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Musical Instrumentsby Beatrice WilderWorksheet 1Worksheet 2Worksheet 3Worksheet 4Worksheet 5Worksheet 6Worksheet 7Worksheet 8Worksheet 9Worksheet 10Worksheet 11Worksheet 12Worksheet 13Worksheet 14Worksheet 15Worksheet 16Worksheet 17Worksheet 18Worksheet 19Worksheet 20Worksheet 21Worksheet 22Worksheet 23Worksheet 24ContentsFamiliesDraw a line between the instrument and its name and familyString FamilyBecoming familiar with the string familyMultiple Choice QuizTick the correct familyWoodwind FamilyBecoming familiar with the woodwindsWord SearchInstruments and their familiesBrass FamilyBecoming familiar with the brass familyCrosswordAll names of orchestral instrumentsPercussion FamilyBecoming familiar with the percussion familyThe OrchestraColour in sections showing the layout of an orchestraFacts about the OrchestraFinding out a bit more about the orchestraOdd One OutCircle the instrument that does not belong to the same familyAerophonesLearning about and identifying aerophonesScrambled LettersUnscramble names of orchestral instrumentsReed InstrumentsLearning about and identifying reed instrumentsInstrument DetailsNames and details of four orchestral instrumentsMembranophonesLearning about and identifying instruments with vibrating membranesQuick QuizDetails of instrumentsChoose an OwnerPlacing instruments with suitable ownersWhat Instrument Am I?Identify instruments from clues given.Name the InstrumentDraw lines to identify instrumentsPercussion InstrumentsInformation and names of various percussion instrumentsWord SearchIdentifying instruments from descriptions givenTick the Correct AnswersMultiple choice quiz.List of Musical InstrumentsAnswers to these worksheets, if needed, can be found on

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Musical InstrumentsWorksheet 1Name .Families1) Draw a line between each instrument and its name.2) Draw a line between each instrument and its orchestral family.String FamilyTimpaniBrass FamilyTrumpetPercussion FamilyViolinWoodwind FamilyTromboneClarinet3. Write the name of another instrument in the STRING FAMILY .4. Write the name of another instrument in the BRASS FAMILY .5. Write the name of another instrument in the PERCUSSION FAMILY .6. Write the name of another instrument in the WOODWIND FAMILY .7. To which family does the XYLOPHONE belong? .

Musical InstrumentsWorksheet 2Name .String FamilyInstruments whose sounds are produced by stretched strings belong to the string family.Which of the following instruments are not string instruments.Cross them linDouble bassBanjoElectric bassPianoHarmonicaZitherKitMake your own list of string instruments.Do some research to see if you can find some which are not on the above list.Which string instruments would you usually find in a symphony orchestra?.

Musical InstrumentsWorksheet 3Name .Multiple ChoiceOboeStringBrass(Tick the correct sion

Musical InstrumentsName .Worksheet 4Woodwind FamilyInstruments which are blown into (wind) and which were often originally made of wood.Woodwinds can then be divided into two sub families: flutes, where air is blown across amouthpiece and reed instruments where air causes the reeds in a mouthpiece to vibrate.Which of the following instruments are not woodwind instruments.Cross them xophoneLuteCor anglaisKrummhornSansaJew’s harpHarmonicaClarinetMake your own list of woodwind instruments.Do some research to see if you can find some which are not on the above list.Which woodwinds would you usually find in a symphony orchestra?.

Musical InstrumentsName .Worksheet 5Word SearchFind musical instruments reading across or downand draw circles around them.In the list below tick the box next to each name as you find itthen write the family to which it rench tubacastanetsaxophoneoboeviolintimpanicor anglaisbassoondouble bassgongsaxophoneobo

Musical InstrumentsWorksheet 6Name .Brass FamilyBrass instruments are usually made of brass but are sometimes made of other metals.Some instruments are made of brass or other metals but belong to the woodwind family.Which of the following instruments do not belong to the family of brass instruments.Cross them out.French hornTrumpetEnglish hornTromboneOboeHunting aphoneEuphoniumCymbalsMake your own list of brass instruments.Do some research to see if you can find some which are not on the above list.Which brass instruments would you usually find in a symphony orchestra?.

Musical InstrumentsWorksheet 7Name .CrosswordThe answers to the clues in this crossword puzzleare all names of musical ercussion with stretched skin.High pitched woodwind.Brass instrument without valves.Low pitched double reedwoodwind.9. Woodwind without reed, usuallymade of metal.12. Mid range double reea woodwind.13. Common name for harmonica.15. Brass instrument with valves,its tubing in circular coils.16. Large deep percussion wita stretched skin.DOWN1. Largest in the string family.2. Single reed instrument madeof brass.3. Keyboard instrument.4. Double reed woodwindinstrument.5. Brass instrument with valves.6. Stringed instrument.7. Stringed instrument which restson the floor whilst being played.10. Single reed woodwind.11. Highest pitched in the string family.12. Percussion instrument clashea together in pairs.14. Instrument with many stringswhich is not played with a bow.

Musical InstrumentsWorksheet 8Name .Percussion FamilyInstruments which need to be hit or shaken to make a sound are called percussion instruments.Which of the following instruments are not percussion instruments.Cross them neBongo oMake your own list of percussion instruments.Do some research to see if you can find some which are not on the above list.Which percussion instruments would you usually find in a symphony orchestra?.

Musical InstrumentsName .Worksheet 9The OrchestraThis is the typical layout of a symphony orchestra.Fill in the blocks of instrumentsaccording to the family to which each belongs.Use a different colour for each familyas follows.Blue for PercussionYellow for BrassGreen for WoodwindRed for TrumpetsHarpBassoonsClarinetsFlutesOboes2nd violinsViolas1st violinsCellosConductorInstruments of the orchestraDoublebasses

Musical InstrumentsName .Worksheet 10Facts about the OrchestraUse the terms in the column on the right to complete the details.Cross out the answers as you use them. Use each answer only once.You may need to use your dictionary.1. The art of arranging music for an orchestra is called.2. An instrumental ensemble or a number of instruments playingtogether is called a.3. A small orchestra is called a.4. The person controlling the musical performance of theorchestra is called theChamber honyPolyphony.5. The collection, or ensemble, of instruments chosen to play aparticular composition is called the.6. Voices played together, providing melodies, rhythms andmusical texture supporting each other is called.Research: Find the names of six famous orchestras.

Musical InstrumentsWorksheet 11Name .Odd One OutCircle the instrument name whichdoes not belong to the same family as the others1)TrumpetFrench hornPiccoloTuba2)TimpaniCelloDouble bassViola3)OboeCastanetsBassoonFlute4)Snare drumCymbalsXylophoneCor anglais5)TromboneTriangleTubaFrench horn6)SaxophoneHarpViolinDouble bass7)BassoonClarinetTimpaniOboe8)Bass drumBass clarinetGongClaves9)TubaEuphoniumTenor hornCello10)GuitarAccordionMandolinViola

Musical InstrumentsWorksheet 12Name .AEROPHONESAny instrument, if the sound is produced by means of moving air, is an aerophone.There are lots of different kinds of aerophones including all wind instruments.However, the term aerophone is not limited to wind instruments.A whip produces sound by means of moving air. It is an aerophone but not a wind instrument.A siren is also an aerophone but not a wind instrument.Here is a collection of aerophones. We have scrambled the letters.See if you can unscramble them and identify the instruments.The instruments used are included in those listed on the bottom of this Phiw.Bulge.Baru Shupoonaes.RinsePup nog.AircoanTrincale.SosonbaMorchurn.Chrornfhen .PoxashoneOcarinaMurpettTubaClarinetRecorderAlpine SousaphoneBull roarerHarmonica.Pop gunSaxophoneFrench ion

Musical InstrumentsWorksheet 13Name .Scrambled LettersUnscramble the letters of thesemusical OPAE

Musical InstrumentsWorksheet 14Name .Reed InstrumentsMany wind instruments depend on a thin, flexible sheet called a reed to produce a musical sound. Reeds usedto be always made of cane. These days they can also be made of other materials such as plastic, metal andwood.Instruments can single reed, double reed or free reed.Air flow causes the reed to vibrate. The reed in a single reed instrument vibrates against another surface. Thereeds in a double reed instrument vibrate against each other. A free reed vibrates within its own space.Use your library to determine whether the following instruments are reed instruments and whether they aresingle reed, double reed or free reed instruments.BagpipesBassoonyes / no.single / double / free reed.Cor onicaFluteAccordionShawm.Which reed instruments would you usually expect to find in a symphony orchestra?.

Musical InstrumentsName .Worksheet 15Instrument Details1) Name this instrument.2) To which orchestral family does it belong?3) How is a musical sound produced on it?4) Label some of its parts (as indicated).1) Name this instrument.2) To which orchestral family does it belong?3) How is a musical sound produced on it?4) Label some of its parts (as indicated).1) Name this instrument.2) To which orchestral family does it belong?3) How i

Worksheet 7 Worksheet 8 Worksheet 9 Worksheet 10 Worksheet 11 Worksheet 12 Worksheet 13 Worksheet 14 Worksheet 15 Worksheet 16 Worksheet 17 Worksheet 18 Worksheet 19 . Word Search Brass Family Crossword Percussion Family The Orchestra Facts about the Orchestra Odd One Out Aerophones Scrambled Letters Reed Instruments

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