions of nurses at all levels of practice. VA is the leader in full practice authority for APRNs. The VA programs such as the Mental Illness Research,Education, and Clinical Center (MIRECC) andthe VA Center for Innovation (VACI) contribute toproviding cutting edge mental health treatment withinsettings in which nurses contribute and practice. VA has numerous Centers of Excellence in a variety of areasincluding Primary Care: Specialty Care (Perioperative,Vision, Women’s Health, Integrated Muscular/Skeletal,Cancer, and Neurological Disorders such as Epilepsy,Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s Disease).A commitment to nursinginnovation & leadership. 41

VA offers the unique opportunityto give back to America’sgreatest heroes in a health caresystem designed specificallyto meet their needs. VA is a leader in patientsatisfaction. VA Nurses value the ability to“hear the stories” from Veteransto gain greater understanding ofwhat they have been through, andbe able to personally help them. VA’s patients come from variedtypes of military service andconflicts, which lends to differingwounds, associated comorbidities,and often high acuity. High acuitypatients challenge nurses dailyto hone critical thinking skills.42The best patientsin the world—Veterans!


Veterans Health AdministrationOffice of Nursing Services810 Vermont Ave NWWashington, DC 20420www.va.gov/nursing P96847IB 10-964 05/2017

counseling and consultation for little or no cost to the employee. VA offers up to 15 days a year of military leave support for reservists and National Guard, and supports our nurses’ ability to serve both their country and Veterans. VA employees have the benefit of the Federal Employee Retirement System and Thrift Savings Plan. VA also offers continuation of federal service from .

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