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TheAnne FrankCurriCulumFH AWhere there’s hope,there’s life.It fills us withfresh courageand makes usstrong again.stAmerdam/A FFB aselAnne FrankJune 6, 1944My r eFl eCTionSAnne FrankonSpeCiAl BookleT For STudenTSPost-Visit WorkbookAHolocaust MeMorial centerZekelMan FaMily caMPus

Photo by Anne Frank Fonds/Anne Frank House via Getty ImagesThe Diary of anne frank is one of themost widely read books in the world. it has beentranslated into over sixty-five languages, and is read byboth children and adults as an artifact of those in hidingduring the nazi holocaust. But the diary is more than ahistorical document; it is a piece of literature written by anastonishing young girl, during unimaginable hardships.Using anne’s remarkable diary, we will examine individualexperiences in hiding, the use of literature in history, andthe message of hope that her tragic story has conveyed tocountless readers for generations.B

T h I s b o o k l e T b e l o n g s To :Initial Reflections1. What is The Diary of Anne Frank ?how would you describe it?Did you knowthused several jou at annernnotebooks and als,scraps ofpaper for her diaryif you need add ?itspace for your ionalanswers,use a separate piepaper like ann ce ofe, andplace it in thisbook!1

Initial Reflectionscontinued2. What have you learned about the holocaustfrom reading anne frank’s diary?2

Initial Reflectionscontinued3. What did you find most interesting or unexpectedin the diary?3

Into the AnnexThe Faces of the Annexnext to each name, write the person’s role in the annex (example: Anne’smother), and a sentence describing them or how annenne saw them.1. otto frank2. edith frank3. Margo frank4. anne frank5. hermann van Pels6. auguste van PelsPhotos by Anne Frank Fonds/Anne Frank House via Getty Images4

Into the AnnexcontinuedThe Annex Rescuers – In order to hide, the Frank and van Pels families needed help.Those who helped them did so at great personal risk, and are recognized as heroes for theirselfless efforts to save these Jewish friends.7. Peter van Pels8. fritz Pfeffer9. Miep Gies – Annex Rescuer10. Bep Voskuijl – Annex Rescuer11. Johannes kleiman – Annex Rescuer12. Victor kugler – Annex RescuerPhotos by Anne Frank Fonds/Anne Frank House via Getty Images5

Into the AnnexTcontinuedThe Secret Annexhe secret Annex was located in an empty section of the buildingowned by otto Frank’s company, opekta. In her diary, Annedescribes the hiding place as a maze of hallways, little rooms and stairs.The house was converted into an Anne Frank Museum in 1960, and stillreceives over one million visitors every year.Can you imagine staying in such a space for so long?is there anyone you can imagine sharing it with?Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images6

The Diary of a Young Girl“Paper has more patience than people”The reworking of the diary of Anne Frankof all of the interesting aspects of Anne’s diary, one of the mostsignificant is the changes which the diary has undergone since it wasoriginally written. Did you know that Anne intentionally altered her owndiary to be published after the end of the war? Depending on the versionyou read, you may have seen revision notes in the diary.on March 28, 1944, while in hiding, Anne and her family heard thisaddress on the radio by a Dutch politician:“History cannot be written on the basis of officialdocuments alone. If our descendants are to understandfully what we as a nation have had to endure andovercome during these years, then what wereally need are ordinary documents – a diary,letters from a worker in Germany, a collectionof sermons given by a person or a priest. Notuntil we succeed in bringing together vastquantities of this simple, everyday material will thepicture of our struggle for freedom be painted in its fulldepth and glory.”Anne then set about editing and rewriting her diary. she wrote the revisedpassages on loose paper, instead of over the original diary. This time,however, she was writing it for an audience, instead of for herself. she didnot manage to rewrite the entire diary, as her project was cut short by herarrest on August 4, 1944.7

The Diary of a Young Girlcontinued1. if you were rewriting your own diary or journal for thepublic to read, what do you think you might change?Take out? add?8

The Diary of a Young Girlcontinued2. anne frank wanted to be a writer. Perhaps if her life hadnot been cut short, she would have written much more,both fiction and non-fiction. Do you think it is moreimportant how long an artist lives, or what he/she createswhile they live?Photo by Anne Frank Fonds/Anne Frank House via Getty Images9

The Diary of a Young Girlcontinued3. Many people see the diary as a way to connect to the horrors ofthe holocaust, by seeing the events through the eyes of one of thevictims of the nazis. Would The Diary of Anne Frank have beensuch a success if anne had lived to publish it herself? explain.10

The Bigger Picture“Howforwell c tunate wearaWe w ed for and re here, soouldnundist’tall this mis have to wo urbed.errrwe are so a y were it n y aboutnxiouot thadearsatothelp. us whom bout all thwe caI feelosennwia warm bed cked sleep o longeri,ng infriendws hav hile my dearese beegrounnktdsome or have fa nocked towhere out llen into a thein thegucold n tteright.”NovembAnne Frank was one younggirl in hiding, but there wereas many as 100,000 childrenacross europe in hiding frompersecution during the holocaust.her diary is valuable in helping usrelate to one of the many victimsof nazi genocide, but the bigpicture is important to remember.Anne was not unaware of whatwas happening to some even lessfortunate 19, 19421. Do you think anne was fortunate? explain your answer.11

The Bigger Picturecontinued2. Though there were such reports on the radio, leaders and citizensaround the world did not want to believe that this was taking place.Why would people want to deny such horrors were occurring?3. What do you think about what anne wrote here? Many stillsee this as a message of hope, even though anne herself died oftyphus in a concentration camp. What does it mean to live onthrough your writing?12

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HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL CENTER ZEkELMAN FAMILy CAMpUS28123 Orchard Lake Road Farmington Hills, MI 48334-3738248.553.2400 eve borenstein, Curriculum AuthorRobin s. Axelrod, Anne Frank Project CoordinatorCiel Design Partners, Project DesignThank you to the Jewish Women’sFoundation of Metropolitan Detroitfor funding this curriculum.Additional support was provided by theJewish Federation of Metropolitan Detroit’sAlliance for Jewish Education.Isbn: 978-0-9845213-4-0d 2013 holocaust Memorial Center Zekelman Family Campus2013-10R

Oct 14, 2013 · The Diary of a Young Girl “Paper has more patience than people” The reworking of the diary of Anne Frank o f all of the interesting aspects of Anne’s diary, one of the most significant is the changes which the diary has undergone since it was originally written. Did you know

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The Diary of Anne Frank & Anne’s December 1943 diary entry “A Diary from Another World” from The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank Use with The Diary of Anne Frank, page 510. RI 1 Cite the textual evidence that supports what the text says explicitly. RI 3 Analyze how a te

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mission to interpret Anne's legacy as a mandate to educate against racism and fascism. The last entry in an Anne Frank Foundation book of 1979, published in Dutch and German editions to mark Anne Frank's fiftieth birthday (June 12, 1929), is a quotation from Otto Frank: Nowhere in het (sic) diary

The Diary of Anne Frank 4 Telling Anne’s Story While in hiding, Anne Frank kept a diary of her experiences. She wrote about day-to-day life and the interactions between the people living there. Her family was eventu

place is the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Recently published by the Anne Frank House, Anne Frank: Her Life in Words and Pictures is a book to read and pore over, as it includes many photographs of the Frank family never published before. In A Family Se-cret, we read about the experiences of a fictional Dutch family during World War II .

Anne’s life; her family, friends and the people who helped her family hide for about two years. Through this play, we hope audiences will understand the climate of the world during Anne’s life and feel empowered to learn from history and make their world a safe and accepting place. Anne Frank received a

Anne’s Diary Kitty “I hope I shall be able to confide in you completely, as I have never been able to do in anyone before, and I hope that you will be a great support and comfort to me”. So begins the diary of a 13 year old Jewish girl named Anne Frank. Anne’s diary opens in 1942

approved by Anne’s father, Otto Frank, who was an advisor for the original production. Examine the changes and discuss the reasons they might have been made. Pages from Anne’s Diary In the Play Anne receives the diary for the first time in the Secret Annex. Its first entry is

Read each of Anne's diary entries and learn about the struggles of being a teenager, the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, and if Anne's dreams were ever fulfilled. TEACHER SUGGESTIONS. This is a classic tale to teach about the Holocaust. Anne Frank's Father, Otto Frank, first published Anne's diar

Had Anne’s side remained the oppressed and powerless, Anne’s diary probably would have been destroyed. P r e s t w i c k Ho u s e, in c. 41 Multiple Critical Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Pe

Frank. Meip Gies was the woman who saved the diary after the Franks had been captured. Also, her husband Jan worked in the Dutch underground resistance. Meip co-authored a widely read personal story: Anne Frank Remembered. After the Secret Annex The arrest--Anne was never to have the opportunity to grow into full womanhood. On

Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl in 1947. It has become one of the most famous books in history, translated into more than 60 languages. But let us remember this week that Anne Frank was a 15-year-old girl who was among the millions w

Anne Frank : life in hiding / Johanna Hurwitz ; illustrated by Vera Rosenberry. Hurwitz, Johanna 1988 1 QUAD HOLO. 940.53 M958af 1998 Anne Frank : the biography / Melissa Müller ; translated by Rita and Robert Kimber. Müller, Melissa, 1967- 1998 1 QUAD HOLO. 940.53 F828af Anne Frank : the diary of a young girl / translated from the

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Anne of Green Gables, written in 1908, gives a good picture of rural society in Canada in the late 1800s. Anne of Green Gables is partly autobiographical. Like Lucy Montgomery, Anne enjoys reading and becomes a teacher, and most of the stories about her take place on Prince Edward Island. Both Anne and Montgomery lost their mothers.

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